Friday, January 22, 2021

The date 3/17(St. Patrick's Day) and the possibility of Zach's 218th Gematria Effect episode


I've been following the 218 a whole lot recently and Bobby pointed out to me that Zach will be doing his 218th episode of The Gematria Effect soon. If he doesn't miss an episode it will be aired on 3/17/2021. 

We will see if he misses a show in the coming weeks, but 3/17 would be an interesting day for the 218th episode...
Notice his first ever Gematria Effect episode was 3 months 17 days before the Christmas Eve car crash and 317 days before his bday. 
Zachary Hubbard=66
The 66th prime is 317. 
The date is also interesting because it's St. Patricks Day and it falls 126 days before Zach's bday. 
Ireland=126, 251(FB) and 152(FB)
St. Patrick=126
The Gematria Effect=152
Zach's first Gematria Effect episode was on the 251st day of 2016. 
Recall that the number 251 was important to the RV Christmas bomb too, and Bobby was telling me how many people believe the RV bombing was  inspired by the Irish Republican Army..this is because he left a timer on the bomb which warned people before it happened much like something the IRA would do.....In relation to the 9/11 symbolism with the RV attack too, the Irish Republican Army did the Warrington Bombings on 2/26/1993 too...the same day of the WTC bombing before 9/11. 
9/11 to 3/17 is also 187 days or 6 months 6 days. 

Joe Biden is also Irish Catholic. 
Joe Biden=126(FB) and 152
Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.=126
3/17 will be Joe Biden's 56th day as the president too. 
3/17 is also a span of 218 days before Kamala Harris' bday. 

Another 218 I missed is that Anthony Quinn Warner had the cops called on him by his girlfriend who said he was making bombs in his RV in 2019....Notice the date...21/8...the same day I documented about Ronda Rousey and 9-1-1..

Recall how Conor McGregor's(Ireland) uncle nicknamed the Black Mamba died last year on 3/17 too. Kobe died on 1/26. 

Regardless if Zach does his 218th show that's still an interesting day lol, and funny how it came up this way. 

2/17 leaves 317 days in the year...In a leap year it's 2/18. 
11/13 is the 317th day. 

Boston Massachusetts=260(Irish Catholic)
Recall that the Nashville bombing was synced to Bobby Simpson and the Boston Celtic player K.C. Jones too. 
Nashville, Tennessee=260(FB)
It was 260 days before 9/11. 

Irish Catholic=186(FB)
St Patricks=186(FB)
St. Patricks Day=166 and 185
Twin Towers=166
World Trade Center=185
The RV bombing 166 days before Bobby's bday. 

Dolores O'Riordan=260(Zombie/Cranberries)

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  1. St Patty's is 46 days after 46th prez sworn in. Bobby = 46 🙃