Friday, January 22, 2021

"No Time to Die" James Bond film delayed again to 10/8/2021


How interesting is this? They change the new James Bond film release date again...Notice today is 9 months 11 days after it was originally supposed to release....Funny too that 4/10 was the day I blogged about Sean Connery possibly dying this year...I didn't even realize it was the day the film was supposed to release too. 
The reason I didn't realize this is because the article in my old post says it was supposed to come out on 4/2/2020 not 4/ was also pushed back to 11/12/2020 which this article does not mention. 
Today is 260 days before the new release date on 10/8..
Recall the Nashville RV bomb was important to 9/11 and the number 260. 

The 2nd release date to 10/8 is span of 190 days..
190 the Roddy Piper number along with 260..
Today is 2 months 12 days before it was supposed to come out on 4/2. 
James Bond=212(FB)

It's also interesting to note that 10/8 is a span of 2 months 18 days after Zach's 38th bday...Think how 218 is synced to my 38th bday...
No Time to Die....
This story comes a span of 83 days after Sean Connery died...
James Bond=83
Daniel Craig=83

Connery died 5 months 2 days before 4/2. 
Sean Connery=52
James Bond=52

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