Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Spammed Comment on Old post-Kiss-Time and Date Layout changed

I just got home from taking the kids trick or treating and I opened my laptop to a notification on an old post. Of course it's Spam on an old post from 2016. I used to document a lot about getting spammed on old posts but it hasn't happened for a while so I thought I would look it up. 
The post has a lot of interesting things in it...such as the Nirvana and 9/11 at this time I was talking about the Age of Aquarius....Funny it involves the "LION" that was important with the new plane crash Air Lion 610...Funny too that while Trick or Treating there was a memorable dog dressed up as LION at someone's house. I only saw 3 Adults dressed up tonight too...2 were King Arthur and Guinivere and I'm not sure what the other was?...I think a Hamburger, but I wasn't sure...

Anyway the only real reason for this post is that when I checked the Time Span between the old post and today I noticed that changed their layout. 
It makes me think that something is important to 11/4 as it's the day the TIME changes too. 
Notice the Result is in Bold now...also they show the Months and Days in the main part.....It's just weird to me and I wonder if I'm supposed to notice something because of it.....22 months 2 days....
222 was important with Rocky Colavito as he was born on the 222nd day and Cleveland is in it's 222nd remember Detroit Rock City starts in Cleveland and they go to Detroit to see Kiss.....the only reason I mention this is because Detroit is in the old we went to my parents house in the mix of trick or treating and Jeopardy was on and it had a KISS dad even said he never had any interest in seeing Kiss...
Ace Frehley born the same day as the Greatest Royal Rumble...
Gene Simmons born in Israel....
One of the questions on Jeopardy was about a Bridge too....
I can't remember what Bridge now though...
Kiss also reminds me of the song by PRINCE..mostly because my band covers it and it's always a hit. 

Steve King story in regards to the Pittsburgh shooting-

Steve King was in the news again the other day in regards to his rhetoric and the Pittsburgh Shooting...
Funny how Sam just brought him up the other night and also the connection to him and the Royal Family stuff I've been documenting. 
Also interesting that last night I documented about the number 11 and I see this shooting killed 11 now. My girlfriend also woke me up this morning because my dad came over. He wanted me to help him move his furniture because they ordered new furniture and it was coming today. 
Anyway Jasmine told me that she told him I usually get up at 11, which I thought was funny. 

Also of course Pittsburgh is the city of BRIDGES. 
Tree of Life=169
169 was important all summer...
Rocky Colavito=169
Detroit Tigers=169

Also "Steven Arnold King"=190
King Charles=190
Also in 2016 I documented a bunch about Steve King as he was connected to the boy being ate by the alligator in Florida....That was all connected to Andrew Jackson....The number 114 was really important in all of that....just thinking about the 114th World Series..

In regards to the War of 1812 it's also interesting that...
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania=1812(rev sum)

Funny writing up this post a second ago I got a notification on an old video....Funny to me that it has 11 likes.....I think I mentioned a bunch about the Washington Redskins/Rams in this video too. I'll have to go back and watch it. 

11 Sycnhroncity tonight 11 days before my bday-Finger Eleven

Earlier at Work today they posted the new schedule. I thought it was funny that I'm scheduled to work at 11am on 11/11. As much as I've talked about that day being important to the Red Sox and the World Series....and World War I ending at 11 on 11/11. 

So I get off work and my girlfiend didn't work tonight either so we decided to go to the casino in Onawa. On the way there I was thinking about numbers and if I'd win or not based on number patterns. I noticed that today is 11 days before my birthday. 
Anyway I put some money in and kept losing. I only cashed out 3 times and 2 of the times I was down to 11 cents. The other time it was 26 cents. I didn't do it on purpose, I just moved to a diffferent machine and with 11 cents I wasn't able to bet anymore on the machines I was on.....
I honestly forgot about the 11 days before my bday after we were losing so much. I started talking to some other guy I know at the casino and just wasn't really paying as much attention as I usually would....anyway when we were about 15 minutes from home I remembered I had just bought a deal where I can hook my phone to the radio. For some reason I just randomly wanted to hear the band "Finger Eleven"..they used to be one of my favorite bands(pre "Paralyzer" song)...and I haven't listened to them in anyway I have my girlfriend turn on the album "The Greyest of Blue Skies"....we pulled into the driveway and I was like play the song "Stay and Drown" and told her how if we ever got married we would dance to a rock ballad like this song....she jokingly got mad at me as she never wants to get married....but anyway she turned the song on and I grabbed my phone and saw it was 11:11pm. I said, "oh better make a's 11:11"....then I laughed and said, "haha isn't that crazy...I have no idea why I wanted to listen to this band and now I look at my phone at 11:11 while listening to Finger Eleven"? Then I remembered how today was 11 days before my bday and I cashed out with 11 cents 2 times....Just mind think about it with the "Finger" symbolism I have mentioned..

The playlist we were listening to skipped a track, but if you look up the album on Wikipedia it even says the song "Stay and Drown" is Track # 11. 
Think about the "Drowning" symbolism and how it's connected to Pink/Finger and so on too....
Notice the song is 4:23 in length as well.....I documented about this number just before leaving to the casino too. 

It's crazy how every aspect is synced to me as well. 
Finger Eleven=202(reverse)
Dan Behrendt=50, 95, 202(reverse)
Stay and Drown=50

Interesting that "Finger Eleven" also has a connection to the WWE as they wrote Kane's Theme song at the time of the "The Greyest of Blue Skies" Album. 
Also their song "One Thing" was used a tribute for Chris Benoit....notice he died on 6/24...
Benoit along with Shawn Michael are the only people to win the Royal Rumble starting as the number one entrant. 

Think about how Kane and Shawn Michaels are going against each other on 11/2 and the Crown Jewel pay per view in Saudi Arabia. 

Kane is also a mayor in Tennessee which reminds me of the Chattanooga connection....
Remember Undertaker lives in Austin, Texas. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ralph Reed texting me from Chattanooga Area code about Voting for Iowa Governor-423

I got this in my text messages today. A message from Ralph Reed telling me to read their guide before I vote for Iowa Governor. I noticed the area code was 423 though which I didn't recall was from Iowa. 
It's funny as just last night I mentioned 423 in regards to Prince Charles and John Cena's bday. 
Notice too that it's the area code of Chattanooga, Tennessee. 
Remember this is where my grandma was from and Ralphie May also from...then Ralphie died just after my grandma in Las Vegas...just after the Vegas Shooting. King Ralph came from Las Vegas before being the King...
Las Vegas=86
Chattanooga Tennessee=911(satanic)
Governor=1012(Jewish)...Gabriel number I was talking about last night on the Live Stream. 

John Cena not attending WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia more King Symbolism

John Cena not going to Saudi Arabia now....notice this story comes 189 days after his bday. 
With the end date it's 190 days after his 41st bday. 

King Charles=190(reverse), 107
King=41 and 67(reverse)
Saudi Arabia=41
Notice it's 6 months 7 days. 
John Felix Anthony Cena Jr=107
With the End Date the Greatest Royal Rumble was 190 days before the Crown Jewel...

Cena's bday is also fitting  4/23...
Search my blog for the number 423...
King Charles II was coronated on 4/23. 
I put my death of Prince video out on 4/23 in 2016 and right after I put it out I got a copyright strike on a video from 11/25/14 that was synced up to the King Charles I and 22 Jumpstreet. 11/25 was also Henrietta Maria of France's bday. 
It's the day I put my first ever Youtube "conspiracy video" out in 2013. It was about the Boston Bombing/Batman....

Thinking about that Plane Crash in connection with the 189 and being called "LION"...
Plus the plane number was 610...
Prince Philip=189(reverse) born on 6/10. 

Cena is being replaced by Bobby Lashley who was born on 7/16. 
That's the 197th day leaving 168 days. 
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Lashley is 42 years we get that part of it...
Bobby Lashley=47, 128
Crown Jewel=47, 128

Remember how I said the Iron Sheik has to be important to all of this too? I think I now see the riddle considering the Austin Bomber/Mail bombings and the connection to Julius Caesar/Bridge collapses....
The Iron Sheik born on the Ides of March. 
Iron Sheik=423(satanic)
Eighty One=423(satanic)
Remember 81 the big Bridge number. 
Eighty One=624(Jewish)
King Charles III=624(satanic)
The Ides of March=624(satanic)

Also remember the Iron Sheik was tag team partners with Nikolai Volkoff who died this year the same day as Brian Lawler who is the son of Jerry THE KING Lawler. 

The connection back into 189 is fitting as well because Jerry Lawler's bday is 11/29...
189th prime is 1129. 

Prince Philips bday to the Crown Jewel is 4 months 23 days. 

Remember that Prince Philip is 1,776 days older than Queen Elizabeth...

Monday, October 29, 2018

New TV Show "God Friended Me" all about Signs from God and following the Grand Design

The other day I was watching the new Big Bang Theory on After it was over I quit paying attention to it, but I never shut off the website. It started playing some new TV show called "God Friended Me". I watched a tiny bit of it and had to leave so I couldn't finish it. 
Anyway it's this show about an atheist with a podcast and he later gets a friend request from "God" on his phone. It's similar to the show "Touch" as he's getting these signs from God and following the pattern pretty much...
For example he first gets a friend request and he sees the picture that "God" uses is a Cloud. He looks at the sky and sees that exact same Cloud in the sky. Then he gets a friend suggestion from God that he doesn't know. Then seconds later the guy suggested accidently bumps into him. 

Miles Finer=61(Main Character)
Brandon Hall=61(his real name)
Church=61=Jesus=Cross=Time=Sins=Holy Spirit=Bull

Cara Bloom=55

Miles is also making a presentation for SIRIUS in regards to his Podcast...
They mention technology as well. 

WWE Crown Jewel still happening in Saudi Arabia on November 2nd 2018

I somehow stumbled upon this information looking at Yahoo articles. 
The WWE is going back to Saudi Arabia on November 2nd 2018. 
Notice it will be 189 days after the Greatest Royal Rumble. 

Crown Jewels are often used for the coronation of a Monarch....

So we got the Royal the Crown Jewels...I just blogged about how it's connected to the Royal Family....
Notice this pay per view will be 6 months 12 days after Queen Elizabeth's bday....
Revelation 6:12 talks of the great Earthquake(Rumble). 

Thinking again about Pet Sematary....It's a novel by Stephen KING...Stephen means Crown. 

Remember all the controversy is because of the death of "Jamal Khashoggi"=612(satanic)

Daniel Bryan=51
Remember I made a video in 2014 or 2015 in regards to Daniel Bryan wanting to wrestle Jesus. Then he had a feud with Triple H(888) when he grew his beard out and looked like Jesus. 
So it was like Jesus vs Jesus. 

Also keep in mind that 1-1-2 is the emergency dialing code in most parts of the world. This pay per view comes on 11/2...
Turkey was the first to declare Isis as a terrorist group...then they had the attack on 1/12....think about Jamal Khashoggi dying in Turkey. 
Isis=218(eng ext)

They are also having Shawn Michaels come out of retirement for this and bringing back DX with Triple H. This also reminds me of "Chyna" and the death of Chyna Thomas that was all about "King" symbolism. DX also in the same Era that Stone Cold/Goldberg/The Rock were all really popular. 
Shawn Michaels also in the ROCKERS which were one of my favorite Tag Teams as a kid because of the drop kicks. 

Lion Air Plane Crash with 189 People on board

Been saying how the number 189 has been coming up and I'm not sure of the meaning. 
Notice how now we are getting a plane crash story with 189 people on board? 
It makes me think of the "Leon" stuff and how "Leon" means Lion. 
Jesus the Lion of the Tribe of Judah...
Lion Air=42
There were 181 passengers. 
42nd prime is 181. 

I remembered another 189...
Major League=189
Fitting this story comes on the day that ends the Major League season. 
Looking in my notepad I see...
Jesus Returns=189
Woodbine, Iowa=189

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Billionaires helicopter crashes outside Leicester City-KIng Charles Tribute

Right away when I see this story of a Billionaire's helicopter crashing it reminds me of recent things I've been talking about. 
Remember Donald Trump said he was Batman in the Helicopter Ride at the Iowa State Fair in 2015....Also Shane McMahon of the WWE was in a helicopter crash in 2017....recently been showing how the mainstream stories are connected to the WWE...which by the way remember Donald Trump was a part of and got a Stunner from Steve AUSTIN. 
WWE a billion dollar company...
Trump a billionaire...
Just had the 1.6 Billion Mega Millions go out...

Remember too that in 2016 when Leicester won I talked about how they were connected to King Charles....they even have the "King Power" on their jerseys and what not. Remember too in the article they talked about the Cleveland Browns who last won over the Baltimore Colts and also the Mets who won over the Baltimore Orioles in 1969. 
Prince had a song called "Baltimore" on his final album about Michael Brown and Freddie Gray...Think about Baltimore and the Civil War...Prince connected to the Cavs as well....
Lord Baltimore(aka Baron Baltimore...thinking about Trump) lost his political power after Prince Charles(King Charles I) married Henrietta of Maria instead of a Spanish Royal...
Think about Baltimore and the War of 1812 as well..

The Cavaliers followers of King Charles and so on...
Anyway notice that Leicester is currently founded for 134 years...
King Charles III=134
Also in 2016 Leicester started playing awesome after the reburial of King Richard III...If you look him up, he died on 8/22 which is the day the English Civil War began...Charles the Kings during the English Civil War. 

I just made a few posts talking about the number 189 and seeing it a lot but not understanding it...
Notice this billionaire died 189 days after Queen Elizabeth's bday..
Leicester was playing "West Ham United"=189(reverse)
Prince Philip=189(reverse)

With the end date it's also 190 days..
King Charles=190(reverse)

He also died 6 months 24 days after his own bday...
King Charles III=624(satanic)
Charles and Elizabeth's bdays are 6 months 24 days apart. 
6/24 leaves 190 days in the year. 
October 27th leaves 65 days in the year. 

October 27th is also the anniversary of Philadelphia....Remember the Fresh Prince also from Philadelphia. 

Notice this death happens 2 months 5 days after the anniversary of the English Civil war beginning. 

It also comes 2 years 5 months 25 days after 5/2 or 2/5 when Leicester won the premier league championship. 

It's also 5 months 25 days before Queen Elizabeth II's bday...
Remember she became Queen age 25 in the year 52'. 

Funny I'm watching the World Series as I type this up and they just had a Wreck it Ralph ad....
Think about how King Ralph has been important to what I have been documenting. 

It would make sense for Elizabeth to die soon too...The House of Windsor was established on 7/17/17 so 101 years ago. Remember her mother died age 101...If she dies it will change...
101 the 26th prime number. 
She became Queen on 2/6
Born in the year 26'. 
Coronated on 6/2

Funny now that I'm thinking about the Royal Rumble connections...the Royal Rumble....hmmm. 

Article about Rajon Rondo's plan to FORGE a Tie-Tobias FORGE-King Arthur Forged Excalibur in Glastonbury

I just went to to see what time the MLB game starts tonight. I then went to the NBA tab to look at the Lakers....I see in the headlines it mentions Rondo and in the title is has the word "FORGE". It just seems like a weird word to put in their and not too long ago I was trying to figure out the exact meaning of that word...the reason was because King Arthur "Forged" the sword at Glastonbury..I didn't know if that meant pulled it from the stone or if he shaped the metal of the sword....I still do not know for sure as I've found the word used both ways...for example reading about the Ocarina of Time and it mentions Link forged the sword from the stone...

It's also interesting as I just made a post involving the band "Ghost" and the lead singer and only guy you can look up on wikipedia from the band..his name is Tobias FORGE.
His bday is 3/3...

Another thing about that show TrollHunters is that they basically use off of the King Arthur legend...The amulet is made by Merlin who gets frozen in Time until they unfreeze him. Then you find out that it all goes back to the evil Morgana.....Morgana is confusing as well to me because some say she was loved by Merlin and others say she was King Arthurs greatest enemy....but regardless that show is connected to this theme. 

Synchronicity over the weekend-TrollHunter's Conspiracy-The Band "Ghost"-Pet Sematary-Queen Elizabeth II-The Big Lebowski-Gabriel

It's been a long couple of days with work and band gigs that I haven't had time to document things. I just got off work yet again though and don't work until tomorrow so finally time to document some stuff. It's funny I love my job, but hate having to be there all the time. I wish I had more time to just do this research. Then at the same time...sometimes I get inspiration from going to work....if I didn't go to work or wherever else during the day I wouldn't be able to see the signs that I do in a way it's awesome to have things going on, yet there's just not enough time to document....

Anyway on Friday before I went to Omaha I sitting here looking at my info and what not and I heard the TV start talking about "conspiracy". I was looking at my info on Alex Jones and Pink as well which was important to Conspiracy Theory. Then later on right as I was looking at the phrase "There You Go" the same character on the TV said, "There You Go"....I know it's important. I'm pretty sure it's verifying to me that something I am talking about is going to happen soon...The TV show is TrollHunters on daughters favorite show. 

So after the gig on Friday I didn't get home until about 5am and then had to work at 9am. Then right when I got off work I had to go play another Halloween party at an older guys house in Omaha. We played there last year as well and pretty much everyone dresses up and has a good time. 
Anyway I made a toilet costume out of cardboard and duct tape, but it was really top heavy and choking me while I played guitar most of the night. The guy putting on the party kept trying to convince me to take it off and just wear a mask he had. I told him, nope I don't care if it's choking me I'm sticking out this costume.....So as the night was almost over he was telling me about the mask. I guess it's from this band called "Ghost". Looking them up today at work on my phone I see what his costume was now too. He was the lead singer of the band Ghost. I didn't understand his costume, I just thought he was the Pope or something. Now I see he was supposed to be Pope Emeritus of the band "Ghost". 
It's just funny as remember there was a "Ghost" theme connected to the "Pink" stuff as well so I knew it was important. I looked up the band and I see their first single was called "Elizabeth"....something big I have been talking about is Queen Elizabeth/The Royal Family again lately. 

This bands gimic is famous too as it's all about worshipping Satan. 
Tobias Forge=54
Papa Emeritus=54

I got home around 2am last night after this party and my girlfriend was up trying to watch "Annabelle". For some reason it wouldn't work and then she randomly said, let's watch "Pet Sematary". We talked about this movie a while back as she has never seen it, and I haven't watched it in years. We also watched "Children of the Corn" not too long ago as well for the same reason. 
So I found Pet Sematary and my girlfriend wanted to smoke on the front porch before watching it. 
When she turned on the light there was a dead baby kitten right in front of the door....We had 4 kittens here from a while back, but they all started dying. 2 of them a while ago and 1 of them not too long ago. Jasmine put the cat in a box and we were going to take it out with the trash on Tuesday. I brought the other cat inside as it didn't seem as sick, but it died today now. 

So moral of the story...we were going to watch Pet Sematary and then she finds a dead kitten right in front of the door that was in a box on the front porch. I'm assuming the mom had moved it by the door? Jasmine moved it back to the box and then today when I left for work...I opened the door and the dead kitten was sitting right in front of the door again lol. I figured I'd check out the film Pet Sematary as it can't be a coincidence. 

Anyway notice how Pet Sematary came out the same day as "Field of Dreams" in 1989? This also just so happened to be Queen Elizabeth's 63rd bday. 

I remembered I had a post that involved the Pet Cemetary in Missiouri Valley, Iowa from a long time ago and I looked it up. 
I talked a lot about GABRIEL in that post. I started thinking how Gabriel=135 like "Golden Gate Bridge"=135 and I looked at the time and it just so happened to be 1:35. 
haha and my phone was at 45%..
Gabriel=45(rev red) and 135(reverse)

It's funny too as the "Ghost" theme involved Sam and he just recently did a video on the number 7. The reason it's funny is because I mentioned the number 7 a lot with the Gabriel stuff....the film "Rings" they have the group called "The Sevens"....also 7 days till the girl kills you. Saturns 7 main ring groups.Saturday the 7th day...7 Arch Angels..The film Arrival about the "Ring language" is about the 7 limbed aliens. 
L upside is a 7...
7th prime is 17. 
It makes sense why God rested on the 7th day. Plus Genesis 7 all about "7". 

I wonder if Gabriel Iglesias is getting ready to be sacrificed? He's currently 42 years old....synced up to the fat comedian thing...
Gabriel Iglesias=135
Iglesias=135 and 231(Jewish)
Angel Gabriel=231
National Anthem=231
I put my video out about Fat Comedians on the 231st day of the year...Ralphie May dies 231 days after his bday of "Cardiac Arrest"=231
The Big Lebowski=231
Remember the Ralphie May stuff connected to John Goodman who was in the Big Lebowski and was "King Ralph....

To make it even better on Friday night I went to the "Underwood" bar with our singer as his girlfriend was bartending. Also my friend Cody was there after our gig...I noticed they have a bunch of "The Big Lebowski" Pictures on the wall. Then our Drummer last night had a costume on and a group of us were trying to figure out who he was. It turns out he was the character "JESUS" on the Big Lebowski. 
Think about Gabriel JESUS Iglesias...
Church...Iglesias means Church..
Think about the San Francisco as well in regards to the Church of Satan and the band "Ghost". 

Remember too when Jesus returns there is a great Earthquake. 

I'm not Fat I'm Fluffy=196
Gabriel Iglesias 196th day in a non leap year. 

In my post about Ralphie May dying in Las Vegas I mentioned a lot of 196. 

Also I noticed a big thing with the Pet Cemetary thing in my old post about Gabriel was my girlfriend having a miscarriage. Funny as just a second ago she ate a bunch of food and said she needed her belly rubbed. I joked and said why did the Baby kick? Then she said, "You didn't check in the trash did you"? I was like no why?...I guess she took a pregnancy test earlier but isn't pregnant, but she thought I saw it in the trash haha.