Tuesday, May 4, 2021

French Soldiers Sign Letter warning of French Civil War-More Thoughts on Talladega/Money LION Car-Emmanuel Macron's Jesuit High School

I can't find the comment, but someone told me about this not too long ago....
French Civil War=229(FB)
22/9 will be the 229th year of the French Republic. 
22/9 is 2 months 29 days before Emmauel Macron's bday. 

Funny too, if you go and read my post about the 229 and France this year..I talked how it was related to Talladega and Nascar..and LION symbolism...then Brad Keselowski wins Talladega in the Money LION car. 
I'm curious because I realized the Lion symbolism due to Buffy the Vampire Slayer stuff and the date 3/10...then we got the Ethiopian Airline crash synced to the Lion Air 610 crash....Haile Selassie is the Lion of Judah....The French Monarchy fell on World Lion Day...Nipsey Hussle's bday was Napoleon's bday..Napoleon means "Naples Lion"..

I mention this because Buffy was important to the date 5/16, which leaves 229 days in the year...
5/16 is 129 days before 22/9...
129 the volcano number...remember in 2019 Mount Vesuvius was important to the Kentucky Derby....5/16 was also the 9th day of the 11th month on the Islamic Calendar....I mention this due to this years Kentucky Derby winner "Medina Spirit"....Medina is where the prophet Muhammad is buried...
Notice the Civil War threat is over Islamism too. 

2015..Paris France...Charlie Hebdo and the November Attack were 310 days apart.....Napoleon died 3 months 10 days before his bday...Charlie Hebdo recently in the news with Meghan Markle and Elizabeth II...
2015 Paris attack was synced to Pope Francis' visit to the United States arriving on 22/9. 
The Jesuits created on Napoleon's bday....which is also why Melinda Gates maiden name is "French"...her bday is that same day. 

I remembered Emmanuel Macron's wife was his former school teacher...but look at that...they met while she was teaching at his Jesuit High School. 
He became president of France on 14/5. 

It's interesting that the 229th day after 22/9 is 5/9...
5/9 is the 129th day of the year. 
Better watch this day the next few years...
Especially the NASCAR race this year too. 

8/17 is the 229th day...

Tomorrow is also the anniversary of the French Revolution beginning...Cinco de Mayo...the date Napoleon died too...Napoleon died a span of 264 days after his bday. 

Brigitte Macron=516(Jewish)

Eugene Cernan died 186 days before Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon-The same day Zach Got Bear Sprayed-Umbrella/Moon Narrative-Bill and Melinda Gates divorce-Warren Buffett names successor-Verizon sells to Apollo


I've really been trying to finish editing the book that's been done since October and I just realized something I didn't put together before....
Eugene Cernan died a span of 186 days before the moon landing...or 186 days before Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon. 
Recall that he stepped foot on the moon on Zach's birthday. 
Neil Armstrong=186
Apollo Eleven=186(FB)
Elon Reeve Musk=186
He was born on 6/28 that leaves 186 days in the year.
This is the day that Zach's first YouTube channel was deleted, which was 186 days after the car crashed into his house. So on..
We then had Michael Collins die 186 days before his bday a few days ago...

This means that Zach got Bear Sprayed on the anniversary of Eugene Cernan dying...so 186 days before Zach's bday..
Zach Hubbard=186(FB)
Recall how it was also connected to Brian Sicknick and the number 170...."Moon"=170(Jewish)
Bear Spray=57=Moon
We also found out that Brian Sicknick got bear sprayed on the 57th day. 

Eugene Cernan=164(FB) and 264(FB)
James Bond=164(FB)
Sean Connery=264(FB) and 164

Donald Trump's bday was 186 days before Pope Francis' bday..
We just had the SpaceX astronauts land in the dark making it the first time since Apollo 8 for this to happen in the US...
Jim Lovell=264(FB)(Apollo 8 Astronaut)
Elon Reeve Musk=264(FB)

Frank Borman stands out to me as well...he was another Apollo 8 astronaut...Notice his bday is 3/14...Pi day...the same day that Eugene Cernan was born....Don Rickles wife just died on 3/14 and remember Don Rickles died in connection to Cernan...he also died 3 months 14 days before the moon landing anniversary. 
Borman is the oldest living astronaut as he is 11 days older than Lovell? 

5/4 and 5/5 will be 186 days after Sean Connery died...

Buzz Aldrin=264(FB) and 52

Think how this SpaceX landing happened on 5/2 and this year it will be the 52nd anniversary of the moon landing...Also Apollo 8 landed 52 years ago...
James Bond=52

 Think about the Kennedy Space Center too and how the number 186 was important to the Umbrella Man...which is important to JFK. 
JFK..Biden...Catholic...SpaceX founded on 5/6...Moon landing on 201st day..so on..

Umbrella's block the Sun...Eclipse?

5/2 was 2 months 18 days before the 52nd anniversary of the Moon landing and 57 days before Elon Musk's bday..
Moon=57 and 218(Hebrew)

Moon=38(Hebrew) and 83(FB)
Zach will turn 38 and was born in 83'...

Sean Connery died a span of 264 days before Zach's bday.

There's something crazy to how it all syncs up...All4Truth launched with the Umbrella logo a week after John Glenn died and month before Cernan died...this was the same time I was covering Jeopardy....think how Alex Trebek is synced to James Bond/Sean Connery...

I was born 113 days after the 13th anniversary of the Moon landing....just interesting considering the 13 cycles of the moon each year. 

Recall the bookstore stuff was synced to 33...just a thought...isn't Zach's girlfriend named "May, or Mae"..too? 

I can't piece this together lol, but I know it's connected to the Moon. 

There has to be a relationship to why Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced too...Notice the story of Kevin SPACEy just below it too..
Jeff Bezo's...Bill Gates...Elon Musk...
Recall Elon Musk surpassed Bezo's and it was all about 186...
Jeff Bezo's got divorced on the anniversary of Microsoft...
Today is 5/3..
Today is 187 days after after Bill Gates Bday and 3 months 12 days before Melinda's...
Society of Jesus=187
Jorge Mario Bergolio=312...so on..
Melinda Gates=312(Jewish)
Warren Buffett also named his successor today...
There is something going on with money....cryptocurrency....the Moon represents Silver...

Another big story today is that Verizon sold a big portion of their media division to APOLLO Global Management....

We just had Olympia Dukakis die 186 days before Michael Dukakis' bday too...She was famous for "Moonstruck" and her brother is named Apollo. 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Shooting near Green Bay, Wisconsin at a Native American Casino-Aaron Rodgers/Matt LaFleur Native American Theme-Royal Family and more on date 6/9


I just blogged about a Native American theme synced to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers yesterday...

Now today a shooting at a Native American Casino near Green Bay, Wisconsin...lol....

It's interesting the other big story in the media is about India and Coronavirus....India...Indians...Native Americans...

Green Bay=129(FB)

Oneida=129(Eng Ext)

Matt LaFleur=69 and 129

This story comes 215 days or 7 months 1 day before Aaron Rodgers bday...
Oneida Casino=71 and 215
Radisson Inn=71(part of Casino with shooting)

It's also 150 days after Aaron Rodgers bday..
Green Bay Packers=150

It's a span of 6 months 3 days before Matt LaFleur's bday..
Aaron Rodgers=63
Native American=63
Prince Philip=63
Prince Harry=63

It's also 168 days after Matt LaFleurs old wikipedia bday..

Matt LaFleur=168....also 69

Green Bay Packers=69

It's interesting I just blogged about 69 in relation to Queen Elizabeth II too..

Queen Elizabeth II=168

11/14 is Prince Charles' bday.....recall we had the closest supermoon since 1948 on his bday just after the Indians lost in the 2016 World Series. 

5/1 leaves 244 days in the year. 

King Charles III=244....we are still in the 244th year of the United States. 

Notice 6/9 is also as span of 264 days after 9/19...haha perfect..
Queen Elizabeth II=264
King Charles III=264(FB) and 263(FB)...so both make sense. 

6/9 is also 9 months 9 days after the anniversary of Princess Diana dying...Philip died on the 99th day age 99... "Queen"=99(FB)
She became longest reigning Monarch on 9/9..

6/9 is also 56 days before Meghan Markle's bday. 

Recall that 9/19/19 was a big day I thought Queen Elizabeth would die too...which was just after Anthoine Hubert died...so the narrative I've been following that is connected to Prince Philip dying. 
9/19/19 was Pope Francis' 6th year 6th month 6 day as Pope...after becoming pope on 3/13/13....
The House of Windsor established on 7/17/17. 

Death of Helen McCrory and the James Bond/Volcano Connection-Medina Spirit wins the Kentucky Derby/Prince Philip


I'm starting to think that this lady's death is why I was supposed to pay attention to 416...

In light of the Batman/James Bond narrative with Michael Collins....recall that Helen McCrory was in the Bond film "Skyfall". 

Notice she died age 52..

James Bond=52

2021 will be the 52nd anniversary of the Moon landing. 

Recall how I connected it to my daughter "Claire" because she recently started liking "Harry Potter"....I pointed out how Claire had the connections to the 129 the volcano number...I know this is important because in the film "Skyfall" Helen McCrory's character is "Clair Dowar MP". 

In relation to the numbers 129 and 221 being important to Volcanoes...

Aurora, Colorado=221


Helen Elizabeth McCrory=106


She died a span of 106 days before my daughter Claire's bday.

Remember the 416 was important to James Bond and me thinking it was M16 and M I 6....

M=4...so 4 16 

It was also important to me driving my girlfriends brother to work and having synchronicity with the McDonalds receipt on the ground. 


It was the reason I knew to pay attention to the English Extended Cipher and "Moon"=210(Eng Ext)

I have a feeling 9/19 is important again too...only because the Beverly Cleary dying in connection to my Queen Elizabeth video and Baron Munchausen....Baron goes to the Moon and then lands in a Volcano...

Sean Connery died 262 days before the 52nd anniversary of the Moon landing...9/19 is the 262nd day...James Bond/England/Queen Elizabeth..

Sean Connery=1114(Eng Ext)....like Prince Charles bday 11/14. 

Sean Connery=264(FB)

Queen Elizabeth II=264

King Charles III=264(FB)

Interesting too that I documented about the date 6/9 yesterday...notice 6/9 is 221 days after Sean Connery died...it's also the 160th day..

James Bond=160

6/9 is also 49 days after Queen Elizabeth II's bday....Prince Philip just died on 4/9...I talked about about 49 with his death. 

Queen Elizabeth=69

Elizabeth II=61

It would be 61 days after Philip died on 4/9. 

I honestly didn't even realize the Kentucky Derby was today....but notice the Horse who won...

Medina Spirit=189(FB) and 187 and 65

Prince Philip=189 and 187(FB)

Kentucky Derby=187



John Velazquez=65(Jockey) and 221(FB)

Medina Spirit was foaled 3 years 26 days before this race. 
Kentucky Derby=326(FB)

Bob Baffert=129(FB)

Olympia Dukakis "Moonstruck" actress dead at 89 on 5/1


Olympia Dukakis who is famous for the film "MOONstruck" dies just after Michael Collins? 
She dies on 5/1...
You have to appreciate the article telling us that her brother "Apollo" announced the death. 
Apollo...Moon Mission...Apollo 11
Her parents must have loved the Olympians.....naming her Olympia and her brother Apollo...

She even died a span of 51 days before her bday. 

Further, she died 2 months 19 days or 80 days before the Moon landing anniversary. 
Olympia Mary Dukakis=80
Olympia Dukakis=219(FB)
She plays the character of ROSE in the film Moonstruck too. 
I feel like I should have seen this movie before but I don't think I have...maybe just looked at the cover before..

She is also the cousin of Michael Dukakis...the guy who lost to George HW Bush in the presidential election...Bush then went on the become president and the Space Race ended in that term. 
Notice she died 186 days before his bday...
Michael Collins just died 186 days before his bday..
His bday is also interesting...it was the day of the 2020 election...
She also died age 89, which was 179 days after his bday. 
Michael Dukakis=89 and 179(FB)

It honestly makes me think of Olympia, Washington....Mt. St. Helens..Space Needle...Who knows? 

Michael Collins song by John Craigie on his album "No Rain, No ROSE"


I was reading more about Michael Collins and I noticed it said that John Craigie wrote a song titled "Michael Collins"....the reason it stands out is because the album is called "No Rain No ROSE". 
Recall the James Bond theme was synced to a Rose theme...also Guns N Roses....the song November Rain....

What else stands out to me is that it says John Craigie's style is compared to Mitch Hedberg....recall that Mitch Hedberg was a big piece to why I was talking about Jeopardy again just before Alex Trebek and Sean Connery died.