Thursday, February 25, 2021

Murder in small town near where I live connected to "Jesuit" numbers

Another murder happened in the town a few miles away from where I live(Dow City). The last time was in 2013 and it was by the numbers that I've shown in a previous post...It's odd considering this town is less than 1,000 people and there have been 2 murders here in the last 8 years? 
This one is interesting as it's connected to the Jesuit numbers....
He was 46 years old? 

He died 191 days before his bday and 147 days after the Jesuit anniversary.
Society of Jesus=191
Dow City, Iowa=147
Beth Ann Guzman=56
Society of Jesus=56
So on..

The murder comes on the 52nd day of the year 2/21...reflection 122.
Notice the murder was 122 days after her bday, and their bdays were separated by 1 month 22 days as well. 

This is definitely not a hoax and I'm pretty sure Jesuits didn't come in and kill him...yet the numbers are connected. 

I got a feeling this is somehow related to Denison, Iowa...
Denison, Iowa=56 and 221(FB)
I've talked a lot about this town in relation to many narratives. 

Coming 2 America release in relation to Larry Flynt and my uncle Eddie Murphy

This story popped up on my phone earlier and I had no idea that Coming 2 America is releasing soon.
Recall Eddie Murphy my uncle is important to Larry Flynt dying..

Larry Flynt died 52 days before Eddie Murphy's bday..and Larry's bday was 5 months 2 days before Eddie's.
Eddie Murphy=52
Eddie is also 59 years old and gonna be 60....we know these numbers in relation to black people..think how Flynt was shot due to showing interracial sex...
My uncle Eddie's bday is a span of 7 months 8 days before the actors.
Larry Flynt dead age 78...shot in 78'
Coming 2 America=78(Not adding the 2)
Edward Regan Murphy=201
Edward Murphy=220(FB)
220 also an important Jesuit number. 
My uncles bday to the day Coming 2 America releases is 191 days.
Society of Jesus=191

I wonder if this is somehow tied to why I kept gettting spammed on my Shrek post a while back? Also, James Earl Jones is important to Coming to America....
What is Coming to America? 

King/Prince....Prince Charles/Philip....


Young Pharaoh canceled by CPAC connected to Zach

Once again the same stuff I'm talking about..Zach makes a post about Young Pharaoh being canceled by CPAC, but look how it syncs..
It happened 189 days or 6 months 8 days before YP's bday...
Young Pharaoh=68, 149, 201(FB) 
Francis Bacon strikes again...
Notice how this also happened 149 days before Zach’s bday.
Zachary K Hubbard=68 and 149

This also comes a span of 149 days after the Jesuit anniversary.

It's also interesting that Young Pharaoh and Jeff Daugherty began their channels synced to the moon.
7/20 the moon landing

The reason I even looked at this was because Zach talked about it last night after the Gematria Effect ended.
Like I've said a billion times, I agree they are doing rituals and ruling the world with this knowledge, but at the same time this happens everyday...unless we are being used in the ritual too...this is why we need to pay attention and not ignore this stuff. 


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tiger Woods injured in a car crash-Kobe Bryant and the Masters


Tiger Woods=54

Today is the 54th day of the year.

Tiger Woods=187(FB)

Jaws of Life=56

Today a span of 56 days after Tigers bday.


Jesuit Order=54

The Jesuit Pattern.

Notice the Masters week begins on 4/5 or 5/4 and Tiger is currently 45 years old.
The actual tournament doesn't begin until 4/8 which is a span of 45 days after today.
Masters Tournament=223
Today is 2/23.

It's also interesting to note that today is 1 year 28 days after Kobe Bryant died..
The Masters=128
Kobe Bean Bryant=54
Last year Tiger made a 24 feet 8 inch putt in Los Angeles and they said it was a tribute to Kobe...the 54 days later Woods was in the news again for the Masters and Quarantine Style...after I talked about the Tiger symbolism that was going on.

I also find it interesting that I recently talked a lot about the date 4/5 and Kurt Pharrell Williams of the NEPTUNES was born on 4/5...this is synced to Daft Punk and the Moon symbolism Zach showed...I'll hopefully make a post on this later tonight..
4/5 is the 95th day..

2021 will be the 85th Masters.

The People vs Larry Flynt and more connections to 54-Courtney Love/Kurt Cobain with Larry Flynt

I found some more things in regards to Larry Flynt and Courtney Love last night...
Kurt Cobain would've turned 54 years old on 2/20/2021 and this year will be the 27th anniversary of his death at age 27 on 4/5 or 5/4. 
Forty Five=54
Fifty Four=54
Notice Courtney Love's birthday is a span of 251 days after Larry Flynt's..
The 54th prime is 251. 

Larry Flynt's bday is also 5 months 4 days before the anniversary of Kurt dying on 4/5 or 5/4. 

Larry Flynt also died 54 days before 4/5 or 5/4. 
This also means that Kurt died 210 days before Larry's bday and Larry died on 2/10. 

To top it off, the film "The People vs Larry Flynt" came out in the United States 54 days after Larry Flynt's 54th bday. 
The film also came out 210 days before Woody Harrelson's bday. 

Monday, February 22, 2021

44 Pounds of Corn Flakes covered in Cocaine seized on the 44th day of 2021

They seized 44 pounds on the 44th day of the year? 
I'm wondering why they waited until the 52nd day of the year to release this though? 
South American=52..

Story about a Pineapple Express 200 days after the anniversary of the film "Pineapple Express" released

A story about a Pineapple Express coming 200 days after the anniversary of the film "Pineapple Express" coming out? 
Pineapple Express=200