Monday, September 18, 2023

Synchronicity with RADIO Last Night-SEAL Theme-Train Theme


I had to DJ a wedding in Woodbine last night, but it only went from 4pm to 8pm. I then went to a different wedding in town for a bit, but had to leave to give Jasmine a ride. She had my van and the headlights went out...a lot more to the story that I may talk about later, as it might be important at a later date in relation to the synchronicity I am going to explain. 

Anyway, as I was leaving the wedding, I figured I would turn the radio station to 96.3. My friend Sam recently made his own radio broadcast on this channel, and has been playing talk radio shows such as Bill Cooper on it. Depending on which direction, the signal reaches a least few miles out of town, but it works well in Woodbine. I haven't been to Woodbine for a while, so I figured I would try and see how far it reaches again. I turned it on while I was waiting for a train, and then I got a notification on my phone from Sam. The notification was a Facebook post of his radio schedule on Facebook. He tagged me, because he is playing some of my YouTube videos on it as well. 

I messaged Sam about the synchronicity on my way home. I then got on my computer and went to my email to see I had a comment on a one of my TRAIN videos. Notice this person is also telling me I will get my Seal from RADIO Nauru. 
I then messaged Sam about this email, and he said that he has been seeing a SEAL theme lately. He was adding music to his laptop and was thinking about playing a couple SEAL songs, but didn't have and CD's. His cousin also found a weird place on a bike ride with a bunch of stones in a circle...and another stone with a Seal on it. 

So maybe there is something with SEAL the singer...or in relation to RADIO, it makes me think of Cuba Gooding Jr. 
Ed Harris is also in RADIO..and he's also in one of the National Treasure films..something that was synced not too long ago..

I also think there is something to do with TRAIN again...possibly I will have a revealing dream....but I turned the radio station on while waiting for a train. Then when I got back to Dunlap, I had to drive to the country to pick up Jasmine, and I had to wait for a train again. Also, just before I got to the train in Dunlap, I noticed that the street light it went out and then came back on....I only found this strange, because I had to pick Jasmine up due to both headlights on my van going out. The guy who normally takes care of my friend Phil at night was at his daughter's wedding, so Jasmine went out there last night for him. Oddly enough, after the wedding that I DJ'ed was over, I went out to his daughters wedding, which was also in Woodbine. I was there for like 10 minutes and Jasmine called me and said the headlights were out. 

I'm so tired, that I'm not gonna look into some of my thoughts tonight. One other thing I want to mention before I forget though...
My sister sold me a Blazer from her house today...Well, she is letting me make payments and such, but she gave me a good deal....but moral of the story is that it has a sticker on the back window that says, "Maui." With the luck I've had this year, the car will probably start on fire lol. 

Also, we just had the Morocco Earthquake....the Morocco Flag's Pentagram is meant to represent the Seal of Solomon...
Nauru is near the Solomon Islands. 
Sam tried to find the Seal on the stone in the Lesser Key of Solomon. 

Solomon Islands..Earthquake Hotspot. 
Christchurch New Zealand...Ides of March stuff..

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Umbrella Synchronicity on Friday


On Friday I went to Council Bluffs to finalize a loan. I was listening to some YouTube videos and then started thinking about the Umbrella Symbolism. I then go to Missouri Valley and they had road construction. I noticed that one of the guys holding the sign was underneath an Umbrella. It was lightly raining out, but I can't think of a time I have ever seen a construction person under an umbrella...Possibly...but most of the time they just suck it up I thought it was strange....Regardless, I was thinking about the Umbrella Symbolism, only to then see a person with an Umbrella soon after. 

So about 25 minutes later I got to Council Bluffs and stopped at a Stop Light. I looked over to see a car with an Umbrella Logo on the side that said, "Umbrella Corporation" underneath the Umbrella. 

When talking about the Umbrella Symbolism, I am often talking about how I don't think it's the Jesuits in relation to Zach believing this. 
Notice that this synchronicity happened 56 days after his bday, and 56 days before my bday....
Society of Jesus=56

What's funnier yet, is that the exit when you first get to Council Bluffs is "Exit 56." I even jokingly thought to myself..."Those Jesuits must be behind Exit 56 being here." 
Council Bluffs, Iowa=191
Society of Jesus=191
After I did the loan thing, I figured I would take the back way home, because the Loan Office was closer to that side of town. I didn't think about it at the time, but after about 20 minutes I realized I was now on HWY 191. 

You just can't make it up lol. 

Recall that the Dream theme is also connected to HWY 191..and the psychic ladies husband who died on this HWY, which turns into "Railroad HWY." 

In the last post I did, I talked about the death of NFL player Mike Williams. This only stands out, because the other person I know who died on that HWY was the son of a guy named Mike Williams. 

Further, the loan was from...OneMain Financial. 

OneMain Financial=277(FB) and 94 and 218(FB)

Think how I've talked about 277 and 94 in relation to the Umbrella Symbolism, and Rambo being kicked off the Gematria Effect episode. 
Also, 218 has been big with the Umbrella Symbolism in the past. 

To go along with the Umbrella Symbolism...We recently had a story about JFK Secret Serviceman, Paul Landis, in the news...and also a story of an assassination scare of Robert Kennedy Jr. 

Think how JFK is important to the Umbrella Symbolism. 

One last thought is that this synchronicity happened on Dan Marino's bday. Just thinking how the Dolphins and Dan Marino were important to the Umbrella stuff in 2016. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Aaron Rodgers Torn Achilles and the 9/11 Riddle-Volcano/Seattle Syncs


It was obvious that a 9/11 tribute would go with this game...considering they had New York Vs New York on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11..

The Jets won with 22 points..

The biggest thing in the game was Aaron Roger's injury. He got replaced by Zach Wilson.

Notice that Zach Wilson shares a bday with Tom Brady. Zach Wilson was also born on Tom Brady's 22nd bday. 

Tom Brady became a star after Drew Bledsoe got injured against the New York Jets just after 9/11/2001. 
Of course, the Patriot Act came soon after and the Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl. 
A lot more to this...

New York=39
9/11 is 39 days after Tom Brady and Zach Wilson's bday.

Zachary Kapono Wilson=911(Satanic)
Aaron Rodgers tore his achilles after he was sacked at the 33 yard line.
New York=33
Josh Allen threw 3 interceptions to #3.
This a joke in itself in relation to Damar Hamlin who wears #3 collapsing last year. 
#33 Standing in the Bills Picture.
Tee Higgins the 33rd pick in the draft. 
Josh Allen=33

Recall how all of the Truth Rally's last year were connected to the number 33...and the Buffalo Rally was 33 days after the OKC Rally on Josh Allen's bday. 
This was also a span of 3 months 22 days before 9/11...and 9/11 is also 3 months 22 days before Damar Hamlin Collapsed. 
George Bush...9/11...Skull and Bones...322
Josh Allen's bday is the same day Alphonso Taft died(Skull and Bones)
Tim Russert from Buffalo(Skull and Bones)
The Umbrella Man made the video called "Skull and Bones" the next day(9/12/22)..the same day Zach went to Yale..on Andrew Luck's 33rd bday. 
William Boeing went to Yale. 

American Football credited to Walter Camp(Skull and Bones)

Think about 9/11 and the number 33 as well. Also, all of the stuff that happened in 1968, which was 33 years before 9/11/2001. Plus, the Jets won their only Super Bowl in the 1968-69 season....Oddly enough, the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl held in 1968 with 33 points. (Think Aaron Rodgers/Packers)

New York JETS
The Structural Firm of the WTC was Magnusson Klemencic Associates out of Seattle. 
Think about Boeing in Seattle. 
Think how the Yankees upset the Seattle Mariners after 9/11. 

Seattle, Washington=68
I'm just curious now in relation to all I've documented about the Austin Bomber/Mail Package bomber again this year...Recal that Zach's first ever blog post was on 10/24, the same day Obama got a mail package bomb....which was 3 months 3 days after Zach's bday...
10/24 leaves 68 days in the year. 
This is also important to 9/11, because the next Rally after Buffalo was in New York on 9/11....and VICE News showed up at the Buffalo Rally..and Zach's first blog post involved VICE Magazine's picture of Beavis and Butthead hitting the World Trade Center. 

#82 for the Jets won the Game. 
Rodgers #8 was replaced by Wilson #2. 
Rodgers injured 82 days before his bday. 

Honestly, lol I'm only writing Volcano in here because I think of that when I think of the Seattle area. I also randomly watched "The Land of the Lost" with Will Ferrell last night. There is a part where he walks on the top of a volcano...and recall he was big with the Volcano symbolism...Plus, Aaron Rodgers tearing his achilles reminds me of Kobe Bryant, who was born on Vulcanalia.....Even more strange is that a few days ago while at work my cousin from Seattle was in the store where I work. Apparently, she had a few days off while flying back to Seattle, and decided to come see our grandma.....then I seen that Zach was in Seattle on the it seems that Seattle may be important to something soon. 

Tom Brady's actual first game in the NFL was against the Lions. 

We also got the death of Mike Williams today. 
Notice that he was born in Buffalo..and died age 36. He also died 117 days after his bday. 
Buffalo Bills=117

Notice his bday was 5/18 though..
That's the day that Mount St. Helen's erupted lol...can't even make it up. 

When I went to Seattle years ago, I remember we drove to the top of Mount Rainier too..I'm only thinking about this, because the 2 drunk guys on Zach's Livestream were drinking the beer "Rainier." 

Monday, September 11, 2023

Zach at the March For Our Lives Protest in EVERETT on Rambo's Birthday and My Old Post about the Eagles of Death Metal-Jesse EVERETT Hughes

I've been trying to organize a video in relation to Zach kicking Rambo off the Gematria Effect Episode and the Umbrella Symbolism. I planned on organizing/making the video on Friday, but then I got asked to DJ for the Homecoming football game..and then I had another gig last night.

Oddly enough, our team won with 56 points again too, just like the last time I DJ'ed. 

Anyway, a little bit ago, I finally decided I was gonna write a few things down and organize some info to make a video. I also listened to Zach's livestream a bit today, and I caught a part where he was talking about the number 94 with Seattle. 

Seattle, Washington=94
The Seahawks won their only Super Bowl(48), in the 94th NFL Season. 
Russell Wilson's grandpa died age 94...and he was traded to "Denver"=94
Kurt Cobain dying in 94'...and 94 days after Bill Gates got married. 
Bill Gates mother died in 94'
Bill Gates father died age 94. 
Bill Gates declared his Decade of Vaccines a span of 94 days after his bday in Davos, Switzerland. 
Davos Switzerland=94
Recall that Zach kicking Rambo off the Ides of March episode is also connected to the number 94. 
Zach Hubbard=94

One of the people that was with him during the Livestream today was also with him at the "March For Our Lives" protest on Rambo's bday last year. 

So I searched my blog for "March For Our Lives" so I could re-look at the 94 stuff I wrote in my post about Zach/Rambo...

Oddly enough, I have a different post about "March For Our Lives" from 2018 involving the Eagles of Death Metal. 
Notice how I pointed out the lead singers name sums to 94. 
Jesse Everett Hughes=94
Bataclan Theater=94

Now think how Zach went to the "March For Our Lives" protest in EVERETT, Washington. 


Also, notice how I pointed out Jesse Hughes was born on 9/24. This is the same day the Stoneman Douglas Eagles shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was born. It's also the day my grandma died in 2017, just before the Vegas shooting. 

But....9/24 is also the day Rambo started his YouTube channel..
It's also Fritz Springmeier's bday...

There has to be something important coming up on 9/24. The odds it lines up so perfect, really make me think I'm supposed to see something on that day. 

And think how the Eagles of Death Metal were playing during the 2015 Paris Isis Attack....then Glenn Frey of the EAGLES died..

Think how Ralphie May died in Las Vegas after my grandma died, and the Las Vegas attack...and the Fat Comedian narrative was linked to "The Big Lebowski," who hates the Eagles. 

The Price is Right=231
The Big Lebowski=231
The French Republic will be 231 years old on 9/22/2023. 
Statue of Liberty=231(Rocky at Nice, France)

Think how we had the death of Randy Meisner of the Eagles on 7/26/23 too. Also, Philadelphia being important to the Earthquake stuff with Happy Gilmore/Bob Barker. Randy Meisner's wife also died just after Glen Frey in 2016. 

It goes really deep here...Think how we had the Turkey Earthquake just before the Eagles lost to the Chiefs in the Super Bowl....Turkey where the Biblical Philadelphia was located. Recall that Turkey is who declared Isis a terrorist organization...and also just after the Paris Attack in 2015, Russia shot down the Turkey plane...then we later had the Nice, France attack on Bastille day...and the next day we got the Turkey Coup attempt. 
Donald Trump then met the Turkey leader on the anniversary of the Paris Attack...and the big Boxing narrative with Trump/Thanksgiving/Russia...

And recall last year I blogged about this Boxing narrative when Anthony Rumble Johnson died....but it was connected to the date 9/24 with Shameless/Hurricanes....and Russia shot down the Turkey plane at 9:24 in 2015...

So it really makes me wonder about the date 9/24/23 now...
I also talked about Bray Wyatt's return in that post about Anthony Johnson's death...and I mentioned the connection to the Austin Bomber..and recall how the Austin Bomber and Mail Package bombers were showing us to pay attention to the Ides of March...the same day Zach kicked Rambo off.....and then the Iron Sheik was born on the Ides of March and died the same day Earthquake(John Tenta) died this year...which goes back to the Philadelphia/Earthquake narrative....It's just crazyness...
Plus, Stephanie McMahon's bday is 9/24...
9/24/2000 is also the day Stone Cold returned to the WWE at "Unforgiven" in Philadelphia. 

Stone Cold also fits the Fritz Springmeier/Mind Control Narrative..think how his theme song is called "Glass Shatters"...which is another theme with Mind Control along with the Umbrella according to Fritz Springmeier. 

Nikolas CRUZ...CROSS...
Ides of March...Julius Caesar..Jesus Christ..JC

In one of my blog posts about Rambo meaning Raven's Nest, I also had a strange notification pop up involving the Shameless/Hurricane stuff I talked about on 9/24/22. 

Just seems to be something important to that date now...
I wrote that Rambo post on 7/6, which is the day John Rambo and Sylvester Stallone were born. 

Have to pay attention to the Hurricanes this year....and IAN(Cameron Monaghan) too...Only because Cameron/Cameroon were big syncs I had when Russia invaded Ukraine, which again goes back to the Boxing/Thanksgiving narrative. 
The Eagles of Death Metal name also came from the song "Wind of Change" by the Scorpions...the song was written after the Scorpions visited the Soviet Union just before the Cold War Ended....
But think about the Scorpions song "Rock Me Like a HURRICANE" too. 

I'm sure the Morocco Earthquake has to be connected somehow, but I'm not seeing the connection...Everytime I see Morocco, It reminds me of my Nick Cannon syncs though, but I don't see the pattern in relation to the Earthquake and him yet. 

Fritz Springmeier will be turning 68 years old on 9/24/23...
Seattle, Washington=68
Zachary K Hubbard=68
The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was created in Seattle on 6/8/2020, just after George Floyd died....where the guy holding the Umbrella broke out the Windows(Shattered Glass) of the AutoZone with "Autonomous Zone" written on it. 

I'm writing this blog post, and I was thinking how The Big Lebowski was related to when my son Zamien was born....A few minutes later, he rolled off the bed in his sleep and started crying. I picked him up and got him back to bed...but I figured I would type his name...

Zamien=68 and 94
Zamien born 68 days after my bday. 
Zamien born just before the Eagles won Super Bowl 52. 
Jasmines uncle died just before Zamien was born...
Then Jasmine's grandma died just before the Eagles were in Super Bowl 57. 
Recall that my Grandma died before the Eagles were in SB 52..and then my Uncle Clancy died just after SB 52..all synced to the Eagles. 

Oddly enough, I'm noticing this the same day the Eagles beat the Patriots...Both teams that were in SB 52. 

Zamien's original due date was 1/24, but instead he was born at 1:24pm on 1/17/2018...Notice 124 is a number I mentioned with Rambo too.....and 124 was the Fat Comedian number synced to Jeff Bridges bday on 12/4....

Hmm...again, just seems the date 9/24 is something I'm supposed to see..
It is 9/11 on the Julian Calendar. 

I guess to finish off the post...
All of the connections need to be examined and shown. Sure, there is a pattern with 94 and Seattle, but that pattern also connects big time to Zach. If you omit the details about Zach's connection to 94 and him living in Seattle when he discovered Gematria, it takes away a lot of his message that it's all some ritual done by the cabal. That isn't to say that I don't think a Cabal exists, but where do you draw the line? How can you say that everything is rigged...except when your life is involved...then it's just a coincidence? But, the conspiracy movement, that was created by the Cabal, has just as much cognitive dissonance as the people who can't see any of it. When you are trained well before Gematria knowledge that the Freemasons, Jews, and Catholic Church are behind then get to Gematria and find patterns...and now everytime a certain number comes up in a story, it gets blamed as a ritual of that certain group. And since you have programmed your mind that each number means a certain thing, you are missing out on tons of other connections that exist. Leaving out the other connections can really fool a lot of people into the belief that everything is some ritual. Imagine if someone was interested today after Zach told them about Seattle and 94, and he then told them his connections. It would still be interesting, but they would question whether it's actually a ritual. This is why it gets omitted, or not even looked into though. It's because omitting the information makes followers and money. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Dream Weaver Singer Gary Wright Dead Same Day as Steve Harwell-All Star-Mike Myers-Halloween-Synchronicity with Bohemian Rhapsody

I started a blog post last night and took a screenshot in case something came up today..I was just too tired to look into it..
But I saw that Gary Wright died. 
He is the singer of the song "Dream Weaver." 
He died the same day as Steve Harwell from Smash Mouth, and then I saw that he was also in Ringo Starrs band called "the All-Starr Band" 

I then pointed out that "All Star" is on Shrek...and "Dream Weaver" is on Wayne's World, reminding me of Mike Myers. 
So today at work I was talking about my DJ gig on Sunday. I had to announce for a Car Show and play music from like 10:30am to 8pm...I then ended up just DJing in the bar after that too...
But at one point, the bartender outside wanted me to play "Bohemian Rhapsody" by ChuggaBoom. It's a metal version of the song that I have never heard. I didn't realize that when I played it, that afternoon...and there was a ton of older people there that don't like metal lol...
Moral of the story. I was reminded of this at work today, and I joked how the old ladies hair blew backwards like in the movies and such...I then played the song at work to show what I meant. 

Later in the day, we were talking about old TV Shows and Movies. Daina then said, that she was going to watch "Wayne's World," tonight, without even realizing the connection to Bohemian Rhapsody until I pointed it out to her. I think I subliminally programmed her brain due to mentioning the song earlier in the day though. I then went on to tell them about his blog post I started last night, and how I think there is something important to Mike Myers...

So now, I'm sitting here and go to CNN to see a story about Freddie Mercury's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' piano selling for $2.2 million. 
I feel like I've pointed out the connection to Mike Myers with Halloween a million times....Michael Myers...Mike Myers...
but notice "Bohemian Rhapsody" also released on Halloween. 

Freddie Mercury born on 9/5. 
The song "Dream Weaver" plays most times when Wayne see Cassandra(Tia Carrere) in the film. 

She is from light of the Maui Fires...
She is also age 56, a typical hot number that most connect to the Jesuits. 

I remember Cassandra plays the song "Ballroom Blitz" on the film, so I looked up the band "Sweet" who wrote it. The only living member is Andrew Scott...I just find it interesting his Wikipedia page talks about Freddie Starr...Freddie Mercury...Ringo Starr....All-Star. 

Another thing that really sticks out to me in all of this...
 I'm pretty sure the bartender who told me to play "Bohemian Rhapsody" is dating a guy from South Africa named Bobby. Recall that the band Queen is linked to South Africa and the Mandela Effect Theme. 
We also just had the wild fires in South Africa. 

Bohemian Rhapsody=173
South Africa=173(FB)
The Mighty Ducks=173

This narrative is really huge and goes back to Glastonbury/Kanye/Slipknot....Iowa State Fair/2019 Tisha B'Av.....Chinese Pig Year...

Recall that Jussie Smollett was in the news right around the time of the Aurora, Illinois shooting in February 2019....Waynes World is set in Aurora, Illinois..the City of Light, like Paris. 

Aurora, Illinois=173

Think how the actor John Beasley died on 5/30/2023 too...He is the father of Jussie Smollett on "The Mighty Ducks." 

I swear I even talked about the Mandela Effect today too. It was in relation to Thackery Binx on "Hocus Pocus." It was because we have a stray black cat outside of work that we feed. 

Halloween=95 (Think Hocus Pocus)
Freddie Mercury born on 9/5. 
Mandella Effect=95
Nelson Mandela dead age 95. 
95 a huge number in my life. 
Today is also 55 days before Halloween. 

In my post about my synchronicity with All Star and Mike Myers last year, I talked all about the number 55. 
I had the sync 5 months 5 days before Steve Harwell's bday. He was 55 years old at the time. 
The Pentaverate and Mike Myers important to the number 5 and 55. 
Mike Myers=55

Waynes World..WW...W=5 W=5
Just gonna throw this out here too...I see another story about Wendy's Frosty's on CNN....I have a post about Wendy's and the Pentaverate, so it may be connected. 
Frosty also sticks out, because a few days ago my neighbor snapchatted me asking if we had a black Pit Bull. It's Jasmine's sisters dog, but we've had it for probably a year now....Anyway, he went on to tell me how his dog "Frosty" humped the shit out of our dog. He said his dog is deaf and that was the happiest day of his life...I told him he won't be happy when he has to pay child support for the Helen Keller puppies lol...also the other neighbor dog is gonna be pissed, cause he humps her all the time too. 

Anyway, my neighbors name sums to the same as Minnesota Twins...and Wendy's was synced to the Twin symbolism...and the Astros won the World Series in 2017, the year of the big Twin Symbolism..Steve Harwell synced to Astros...Twins are doing well this year again though. 

Maybe pay attention to the 261st day again like in 2017..the Twin symbolism was big on that day and involved Wendy's. 

Monday, September 4, 2023

Smash Mouth Singer Dead and Synchronicity With MLB Astro Symbolism


Steven Harwell=56
Smash Mouth=56
He dies age 56.
I remembered that this guy was important around the time of the AstroWorld Crowd Crush..and ASTRO from UB40 dying...and the Astros losing the World Series...

He was acting funny and threatening the crowd at a concert in October, just before all the Astro symbolism....
I pointed out how Smash Mouths biggest album was called ASTRO Lounge.

Notice I also talked about a lady named Sophia URISTA, who Urinated on a fan around this time too....but I accidentally wrote URIAH and not URISTA.

I only find this interesting, because I went to ESPN to see look at the Astros game today, and they are the headline story on the MLB section....
But notice the next story is about URIAS of the Dodgers.

The Astros article mentions the 135 year history between them and the Texas Rangers a bunch of times.

Julio Urias=135 and 45

Steve Harwell died 4 months 5 days before his bday.

Houston Astros=51
Steve Harwell=51
Houston can stay on 77 wins
Rangers can get 77th win..

J.P FRANCE sticks out to me.
His bday is 4/4.
JP France=44
He's pitching against #44 Heaney.

Recall the Braves were all about 44, and they won the World Series over Houston in 2021.

I'll try and look at this more when I get off work.