Sunday, May 15, 2022

Lil Wayne At The Dallas Mavericks Game and the release of Top Gun: Maverick


A few hours ago I went to Netflix and of course, they have the reboot of Friday the 13th at the top. I figured I would watch it considering the recent I start watching it and then I remembered that the Mavericks vs Sun's game was I went to ESPN and saw the Sun's were getting blown out...Since it was such a blowout I found the game because I wanted to hear what the announcers were saying about the blowout..

I only had the game on for a few minutes and then they zoomed in on Lil Wayne and started telling us he is a Lakers and Green Bay Packers fan....but seriously...I just blogged about Lil Wayne possibly being important and now he comes up at the Mavericks game?...Considering he's a Lakers fan at the Suns/Mavericks game it stands out too...I mean it's not that crazy if your an NBA fan, but still, for them to zoom in on him and talk about him can't be a coincidence..

I then started thinking how the Mavericks logo is a HORSE..and recall my synchronicity a few weeks ago with the Simpsons that involved the Mavericks and the Celtics....that episode was about Mr Burns winning the Austin Celtics in a poker game against the RICH Texan....
Think about Rich Strike..Rich People...Mr. Burns..


In relation to D-Day and the Horse theme...Think how RFK died that day and how JFK was shot in Dallas...
JFK born in the Boston metro..
RFK shared a bday with Joe Biden.

Further, the reason I thought Lil Wayne may be important is because of the Facebook message from Fonso...Well, Fonso is half Cuban..and think how Mark Cuban owns the Mavericks....and how the plane coming from Guantanamo Bay skidded off the Florida runway in 2019, which was synced to the Horse/Slipknot narrative..

If I remember right too, Fonso is a Dallas Mavericks fan...I remember him wearing a Jerry Stackhouse jersey all the time when we were younger...Although when I think even more, he had a Pistons and Brooklyn Stackhouse jersey maybe just a Stackhouse fan..
Jerry Stackhouse born on 11/5 too...
The time travel date in Timerider...Richard Mandellas bday...
Rich Strike born on 115th day.
Lil Wayne=115
So on..

The Mavericks were established in 1980 too...the same year that Friday the 13th released..

I've also seen a bunch of media stories about the upcoming film "Top Gun: Maverick."
This film is releasing on 5/27/22....So it's going to release during the Western Conference Finals with the Mavericks playing...

It's interesting the original film came out in 86' and this one will release on the Golden Gate Bridge anniversary too.
The new film is also dedicated to Tony Scott, the director of the original film who died in 2012...Notice he killed himself by jumping off of a Bridge..
He also directed Beverly Hills Cop II(Chris Rock, Gilbert Gottfried)....and a few other possibly important films..

You've lost that Lovin Feeling....The Righteous Brothers....I recently talked about them....

Possibly something important to Kenny Loggins...Loggins and Messina...
Footloose..Kevin Bacon..

Top Gun....the parody fil Hot Shots....The Family Guy episode called Hot Shots linked to the Horse narrative..

Elon Musk Says Twitter Deal on Hold on Friday the 13th-Fred Ward-France


Elon Musk says his deal to buy Twitter is put on Hold on Friday the Thirteenth? 
Think how the Kentucky Derby is connected to him buying Twitter and then they told us Fred Ward died on Friday the Thirteenth..

This story comes 1 month 15 days before Elon Musk's bday too..
The news he was buying Twitter was on the 115th day. 
He is following 115 people on Twitter. 
Rich Strike born on the 115th day. 

Friday the 13th=65 and 128
Fred Ward died on the 128th day.
The Mandela Effect=128

I can't help but think of how Amazon released Number Games on 10/13, which was the date believed that the Knights Templar were wiped out in France....It was on Friday the 13th....

Knights Templar=65, 79, 173 and 225(FB)
South Africa=173
Horse=65 and 225(Fibonacci)

Matamela Cyril Ramaphos=225
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela=225
Mandela died 225 days before his birthday. 
Country House won the 2019 Kentucky Derby that was 2 months 25 days before trainer Bill Mott's bday...His bday is on International Tiger Day too. 

The 2015 Paris Attacks were also on Friday the 13th..

Twitter=229(FB) and 115
France=229(FB) and 115

Fred Ward died on the 229th day of the French Republic that began on 22/9. 

Kevin Bacon in the film "Friday The Thirteenth" in Relation to Fred Ward's Death Reported on 5/13-Robert Englund born on D-Day-Omaha Beach/Mandela Effect-Hocus Pocus


I've been trying to figure out why they waited to release the death of Fred Ward until Friday the Thirteenth(5/13)....Notice that Kevin Bacon was in the original Friday the Thirteenth film....Think how Kevin Bacon is in the film "Tremors" with Fred Ward. 
Notice Kevin Bacon was also born in Philadelphia....
The JFK film...Apollo 13....

I've also been saying how the DREAM Theme is related to this in relation to FREDDY Kreuger...think about Friday the Thirteenth and A Nightmare on Elm Street. 

Remember the 2019 Tisha B'Av narrative with Slipknot/Kanye and now the DREAM theme was synced to the Francis BACON ciphers....Iowa the leading producer of PIGS...Chinese PIG Year....Paul Gray(The Pig)....

Kevin Norwood Bacon=515(FB)
The Des Moines Area code is 515...

Remember that the Kevin Bacon film "The Darkness" was synced to the 2016 World Series...and we had the Shooting in Des Moines right next to where I used to live on the same day as Game 7 of the World Series. 

It can't be a coincidence that Robert Englund(Freddy Krueger) was born on D-Day either. Recall that the Mandela Effect Theme is important to the Horse Omaha Beach/D-Day....

Freddie Mercury...Queen..
Robert ENGLUND...
Maybe pay attention to Queen Elizabeth or the Royal Family on D-Day...Death Day? 

I made a video earlier saying I was going to go to bed after I saw this Kevin Bacon stuff....but my friend/bandmate Pat called me just after I finished and asked if I wanted to come to the bar with him. He was in town because his Ukelele Band played a house party in the area tonight. I'm a sucker for going out and talking to people, so although I am was tired, I went to the bar. I am still up lol now at 3am because drinking gives me energy. Anyway, my cousin Ryan was there and he was talking about me DJing and some movie called "The Goods" that I have never seen. Basically the DJ in the film plays a bunch of weird when people request stuff is what I got out of what he was talking about...Pat then told me that I should play the song "Hocus Pocus" by the band Focus, if I ever want to do something like that...He loves the song Hocus Pocus apparently....
I just find it funny though, because the film "Hocus Pocus" is synced to this same Mandela Effect Theme. 
This happening, or this song has to be related to what I am talking about....
Further, I went to the Dollar Store earlier and bought a Mop so I could  clean our kitchen. The lady in front of me asked me about the mop and I almost made some dumb joke about how I was a high class witch and I sold my broom for a mop..but then I stopped myself because it was just too dumb lol. 

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Kelly Osbourne Is Pregnant With Sid Wilsons Baby-Slipknot-Meat Loaf-Des Moines Iowa-France


First off, I love how I got this message at 4:31 yesterday...I didn't see it until just now, but recall that Paul Gray died in room 431...Not calling Wendy out, just pointing out how perfect the sync is lol.
Notice Sid Wilson's bday on 1/20 too...The day Ozzy ate a Bat in Des Moines,  Iowa and the day Meat Loaf died..
Think how Slipknot is from Des Moines.
It's interesting this news came on the Philadelphia Train wreck anniversary and Kelly Osbourne's bday is the anniversary of Philadelphia...but notice the news is 5 months 15 days before her bday..
The Des Moines area code is 515.
Kelly Osbourne=229(FB)
Des Moines, Iowa=229(FB)
Recall how Slipknot was linked to France and the Tisha B'Av narrative in 2019.
It's also a span of 5 months 16 days and recall that 516 was important to the 2019 Slipknot narrative.
I also wonder if Lil Wayne is somehow related to this because my friend Fonso liked a comment I left him on the above post..My comment was from 11 years ago, so he must've just got a Facebook memory and then liked the comment...I barely ever talk to him anymore so it stands out to me.
The reason he is important is that he knows Sid. As I've blogged before, he's even been to Sids house and held his Grammy and whatnot.

Plus in 2019 we got the death of Nipsey Hussle and he was dating Lauren London...She is a former girlfriend of Lil Wayne.

With as much as the Mandela Effect has been back, I see that Lauren Londons bday is the day Nelson Mandela died too..

Lauren London=231(FB)
This was another big number I saw around Slipknot when Joey Jordison died..

I also wonder about the band Smile Empty Soul again...because Fonso goes on tour with them..
Sean Danielsen=229(FB)
He looks like our friend Phil who got paralyzed from the ATV accident last summer too...just thinking about the Horse/Mandela Effect theme..

What I find even funnier about this story is that before I even saw this message from Wendy, I was at work and a song by The Used came into my head...I then started talking about The Used for like 15 minutes...I was going to listen to their first album too but then it got busy and I forgot about it...
But Kelly used to date The Used lead singer Bert McCracken.

Bert McCracken=229(FB)

Death of Fred Ward In Relation to The Mandela Effect Horse Theme-Fred-Drowning-Sioux Falls Dust Storm-Bridge/Earthquake


Yesterday I made a video about the Kentucky Derby in relation to the Mandela Effect theme. I had to go to Puppy Relays after making the video and then pretty much had to leave for a band gig after that, so I didn't have time to upload it...
I mentioned the connection to the film "Timerider: The Adventures of Lyle Swann" in the video though, because the whole theme I'm following stems back to a synchronicity I had with that film on 4/29/2010 into 4/30/2019.

After my band gig I stopped at Juventinos/Alvarados to get some food and while in the drive thru I noticed I had a notification that the actor Fred Ward had died....
I laughed because he is the main actor in the Lyle Swann film..
I find it funny too because I recently re-watched the film Road Trip for no apparent reason...I just saw it and wanted to re-watch it....Fred Ward plays the dad of Kyle in the film though..

I find it even crazier when looking at my post about Fred Ward and this sync in 2019 because I mentioned the film Road Trip...I also mentioned Kaley Cuoco being married to an Equestrian...
This sticks out because CNN recently had a story about Kaley Cuoco dating an actor on Ozarks and notice how I also recently watched an episode of Ozarks lol...Recall that I accidentally started watching Ozarks back in February or January because I thought it was the Outer Banks show I was told about at work...Outer Banks was then related to the Cameron theme that is synced to the Horse theme...
Recall the death of Michael Nesmith was synced to this as well because he wrote the film "Timerider"..
Notice his bday was the exact same day as Fred Ward...12/30/1942..

They died a span of 4 months 29 days apart...
My original sync with this began on 4/29 in 2019.

Fred Ward died age 79 on the 128th day of the year..
The Mandela Effect=79 and 128
Fred Ward=79
He died a span of 79 days after 2/19 or just 2 months 19 days.

Now that I think about it...I bet I watched Road Trip subconsciously due to me talking about Breckin Meyer recently...
Notice his bday was the same day as the Kentucky Derby too...

This goes really deep because Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce the same day Peppa Pig trolled Kanye West...this was around the time I was noticing the Dream theme..and Breckin is in Freddy Krueger..recall how Stacy Dash from Clueless with Breckin Meyer was also in the Kanye West music video...
Plus the film Road Trip has Tom Green that is synced to the Freddie/Finger symbolism that is related to Kanye and Slipknot...
Notice that Wikipedia says Fred Wards real name is "Freddie".

The Road Trip symbolism was also connected to the Drowning Symbolism...
Recall that my Road Trip/Vacation to Sioux Falls on 2/19 was synced to the Drowning theme as well....and we recently got the mainstream stories about the giant Dust Storm in Sioux Falls too...can't be a coincidence.

Breckin Meyer=128
Fred Ward dead on 128th day..
The Mandela Effect=128
This number also makes me think of Slipknot Gematria and Corey Taylor's bday on 12/8/73.

The reason I recently blogged about Breckin Meyer was due to Synchronicity with my co-worker Katelynn....Notice the Timerider film came out on her bday....and recall that she loves Horses....she was also important to my Iggy Azalea sync related to the Peppa Pig trolling Kanye post..
My sister's bday is also 12/11 and recall how she was important to the date 1/28, my trip to Sioux Falls and the Absolutely Sync..
Plus Lynn Swann played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and 1/28 was the day of that Bridge collapse...
Her son Collin is getting confirmed at their church on 6/5 too...Horse=65...the day after 6/4 important to the Dream Theme..

I feel like it's important because she invited us to it in a group text and I thought it was only to me and my brother in the text..I sent a picture of Father Howard,  the child molesting priest we had as kids to respond not realizing all the other people were in the text lol.
Oddly enough the invite says the Church is on Eagle Avenue and recall that my sister has a company named Eagle Acres and lives on Falcon Avenue that was synced to the Drowning Theme and the Eagles winning Super Bowl 52, and the Earthquake near Philadelphia in 2017.

Plus Fred Ward in Tremors and the Earthquake film 10.5, so better pay attention to the Earthquake stuff again..
Years ago I pointed out how Earthquakes are synced to the numbers 58 and 85 his death on 5/8 or 8/5 stands out.

I'm trying to figure out why they waited to release his death on 5/13 though..

We also had the Philadelphia 76ers get knocked out of the playoffs on the anniversary of the Philadelphia Train wreck lol...For years Philadelphia has been linked to the Bridge/Earthquake symbolism...

I'll try and think more about this later...I'm at work and it just isn't the same as a computer writing these posts.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Synchronicity with Gun Story on CNN at Work today-The Dream Theme/Amtrak/Train/Joe Biden/JFK


Today at work my co-worker was asking me about the open carry laws with Guns in Iowa. There was a guy in the store with 2 Guns on him and she has recently had some problems with this guy. She said that she thinks he has Drug and some type of Abuse charges on his record and she didn't think you could open carry....I honestly have no idea what the law is though. 
I then went on to talk about how I don't really see the need to open carry anyway. I mean, I'm all for people having Guns and what not, but most of the people I know that open carry or are obsessed with guns, are not people that should have guns. The guy she was asking about is in my opinion one of them people too. He's always drunk and it seems that drama follows him. There just seems to be a lot of people in this world that I think actually want to use that gun on someone else....I hope that makes sense. It's like they own a gun and open carry it hoping that a situation arises so they can shoot someone. We really do live in a fucked up world anymore. 
Anyway, moral of the story is that I started talking about a guy I know who murdered another guy in a bar fight for this exact reason. I mean, if he never had a gun on him, they most likely would've wrestled and fought a bit, and then went on with their night. Instead, it was a death and a prison sentence. This being said though, I do understand why people want guns in relation to the government and so on...but it just seems that this isn't the real reason a lot of people I know want to carry a gun. 

So anyway, after we talked about Guns and what not, I got on my phone and went to CNN to see a headline story about the US and Gun related killings lol. I even showed my co-worker the story, and said what are the odds? 

The guy I know that murdered someone has name Gematria of 55 and today is 55 days after the anniversary of that murder. I cannot find his bday for the life of me, but I'd imagine it's connected...I also in a weird way think it's connected to the date 6/4 and the Dream theme because my band is playing a gig that night at the bar this murder took place at. 
Today is also 1 month 24 days after the murder anniversary and the bar owner's name sums to 124. I also have him on Snapchat and he responded to my Snapchat about The Pentaverate the other day, and he never responds to them...Barely anyone does lol... His name also sums to 310 and today is 310 days before the anniversary of that murder...
The same bar(Cheers) I am talking about was also important just after 3/10/2019...Cheers was important to the Big Bang Theory and so on with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 310. 
Cheers=130(FB)..Today the 130th day. 

Another reason I think this is important to the Dream Theme is that Ben(who murdered at the Bar) lives very close to where the Pyschic ladies husband Daniel died. Or at least I think he still lives there with his sister. I also recently got a message on my old Exorcism video with  the number 55 that also involved that same Highway....Ben used to date(Possibly still does) another girl I know whose son was also killed on that highway, just a few miles from where Daniel died....Further, my internet was out for the last few days, and I ended up calling the company to come fix it today...and the company is only a few miles away from the same spot I am talking about... 

I also wonder about the 25 years in the story above as today is 25 days before 6/4. It's interesting too that the story just below it is about Joe Biden...The story is about how Joe Biden is unfit to be president because of his mental state. 
Joe Biden=64
Amtrak=64 and 124(FB)
It's a span of 6 months 16 days after Biden's bday...
Recall the Train Symbolism connected to 3/10 this year...
6/4 is 4 months 16 days before Kamala's bday. 
The Philadelphia Trainwreck was 4 months 16 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
416 was important to the Peacock symbolism and think how that's linked to the WWE, and SummerSlam held at Nisan Stadium on 7/30...well, 7/30 is the bday of the Bar owner I am talking about. 

Ha, and 6/4 is 86 days after 3/10...
Think how 8/6 was related to that symbolism. 
Kamala Harris=86

Abe Lincoln..MLK Jr...Dream...
10 days before Donald Trump's bday. 
SLEEPy Joe...Dream...

My co-worker shares a bday with John Kerry...
John Kerry=124 and 616(Fibonacci) Has JFK initials. 

June 4....6/4..4/6....46th president..."Catholic"=46

Ha, I just went to CNN while writing this and the headline story is about Putin and JFK. 
Thinking about it too...
Today is 5/10 and 510 was a big number with Trump/North Korea and in that mix I pointed out the connection to JFK...this was because Kim Jong-un compared himself to JFK. 
John Kennedy=510(Satanic)
Trump met Kim Jong-un 5 months 10 days before the JFK assassination date. 

I'm trying not to use names in this post because I don't want to fuel the fire if there really is a big drama with my co-worker and what not too. I don't want someone randomly finding this post and to have that drama fueled because of what I wrote. If you look through my old blog posts, you should be able to figure it out though. 

The guy in the store today has name Gematria of 219....

North Korea=424(Jewish)
Think of the Donald Trump/Kamala stuff with 424...

The murder I am talking about happened on 3/16 too...
Donald Trump=316(FB)

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Bill Gates Has Coronavirus 172 days Before His Birthday


Bill Gates tests positive for Coronavirus a span of 172 days before his bday. 
Once again, the Francis Bacon ciphers make their way. 
Bill Gates=172(FB)
5/10 leaves 235 days in the year. 

Recall that he got divorced on 8/2 the day leaving 151 days in the year. 
Event Two O One=151

Bill Gates founded Microsoft 208 days before his bday. 
Bill Gates=208(FB)

Bill Gates also has been connected to the Jesuits/France with his wife. 
Today is 140 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Washington=130 and 140
Today is the 130th day. 
Space Needle