Thursday, March 23, 2023

Cause of Plane Crash That Killed Tarzan Actor in 2021 Has Been Released

I really gotta get some sleep, but I just saw this story on CNN about the plane crash that killed the Tarzan actor....I just mentioned how I had a dream about a plane crash so I bet anything I'm supposed to see something with this story, or how it's connected to my old post about the plane crash/Tarzan....


We are in Aries which is ruled by Mars...

Mars the God of War. 

He died on JFK's bday...

Zach Mentioning How He Could Be A 'Greenblatt' on His 56th Episode on YouTube


Watching SportsGematria's new video and I noticed the clip that everyone uses about Zach saying he might be a Greenblatt was the 56th episode on his original channel...Think how 56 means the Jesuits to Zach....

Scientology, Christianity and the Freemasons=187

The 56th episode....

Society of Jesus=56 and 187

Zachary Greenblatt=78


He put that video out 1 month 12 days after his bday. 

The Jesuits operate in 112 countries....

That video was also 322 days before Zach's bday...Can't make it up, he even talks about Skull and Bones in the description of that video. I'd love to here this whole video again now. 

Of course, I don't really think Zach is a Jesuit, but this is how he would decode any news story, or a video from some other YouTuber. Yet when it comes to him it would be..."Life is Strange."

This is really interesting though, considering the millions of other connections I have shown with Zach over the years. Plus, the Truth Rally's that were all connected to Skull and Bones/Umbrella Symbolism. 

Don't forget...

Zachary Greenblatt=186

186 the Big Umbrella Number that has to do with Mind Control. 

I also feel like I have blogged about this before, but I can't find the post, regardless, here it is again if so. 

Denmark Metal Drummer Josua Madsen Hit By a Bus and The 2019 Tisha B'Av Narrative with Denmark and the Umbrella-Rambo Kicked Off Gematria Effect Episode on Ides of March

I seriously can't even read Zach's blog anymore, but I will continue anyway lol....Just so many terrible decodes that he always has to fit with some type of ritual done by the cabal...
So a drummer from the Danish 80's Metal band "Artillery" died on 3/8. 
So just because he died on 3/8 he was murdered? Even though the story clearly says he was hit by a bus. It's just speculation that he was murdered because he is fitting in the word "Murder" just because it sums to 38, and he believes every death in the media is some type of sacrifice. 
Can't just leave it that he was a drummer dead on 3/8? 
We at least know this to be true. 

Josua Marsden=67
He died on the 67th day. 

Can't just leave it at that either? 

He was ritually sacrificed because of his fateful name gematria...No matter what age he died, the phrases "Blood Sacrifice" and "Human Sacrifice" could always be placed in as speculation. It doesn't prove it by any means. 

He died age this must be a ritual because "Ritual"=45? 

Ritual=27, 45, 81 and 81

What about all of the other people who die at ages that don't link to these numbers? They also get called a Ritual, or Murder, or Sacrifice...

Now...when I see this story is about a Denmark band, I instantly think it's probably connected to my friends in Denmark. I only know 2 brothers from Denmark, and I haven't seen them forever, but I always associate anything Denmark with them. Further, one of them was a foreign exchange student that lived with my cousin Justin...and I barely talk to Justin, but a classmate of ours called him on my phone on St. Patty's day while I was DJing, and then I talked to him the next day, because he wondered why I called. 

Notice this guy died 172 days after Asmus' bday..
Asmus Kiehn=172(FB)
Further, none of the USA stories were written until 3/10 at least from what I could tell....
Notice these stories came 174 days after his bday. 
Josua Madsen=174(FB)
This news was also a span of 67 days after Asmus' brother "Esben's" bday. 
Josua Madsen=67
Died on 67th day. 

You see, it doesn't have to mean "Blood Sacrifice." The story links perfect to my thoughts/narrative with Denmark. 

Recall how I was watching for the date 3/10/23 too in relation to Nipsey Hussle and the 2019 Tisha B'Av Narrative(8/10/2019 and 8/11/2019) 

Also, recall that on 8/10/2019 CNN had a story about Christiania, which is an autonomous zone in Denmark. I talked about how I had a shirt from Denmark that said "Christiania" on it and thought that we may possibly get a story important to Denmark....Then a few days later the headline story was that Trump wanted to buy Greenland from Denmark.....We then got Kiefer Sutherland getting in a BUS crash in Denmark..Think about how Josua Madsen died from a BUS....Kiefer was important because "The Lost Boys" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" were synced to the 310 stuff...and Kiefer's father DONALD Sutherland was in Buffy. 

Here's a few pages from my book where I talked about this narrative....Notice it has a lot to do with the Umbrella symbolism...and we had a story about a man getting struck by lightning holding an Umbrella just after 2019 Tisha B'Av too.....

There is for sure a big link to the Umbrella still. 
And think how Rambo basically got kicked off of The Gematria Effect last week, and how it involved "Fritz Springmeier"....He's the guy who talked about the Umbrella being a symbol for Mind Control...
It happened 277 days or 9 months 4 days after Rambo's bday...
Fritz Artz Springmeier=277
Fritz Springmeier=94
Zach Hubbard=94
Recall how Zach went to the "March For Our Lives" Protest in Everett, Washington on Rambo's bday last year. It's the story he has at the top of his blog. 
March For Our Lives=94
Seattle, Washington=94
The Gematria Effect=611(FB)

And recall how all of the main Truth Rally's were linked to the Umbrella Symbolism. 
The Truth Rally's ended 94 days after Rambo's bday on 9/13. 

I'm wondering about Josua Madsen died 172 days after Asmus bday too...considering the Rambo thing happened 172 days after Fritz Springmeier's bday. 

Josua Madsen died on 3/8. 

Donald Sutherland=172

His bday was 236 days before 3/10....
Has to be something important to him I would say considering I've been following 236 a lot. 

Just typing in some things....
Zachary Keefe Hubbard=236(ALW) and 248(FB)
I just blogged about 248 with Princeton...
Thanks to David who pointed out Princeton would become 24-8 if they beat Creighton too...
Right after I made that post I went to YouTube and Zach had a video about "The Lemming Files"=248...I just forgot to blog about it as I haven't had much time. 
Think how that game is on 3/24, which is Damar Hamlin's bday...and he's synced to the Umbrella Symbolism and Truth Rally's. 
Truth Frequency Radio=248
TFR=186(Jewish)(186 Big Umbrella Number)

I don't know how to fully explain it, but I've had a ton of synchronicity with the number "4" lately too...For example, I accidentally bet 228 dollars on a round robin cause my phone froze up...and somehow I hit a "4" instead of a "1'. Thankfully Princeton won again and I hit 5 out of 6 and still won close to 500...If Kansas wouldn't have lost I would've hit a lot bigger. But after I accidentally did that....I turned ont he game and number 4 was shooting a free throw and stuff like that....Just kept happening...and early tonight I saw something about the Warriors and their 4 rings and such...just keep seeing the number "4." 
Four=456(Eng Ext)
456 the Squid Game/Money Number...
Asmus born on the day Squid Game came out...

It all seems to stem back to Money somehow. 
And remember back in February I blogged about "4" synchronicity happening on 2/22/23. 

We'll see what happens in the next few days I guess. 

Monday, March 20, 2023

Princeton vs Creighton Game, The Peacock Symbolism, Strange Dream About Plane Crash

Princeton hooked me up good again as I picked them to beat Missouri in a round robin parlay that hit somewhere around 500 bucks. 
I only bet on them because of the Fresh Prince connection...
For years I have connected "The Fresh Prince" to Prince Charles who is now King Charles...
I noticed that the Princeton vs Missouri game was a span of 125 days after King Charles bday..
Will Smith=125

So now I'm looking at Princeton's next game against Creighton on 3/24...
I see that the game will be  248 days before what would have been James Avery's bday(Uncle Phil). 
Will Smith=248(FB)

Considering I noticed this because of synchronicity that Zenith had with the new show "Bel-Air", I looked up the actor who plays Will Smith. 
His bday is 8/2...
So James Avery's bday is 248 days before his. 

Even more synced is that Jabari's bday is a span of 55 days before Will Smith's...and the upcoming Princeton game is 234 days after Jabari's bday. 
Will Smith=55 and 234(FB)

Notice his real name is Jabari BANKS fitting considering it's the BANKS family on The Fresh Prince...and it fits the Money theme. 

Jabari Banks=416(FB)
Before Wiki changed Will Smith's name it also summed to 416. 
Willard Carroll Smith Jr.=416(FB)
Squid Game=416(Jewish)
Squid Game important to the MONEY Theme. 
Peacock symbolism was important to Season 4 episode 16 of the Fresh Prince. 

Think how 3/24 is also Damar Hamlin's bday...the football player who COLLAPSED....and how the Eagles were linked to the Stock Market Symbolism...and Patrick Mahomes being born the same day "Squid Game" came out. 
Another interesting thing is that the upcoming game will be a span of 236 days before King Charles' bday. 
James Avery=236(FB)
Adrian Holmes=236(FB)
New Jersey=236(FB)(Princeton)


Princeton Tigers=424(FB)
3/24 is 4 months 24 days after the Stock Market Crash anniversary...
It's also 219 days before the Stock Market Crash anniversary..
Both 424 and 219 relate to the Money Theme. 

Will Smith=125

Think how I had the dream saying "Marcus Camby" and how it related to 125 and Boy Meets World..
Marcus Camby=236(FB)
My Boy Meets World syncs were important to 236. 

I think this is important further, because the Peacock symbolism with Will Smith had a lot to do with "DREAMS"...and last night I had a crazy dream..
I dreamt that a plane crashed just over my head in what I think was my backyard. I then called 911 on my laptop as I was walking to the store. I was crying telling the the 911 guy how a plane just crashed by my house....I then ended up at the grocery store and everyone was standing outside wearing Halloween costumes. I was the only one not wearing a costume and everyone thought it was weird, because I always have a good costume for Halloween. We then walked into the grocery store and I made a joke about how it was a good thing I didn't dress up as an airplane. I was referring to my "Missing Malaysian Airline Costume" from 2014....I then woke up and went to work. I walked into the store and the guy at the register was wearing a Halloween shirt with a Bull/Cow on it...I even asked my co-worker if I saw it wrong, and she said, no he was wearing a Halloween shirt. I then told her about my dream and walked to the kitchen. As I walked into the kitchen 2 of my co-workers jumped and told me that I scared them, which again reminded me of Halloween.....
So I don't know, there seems to be something with Halloween and Planes?....all I can think is how the Lion Air Crash in 2018 was close to Halloween...and the Peacock symbolism was linked to Chinese Flight 5735....

Airplane Crash=125, 226 and 248(FB)
Today is a span of 226 days before Halloween. 
Smittys=125(Grocery store in my dream)

In relation to the Princeton game...the Peacock mascot on The Fresh Prince is a Blue Peacock/Blue Bird.....Makes me think of Bluejays. 

So who knows, it makes me think they may be a plane crash story in the news soon? 

3/29 will be the 1st Wednesday of Nisan that is important to the Peacock symbolism...

Friday, March 17, 2023

Zenith and My Mindless Freaks Facebook and the Money Theme

I was researching the term "Zenith" and the picture on Wikipedia shows the Zenith in a picture that reminded me of the cover I used on my old music/Gematria Facebook page.
Hopefully you can see what I'm talking about by looking at the image above...
But, I scrolled down and the last time I posted anything on that page was 2/12/2018...Notice the video was about the Stock Market Crash lol...
In my previous post about Zenith tonight, I mentioned how I think it's connected to the Money theme...and of course, this just verifies it even more.
My parlay also hit tonight too...I need this money bad right now, so really glad I hit it....only problem is I still don't have a bank account to cash it out have to figure out how I can get paid out...

Princeton Tigers=424(FB)
James Avery=236(FB)(Uncle Phil)
Adrian Holmes=236(FB)(new Uncle Phil)

424 has been big with Francis Bacon Ciphers...
More 236....

Philip...Horses...Horses linked to 219 and Money Theme..
PHILadelphia important to Stock Market narrative.

Tomorrow will be 226 days before the Stock Market Crash anniversary...

Herbert Hoover=316(FB)
Donald Trump=316(FB)

I feel like Joe Exotic, Tiger King, or the Tiger narrative has to be important again...
Princeton, Missouri, Auburn all Tigers and won today.


Thursday, March 16, 2023

Zenith's new video with "Zenith" Synchronicity and "Bel-Air". The MONEY Theme and Princeton Beating Arizona-236


I just got home from work and watching/listening to some college basketball games. I just went to YouTube and seen Zenith had uploaded a new video about synchronicity with Zenith. 

Zenith is the reason why I know the importance of the Francis Bacon/Capital Letter ciphers, so I figured I would type out "ZENITH" in all caps. 
Once again, this number comes up...
Wish I knew the full meaning to it, but it's somehow related to the MONEY Theme and such with 226. 
YouTube even shows his video as 4:56 in length. 
Think how 456 is the big Squid Game number and connected to MONEY. 

Zenith's video also involves the show "Bel-Air", which is interesting to me. I'm watching basketball because I did a 12 team parlay today I picked PRINCETON to beat Arizona because of the Tiger Symbolism. 
Whenever I think of PRINCETON, It makes me think of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" because Uncle Phil graduated from there, and Carlton wants to go there. 
So crazy to me that Princeton would win the same day he posts a video about this synchronicity. 
Plus, Zenith's sync with "Bel-Air" involves Basketball. 

Further, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is based around the BANKS Family. (Money). 

I'll pry lose this parlay now that I'm blogging about it lol, but be interesting if it hits considering the Money theme. 

The reason I picked Princeton was that I noticed if they won and Missouri won, both TIGER teams would play each other. 
Princeton also got their 22nd win and 22 is the big Tiger Number with Tiger King. 
Arizona Wildcats stayed on 28 wins. 
Princeton even won with 59 points. 

In relation to the Boy Meets World Theme and 236, recall how Tyra Banks is linked to that....
I'm just thinking about how Tyra BANKS is also on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." 
Tyra is in the 4th season, which is when Will and Carlton go to college with the PEACOCK Mascot. 
Zenith also talks about the film "Six Degrees of Separation" in this video. Notice it came out on 12/8/1993.....Recall how my BANK Account was garnished on 12/8/2022...
Six Degrees of Kevin BACON.
Kevin Bacon=226(FB)

Gotta think more on this and go back and watch some old videos. Maybe they will make more sense. 

Sunday, March 12, 2023

South African rapper Costa Titch Dead and the Mandela Effect/Nelson Mandela/Horse Theme


Considering this guy was from South Africa and I've followed a big Mandela Effect Theme with South Africa, I figured I would compare this guy to Nelson Mandela. 
Go figure he died 236 days after Nelson Mandela's bday. 
236 a big number I've been talking about. 
Further, he died 129 days before Nelson Mandela's bday. 
Nelson Mandela=129

The article says that he partnered with Akon. 
Notice his bday is a span of 219 days before Akon's. 
Recall that 219 was a big number with the Mandela Effect/Horse Theme. 

Costa Titch also died 56 days before the upcoming Kentucky Derby on 5/6. 
Kentucky Derby=56
I bet this death will be linked to the Kentucky Derby. 
Have to try and remember it when we see the list of horses and such. 

Costa Titch and Nelson Mandela's bdays also separated by 1 month 24 days. 
Constantinos Tsobanoglou=124

This was another big number with the Horse/Mandela Effect Theme.
The Theme goes back to Omaha Beach(Horse) and D-Day. 
D-Day is 183 days before and after Medina Spirit died. 

This stands out because Costa Titch died 183 days before his bday and a span of 183 days after his bday. 

Notice how this theme was related to Vladimir Putin as well to D-Day. 
Vladimir Putin=183

Costa Titch also died 2 months 26 days before D-Day and 9 months 5 days after D-Day. 
Mandela Effect=226(Jewish) and 95
Nelson Mandela died age 95. 

I'm probably wrong though. This guy just got murdered by the Jesuits because he has Fateful name gematria of 118 lol. For fucks sake, Zach does so many terrible decodes like this it's annoying. Apparently, this guy was going to live forever, otherwise how do you have fateful name gematria? Lol, no matter when you die it will always be fateful. And he's the guy telling other people they make gematria look retarded. 
His decode is all "Belief" and not following an actual narrative outside of his belief that every thing that happens in the news is a Ritual.