Friday, May 24, 2024

Super Size Me Death News on the Same Day South Park Releases a Special About Obesity-Slipknot/Volcano/China/Dream-516-515


I wake up this morning and go to Facebook to see a post about Burger King and the Freemasons....For sure, it's Zach Hubbard established decoding, but this is what I mean...people are hooked on blaming everything on the Freemasons/Jesuits, that they can't see this isn't how decoding works...Anyway, as I was thinking about this post, I was also thinking about McDonalds....
I then go to CNN and they have a headline story about the "Super Size Me" guy, Morgan Spurlock, dying of cancer. 

I've also been waiting to watch the new South Park that comes out today...."The End of Obesity." So the news story about the death of a guy who makes a documentary on obesity dies the same day that South Park releases a special about Obesity? Like when South Park got banned in China and the next episode was about Vaccines...then we got coronavirus that was said to come from China....Or when the South Park epsisode had the kids dressed like Isis, and then a few days later we had the 2015 Paris Attack. 

One thing that sticks out to me right away is that it's the 328th episode of South Park...and today is the anniversary of Paul Gray(Slipknot) dying. 

Paul Dedrick Gray=328(FB)
Joey Jordison=328(FB)
2019 Tisha B'Av was connected to Slipknot and fell 3 months 28 days before Corey Taylor's bday. 

Recall that Paul Gray died 5 months 16 days after Corey Taylor's bday. 
Dougie Howser/Harold Kumar were linked to Slipknot and the date 5/16 in 2019....this is when I first found the importance of the Francis Bacon/Capital Ciphers....all because of the number 328....

516 important to the Volcano Symbolism. 

Freddie Mercury died on the 328th day...

Recall that he DREAM Theme stems back to 2015 with Corey Taylor/Slipknot and Kanye Singing the Freddie Mercury song, "Bohemian Rhapsody." This is why Slipknot releasing tickets to their first ever Iowa State Fair on the same day the film "Bohemian Rhapsody" was so important. Then Slipknot played at the Iowa State Fair on 8/10/2019, when Tisha B'Av began. It was all about CHINA....and think about South Park in 2019 being banned in CHINA. 

Bohemian Rhapsody=516(FB)

Freddie Mercury/Queen all goes back to the Mandela Effect/Horse Theme....that is linked to Volcanos....
Nelson Mandela/South Africa important to 516. 

Slipknot's first album begins with the song with a quote about Charles Manson..."The whole thing, I think it's sick." Paul Gray died 194 days after 11/12(Charles Manson's bday)

Charles Manson=194(FB)
Gemaria The Killing Name=194(FB)(Misspelling on Video)

Slipknot released their album on 8/9/2019, just before playing Tisha B'Av...8/9 the Charles Manson murders...

It says the new Slipknot parodies "Ozempic." Think how Sharon Osbourne warned about the Ozempic last year....and how Sid from Slipknot is dating Kelly Osbourne. 
Further, Morgan Spurlock actually died yesterday, which was a span of 5 months 16 days before his bday. 

You could also say it was just 5 months 15 days...

515 is the Des Moines Area Code..

Recall I had the DREAM about 5 and 15...
McDonald's was founded on 5/15. 
The track "515" by Slipknot also has Sid Wilson on the vocals instead of Corey Taylor. Apparently, his grandpa died and he went into the studio and they recorded his breakdown about his loss. 
Funny that one of the things I randomly clicked on brought up the fact that 515 is the sum of 9 consecutive Prime numbers too....

9 is Big with the DREAM Theme. 

Plus, Iowa, where I live...and all of the recent storms...Hell, my power went out last night and we had yet another tornado warning at like 3 AM. The siren has went off more times this year than I can ever remember, and as I've previously said, I'm used to it...but this year has been over the top...and we just had the tornado hit Greenfield, Iowa, which is about an hour from Des Moines. 

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds also became governor on 5/24, when Terry Branstad became the ambassador to China. 

I swear that I used to have a recurring Dream when I was younger about a tornado. In the dream, I am on my parents front porch late at night. I then see a tornado that comes down main street, and somehow I wake up the whole town and save them. I used to have this Dream a lot, but it's probably been 15 years or so since I've had was the same every time, and I can still picture the details of the dream. The tornado always would hit just as I started down the basement stairs. 

Well, I'm gonna try and watch the new South Park, maybe something will spark my brain more in relation to this post. I'm gonna keep my eye on China though....recall that the weather website always takes my map to China when I look at the radar it seems a lot of these things point to China. 


South Park: The End of Obesity=431(FB)

Paul Gray died in Room 431. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Magic Square and the Sudoku Puzzle Zach Got in the mail on 5/20/2016-Volcano Symbolism-10/6


For some reason I randomly started thinking about Magic Squares today. I don't really know much about them, but in the past year or so, I've seen others talk about them. I figured it may be important to the Aleister Crowley theme too..

As I was thinking about it, I randomly remember Zach getting a Sudoku puzzle in the mail years ago, and how we were trying to decipher it...he also got a bunch of letters involving clocks and time around this same time...I thought maybe this Sudoku puzzle was made up of the Magic Square of Saturn(Keeper of time), but as far as my understanding, these don't qualify as that. It's because the columns and rows have to sum to 15, and they do not...

The numbers 2 3 5 seem important to what he got in the mail though, if you look at the picture..

Magic Square=235(FB)

Anyway, I figured I would look up Sudoku...and the modern creator, Howard Garns, died on 10/6...

Just find it funny as this is a big Volcano symbolism date I've been talking about...

Howard Garns=221(FB)

221 a big Volcano number.
That letter came from San Antonio..

San Antonio=496(Rev Primes)

Recall this cipher is important to Aleister Crowley.

Magic Square=496(Jewish)

Its a pain to add a link with my phon, but search the post above about 496. It is related to my Book that I've recently talked about with Mystik also involves Slipknot, which has been important to my themes...and the Hell Theme with Aleister Crowley...the Hell Theme was linked to the Squares cipher...think about Magic there seems to be something I am supposed to learn about the Magic Squares.

That letter was also 218 days before Zach had the car crash into his garage. 
218 was a big number connected to the Umbrella Symbolism.

I've been thinking about the Magic Square stuff all day...then I went to Facebook and this is the first post it gave me....
I was reading the comments, and someone mentions Volcano lol..

Funnier yet, is that Mitch is the guy who fell into me and knocked me down the stairs on 3/18/21...then Joe Biden fell on the stairs the next day, 3/19/21...and that was day of the Iceland Volcano that really started these Volcano connections for me..

I fell down the stairs at Sturgill's house, and he shares a bday with Joe Biden..

Biden somewhat connects to the Dream Theme too...JFK shot from 411 Elm Street(Dream) dad's bday is 4/11....and he's super synced to maybe Biden will still die in office, or the date 10/6 is linked to him?

Today is also Mitch's brothers bday...and he went to Hawaii while in the makes me think of the Volcano symbolism even more.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Synchronicity with "Caitlin" Today and the Tornado/Storm/Dream Theme-Aleister Crowley and Lam-Grey Alien-Seattle-Volcano


I'm at work and we were talking about the storms last night. I then showed them pictures I took of the clouds last night on my way back from getting groceries. I then saw the last picture I took was a screenshot of Caitlin Clark. 

It's supposed to storm again in a bit, and my boss was talking about her teenage daughter who is scared. I then started talking about how I used to go chase the storms when I was younger...and one time we saw a UFO while doing it. This then led me to start talking about the UFO on 9/11/2001, that I've blogged about many times.
I went on to tell them how that Hwy was F66, like 666..and then I started thinking how Aleister Crowley drew the picture of the being "Lam" that looked like a Grey Alien. I then started thinking about all the connections to my life with Crowley and whatnot...I then started thinking about Caitlin Clark playing for Iowa, and all the recent storms, and was trying to think of how that may be related to Aleister Crowley....

I then got an order for a taco and as I was taking the order out, I noticed the order had the name Caitlyn on it....I then looked over at the fountain pop machine and my old co-worker Katelynn was getting a pop lol...

So now I'm convinced that I'm supposed to see something with the word Caitlin that is connected to the Aleister Crowley theme...

The first Caitlin that came to mind after the 3 above is my cousin from Seattle. 

I'm now looking up Caitlin Clark again, and her next game is against Seattle...

Even crazier is that it's the Seattle STORM. lol..can't make it up.

Seattle Storm=157 and 209(FB)
The Kobe Bryant numbers I just blogged about in relation to Volcanoes..
Think about Seattle and Volcano...

22 a huge number with Caitlinn Clark..

I wish I could think of the date I randomly ran into my cousin Kaitlyn too...It was a while back, and I was at work, and I came around the corner to see her. I rarely see her as she lives far away, and has always lived far away from me. I think she lives in Florida and works at Disney World now, but grew up in Seattle. She was just randomly in town a while back to see my grandma though. She said that she had a few extra days before having to be back, so she flew to Iowa to see our grandma. I thought I blogged about this, but I can't find it for the life of me. 

I've recently blogged about the connection to when my Uncle Barney died in relation to Aleister Crowley as well. Thinking about this struck a major thought...

I blogged about Beebeetown, where I saw the UFO, on 2/11/2017. This was just after my uncle Barney had was the day I went to my grandmas and realized a big connection to Eagles and the Eagles went on to win SB 52....

So I'm looking at that post, and I also blogged about my friends kid who died at the end of that post...notice I am talking about the area near Minden...the big place connected to the Storm symbolism I am following... 
The day I blogged about with my Uncle and Beebeetown was also 72 days after Aleister Crowley's death day..

72 a big number with him and my kids. 
I also know this old post is important, because the reason I went to Beebeetown on 2/11/17, was for a party for my cousin Abe's wife. 

My mom is working at the gas station with me today, and before I had the Caitlin synchronicity, she told me how she mowed my cousin Abe's apartments last night...I had no idea he owned apartments in town, so I was confused...I then mentioned how my band is playing for the Woodbine Alumni banquet on Friday, and wondered if it was Abe's 25th year or not...we talked about that for a bit, but I think his is next year..I just thought I may see him if so..

Anyway, this is how I know this post is important, because we randomly talked about in today...

Notice that I talked about my daughter winning on the GAMBLING machine in that post too lol.

I also find this interesting.
The Kentucky Derby was linked to me and my book, and also Aleister Crowley.

Mytstik Dan won..

But Mystik Dan lost the Preakness to Seize the Grey...
It just makes me think of Grey Aliens in relation to this post..

2015 was also big with the Gray/Grey Symbolism....this all went back to the Dream theme with Slipknot and Kanye West....Freddy Gray..Wes Craven dying..

When I first noticed the Dream Theme after I released my book, it was in a post about Kanye West and Slipknot too..

A lot of my old Kentucky Derby stuff had to do with D-Day...which is Robert Englund's bday..(Freddy Krueger).

Mount St. Helens=1148(Eng Ext)....

1148 was a number important to the Hell Theme with Slipknot...

Looking at Lam more, I see the numerical value for Lam is said to be 71....

Lam=71(English Extended). 

Dan Behrendt=711(Rev Primes)
Aleister Crowley=711(Rev Primes)
Aiwass=711(English Extended)

So now I am reading some random blog that came up in a search to find out more about Lam....When I got to the end, I noticed that the blogs previous post was about Gary Johnson. I found this odd, because I just blogged about the name Gary Johnson a few days ago with "The Mirage" and Volcano symbolism. 

Gary Johnson the presidential candidate is 71 years old...(Lam). 

Gary Johnson=198(FB)(198 Hell Theme)

Lol, I know this is a strange post, but somehow a lot of my themes seem to link back to Aleister Crowley. 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Iran President Ebrahim Raisi Dead in Helicopter Crash and the Kobe Bryant/Teen Wolf Connection


The Iranian president was in a Helicopter crash today. Recall that just before Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter war with Iran was big in the news. This was because the United States killed Qasem Soleimani, so it seems fitting to connect this story to Kobe Bryant. 

Today is 209 days before Ebrahim Raisi's bday. 
It's also 157 days after his bday. 
His bday is also 113 days after Kobe Bryant's bday. 

Kobe Bryant=113, 157 and 209(FB)
Kobe's bday is even 165 days after Qasem Soleimani's..

Kobe Bryant=165(FB)
Today is also 3 months 4 days before Kobe's bday. 

Recall that the number 34 is huge around Kobe Bryant. It's also a number important to the Batman symbolism, which is why Donald Trump's trial began on 3/4 this year. 

Recall that Donald Trump said he was Batman in a Helicopter at the Iowa State Fair in 2015. This is also a theme I have been following again this year. 

The Minnesota Timberwolves also won today on Kevin Garnett's bday. They knocked out the Joker, Nikola Jokic. Kevin Garnett the original Teen Wolf....Kevin Garnett retired the same year Kobe retired. They both came into the league as Teenagers. 

In relation to today being 209 days before Ebrahim Raisi's bday, think how this number is linked to the Gambling/Volcano Theme. Recall that Teen Wolf came out on Kobe Bryant's bday, which is also Vulcanalia(Volcano God Day). 

I've also mentioned the number 204 recently...
Qasem Soleimani=204(FB)

Soleimania shared a bday with Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis=204(FB)
Davis super connected to the number 34 as well. 


221 and 129 are big Volcano Numbers. 

Aurora, Colorado=221
James Holmes shot up the Batman film a span of 221 days after his bday. 
Joaquin Rafael Phoenix=221

There is for sure something going on with the Volcano Symbolism and how it relates to Kobe Bryant. Think how the Volcano Symbolism is linked to NASCAR/Will Ferrell/My Son Alistair....Alistair born on 8/31/19, the same day French Racer Anthoine Hubert on..
I'm mentioning this because the Daytona 500 was synced to Kobe Bryant and Jeff Gordon's retirement...Kobe opened that season against the T-Wolves in the game where they did a tribute to Flip Saunders.....this was all less than a year after Teen Wolf was linked to the 2015 All-Star Week. 

Kobe also died in 2020, just before Coronavirus became the big thing....
Recall that Rudy Gobert was the first player to get coronavirus. He now plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Think how Kyrie Irving refused to get vaccinated, and now the Timberwolves will be playing Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks. 

56 a big Teen Wolf number. 

Garnett turned 48 years old today...
Garnett has the Boston Celtic connection.
Kyrie Irving has a Celtic connection..

Boston Celtics=48

The Celtics making the finals in 2022 was connected to Teen Wolf. It was also synced to the film "Hustle," whose main character was Juancho Hernangomez. He played for the T-Wolves in 2020 and then got traded to the Celtics. 

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Story of Queen Camilla Next To the Other Stories I Just Blogged About


I made my previous blog post about "The Mirage" in Las Vegas closing on 7/17. In that post, I mentioned how it is closing on Queen Camilla's bday...I posted the post and took a bath. I then went back to CNN and noticed in the string of stories that I was previously blogging about, there is also a story about Queen Camilla lol....I thought maybe Google picked up on my blog post, so I went to CNN on Safari to find the same story, so I think it was there previously, I just didn't notice it until now. 

So we have a story about a Trolled Actor, a story of "The Mirage," a story of Queen Camilla, all next to each other...and they are all connected to the narrative I am following lol.....I see a Kevin Spacey story too, so I'm sure that is related...think how YouTube taking down my Kevin Spacey videos is how I picked up on the Gambling/Money Theme this year. 
Today is a span of 20 months 9 days since King Charles III and Camilla took over...
Think about the 209 in the previous post...

Charles Manson died on King Charles I's bday..

I'll hopefully look more at this later. I have to learn 3 songs for our gig on Saturday, so can't keep looking at stuff tonight until I get them down. 

The Mirage in Las Vegas and it's Iconic VOLCANO is Closing-Gary Powell Gets Trolled-Slipknot-Volcano-Money/Gambling-France

I've been watching for today in relation to the Volcano symbolism that is connected to the Kentucky Derby/Slipknot and more...

I went to CNN and they have a headline story about "The Mirage" closing in Las Vegas. Considering I have also talked a lot about a Gambling Theme in relation to my life and my connection to Super bowl 58(Las Vegas), I figured I would click on the story. 

The Mirage apparently is known for is erupting VOLCANO attraction that happens every night. 

Recall that last year around this same time, I had synchronicity with Hawaii and Volcanos connected to the number 209. Then on 6/7/23, which was 209 days after my bday, a volcano in Hawaii erupted again. Also, notice that this synchronicity had to do with the Casino/Gambling. 

I'm pointing this out, because of the Gematria of "The Mirage." 

The Mirage=209(FB) and 86(Think my Book stuff)

Think how I've also been paying attention to the date 6/7/24, which is connected to the Volcano symbolism in a round about way. It's also linked to the Royal Family/King Charles III...and recall the Royal Family is linked to the Volcano Symbolism of 2021 with NASCAR....

Dale Earnhardt Sr. died at 5:16pm. 
This symbolism is also why Saudi Arabia was important above, because my son Alistair shares a bday with the Crown Prince...and my son is linked to the Volcano symbolism with NASCAR. 

Another big thing going around yesterday(5/15) was the painting of King Charles III, which makes me think what I said above is important. 
Notice the Butterfly in the background. 
Recall how a Spider was on Queen Elizabeth II's coffin. 
Think how the Butterfly and the Spider are symbols for Mind Control. 

Recall that I followed the date 9/19 for years thinking Queen Elizabeth II may die on that date. She didn't die on that date, but it was the day of her funeral with the spider...

9/19 was 516 days after her bday. 
She also died 4 months 18 days after her bday. 
The 418th composite is 516. 
Then think how Prince the singer is related to the Aleister Crowley/418 stuff that I've blogged about. And think how Prince's bday was 6/7, which is 209 days after my bday. 

I've also followed the date 10/6 with the Volcano Symbolism. It seems to be the most important date with this...

    10/6 is a span of 5 months 16 days after Queen Elizabeth II's bday.

Elizabeth II also died 516 days before the date she became Queen.
(9/8/2022 to 2/6/2024 is 516 days)

This also means that King Charles III announced his cancer a span of 516 days after he became King. 

Recall how the film "Blade Runner 2049" is also related to the Royal Family/Volcano/Horse symbolism..
On 3/19/24, we got the death of Blade Runner actor M. Emmet Walsh...3/19/21 was the big day where I really put together the Volcano symbolism.

A few days ago we had a headline story about Oscar Pistorius being on parole....His nickname is "Blade Runner." 

I have a screenshot of it on my phone, but my kid is playing on it now...The date 5/12 was the anniversary of the Philadelphia Train wreck...and I played a "Train" gambling machine on Chumba and won I think $1,200 that day...I only played it due to the Train Symbolism. 
Don't get me wrong, I have lost this year too, but that's from randomly playing....I seem to be hitting when I see a narrative though, and I'm for sure up plenty on the year. I also found a way to rack up massive freeplay at the local casino without spending a dime. It just takes a little strategy and you have to go on the day when they offer X10 the points. I've done it the last 3 weeks, and haven't had to spend any money, and I hit $1,377 on the freeplay one of the nights. 

Moral of the story is that all of this is somehow related to the Volcano Symbolism.

Notice there is another story above the "The Mirage" story about an actor being "TROLLED," too. This stands out, because the narrative with Slipknot that was synced to the date 5/16 involved a "Troll" Theme.

In relation to Slipknot, this film is releasing in theaters on 5/24, which is the anniversary of Paul Gray dying. 
It also goes to Netflix on 6/7....

Paul Gray died 5 months 16 days after Corey Taylor's bday, which is the date menitoned in the lyrics of "Gematria: The Killing Name." 

Corey Taylor=209(FB)

Recall that in 2022, my bank account got garnished on Corey Taylor's bday. This was all related to the MONEY/Gambling theme and why I thought I would win money this year. 

Notice that today is a span of 209 days after Glen Powell's bday too. 
He's also going to star in the upcoming "Twisters" film...think about Minden and the tornado stuff connected to the DREAM theme. 

I'm just gonna throw this out here too...I see that Glen Powell's character in "Hit Man" is named "Gary Johnson." When I saw the name, I instantly thought of "Gary Johnston" in the film "Team America." Recall that "Team America" was linked to the 2015 Paris Attack...Also, recall that Slipknot is synced to the narrative with France and the Iowa State Fair...I also blogged about Tina Turner's death in relation to Slipknot last year...then Tina Turner came up again with the Moulin Rouge story last month.....The Iowa State Fair stuff had to do with Trump/Batman...and recall the Joker film is synced to France. The Joker theme is also important to Jack Nicholson and Roman Polanski(Fled to France), which ties into Charles Manson...Charles Manson is synced to the Slipknot theme...

Charles Manson=209(FB)

Always seems to link back to France, but I still can't figure out the complete meaning of it. 

Another random thought...
Kobe Bryant=209(FB)
Kobe born on Vulcanalia(Volcano)

Teen Wolf that I have recently blogged about came out on Vulcanalia...
The Minnesota Timberwolves could possibly be eliminated today on 5/16....I think they might win today would be perfect for the narrative, though. If it goes to game 7, it will be played on Kevin Garnett's bday....He is the original Minnesota Teen Wolf. 

The story about "The Mirage" comes a span of 6 months 7 days before it's opening date too. 
Notice it will close on 7/17...this is Queen Camilla's bday.