Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cam Newton Superman Christopher Reeve injured on a Horse.

During the Cardinals Vs Panthers game. Cam Newton dove into the Endzone and the announcers said he was Superman. Interesting with all the Batman V Superman connections. 

If Cam Newton is Superman in the story line, then my theory of him maybe being injured during or before SB 50 seems fitting. 
Christopher Reeve the original Superman became a Quadriplegic because of a Horse Accident.  Panthers Vs White Broncos....
Newton=91 He was even born in 1989 same year Founder of Black Panthers Huey P Newton was murdered. 
Carsten Charles Sebathia Jr=91 
Chicago Cubs=91
Chicago Bears=91
4/1 is the 91st day.  Skull and Bones=41,149 Superbowl=41 
Every President assassinated connected to Skull and Bones. 
Lincoln dies April Fifteenth=149 
McKinley dies 9/14 or 14/9.  September Fourteenth=91
Garfield dies on 9/19 (September nineteenth=91)
JFK Born on 149th day of the year. 
Obama Born on 8/4 with 149 remaining.  Much more to this....
Roseburg Shooting happened on Jimmy Carters 91st Bday on 10/1 with 91 days remaining in the year. 
Dean Jones...Herbie actor dies on 9/1. 
Pierson-El DeMornay=91(Injured Nebraska player)
Cameron Wake # 91 tore achilles this season. 
Vincent Roy Margera=91 (Don Vito Died this year)
You get the idea lots of elimination with 91. 
Mirror=91  Which is interesting though considering the Panthers season is somewhat of  a mirror to the 85' Bears.  

Christopher Reeve=95
Culpeper Virginia=95 (Where he got hurt on 5/27/95)
Also happened in 1995. 
Quadriplegic=122,68   San Francisco=122 
May Twenty Seventh=68 

Born in 1952 dies age 52.  5/2 is 122nd day. 

1995 is also the same year Michael Jordan came out of retirement for the 1st time. Jordan owns Charlotte Hornets is 52 years old.. 
1995 is also the the year of the Carolina Panthers 1st season in the NFL, first Regular season game on 9/3/95. 

Jordan's first game back was 3/19/95 to Panthers 1st game 9/3/95 is a span of 168 days.  Queen Elizabeth II=168  
Beyonce Knowles=168 She is performing at halftime SB 50 with Coldplay. 
Jordan also announced his comeback with the famous words "I'm Back"=39 
Christopher Reeve injury on 5/27/95 to Panthers 1st game is a span of 3 months 7 days.  
Also Panthers 1st game 9+3+95=107
Superman=107  Earthquake=107. 

Culpepeper Virginia also located on 38N 77W. 
Man of Steel=38 
1977 is 39 years ago.  
Charlotte=39(Panthers from Charlotte)

Interesting Motto for the town as well considering the Back to the Future Connections to Superbowl 50 as well. 

Christopher D'Olier Reeve=131  Superbowl=131 

Culpeper, Virginia reminds of Dante Culpepper a former Black QB in the NFL. He had a good season in 2004 and then got hurt in 2005 and was never as successful as he was previously. 
Interesting he got hurt on Oct 30, 2005 against the Panthers. He played for the Vikings and they lost 38 to 13. Panthers=38. Death=38  

Family Guy Black to the Future Superbowl 50 Moses

I've been covering a lot of Back to the Future and how it's coded to Superbowl 50 and I remembered a long time ago when Stuart Scott died I was talking about The Great Scott and Back to the Future. 
Robert Burns is the guy who wrote the New Years Eve Song Auld Lang Syne. He is known as the Greatest Scot of all time beating out William Wallace the Braveheart guy. 

Doc Brown known for saying "Great Scott"
Great Scott=38 Superbowl on 38th day. Much more see previous posts on Superbowl. 
Robert Burns even died age 37  like Carolina=37. 

Stuart Scott=176  Back to the Future=176
He's even in Herbie Fully Loaded, Love Don't Cost a Thing.. Movies I've mentioned previously.  Also born in Chicago and went to University of North Carolina. Panthers from NC. Anyway lot's of stuff with him, but the moral of the story is I remembered he was on a VH1 Series in 2009(Obama's 1st year as prez) called "Black to the Future". 
I cannot find the series to watch it however. I did however find a Family Guy Episode that involves a mock of Back to the Future called Black to the Future.  It's Season 2 Episode 9 or 16th episode AKA "If I'm Dyin, I'm Lyin". 
Interesting Day for it to come out as well.  
April 4th. 
MLK JR. died on 4/4   
Obama the 44th president
This episode also involves a Moses storyline.
April Fourth=144
Forty Four=144
12 Tribes of Israel X 12,000=144,000
The New Jerusalem is 144 Cubits. 
The Ten Commandments=71
Superbowl Fifty=71  Golden Superbowl=50(Golden Calf)
Played in Levis Stadium, Moses in the Tribe of Levi. 
Seventy One=144

Anyway the episode is about Peter and Chris lying about Chris being sick in order to get their favorite show. "Gumbel 2 Gumbel: Beach Justice" back on the air. Peter then says he healed Chris and people start worshiping him as a God. It then later goes on with a Moses Theme. 
Chris fakes having "tumorsyphilisitisosis"=107
One hundred seven=131 Superbowl=131  

This is their favorite show. It start Bryant Gumbel and Greg Gumbel which is interesting because they were both Black NFL Hosts/Announcers.  Greg Gumbel even hosted SB 32. 
SB 32 is the first John Elway won. 
He then called play by play in SB 38.  The Panthers lost to Patriots.
Interesting Panthers=38  lost to Patriots on 32nd Day Patriots scored 32.   32-29 was score. 
Haha Brady even sets a SB record for most pass completions with 32.  They also set a SB record of a combined 37 points in the 4th Quarter. 

I can't get captions to turn on, but when Peter is trying to get the show back on he even says "He's going on a Hunger Strike" which just sticks out because of the Mizzou Hunger Strike in 2015. 

Then they have a Terminally Ill boy who gets to play with the Patriots. I know it's Patriots vs Steelers but the whole point is the episode is showing a Football theme. 

Peter finds out he will be sued and lies to the crowd outside his house. He tells them he has Divine Powers and healed Chris. 

People start showing up at his house to be healed and Lois tells him he shouldn't do it. Then Peter tells the story of his cousin and Black to the Future. 
Lois then tells Peter God will be mad if he continues to let people worship him like he is. The even mention the 10 commandments. Then Peter says God won't care and their Power goes out. 
Just interesting with the Moses coding to SB 50 and also been talking about Earthquake and Blackouts. What are the odds a Racial Episode with a Back to the Future Mock also has a Blackout scene? 
The next day the people in the yard start building a Golden Peter Statue a reference to the Golden Calf in Exodus. 
The family is plagued by Darkness, Water into Blood, Boils, Fleas, Frogs similar to the 10 plagues in Egypt. 
Then the Final Plague of Death of First Born Son comes, but God stops it before because he think Peter understands. 

Interesting the Episode is about multiple things I've mentioned were coded to Superbowl 50.  There's a Blackout, Football, Moses and Back to the Future theme all coded into this Episode that even involves Race. 
If there is a Blackout at the Superbowl, I bet we might see the first born son of famous people winding up dead stories in the media. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Back to the Future Denver Broncos Clock Blackout

I saw these pictures on Zachary Hubbard's blog. I just wanted to post a few other things that may be significant.  In the very beginning of Back to the Future there is a Denver Broncos Clock. Which is crazy considering the movie isn't in Colorado, the Broncos had not just won the Superbowl or anything.  So it's definite coding the the 1985 we've been talking about dealing with the Chicago Bears.  
First off when the movie starts the clocks are on 7:53, but Marty later finds out they are set 25 minutes slow.  So it is actually 8:18. 
Manning # 18 in his 18th season
Eighteen=46  Chicago=46  

I don't necessarily think that the Broncos clock means they are going to win.  Notice the ALL BLACK clock that sits above the Broncos Clock? Not sure what kind of clock it is or just a timer, because it only has 10 numbers.  It's all black though maybe signifying the Panthers being on top of the Broncos.  Also the hands on this clock seem to be pointing at the Light switch that is in the OFF position. Interesting if you watch the movie though, that clock has a bar sticking out of it that eventually turns ON the light switch. The numbers on the clock also go in reverse though, so could be showing the opposite of what it's doing. According to the Black clock the time is around 8:43.  
Superbowl Fifty starts at 5:30 Central time according to ESPN> 
So 8:43 would be 3 hours 13 minutes later.
Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13  2013
Three Hundred Six Score and Six=313
Pope Francis=122
San Francisco=122 
Also this may not mean much, but they do have a Black Cat Clock as well which may or may not be representing the Panthers. A Panther is technically a Black Cat though.
Just something to think about. 
I also just can't stop thinking about Huey Lewis and the News and Huey P Newton the founder of the Black Panthers. I wonder if that's somehow connected? 

Snowmobilers die in British Columbia Avalanche

Interesting there is something particular about Columbia as well.  We had the Missouri, University Hunger Strike in Columbia, Missouri. 
Miss Universe was originally Colombia then Phillipines. 
Even had the Cnn article about Americans spelling Colombia with a U and not an O.  Columbia, Colombia. 

Now an avalanche in British Columbia. (Makes sense with the Royal Family coding)
Royal Family=56 

Just had Ben Carson staffer Braden Joplin, who died after his van was hit by a Chevy Avalanche.  

Mcbride, British Columbia=107
The Avalanche Struck at 1:30 on January 30th(1/30)

We also got the 12 I've been seeing all over lately. On average 12 Canadian avalanche deaths per year. 
It's also the Rocky Mountains, which reminds me of Denver and the Broncos. 
Mary Clayton is a stretch but just reminds me of Clayton Ravine in Back to the Future named after Doc Browns wife Clara Clayton. 

Batman Vs Superman Levis Stadium Blackout

As I was making the last post about Ahman Green I realized I haven't looked that much into Superman. I've noticed a lot of Batman media stories, but not so much Superman. Just wondering if maybe we are missing something especially with the Superman V Batman movie coming out 47 days after Superbowl 50.  I've never really watched much of Superman though. I did however see a part of a Superman movie at some point where he saves an Airplane from crashing into the Baseball stadium. 
It was in the film Superman Returns. 

I know it's a baseball stadium and not a Football Stadium but it gets a little more interesting in a second. The plane isn't noticed by anyone in the stadium until # 27 Pops up a ball and the crowd looks up. Superbowl 50 on 2/7.  Twenty Seven=46. 

The Reason this struck my brain was because in 2015 we got articles about Levi's Stadium blinding Pilots. 

Even this one from 49ers nation that was posted on September 23rd. 
Blinding=71  Superbowl Fifty=71 
Blinded=32, 50   Thirty Two=50
Airplane Crashes into Superbowl Fifty=161, 404
Interesting numbers.  
American Civil War=161 
It's the Black Panthers vs the White Broncos. 
Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone=161  (St. Francis of Assisi real name, San Francisco and Pope Francis named after him)
Mineral Virgina=161 (Most Recent biggest East Coast Earthquake a 5.8)
Grizzly Adams=161 (just talked about his death coded to Earthquake)
161 days is 5 months 8 days. 
Lincoln died 4/15  or 161 days before 9/23. 
Michael Andrew Fox=161 (Lots of his movies coded)

Pope Francis arrived to the US at 4:04 on his 923rd day as pope. 
Went to the Whitehouse at 9:23am on 9/23. 
404 verses in Revelation
King James Bible came out 404 years ago until 5/2/16. 

Superman Returns even involves a Blackout of the East Coast which causes the plane to mess up.  
Batman Vs Superman comes out on 3/25/16 or 47 days after SB 50.  3/25/16 is also the 85th day of the year. 
Superbowl 47 the blackout Superbowl.
Beyonce performed at SB 47 and performing with Coldplay at 
SB 50. 
4/7 2015 there was a Blackout at the Whitehouse. 
TV Blackout of 2015 World Series came back on after the 47th pitch.

The 1985 Bears were invited to the White House by Obama on 10/7/2011. 25 years after they won Superbowl 20.  They couldn't come in 1986 because of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster.  The Superman Returns Blackout caused the Flight Test of a Space Shuttle to fail and that's why Superman had to Save the Plane from hitting the Baseball Stadium. 

10/7/2011 to 2/7/2016 is 4 years and 4 months. 
Interesting also 10/7 similar to 107.  One Hundred Seven=131 Superbowl=131. Earthquake=107 
Superman=107 Blackout=85

Challenger Disaster happened on 1/28/1986. 
It happened 73 seconds after takeoff. 

Christa McAuliffe=73  She died age 37 would've been the 1st teacher in space. 


Got to go to bed, but for sure something to look more into. 

A plane crash also reminds me of the Germanwings Flight 9525 on 3/24/15. It was a deliberate crash by co Pilot Andreas Lubitz. 

The Crash happened in France. Yet the picture we got of the guy who purposely crashed the plane was him at the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Think about his name even...Andreas Lubitz.  San Andreas Fault...
144 Passengers died on the plane. Seventy One=144  Moses=71 Superbowl Fifty=71

 Left it's assigned cruising altitude of 38,000 feet. 
Superbowl 50 on 38th day.
Colorado=38, 83  The 38th state
Dropped 58 feet per second. or 3,400 feet per minute. 
It was the worst French Air crash in 34 years. 
Lubitz was even 27 years 38 weeks 3 days old.  Superbowl on 2/7. 
3/24/15 also happened to be Peyton Mannings 39th birthday. The 83rd day of the year. 

Ahman Green gets Role in Batman Vs Superman

Notice the Favorites and Likes 8 and 22. Like the Day Black Panther founder Huey P. Newton died. 8/22.  131 days left.  Superbowl=131 
Ahman=19,37   1+2+7+2+0+1+6=19
Civil Rights=64
Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed by Lyndon B Johnson=64 who died age 64. 
Barack Hussein Obama=64

Ahman Green=50, 86 

Superbowl 50 and also Hines Ward in Batman was # 86. 

Green also in a movie called "Big Stan"=27, 72. 
Superbowl 50 on 2/7 or 7/2 depending on where you live. 
Ward=46 Chicago=46  Hines Ward=101  Philadelphia=101

Ahman Green of Course a Former Nebraska Cornhusker as well. 
He's 38 years old.
Born in "Omaha"=38
Superbowl on 38th day of the year. 
Colorado the 38th state
Manning born on 83rd day of the year. Says "Omaha". 
Elway drafted in 1983. 

Also Ahman Green played on the 1997-98 Cornhuskers who demolished Peyton Manning in the Orange Bowl of his senior Season at Tennessee. 
It was the 64th Orange Bowl as well. It was also the same Year Nebraska and Michigan had to split the National Championship. 

Manning even 21-31 and threw for 131 yards. Superbowl=131
Tom Osborne retired from coaching after this game. He was the coach since 1973, also born in 1937.  
Carolina=37, 73. 
I've mentioned so much about the Nebraska Cornhuskers this year, this story is so fitting to what I've been saying. Even Former Cornhusker Lawrence Phillips just died. Green played with him as well. 
Teen Wolf has Nebraska Cornhusker stuff in the Background of the Movie. The movie wasn't filmed or set in Nebraska.  Michael J Fox even joins the School play about the Civil War. Lincoln Nebraska, Abraham Lincoln. It all stems back to the NBA ALL Star Week when Andrew Wiggins(A teen wolf) born on 2/23 won the Rising Star Challenge MVP.  Zach Lavine(a teen wolf) won the Slam Dunk contest and did the Space Jam Dunk.  All Star Week was the Same days as Lupercalia. A roman festival where they celebrate and sacrifice a wolf. Westbrook won the All Star Game Mvp. He's from UCLA, Zach Lavine is from UCLA, Andrew Wiggins traded for Kevin Love who is from UCLA. Nebraska just beat UCLA to become 6-7 at the Foster Farms bowl played in Levi's Stadium where SB 50 is going to be played. Also want to point out Lavine is # 8 and Wiggins # 22.  8/22 again. (Bagheera voice actor, Huey P Newton 131 left in year)
Tom Osborne born on 2/23  just like Flip Saunders the Twolves coach who just died. Saunders announced his cancer on the 223rd day of the year. 1st game of the season was tribute to him against the Lakers. The score even totaled 223.
Saunders started coaching Twolves in Garnetts rookie season on the 21st game. Garnett wore # 21. They finished 12th in the west and won 21 games that season. Garnett left to Boston after 12 seasons.  Garnett came back to Twolves and Saunders died just before Garnett's 21st season.  Ahman Green played 12 seasons in the NFL. Lot's of 12 and 21 coding in my recent posts. Also I made a bunch of videos on Nebraska's first game of the season against BYU that was rigged with 12 and 21. 

Dean Jones the Actor in the movie Herbie The Love Bug died on 9/1/15  just before the beginning of the Cornhuskers season. Nebraska's mascot is Herbie Husker. 
Herbie=38  Herbie the lovebug=83 Football=83
The movie takes place in San Francisco, also Dean Jones Mechanic in the movies name is Tennessee Steinmetz. Just interesting with Peyton Manning playing college at Tennessee.  

Says it needs a source, but go figure Wikipedia would have this written about Ahman Green.  He was # 30   1985 30 years ago. But when he went back to Green Bay he chose # 34 because of Walter Payton the former 1985 Chicago Bear player. Who died age 46. Chicago=46  Bears won SB 20 46-10 using the revolutionary 4-6 defense. 

Broncos painted on both Endzones of Levis Stadium

If you look close they painted Broncos on both Endzones of Levis Stadium. 
This was from 1/26/2016
SB 50 on 
The 1985 Bears won the Superbowl on 1/26/1986.  

A sign Broncos are gonna win?
Or maybe be Wiped out? 
Broncos Wiped out=73
Eighteen=46  Chicago=46

A "Painting Snafu"=151, 61
Denver, Colorado=151
Panthers were 15-1 like the 85' Bears. 

Both End Zones Painted Broncos=122 

San Francisco=122 
San Francisco located on 122W
Pope Francis=122
San Francisco and Pope Francis both named after St. Francis of Assisi. 
Golden State=122
Broncos win Superbowl Fifty=122
5/2 the 122nd day.  52nd prime is 239 
We are in the 239th year of the United States. 

Broncos upset Panthers=88

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some 64 46 JFK Died age 46. Lyndon BAINES Johnson Michael Jackson Black Panther

So I've shown a lot of the 46 in reference to Chicago and Superbowl 50.  The mirror of 46 is 64. 

I've talked a lot about the assassination of Barack Obama. Obama and Lincoln the only presidents politically out of Illinois. Lot's of race in the media. We even have the White Bronco vs the Black Panther for the Superbowl. 

There was a thwarted plan to assassinate JFK in Chicago 3 weeks before his actual assassination in Dallas. 
JFK died age 46 
Dallas Texas=46
His wife Jackie died age 64. 
He was replaced by Lyndon B Johnson=64
LBJ died age 64
During his time in 1964  the Civil Rights Act was passed.
Civil Rights=64
Interesting the B in Lyndon B Johnson is BAINES. 
Talked so much about Batman and the Superbowl=131
John F Kennedy=131.   Lyndon Baines Johnson died on 1/22 even. 
San Francisco=122 
Barack Hussein Obama=64
Forty Fourth=64 (Obama the 44th president)
Joe Biden=64 (If Obama assassinated he'd be president)
Lots of Racial issues in Michigan this year. 
Michigan=46, 64 
Forty Niners=64 (Where SB is played)
Denver Broncos=64
Fifteen and One=64 (Panthers record)
Stephen Curry=64
Queen Elizabeth II's 64th anniversary will be the day before SB 50. 
The 64th Miss Universe pageant just happened with Steve Harvey messing up the crown. I've mentioned how I think it foreshadowing the shift in power...of the crown. Elizabeth to Charles. 
Princess Camilla=64 (Charles' wife)
Michael Jordan, Steve Harvey, Bill Cosby all belong to "Omega Psi Phi"=64

Bridgewater Shooting happened at 6:46 Vester Flanagan died 6 hours 46 minutes later in Falls Church. He was 41. Superbowl=41  Also from San Francisco and he committed the shooting due to racial discrimination. 
It was the same day Adam Ward's(Batman) girlfriend was leaving to her new Job in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Panthers Beat Cardinals 49-15.   
Game even started at 6:40pm
Last time NFL Draft was in Chicago was 1964. 

Christ is Born=64
Donald Sterling=64
Terminal Cancer=64
The Force Awakens=64
Oklahoma Sooners=64 (Oklahoma the 46th state)
The Sum of All Fears=64
Omaha Earthquake=64

I saw an article on CNN yesterday about a White guy playing Michael Jackson. 

The guy who is to play him is Joseph Fiennes. 
Joseph Fiennes=64, 145  Chicago Illionis=145

It also reminded me of the Original music video for Black and White when Michael Jackson is the Black Panther. 
Michael Jackson died age 50. Most likely a foreshadowing of Superbowl 50.   Michael Jackson was the Performer at Superbowl 27 on 1/31/93. Superbowl=131 Just interesting this years Superbowl is on 2/7.  The halftime score was also 28-10.  
28+10=38.  2/7/16 is the 38th day.  Panthers=38 

Michael Jackson was right though when you think about. It really doesn't matter if you're black or white. We are both slaves in the system we are living in.

A few 46 connections to Chicago. 1995-96 Bulls Walter Payton Golden State Warriors

Warriors win their 46th game tonight. Interesting they score 127 points. 31st prime is 127.  Oakland=31  Also today is 1/27. Lol. They scored 122 on 1/22 the day Kerr came back too. Golden State=122 

When the Warriors beat the Spurs Espn put this Video up on the page. All about Curry and 46. 

The Warriors are chasing the 95-96' Bulls 72-10 record. 
The Bulls lost their 46th game making their record 41-5. The game was on 2/6/1996.  The 37th day. Chicago=37, 46. This is what I'm saying about a team that's coded doesn't always win. I'm trying to figure this part out. 
Bulls lost to Phoenix.  
Phoenix=91, 46 Oh the Odds of the Bulls playing Phoenix of their 46th game on the 37th day. 
Bulls played Warriors on their 47th game that year and won. 
Interesting Warriors 47th game this year is against the 76ers who have been coded like crazy. 

Walter Payton a famous Chicago Bear also died age 46. He was on the 1985 Bears that won Superbowl XX with Ron Rivera. 

He died on 11/1 as well. Lot so of 111 connections regarding this 2015 and 2016 so far. 

Prince Charles/Royal Family Superbowl 50 The Jungle Book Black Panther and Bear Theme

I was sitting here and for some reason I thought of the Disney Movie The Jungle Book. It has Bagheera the Black Panther who saves Mowgli in the beginning and later Baloo the Bear who helps raise Mowgli. Just interesting considering the Carolina Panthers coded to the Chicago Bears. 

The Jungle Book= 55, 145  
Chicago Illinois=145 

Bagheera=38, 47   Superbowl on 38th day of year. 
Black Panther=111, 48

Baloo=18, 45   
Manning number 18.  Eighteen=46 

Mowgli=34, 79  

In the song Bare Necessities Baloo throws this Fruit at Mowgli like a Football. Then he says, "Have I given you a Clue" It's just somewhat strange, because it seems really unfitting in the song. 

Bagheera takes Mogli to be raised by Wolves. Interesting because the festival of Lupercalia is to celebrate the She Wolf that suckled the founders of Rome(Romulus and Remus). They also founded Rome on April 21st. Which is the same day Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926. 

As I was looking at the comments on youtube I realized there is a new Real Life "The Jungle Book" coming out 4/15/16. Lol what are the odds? Starring Bill Murray who is a big part in this coding I've mentioned previously. A lot to do with Space Jam and he's hinted at the # 67 on a few things. Even the Golden State Warriors last year finished the Regular Season with 67 wins. 

 Interesting the original Disney movie came out in 1967. 10/18/67. 

The guy who voiced the Black Panther Bagheera in the 1967 movie was Sebastian Cabot.
Sebastian Cabot=41, 131  Superbowl=41, 131 
He also died on August 22nd 1977.  So 38 years ago. SB 50 on 38th day of year. Also August 22nd is the 234th day with 131 remaining. 

August 22nd 1642 is also the start of the English Civil War, Which fits the Civil War, Race War theme in our Media, but also it involves King Charles I. If Queen Elizabeth dies "Prince Charles"=131 will become the new "King Charles"=107  One Hundred Seven=131
8/22/1642  is 373 years ago. 
Carolina=37, 73   Just interesting because of the Panthers connection to Princess Charlotte. Also the World Series coded to Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II. Also think about all the Charles references as of late...The Peanuts movie starring Charlie Brown came out.  
Charlie Sheen=107  Says he has HIV. 
Two and a Half Men=56   Men=14  14/2.5=5.6
Royal Family=56
Paris France=56
Osama Bin Laden=56
Saddam Hussein=56
Adolf Hitler=56  died in April=56 age 56. 
Lincoln died age 56 in 65' in April=56 in Washington DC=56. 

Carolina also comes from King Charles I.  Carolina is from the Latin word Carolus meaning Charles. So Panthers coded to Royal Family just as the Mets and Royals were in the World Series. Mets play in Queens.  New York=111 Queen Eliz II born on 111th day. Kansas City ROYALS. Much more...

I've also mentioned the Birth of Princess Charlotte on 5/2 and how it connects to 52 year old Michael Jordan who owns the Charlotte Hornets. Kobe Bryant originally drafted to Charlotte, Steph Curry went to High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. A fan of the Panthers.   Charlotte also the feminine name for Charles. 

2/7/16 to 5/2/16 is a span of 85 days. 
Prince Charles turned 67 years old on 11/14/15. 
11/14/15 to 2/7/16 is also a span of 85 day. 
Charles turned 37 years old in 1985. Carolina=37,73. 
He was even married to Princess Diana. Remember in Back to the Future II on the Newspaper in 2015 it says Queen Diana will visit Washington.  Back to the Future main year in 1985. 

Queen Diana=46, 91
Chicago Cubs=46,91 (were supposed to sweep World Series 2015)

Diana was born in 1961, and died 61 days after her 36th bday. August 31st also a day with 122 left in the year. 5/2 the 122nd day. 
Diana Frances Spencer=85  
Diana Spencer=55,109  
Obama also born in 1961.  
Prince Charles was 12 years 7 months 17 days older than her. 
Interesting he's now married to Princess Camilla who was born on 7/17. 
Also North Carolina(Panthers) is the 12th state. In previous videos I talked about the # 21 being a good number and # 12 being bad this year. Something to think about.  

Funny even on the Warrior vs Dallas game tonight the announcers talk about the 21st pick in the draft Justin Anderson on the Mavs and how he looks like he could play for Carolina.... Meaning the Panthers. He had just scored Dallas' 32nd point. Broncos=32  Golden State had 38. Panthers=38.  They also mentioned Klay Thompson having 12 points just before this. Then continue on about Curry loving the Panthers and being friends with Cam Newton.  

Diana is also the Roman Equivalent to Artemis. 
She not exactly the Bear Goddess but worshiped by some with a Bear Ritual. 

Charlotte even nicknamed the Queen City. 

Name after this Charlotte who died on Nov. 17th 1818. Interesting because Denver was founded on Nov 17th 1858. 

Interstate 85 also goes through Charlotte to the North. 

Charles even became Prince of Wales in 1958. 

9/19/2013 Is the day Charles tied William IV as being the oldest person to become King. William IV was 64. He died age 71=Superbowl Fifty. Queen Elizabeth II will have her 64th anniversary as Queen the Day before SB 50.  So If Charles becomes King he will be the Oldest person to do so after 9/19/13. 
I just typed in to 9/23/16 and it's  a span of 1100 days also 3 months 4 days. Interesting though right as I typed this the Warriors game went to commercial. Look at the time left. 9:19

I'm telling you there is something crazy going on. This happens to me all the time all day long. 
9:19 was when the Power went out in Game 1 of the World Series as well. It came back on at 9:23.  I said 9/19 the 262nd day is a number that has been following me since my Ramona Quimby video that got copyright struck at weird times all dealing with 262 or 626.  Eliz II even became Queen on 2/6/52. Turned 26 that year. Was coronated on 6/2/1953 which is 62 years ago.   9/23 dealt with Pope Francis coming to the US on his 923rd day as Pope went to White House on 9/23 and 9:23am. It's just crazy
Also notice the Score of the game. 81+95=176
Daniel Edward Behrendt=176
Back to the Future=176
There is seriously some crazy time warp or some technology that can do this. I am and have been convinced for a while. 

Charles Philip Arthur George=144  Seventy One=144