Friday, November 30, 2018

Synchronicity yesterday and a conversation at the Liquor Store-164-624-810-Old Posts related to the conversation

I stopped at the liquor store tonight and the girl working was a friend I haven't talked to in a while.(Leah) She graduated with my sister and we used to ride to college together as we had the same classes. Funny too that she text me earlier today asking if I could DJ their family Christmas party again, but I'm already booked that night. Then I go to the liquor store and she is working. I rarely go to that store so it seems as if it happened for a reason. 
 Anyway she was telling me about the guy who owns the Buffalo Club(bar) being in the hospital. Remember I documented about him back in the summer because of synchroncity I had at the bar with 624.
Synchronicity at the Bar Post
Anyway the owner of the bar has cancer and from what I've heard he isn't doing well. It's basically down to some experimental stuff and if that doesn't work then there's nothing they can do. 
Look what his name is in Gematria though...
Mike Bissen=164
This number I keep talking about. 
It's interesting today is 160 days after what I think is his bday too. I keep seeing 164 and 160 and they seem to be related. I started seeing them both at the same time, but 164 has been more prominent. 

Later in the conversation Leah brought up something about her dad who died on 9/4/2014(same day as Joan Rivers)'s always stuck out to me as I was following a pattern with Joan and Robin Williams back then and then her dad died on that day too. He was a well known guy around town...played in a band sometimes and just a laid back guy that was easy to get along Leah brought up something about knowing I'm an atheist, but she hopes there is something more when we die and so on....I told her that I'm not atheist and told her about Kabbalah/Gematria/Signs so on...I then told her about some synchronicity I had just yesterday at work...I was talking about a guy at work and then I looked up and he pulled into the parking lot and came in the store. 
His bday just so happens to be August 10th(8/10)...Rocky Colavito's bday so on...
I noticed his name on Facebook is "Jimmy Rockin Kirk"=189
Leah's dad's full name also equals 189...and remember this also has a connection to 164. 
In 2017 I even documented how 164 was connected to Earthquakes and it also was connected to 189 so I know there is some type of relationship...I just forgot about it until I searched the numbers on the blog. 
Leah seemed interested too as I told her some stuff about Gematria and many examples of "coincidence/signs"...I gave her some info and the name of Zach's book so hopefully she will check it out. 

Remember too that the Cleveland Indians are connected to my best friend and I find it interesting that Leah's bday is the same day my friends brother died. I've always remembered her bday because of this....5/11...and he died in a "Saturn"=511 
Kirk=189(satanic)....think about Jimmy KIRK from above as well. 
Chris=190(my best friend)
haha oh my god you won't understand this unless you have been following me...but once again 189 and 190 have a connection to each other too. 
Plus the synchronicity at the Buffalo Club was with Chris/Drowning/Father symbolism. 

Amazon Echo Dot-Alexa and the song "I Poop"

My daughter and girlfriend bought an Alexa/Echo Dot the other day. It was supposed to be my Christmas present but they were messing with it and didn't want to put it away I guess. 
Anyway I showed Claire how Alexa makes Fart Noises and she randomly asked her to play a Poop song. 
This song played and was actually pretty funny, so I figured I'd look the song up. 
Right away I see it was posted on Youtube on none other than 6/24. 

Amazon=29(rev red)
Echo Dot=29(rev red)
Alexa=29(rev red)
Robot=29(yes Alexa is not a Robot, but many people refer to the voice as such). 

It came out on 11+6+14=31

Thursday, November 29, 2018

First 2 stories I read tonight involved 164-WWE Macho Man-Village People-King Charles-Jesse Ventura-Jake the Snake

I finally am able to sit down and look at some stories today. Right away these two stories stuck out to me. The first one about the 77 pound tumor was on the headlines on Yahoo and the Jesse Ventura article was in the headlines on CNN. 
Hector Hernandez=164
James George Janos=164 and 88(rev red)
I've been saying the number 164 is important and here I am drawn to it without knowing yet again. 
77 pound tumor....11+28+20+18=77

This story comes 137 days(end date) after Ventura's bday. 
Today leaves 33 days in the year. 
137 is the 33rd prime number. 
Jesse Ventura=159
Donald Trump=159(Reverse)

Also at one point in his career Jesse Ventura had a Tag Team with Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. 

Thinking about Macho Man it made me look up the song by the Village People. Interesting on Wiki it right away mentions the date of 6/24. 

I wonder if we should watch for the "Indian" in the Village People as 624 was the big number connected to the Indians in baseball and King Charles...He has the last name "Rose" and born on 1/12 in which the Cleveland Indians were connected to. 

Another interesting piece of info I found with the Village People...there's speculation that the "Falling Man" at the WTC attacks was the brother of Village Person Alexander Briley. Notice his bday on the 102nd day of the year. 
Al Qaeda=102....attack lasted 102 minutes. 
United States of America=102

Randy Savage was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015 when Wrestlemania 31 happened at Levi's Stadium. All the Earthquake stuff with Ronda Rousey and so on....
He had a heart attack while driving his Jeep Wrangler too. 
Jeep Wrangler=134, 190(reverse)
King Charles=190
King Charles III=134
Heart Attack=189
Remember how 189 and 190 were related a while back. 

12/4(end date) is 164 days after 6/24....
124 is the Fat Comedian Number.....Ralph....
I was watching the Conners earlier tonight and Jackie calls Dan the King of England...Dan is King Ralph...Big Lebowski they go to Ralphs....

It's funny now that I'm thinking about it too. Last night we went to Walmart and I saw a guy that I know. His name is Jake Roberts which reminds me of Jake the Snake Roberts. The only reason it stands out is because for a long time the guy didn't like me or at least that's what I was told ..and it's always stood out to me when I see him. Also tomorrow night my band is playing a show at the Down Under and the last time we played there my friend Pat brought some girl he met on tinder. She was Jake's relative. 
I just looked at him on Facebook and would you believe his bday is June 13th? The 164th day of the he was born in 88 so it was the 165th....
June 13th the day King Charles I got married and was important to my 22 Jumpstreet stuff I've mentioned a long time ago when Prince died. 
Jake Roberts=124

Monday, November 26, 2018

Shrek Writer apologizes for racist Tweet

I just got off work and leaving for band practice in a few minutes. I go to CNN an see an article about "Shrek"....It's funny as just last week...on Monday I learned how to play the song "All Star" because my son loves the movie Shrek. It's literally the only movie he will sit and watch and it keeps him content for a while. Anyway on Wednesday night my band had a gig and the owner really wanted us to play the song "All Star" too. I told her how funny it was that I just learned the song for my son the day before and now she's asking us to play it. We never did end up playing the song that night as the other guys don't know it or want to play it. When we were done playing, the owner played the song on the Juke I knew it was important to something. 
Now while sitting here watching Shrek, I see an article that involves Shrek. Also right as I clicked on the article my internet went out and the movie froze up and I had to reset the internet. 

I'll look more at the story later and see if I took any screen shots of when I looked up All Star and Shrek from the other day. I had a feeling it was important to something....
Interesting this guy was born on 7/2...
Remember my sons name is 72 front and back. 
Also think about Shrek being GREEN. Remember all the synchronicity I had in the hospital with 72 when he was born. The only friend who called me was Cody GREEN whose full name is 72 forwards and backwards. I then sat down and season 7 episode 2 of Family Guy was on the TV about a baby boy being born. 

This article comes 52 days before my sons bday. 
Smash Mouth=52(rev red)
All Star=52(rev red)

We get this story 6 months 1 day after Mike Myers bday. 
N Word=61
The other day I was also thinking about Donkey being played by Eddie Murphy who was born in 61'. Remember I have an uncle named Eddie Murphy who won the trip to the Bunny Ranch out of Hustler Magazine. He turned 61 years old earlier this year. 
Eddie Murphy=52, 169(reverse)
My uncles bday was 222 days after my sons bday and that 169 reminds me of Rocky Colavito who was born on the 222nd day. 
Rocky Colavito=61, 169

Thinking about this 12/1 with the end date is 6 months 24 days before 6/24. 
Don't forget how Charlie Murphy was connected to Prince/Royal Stuff and what not when he died.
Charlie Murphy=612(satanic)

I'm also thinking how Terry Rossio is famous for Aladdin too. My girlfriend is Jasmine....there's always been stupid jokes about me being Aladdin since I've known her. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

11 days after I documented about San Diego we get the Border Closing story in San Diego

As much as I've been mentioning the number 11 I find it funny that today a major news story is about the major border crossing in San Diego is closed today.....This story comes 11 days after I blogged that there is something important to San Diego. 

San Diego=206
Tijuana, Mexico=206

Interesting I documented about this on 11/14...
San Ysidro=1114(eng ext). 

San Diego=74

Also interesting the team formerly from San Diego won today and QB Philip Rivers tied an NFL record. 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Mike Ditka has heart attack-SNL SuperFans-Bear symbolism and the 2015 Bear connections

It's funny how Wiki lists the date as 11/23 when the stories say it was Wednesday..11/21. 
11/23 is 36 days after his bday. 
Heart Attack=36
As much as I've documented with the number's interesting to see Ditka coached the Bears for 11 seasons....also he had a heart attack in 1988 with the Bears and returned just 11 days later. 
My Uncle loved the Bears but hated Jay Cutler who was the 11th pick in the draft. 

Honestly I think the Chiefs are a team to keep an eye on..Especially with Alex Smith getting injured in Week 11...If you go back to what I was saying in 2015...I thought the Chiefs would be in the Super Bowl all because of the 1985 Season in sports. It was just after the Royals had won the World Series, I pointed out how it's all connected to Back to the Future and 1985. 
It was a lot to do with 11 and Alex Smith who was 31 years old that year....11th prime is 31....he was in his 11th season and wore # 11. "Utes"=11 and so on....The Chiefs even got knocked out after Smith won his 31st game. 

What's funny is that it reminds me of these skits on Saturday Night Live. It's all about Ditka, Bears, and heart attacks. 
SNL=18, 36
Bears=18, 36
Heart Attack=36
Ditka's bday on the 18th. 
Ditka=18, 36
Watch this episode too....the kid says the Bears will win with 96 points on Thanksgiving...
Thanksgiving=96.....first one supposedly on 9/6. 
Ditka's bday to Super Bowl 53 is 108 days. 
Heart Attack=108...also 189(reverse)

Possibly all the connections to Chicago I was following this summer is actually connected to the Super Bowl. Last year the Twins stuff was showing the NFL and Eagles as well. 

We're getting this mainstream story 71 days before SB 53 and 37 days after Ditka's bday. 
Chicago Bears=71

Also thinking about Alabama and Nick Saban being tied with BEAR Bryant with 6 national titles. 
Earlier this year we got the story of Tom Brady seeing the Bear in Montana of all places.(Joe Montana) Remember in the 1985 season the Bears beat the Patriots by the numbers. Then in 2015 the Panthers made the Super Bowl all synced to the Bears. We got the film "The Revenant" just before the Super Bowl too. 
The Revenant was about trappers in the Missouri Territory that came about just days before the War of 1812 began on 6/4/1812. Missouri Territory includes Montana....think about how the Eagles White House trip was cancelled this year on 6/4 the same day Dwight Clark died in Montana. Tom Brady was at the game when Montana threw the memorable catch the Dwight Clark...
Forty Niners=64  established on 6/4. 
Civil Rights all about 64. 
The Montana Territory established in 1864 as well. 

Think about the recent bombings too in connection to the Unibomber who lived in Montana. 
Chicago Bears=64(s)

In 2015 we also had the death of "Grizzly Adams" that was all connected to California being founded on 9/9..(Bear on the Flag)
31st state....11th prime. Remember Grizzly Adams was connected to Happy Gilmore that foreshadows an Earthquake....Sandler born on 9/9...that's why we recently got the Saudi Girls found in the Hudson 9 months 9 days after the annviersary of Sully coming out on 9/9. 
It's the 99th season the NFL. 
Queen Elizabeth II became longest monarch on 9/9. 
All of the Wrestling stuff goes back to the Austin Bomber/Owen Hart/Hart Family who drove off the cliff in of the kids was previously famous for the picture protesting the Michael Brown story(Missouri). 

Grizzly Adams=64(rev red) and 163(reverse)
Something I didn't know back then. 
Plus then we got the death of Merle HAGGARD...Grizzly Adams was Dan HAGGERTY and died in connection to each other.....Bam Margera was in the mix as well....

All of this stuff my mind is being reminded of from's also funny my nickname is BEAR TRAP in regards to The Revenant. 
Beartrap=36, 81, 135.....the BRIDGE numbers. 

Back to the Future III he gets chased by the BEAR...then the film ends on 10/27/1985 the same day the Royals won the World Series...then in 2015 the World Series began on 10/27/2015 and the Royals went on to win...the Time Machine destroyed by the train after going across what looks like the Golden Gate Bridge...2015 was big on Train Symbolism/Pope/Philadlephia/France and more..
Merle Haggerd died in connection to the Chester Train Wreck..

Just seeing stome stuff I didn't before in regards to Reverse....
Bob Barker=169(reverse)
Shooter McGavin=169

Barker will be 95 years old this year....
Robert William Barker=95
Funny I had a dog that died named "Chubbs"...BARKer...

Ditka had a heart attack while GOLFING. 
Happy Gilmore=53(rev red)...SB 53? 
Philadelphia Eagles=333
Adam Richard Sandler=333(reverse)
2015 was Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary. 

Think about the Stock Market coding as well.....A BEAR Market is stocks going down over a period of time. 
A BULL market is the opposite....funny in regards to Chicago..

I have to leave of course, but later I'll look at my notes....I feel like there was something to do with the film "The Great Outdoors" and the Bear back then too...

Also for some synchronicity today....we were watching Shrek and I left to go get some food. When I came back they were watching "Scooby Doo" the movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar. I said, why did this turn on? Jasmine said Claire and I have been watching it the last couples days. I just laughed as I never told her that I even wrote about Scooby Doo the last few days. Of course she doesn't care, but I haven't seen this movie on at our house for a LONG time. 

Justin Bieber confirms he is a married man-King Charles 2016 symbolism

All I can think about with news about Justin Bieber is him wearing the # 6 Cavs Jersey of Lebron saying the Cavs will win in 2016. Then the Cavs went on to win the Finals. 
Justin Bieber=134 and 190(Reverse)
King Charles=190
King Charles III=134

Also remember he had released his last album called "Purpose" on the same day as the 2015 Paris Attacks. 
Think about how I've recently documented about this again with Kanye Duckie on Pretty in Pink is Charlie Sheen's brother on Two and a Half Men which was also important to the Paris Attacks. 
This also comes just after the Lakers beat the Heat and then Beat the Cavs...Remember Biebers Jersey was a # 6 Cavs jersey which didn't make sense as Lebron wore # 6 with Miami and not Cleveland. 
Married Man=66(rev red), 96 and 51
Lakers=66, 96
Lebron James=66
The Cavs won all about 51. 

Justin Bieber=62
Hailey Baldwin=62

This news also comes 8 months 22 days after Bieber's bday. 
The English Civil War began on 8/22. 
Same day Huey P. Newton died..same day the voice of the Black Panther on the Jungle book died. 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Bears vs Lions on Thanksgiving-Death of my Uncle and the Chicago Bears

Today is the first time since I can remember that I didn't have to work on Thanksgiving. Of course this is the first year too that my family isn't really having anything like they usually do. Everyone usually goes to my Aunt Mary's, but since my Grandma died and a bunch of my uncles they wanted to try and have Thanksgiving and Christmas with immediate families this year. 
Anyway I just got text to come over to my cousin Timmy's from my friend and it reminded me of Football. One of today's games was the Bears vs the Lions. It doesn't seem that important, but remember when Clancy died(Timmy's dad) I said there is something important to the the Bears having an awesome season. What's funny though is that Timmy is a Lions fan. Yesterday when I saw him I asked what he was doing for Thanksgiving and he said "Oh, pry watch the Lions lose to the Bears". 
 I haven't looked at the game, but just wanted to document it. 
Also...."Detroit Lions"=164(reverse) and 160
The number I have been talking about recently. 

Also interesting that Khalil Mack=189...he was born on 2/22 which is the 53rd day....Super Bowl 53....remember Timmy's brother in law is a huge Rams fan and his bday is 2/22 as well. 
Los Angeles Rams=160

Khalil Mack signed for 141 million...

I'll pay attention to the Rams vs Bears game in a couple weeks. 

310 mile Dust Storm in Australia

Funny I just mentioned 310 in regards to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and now I see this story on CNN headlines about a 310 mile Dust Storm. 
Remember Osama Bin Laden born on 3/10 as well and I just mentioned him again a few days ago. 
It makes me think of Arizona/the Desert/Sand Storms 3:10 to Yuma but who knows.

Nebraska Town with a Population of 2 has Thanksgiving Feast

The Finnegans=59, 202(reverse)
The Nebrask Inn=59
Gross, Nebraska=59, 202(reverse)

Have to appreciate the 33 years in the story as well. 

Seeing a story on Thanksgiving about a small Nebraska town also reminds me of Macy, Nebraska. This is where the tribal headquarters are for the Omaha People. I'm only reminded of this because of the Macy's Day Parade on Thanksgiving. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar posts Thanksgiving Lingerie picture-Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Pink

It's interesting that David Arquette was just in the news and now we are getting a story that involves the TV Show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". I know it's not the same as the film, but I used to that the film and David Arquette is "Benny" in the film. 
Of the few DVD's that I used to own, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of them. 
I always tell people when talking about this movie that Ben Affleck is in it too...his one line is "Here Take It" when he's on the basketball court. 

This story comes 7 months 9 days (end date) before her bday. 
Vampire Slayer=79
It's also funny to me that just yesterday I was telling a co-worker about Scooby Doo in regards to the Beatles song Ticket to Ride. The breakdown part is similar to the Scooby Doo song. 

I've never really watched this show much either, but funny seeing that Buffy surrounds herself by a group called the "Scooby Gang". 
It premiered on 3/10..
Buffy the Vampire Slayer=310(reverse)
Three Hundred Ten=79

The movie Buffy was Kristy Swanson Notice Kristy Swanson's first film was "Pretty in PINK" haha. She plays the girl that wants "Duckie" at the end of the film. 

Think about how David Arquette was born on 9/8 just like "PINK" the singer. 

Vampire Slayer=164 also 619(satanic)
The number 164 I said recently is important. 

The film also stars Donald Sutherland who has been important to things I have documented in the past few years. 
Notice his bday of 7/17.