Friday, January 15, 2021

Tiger King Joe Exotic's father died on 1/3 and the death of Siegfried from Siegfried & Roy 8 months 5 days after Roy Horn

Oddly enough you can actually find an obitiuary of Joe Exotic's father. This is very uncommon when it comes to these stories...Notice his father died 2 months 2 days before his bday....The major number I have said forever is important to Tiger is 22. 

Joe Exotic sentenced for 22 years on the 22nd and so on..

Francis Schreibvogel=195

Tiger King=195(FB)

His bday was 85 days before Joe Exotic's..


He died a span of 210 days after Carole Baskin's bday. 

Joe Exotic=210(FB)

Maybe I am missing something, but when did you get to start Tweeting while in prison? 



We also just had the death of "Siegfried Fischbacher"=164..

He was born on the the 164th day...

Siegfriend & Roy=86

They died 8 months 5 days after each other or a span of 8 months 6 days. "Las Vegas"=86

He died 151 days before his bday. 

Tiger=85(FB) and 151(FB)

Siegfried died on 1/13 and "Roy Horn"=113

Notice their bdays were a span of 113 days apart as well. 


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  1. Dude,

    I knew you were going to make the Tiger King connect with Siegfried

    Did not know about his father.

    Good look Dan.