Monday, April 30, 2018

Larry Harvey found of Burning Man dies age 70

Yet another story connected to San Francisco. The founder of the Burning Man dies on 4/28. 

He dies 107 days after his bday. 

He also died 10 months 7 days after the anniversary of the first Burning Man. 

Also remember the other death we got in 2017 of the guy running into the fire? 

Larry Harvey dies 238 days(end date) after Aaron Joel Mitchell died in the fire at last years Burning Man. 
Mitchell died on 9/3..."Saturn"=93
The Sun supposedly 93 million miles away. 
Jesus crucified on the cross supposedly on the 4/3 the 93rd day..
Crucifix=93....God's Son/Sun
Zach's blog post
I remember looking at this story but I must not have blogged about it. Zach has a great post on it above. 

This year the burning man festival begins on the 238th day of the year. 

238 was a number I have noticed with the "Race" stuff. Such as when Alton Sterling died they kept telling us that Baton Rouge has a population on 238,000 and they shortened the Philando Castile video on CNN to 2:38. 
The 238th day is also when the Bridgewater Shooting happened. 
The Philadelphia Trainwreck had 238 passengers...

Interesting it says Mitchell was living in Switzerland....just been documenting some stuff in regards to Switzerland lately...

It's also fitting for him to die age 70....
The Burning Man averages 70,000 participants. 

Comment on my Full House video-John Stamos DUI on 6/12/2015-Eddie Murphy-Beverly Hills Cop

I've had a lot of stuff going on the past few days and of course lots of "Odd" things happening. I'll document some of them at the end of this post, but for now I want to show some interesting stuff about a comment I got earlier today. 
Possibly I have....but I dont remember ever getting a comment from this person before so I found it interesting they would ask me to look at story that is seemingly pointless...Just a small news story about a DUI crash in Beverly Hills on 4/27...

The drunk woman was "Taisha Welch" of Los Angeles...
Los Angeles=109
Taisha Welch=109
Philadelphia Earthquake=109

When I searched "Beverly Hills Drunk Driving" this is what came up right away. It only sticks out because the person who left the comment left it on a video about Full House/Valentines and so on..
Notice in 2015 Stamos got a DUI in Beverly Hills on 6/12...
Revelation 6:12 about a great Earthquake...
I have been saying everything is connected to what I was talking about in 2015. 

Something I just noticed about John Stamos is his bday is on the 231st day of the year. 
231 has been a really important number I've documented a lot about since the death of Ralphie May that was connected to my Grandma dying and the Eagles symbolism. Also it was connected to the Las Vegas shooting and the guy from the Price is Right messaging me who is from Las Vegas....
A bunch of the Price is Right stuff goes back to Bob Barker and Happy Gilmore in which the building that falls over on the Earthquake Course looks like the Comcast Center in Philadelphia. 

His ex wife is also now with Jerry O'Connell who was on the Wendy Williams show when she collapsed dressed like the Statue of Liberty..... (see my Stand By Me posts)

The Big Lebowski-Jeff Bridges-231
Interesting I made a post about a lot of the 231 symbolism the night my son was born...I posted this just before we left to the hospital I believe...
Remember he was born on 1/17..
This whole post began because a story in regards to the 117th day...
If you go from 4/27(117th day) to 6/12 it's a span of 1 month 17 days. 
Go back and look at some of what I talking about with the birth of my son...
Jasmine Marie Cowgill=117(his mom)
He was born on 1/ grandma died 1 month 17 days before my bday and so's been a recurring number...I also talked about the 117th prime number being 643 which is the phone prefix in the town I live...712-643-xxxx

Crazier girlfriend had to go close the gas station a bit ago and of course 10 minutes after she left Zamien started crying. I went over and picked him up and figured I'd turn on the TV. I pushed the guide and this is what popped up right away. Beverly Hills Cop II is on...The Channel the tv was on was the film Charlies Angels though...but still what are the odds anything Beverly Hills would come up on the screen...
I also can't help but think I am supposed to see something because of "Eddie Murphy"....Remember I also have an uncle named "Eddie Murphy"....remember I had some synchronicity with the Dish Network Tv Guide about Eddie Murphy the actor....I then looked forever for the issue of my uncle in Hustler but couldn't find it. Then a few weeks later Charlie Murphy died. On that issue of Hustler a big story is that of Charlie Sheen as well....
Just thinking Charlie's Angels....Eddie Murphy...Even weirder looking at the post about Charlie Murphy's death I mentioned "Fat Comedians" although he wasn't fat...he died on April 12th(12/4) and the big Fat Comedian number 124. 
"Full House"=124(reverse)
Family Guy=124(reverse)....I mention this because it has been important to multiple things I've talked about. 
Also when I took that picture of the girls on Charlies Angels said something about how hard it is to find a boyfriend in Los Angeles....
Think about John Stamos being the "Uncle" too. 
Angel Gabriel=231(reverse)....was important when my girlfriend was pregnant....

Charlie Murphy died 1 year 17 days ago too. 
I also talked in my old blog posts about how my uncle hadn't posted anything on Facebook since 11/7. 

I also talked about how we might get the death of Larry Flynt(Hustler) and it's funny how we got the death of Hugh Hefner instead....Hefner died just before the Vegas shooting....remember I got a phone call from Las Vegas the day he died and then the guy from Las Vegas reached out to me the day before the Vegas shooting. Possibly me seeing this today is linked up to a new shooting/big event in the next few days? Possibly Chattanooga as it was a big piece to a lot of the Vegas stuff and my grandma/Flintstones? Just trying to figure it out I guess...thinking about earthquakes east of the Rockies as well..
Tomorrow is also 211 days after the Vegas shooting...
Chattanooga, Tennessee=211.....the big number that keeps coming up recently with my Uncle dying...

A few other things I noticed were that Bob Saget is from Philadlephia. 

On Dave Coulier's wiki it talks about him being the commissioner of a Philadelphia wrestling company.....
Also he voiced Tom Hanks on Pinky and the Brain....
I've mentioned Pinky and the Brain a few times this year.....Tom Hanks of course in "Philadelphia"...

A few quick things I was going to post as well.....On Friday night I went to the Bar with my friend Cody. I was playing music and the bartender came up out of nowhere and told me to play some "EAGLES". I thought how weird considering she is in her 20's. I asked her do you really wanna hear the Eagles and she was like, Yeah I like the Eagles....
Today I had band practice and after I picked up my friend Pat I felt something in my hair. I had like a little piece of a flower looking thing in my hair. Pat then said, Are we going to San Francisco?...then when we got to band practice our drummer brought up San Francisco because he was talking about the Grateful Dead without either of us even mentioning the flower thing...The Grateful Dead are out of San Francisco. 

I was looking at that song a few weeks back when someone commented on my old Chris Farley video(Fat Comedian)...I see now that the guy who wrote "If You're going to San Francisco" also wrote a famous song called "Me and My Uncle" which was a favorite cover of The Grateful Dead....
It's also interesting the song is about killing cowboys and his uncle for the Gold. 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Kim Jong Un visits South Korea calls for "New History"

This is perfect for what I have been saying in regards to Bridges...
North and South Korea are what some would describe as building a Bridge...
This story comes on the 117th day of the year..
I've documented previously, but don't you think it's interesting South Korea's leader is MOON Jae-In...?

One of the lines even mentions bridging the gap..

Moon Jae In=42
Kim Jong Un=42, 114
History=42, 114
New History=114(reverse)
World War=42, 114
Korean War=43
South Korea=43
Forty Two=43

Also interesing that "New History"=156
World War III=156(reverse)
156th prime is 911 and so on..
Dennis Rodman played 911 games...
Basketball Diplomacy=114
Rodman arrived in North Korea last year 156 days after Kim's 33rd(american) bday. 
Thirty Three=156

Also interesting..."World War"=612(rev sumerian)...yet another 612 that stands out in rev sumerian...

Notice Kim Jong Un's bday of 8/1...
81 the big number in regards to Bridges...
North Korea-Pope-Jesuits
Last summer I talked a good amount about North Korea being connected to the Jesuits and Pope Francis who is important to the Bridge symbolism. 

Moon Jae-In also born in 53' the year the Korean War ended...Also the year Eisenhower the president who loved to play "Bridge" became president. 

Just writing it in here but there is something I think I'm supposed to see with 510...I saw it a few times at work today.....then my last blog post I mentioned season 5 episode 10 of Family Guy....."Peace Summit"=510(satanic)......Moon Jae-In because president on 5/10/17...
Korea=510(rev sumerian)
There were a few others tonight that I can't remember...I think it was something to do with "Happy Days"...

They are also calling it the "Panmunjon Declaration"=114(rev red)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Family Guy episode "Holy Crap"-Pope and Francis-Some random thoughts-Henry Winkler

A little bit ago I sat down in the living room to eat supper. Family Guy was on TV and I thought it was interesting the episode was about the Pope. I've mentioned a lot of the bridge stuff goes back to the Pope symbolism and what not...
Anyway the whole point of this episode is Peter is trying to convince his devout Catholic Father named FRANCIS that he is a good person. He ends up kidnapping the Pope and bringing him to see his father....At the end of the episode the pope hires Francis to be a bodyguard. 

What an interesting choice of names for Peter's a Pope episode that came out.  

It's also interesting the guy who voiced FRANCIS' bday is 2/28 and he died 79 days before Pope Francis became the Pope. 
2/28 is the last day Pope Benedict XVI was the Pope before Francis became the Pope. 

At the time of this episode the Pope was John Paul II who died 2012 days(end date) later in 2005. 
So interesting the guy who did the voice would die in 2012...

Francis dies on Family Guy on an episode that came out 2/11..2007. 

Interesting he dies 6 years 1 months 2 days before Pope Francis became the Pope...
612 a really special number this year in regards to Pope/Bridge/Valentines/Earthquakes and so on..

So who knows, just found some of these things interesting. Especially considering an early episode of Family Guy that involves the Pope and guy named Francis...

There's also only 3 main episodes that Francis Griffin is of them involves the possibly we will see something with Henry Winkler? 
Henry Winkler=72, 162 and 162(reverse)
He's currently 72 years old...
Could be a great World Series sacrifice considering the 162 and his bday in late October....
Funny if you look back at what I documented about the death of Erin Moran(Happy Days) I talked about the Philadelphia Earthquake symbolism and Happy Gilmore.....Winkler gets covered in Bees in Little Nicky....
One last thought...I know I had some type of synchronicity a while back involving the Simpsons episode "When You Dish Upon a Star" with Ron Howard....I can't seem to find it on my blog or remember what exactly happened...anyway Ron Howard's father also just died in late 2017 connected to Scott Frost/Nebraska/Valentines/Teen Wolf....

Ian EAGLE announcing the Cleveland Cavaliers game-Iron Eagle Film-Golden Gate Bridge

I turned on the Cavs vs Pacers game when I got home tonight but the game was already over. When I turned it on though it had the announcers and I noticed one of the guys was named "Ian EAGLE". 
There's more I could talk about such as Lebron making the game winner to win the game 98-95....98+95=193..
193 the 44th prime number. 
Lebron Scores 44 points and so on..
98 also an important number to the NBA and Lebron...

Anyway I just want to point out the guy announcing named EAGLE. 
Notice he turned 49 years old this year. 

He also hosts a NBA satellite radio show with Kenny Smith...The former Rocket. 

His birthday oddly enough is 111 days before the NBA Finals Begin. 
The NBA Finals=111
Cleveland Cavaliers=111

I've never seen the Iron Eagle films...or at least all the way through or remember them enough....I need to go back and watch them now..

Look at this though....the first Iron Eagle is 117 minutes long and came out on 1/17. 
It's a fictional story in regards to the 1981 Gulf of Sidra incident. 
Golden Gate Bridge=81, 81(rev red)
81 the big bridge number in General. 

The main character in the Iron Eagle films of course born on 5/27 and is 81 years old right now. 
5/27 this year will be the 81st anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge being opened. 

Maybe I don't even need to watch the film after all. Pretty sure I see what I'm supposed to with this synchronicity of seeing a guy named "Ian Eagle"...If I get enough time(which I probably won't) I'll check out the film. 

I swear I posted this last night(4/25), but I guess I didn't push publish. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Golden State Killer arrested-Death of Patton Oswalt's wife

First thing I thought of when seeing this story is how I documented about this guy in regards to the death of Patton Oswalt's wife. She died the same day as Prince, but also was working a book called "The Golden State Killer". Notice Oswalt announced he was going to try and finish the book on 8/1 too. 
The Golden State Killer=111(rev red) and 318(reverse)
Cleveland Cavaliers=111(rev red) and 318(reverse)

She also died on the day the Warriors lost their only game in their series against the Rockets. 
Interesting today is the 115th day and in 2016 the year she died April 24th was the 115th day....Remember that was the game Steph Curry slipped on the Water....they asked Draymond about the Houston Floods..Golden State as RAINING 3's...
I remember talking about 115 not being good for the Warriors that year as they lost their first game 1 month 15 days into the season...Then to the Cavs on the 115th day of the year..
Curry hurt his ankle in Game 1 of that series and didn't play the day Oswalt's wife died either....he played the next game which was where he hurt his knee...

This was also the year Chris Paul broke his hand...

Golden State Killer=72
They catch him when he's 72 years old. 
Possibly not connected but I find it interesting the killings began in 1976 the same year Rocky came out...Bornon 7/6 and so on..
Rocky=72....72 Rocky Steps...Golden State has the connection to Philadelphia. 
Patton Oswalt got enganged on 7/6..2017...which was 1 year 7 months 6 days after his wife died..."Patton Oswalt"=176 and so on..
Remember 7/6 is also eastern orthodox Valentines Day. 
Patton Oswalt gets engaged blog post
Check out my post above as I even talked about "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson being part of the joke when they got engaged. 

Michelle Mcnamara=131
True Crime=131
Serial Killer=131
How interesting too the best selling ever True Crime Novel was called "Helter Skelter" about Charles Manson...

It's interesting that Patton Oswalt's new wife was born on Pi day just like Stephen Curry....
They got married 172 days ago...
Stephen Curry=172
5 months 21 days...."Philadelphia"=521(satanic)

Pi day to today is also 1 month 11 days...

It is interesting as well that they caught him in Sacramento where the KINGS play....Remember there is a huge riddle with the Pelicans and Demarcus Cousins getting injured against the Rockets...DeMarcus Cousins Tears Achilles-Kings-Pelicans-Rockets

Meredith Salenger also reminds of JD Salinger who wrote The Catcher in the Rye...The book that was supposedly the reason Mark David Chapman murdered John Lennon...Think about that in regards to Charles Manson...Helter Skelter...the biggest selling true crime story...
Funny too that tonight on the Gematria Effect someone called in about John Lennon.