Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Alex Smith traded to Redskins-It's all about the Mormons

Haha awesome, I go to and this is the headline story.....more news that reminds me of the Mormon stuff. 
Alex Smith getting traded to the Redskins....from the Chiefs(native americans)
This comes after we hear about the Cleveland Indians getting rid of the Chief Wahoo logo too. 
Redskins...native americans(Lamanites)....Smith went to college at UTAH(Salt Lake, City known for Mormons)....Andy Reid is a Mormon. 

Smith traded 98 days(end date) before his bday...
Kansas City Chiefs=98(rev red)...98th season...All the Patriots 98 connections. 
Native Americans=98(rev red)

Alexander Douglas Smith=88
Remember he got replaced by Colin Kaepernick...
Colin Kaepernick=88
Joseph Smith died 88 days(end date) before the anniversary of the day he was able to take the plates. 
Brigham Young is known as the Modern Moses for bringing the Mormons from Nauvoo, Illinois to Utah....
49ers play in Levi's stadium....Moses in the Tribe of Levi...Chiefs play in Sea of Red.....

Kansas City is where the only president to die age 88 Harry S. Truman died. 
Alex Smith-KC Chiefs-Philadelphia Eagles connections to Mormons-Super Bowl 50 Playlist

I'm telling you everything I talked about in 2015 is connected to what's going on, it's just crazyness. 

Another thing I mentioned was the Mormons stayed at Winter Quarters for the Winter before going on to Salt Lake City...This is where the Mormon Bridge is located.....It's basically the North Omaha Bridge over the Missouri river...Interesting it opened in 1952...possibly the bridge stuff is connected to this bridge? 
The Toll was paid on 4/21 even.....The Book of Mormon from the american prophets until 421 AD. 

Thinking more on this story as I bet there is something to do with Gordon Hayward being injured....Also the South Park Guys with the Mormon Broadway show/Orgazmo  and the episode about Mormons. Also the episode where they use the name "Washington Redskins" as their starter company.   Remember they get the support of ISIS and Kyle quits the company....Just before the Paris Attacks the South Park episode had the kids dressed like Isis...

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Film Oblivion cover has a collapsed Bridge-Endless Love-Happy Gilmore

I was thinking about the connections to the film Oblivion again in regards to the last Super Bowl being the 2017 Championship. This is the 2017 NFL season....
Something I never noticed before is that the cover shows a Collapsed Bridge. 
Oblivion=44, 98, 118(reverse)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=118
Patriots=118, 98(reverse)
Tom Brady=98, 118(reverse)
Became the starter at Michigan in 98'.
Jim Harbaugh=98 
Michigan Wolverines=98
Brady Bunch=98
Ninety Eight=64

Tom Brady's mother supposedly from Browerville, Minnesota too. 
Browerville, Minnesota=98, 118(rev red)
Funny it says 135 miles north of US Bank Stadium..
Fly Eagles Fly=135
The Key of David=135
Philadelphia founded on 10+27+16+82=135
Kobe Bean Bryant=135
Golden Gate Bridge=135

Oblivion came out in Buenos Aires(where Pope Francis is from) 13 days after Pope Francis became the Pope on 3/13/13. 

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV=107, 127(rev red) and 316(reverse)
Jesus Christ=316(Hebrew)
Pope Francis bday is 316 days after SB 52. 
All the Charles Manson 316...Tim Tebow 316 against the City of Bridges-Aaron Hernandez 316...
Three Hundred Sixteen=98(rev red)

In the Film Tom's character doesn't find out the complete truth until he sees Tech-52. 
Super Bowl 52....
National Anthem=231(reverse) and so on....

Tom Cruise began his film career with the film "Endless Love". 
Think about that in regards to Happy Gilmore...Friends listen to Endless Love in the Dark....

Endless Love the song even came out on 8/1/81. 
The Minnesota Bridge Collapsed on 8/1 and fell 81 feet. 
Golden Gate Bridge=81 and 81(rev red) it will be 81 years old in 2018.
Pope Francis turned 81 years old 81 days after the Jesuit Anniversary. Pope Paul III who established the Jesuits died age 81..Francis the first jesuit Pope....
Pittsburgh Steelers=81...City of Bridges/Why Tebow the original Kneeler had his 316 game against them. 

Kobe Bean Bryant=81(rev red)....81 point game/Philly. 

The 81st anniversary of the GG Bridge is 112 days after Super Bowl 52.  
Super Bowl=112(reverse)

Also interesting SB 52 is 253 days or 8 months 8 days after the 80th anniversary of the GG Bridge. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=253
Trump=88=Kneel=Colin Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner=US Bank Stadium....88 years since Stock Market Crash and so on...

Also interesting Diana Ross born on what I've called the "Gabriel" number 326....
The Flag sewn by Betsy Ross...who knows...
Diana born in 44'. 

Budweiser's 2018 Super Bowl Ad Will Focus on "WATER"-Stand By Me-Mormons-Gabriel/Noah-Wrestlemania 31

Stand By Me Budweiser Water Commercial Youtube Video

I was sitting here on the computer and my girlfriend said to me "This is the weirdest commercial ever". I looked up at the TV and it was a Budweiser commercial about Budweiser making Water...It also has a rendition of the song "Stand By Me" playing in the Background. 
I thought yeah that's pretty strange considering as much as I've talked about Water symbolism and the film Stand By Me...
Standing Up not Kneeling during the National Anthem. 
I looked it up and I guess Budweiser's Super Bowl Ad will focus on "Water". 

Remember this video about Awake Time w/ Jerry and the Theory  on stealing Water with the False Flags...It even mentions the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting. 
Sutherland SPRINGS(water). Remember that shooting was connected to Stand By Me as well...
I can't link the video as Jerry's Youtube channel was deleted. 
Zach's short video in regards to it

The World Series was all about the Water symbolism...Astros win after the Houston Floods...
Trump-Water-Phoenix Lights Blog Post
Keystone Pipeline-Water is Life-Trump Needs a Drink of Water Post
Stand By Me-RIVER Phoenix Blog Post

What else stands out to me is that just last night I posted about Mormons again. Mormons were a big piece in 2016 in regards to the Native Americans and Standing Rock....
I read this last night but didn't think much of it until now....
Joseph Smith taught that Noah was Gabriel....
Now think about that in regards to all of the Angel Gabriel stuff I've mentioned in the last year....
Noah in regards to the FLOOD. 
Remember Genesis 8:3 tells the flood lasts 150 days..
World Series=150(reverse)
Philadelphia Eagles=150
Flood=52......"Hurricane"=52, Harvey's final day was 9/2(Astros=92) which was 52 days before the World Series
Super Bowl 52.....BridgeWATER. Stand By Me Bridge much I've previously mentioned. 
Angel Gabriel=231(reverse)
National Anthem=231(reverse)

Remember Budweiser changing their labeling to America on 5/23 before "Donald Trump"=523(satanic) won the Election. They changed it until the Election....
Make America Great Again.....

The Mormons all about the American Prophets until 421 AD.

Also the girl singing "Stand By Me" is Skylar Grey. I just talked about Ronda Rousey and Wrestlemania 31 with the Terminator Golden Gate Bridge stuff..... Skylar Grey performed at WM 31 and is even featured on the Theme Song "Rise" for WM 31. 
Her real name even has the HH initials. 

Blake Griffin Traded to Detroit in connection to Chris Paul trade to Houston-2005 NBA Finals-2005 Super Bowl

This is an interesting trade of Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons. 
Think about how Chris Paul was traded to Houston and now Griffin to the Detroit Pistons. 
Last year with the death of Chyna Thomas I showed how there was a connection to the Detroit Pistons with the Rockets and Isiah Thomas(Achilles injury). 

Blake traded 7 months 1 day after Chris Paul...
Blake Griffin=71(rev red)

Griffin's final game as a Clipper was against New Orleans with a total score of 215 points... Interesting as Chris Paul originally played with New Orleans before being a Clipper...Also Cousins' achilles injury...
Detroit Pistons=203, 175(reverse)
Houston Rockets=203, 175(reverse)
Isiah Thomas=175(reverse)

Thinking about Football too, I'm reminded of Griffin playing for Oklahoma which makes me think of Sam Bradford(Eagles/Vikings connection) the Eagles in the Super Bowl for the first time since 2005. The last time the Pistons were in the NBA Finals was in 2005 with a loss to the Spurs. 
San Antonio Spurs=215...notice above 215 days is 7 months 1 day. 
Pistons=41(rev red) and 112
Super Bowl=41 and 112(reverse)
I'm also thinking about the Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 25 day jail sentence story. Remember he was arrested after a game in Detroit...
Pope Francis=175(reverse)
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope=333(Jewish)
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)

Plus a Griffin is a half Lion half Eagle...
Think about that in regards to the Detroit Lions and the Eagles being in the Super Bowl. 
Peter Griffin(Family guy stuff)..

Even when you look up Griffin's it mentions the Griffin Statues in the Museum of Philadelphia. 

Also Blake Griffin born on 3/16. 
Jesus Christ=316(Hebrew)
The NBA Finals begin on the 151st day this year. 
Jesus Christ=151

Also notice how they trade Griffin the day after the Pistons lost to the Cavaliers and a day before they play them again....
I don't remember too many NBA teams having a schedule like this either....playing the same team twice in a row? Possibly it happens more than I think? Have to look more into it...

The Cavs got their 29th win....then Griffin traded on the 29th day of the year. Griffin will play his former team on 2/9. 

Also I know I'm on the right track as Griffin was traded in a trade involving Avery Bradley....Remember Bradley is from Tacoma, Washington and played with Isaiah Thomas on the Celtics. He told Thomas to play without his tooth like Rodney Stuckey. Bradley was traded to Detroit for Marcus Morris. Morris born in Philadelphia. Drafted to the Rockets. 

Disturbed-The Vengeful One Video before Roddy Piper's Death-Jimmy Snuka arrest

I know I have a video on this somewhere but I cannot seem to find it. I know youtube has deleted some of my videos so possibly it was one of them, or I just can't find it....
Anyway remember just before Roddy Piper Died the band Disturbed came out with a song called "The Vengeful One" and the video stole ideas from the film "They Live"? 
They shot up the news people and subliminally programmed people on the News...with stuff like Obey and Fear...

Then a month later Roddy Piper dies and a month after that we get the Bridgewater News shooting....

David Draiman says the Vengeful One is Gabriel/the Hand of God/Angel of Death....
Gabriel something I've been talking about a lot in the past year...

Gabriel=36, 45(rev red) also 135(reverse)
Key of David=135
Bridge=36, 36(rev red), 45, 117(reverse) and 107(Jewish)

Disturbed-The Vengeful One=117(rev red), 261

Interesting David Draiman is 44 years old right now...
His 40th bday was the day Pope Francis became the Pope...

He's also married to a former WWE Diva Lena Yada? 

One of her Entrance songs was called "Earthquake" on the Independent Circuit...

Also just after Roddy Piper died we got the arrest of Jimmy Snuka...Interesting he died in 2017 too. 
So they brought back up an 8 year old video of Hulk Hogan being racist and then a Jimmy Snuka possible murder from some 30 years prior. The death was in Allentown, PA...which is close to Philadelphia...

Just wanted to document this stuff on the blog. Most of the 2015 stuff I didn't have a blog for....just my videos notebook papers and a notepad on my computer. 

Some Thoughts on 2015 info-Mormons-Lupercalia-Also I keep getting shown Wolf Tonight

I watched Zach's video about the Mormons a bit ago and I remembered that in 2015 I mentioned how the Mormons were important to Pope Francis' visit to the US. 

I've been talking about the importance of 2015 to what's going on lately so I figured I would go back and listen to some of the videos in regards to it in 2015. While listening to it, just as I start talking about Lupercalia(Wolf Festival) I get a notification that says "Wolf in Front Yard?". 
Wolf=56, and 52(reverse)
Pope=52 and 56(reverse)

This is the comment I left on Zach's video as the Mormons play some big piece to a lot of stuff I've mentioned but haven't quite figured out yet. 
Salt Lake City, Utah=188
Latter Day Saints=188
In regards to Lupercalia though....Rome founded on 4/21, but remember Romulus and Remus were suckled by the SheWolf that Lupercalia is celebrated for. 
Queen Elizabeth=150
Philadelphia Eagles=150

I also find it interesting that Mormons showed up at Zach's house the same day we get a big story about Indians "Chief Wahoo Logo". 
The Mormons play a big role in regards to Native Americans. 

Also Lupercalia is connected to Minneapolis as in 2015 I talked a bunch about the NBA All star Week and Teen Wolf. Zach Lavine a Teen Wolf won the Slam Dunk Contest and then then Teen Wolf Andrew Wiggins won MVP of the Rising Stars Challenge. The NBA All Star Week fell on 2/13 to 2/15(dates of Lupercalia). Then we got the death of Darryl Dawkins(Philadelphia) and Moses Malone(Philadelphia)....Dawkins the first player out of HS to play in NBA....Malone first player out of HS to play in ABA.....
Kevin Garnett out of High School to the Timberwolves becoming the first Teen Wolf. 
Kobe Bryant's final game even synced to the death of Malone....Lakers originally from Minnesota...Kobe out of HS as well. 
I talked a lot about "Valentines Day"=52 in 2015 too and how it synced with Michael Jordan. 
Valentines=121=Revelation and so on...
Jordan wore # 45 because Valentines is the 45th day and so on...He wore # 45 for 22 games and switched back to 23 on the 23rd game. 
Jordan also wore # 12 once because someone stole his Jersey on Valentines day.
Ha, seriously I couldn't remember what number Jordan wore when his Jersey was stolen so I looked it up. The article I clicked on to see it had a video ad in the beginning and he talks about The WOLF. 

The Fixer-The Wolf Videos

The AD is for some computer Security thing and he offers protection against the Wolf?.....Interesting as the notification I got above was also a a video of a security camera that may have spotted a Wolf? 
Also Jonathan BANKS....US Bank....
Jonthan Banks=40(rev red)
The Fixer=40

Here's the video from the notification above.....
Real name is "Ryan Porter"=150
Wolf Festival=150
Philadelphia Eagles=150

Jordan's Olympic number was even # #9 and # 23(9/23)...
Denzel Valentine hitting the game winner on Valentines Day 2015...

Lupercalia would be a fitting day for an Earthquake as well. 
It begins on the 44th day of the year. 

Trying to think more on 2015....
The Main themes I talked about over and over were: 

Queen Elizabeth/The Pope/Obama possibly dying...
Lupercalia/Teen Wolf/Civil War Theme/Nebraska Cornhuskers
Michael Jordan/Philadelphia/Space Jam/Valentines
Philadelphia/Earthquakes/Bridge/Philadelphia Experiment
Pope Francis 9/23/Trains/Back to the Future.....
How Sports were connected to All of the above...

Monday, January 29, 2018

Ronda Rousey makes WWE Debut at Royal Rumble-Roddy Piper Tribute

Tell me they didn't use Ronda Rousey tonight in the Royal Rumble to show us Roddy Just so obvious to what I have been saying...Now Ronda Rousey comes out at the Royal Rumble and we find out she is officially signed with the WWE. 

Think about Royal RUMBLE as well in regards to Earthquakes...
Hot Ronda=333(Jewish)
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
Everything I've talked about goes back to 2015 when Philadelphia turned 333 years old. 

I just got home about halfway through the Womens Royal Rumble so I didn't even watch it...if I even will....I did notice a few things by reading the Wikipedia about it. 

Both the Male and Female Royal Rumble Winners are Japanese...
It makes me wonder about Earthquakes and Fukushima. 

A long time ago I didn't know Reverse Gematria so it makes even more sense now seeing that Roddy Piper died age 61. 
Ronda Rousey=61(rev red)
Roderick George Toombs=224....Notice the guy who won the Royal Rumble was born on 2/24 as well. 

Also Tonight's Winner in the Royal Rumble gets to advance to a match in Wrestlemania 34....Rousey came out and just pointed at the Wrestlemania sign....
Remember my original Ronda Rousey/Roddy Piper video was all about 34...
Rousey won her fight in 34 seconds at UFC 190 just after Piper died. 
Rowdy Roddy Piper=190(reverse)
Thirty Four=61 also 56(rev red)
Ronda Rousey=56
Philadelphia=61(rev red)
Asuka born in 81'....
1981 was 34 years after 2015 when Rousey won on 8/1. 
Remember how I said "Kobe Bean Bryant"=81(rev red) and he has a lot of connections to 34 as well? 
Rousey even fought UFC out of Santa Monica, California that's on 34N. 

She beat Bethe Correia who is currently 34 years old too. 

Today is even 911 days after Rousey defeated Correia. 

Rousey lost her first UFC match against Holly Holm(HH..88) in UFC 193....
193 the 44th prime number..
With the End Date her first loss was 107 days after beating Correia. 
Earthquake=44, 107
Roderick George Toombs=107...born on the 107th day of the year. 
Roddy Piper's bday to 8/1 is 107 days. 

Holly Holm was 34 years old when she beat Ronda Rousey...Holm born in 81'. 
Her bday of 10/17 is also interesting as I just mentioned the 1989 World Series Earthquake again that happened on 10/17. 

Rousey's next and final fight was against Amanda Nunes. 
Amanda Nunes=44, 107 also 190(reverse)

Listening to my old videos about Piper and Rousey. I brought up a joke on the the 52nd episode of "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia" about Seal.....this sticks out to me as last night I went to my cousins house....we were playing some song Trivia thing with Alexa and "Kiss from a Rose" was on it....We all were like that song rules and haven't heard it forever interesting if we see Seal in regards to something soon...
I didn't realize that song was on Batman Forever either...That's the Batman with the Riddler who uses Gematria in his puzzles for Batman...

In regards to the Super Bowl being in Minnesota there is most likely a riddle with former wrestler Jesse Ventura as well....
James George Janos=65, 88(rev red)
Trump=88=Kneel=US Bank Stadium=Colin Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner...
James Janos=107, 163(reverse)
Earthquake=107, 163(reverse)
Super Bowl LII=163(reverse)
The Body=34

Also remember Rousey came in the Ring for the "Rock"(Earthquakes? Rocks?) to hit Stephanie McMahon in Wrestlemania 31....but remember WM 31 was in Levi's Stadium(San Fran Bay Area)...

Remember in WM 31 Triple H did the Terminator Genisys Tribute...The film where there's a bus accident on the Golden Gate Bridge...
Terminator Genisys=231
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Ariana Grande=231(reverse)
Also remember Carl Weathers in Predator with Arnold and Jesse Ventura....  Arnold's character was even called "Dutch"=231(satanic)
Also in WM 31 they brought back the NWO with Hulk Hogan...

Roddy Piper Death-Ronda Rousey "Rowdy" video Playlist

Ronda Rousey's first loss-Paris Attacks video
Wrestlemania 31 Decode Video