Friday, April 28, 2017

Toyota Recalls Tacoma's-Death of Michael Mantenuto-Space Theme-Kennedy Space Center-Disney World-Tacoma Dome

Today we got the story of Disney's "Miracle" star Michael Mantenuto dying in his car in Des Moines, Washington. 
He actually died on 4/24 though. 
Notice his bday of May 13th. (see previous posts)
His death now makes 2 deaths in the mainstream media that happened in "King County" Washington. 
We also got the death of Isaiah Thomas' sister Chyna in Federal Way. 
Death of Chyna Thomas-Isaiah Thomas' Sister
Mantenuto dies in Des Moines, Washington.....Interesting I mentioned some thoughts in regards to Des Moines/stock market crash in my post on  Chyna Thomas. 

This story comes 35 days before the NBA Finals. He dies age 35. Kevin Durant # 35...(the 35 game of Cavs vs Warriors in January)
King James=35

We also got this story on the headlines of CNN today. 
Remember the Houston Rockets play in the Toyota Center. Chyna Thomas driving a Toyota Camry. I'm curious as to what car Mantenuto died in? 
Anyway the 228,000 is interesting as it's a number connected to Death. 

Toyota Tacoma=149 and 175(reverse)
Houston Rockets=203 and 175(reverse)

The recall of Toyota TACOMA's really sticks out to me. Tacoma is also in Washington, and the Seattle Supersonics played in the Tacoma Center for 1 season....The Rockets just defeated the Thunder who used to be the Sonics. 
Tacoma also where Isaiah Thomas is from. 

The only season the Sonics played at the Tacoma Dome was in 94-95. This is the year the Rockets won the NBA Finals defeating Shaq's Magic Team. 
Think about the Rockets in regards to the Sonics as well. Seattle...the Space needle. 

Interesting when you look up the Tacoma Dome, it says it hosted the Tacoma ROCKETS Western Hockey League team from 91'-95'. This is interesting as Michael Mantenuto was a hockey player and also Miracle is about hockey. 
The Rockets beat the Spurs 4 games to 2 to advance to the NBA Finals in 1995. 
Rockets owner fined 100 Grand for talking to ref Bill KENNEDY.
Could the Rockets owner being fined for yelling at Bill Kennedy also be a clue to the 95' season. 
The Rockets beat Orlando....
Orlando isn't where Kennedy Space Center is, but like I've said before it's pretty close to it. Orlando also has Disney World. Mantenuto famous for his Disney film? 
Kennedy Space Center where most of the Rockets are launched. 

Disney World founded in 1971. The same year the Rockets went to Houston. 
This is the 71st NBA Season. 
Also founded on 10/1 the day that leaves 91 days in the year. 

Kennedy Space Center formed on 7/1. 1962. 

Tacoma Dome broke ground on 7/1..1981. 

I have a feeling Tom Hanks is someone to look into. 
Apollo 13...
Forrest Gump goes to the Moon in the Book....him and Jenny also go to see Bonnie and Clyde(Faye Dunaway-Warren Beatty)
Sleepless in SEATTLE. 
Philadelphia....just had the death of director Jonathan Demme.
Hanks plays Walt Disney on Saving Mr. Banks. 
He was even on Happy Days early in his career. 
Toy Story his friend/opponent is Buzz Lightyear. 
Of course the Dan Brown-Da Vinci Code-Angels and Demons. 
Captain Phillips....Somali pirates...Black Hawk Down. 
Sully...Miracle on the Hudson. 

Wikipedia even has this picture for him...Kennedy Center Honors. 

Mantenuto dying on the 114th day in the Seattle area, by a suicide gunshot wound to the head....Doesn't that make you think of Kurt Cobain a bit? 
Kurt Cobain=114
Dave Grohl born on 1/14. 
Kurt died in 94' the year the Rockets first won the Finals against the Knicks. 
Kurt died on 4/5 but he wasn't found until 4/8...reminds me of how Mantenuto died on 4/24 yet the story not reported in mainstream until 4/27. 

Nirvana does the Unplugged in New York 203 days before the 1994 NBA Finals begin. The Finals with New York and Houston. 
Houston Rockets=203
Notice the album released on 11/1....
New York=111
Cobain dies in Seattle on 122W. 

The Tacoma Domes first concert was David Bowie and his Serious Moonlight Tour. 

Remember a while back I was talking about some weird stuff going on with "The Man Who Sold the World"...The David Bowie Song covered by Nirvana on the Unplugged in New York Album? 
Someone left me an interesting comment and a link to a video in which a UFO sighting had that song playing the background. This sighting happened in Bridge City, Texas, which is 99 miles away from Houston. 

Miracle stars KURT Russell as well. Think about the key words...We had Russell Westbrook Triple Doubles and D'Angleo Russell's grandma dies. 
Kurt Russell is also Wyatt Earp in Tombstone...Bill Paxton was Morgan Earp. 

Supposedly "Kurt Russell" was the last thing Walt Disney wrote before he died. 

A lot of things I need to look into, and I'm guessing some of these shows/films have some clues. I'll try and watch some of them when I get time. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kenny Smith's Mother dies 4/26/17-Houston-The Price is Right

I really need to go to bed, but I looked at Facebook and I saw Kenny Smith's mother died. 
Annie Mae Smith=131
Interesting the first link I find an article on this has a video of Ernie Johnson reading Kenny's letter. It's 1:31 in length. 
Kenny was on the Rockets the last time they won the NBA Finals beating Shaq's Orlando Magic team. 

Just interesting that Charles Barkley didn't seem uncomfortable talking about this death yet he was in regards to Isaiah Thomas? I only say this because if you watch the video of Barkley mad at people about his comments Kenny Smith seems depressed in that video. Pry knew his mom was next. 

His mom dies 49 days after his bday. 
Annie Smith=49, 112

Kenny played for Sacramento at the beginning of his career. Remember Isaiah Thomas' sister was also connected to when he played with the Kings. Ernie Johnson talks of the death and what Kenny said during the halftime of the Bulls vs Celtics game.....Rondo also played with the Kings. 
Kenny Smith's first year in the NBA with the Kings was under the head coaching of Bill Russell. 

Her death comes 36 days before the NBA Finals.
36 the number in regards to Gabriel....but also...
Thirty Six=91(reverse)

Is it not strange I just posted about The Price is Right and looking up Kenny Smith I see his stepdaughter is a model on the show? 

Think about it more tomorrow, but I really have to get some sleep. Have to get up in a few hours. Peace. 

Rockets owner fined 100 grand after yelling at Ref Bill Kennedy-166

Rockets owner=166 and 158(reverse)

Leslie L. Alexander=166(reduced reversed e) also 158(simple)

Alexander "Reversed"  his course? 
"An Investigation is Underway"=318
Cleveland Cavaliers=318(reverse)
Mike Bass? I know not the same guy but Mike Bass is also the guy who ran in the TD on Garo's Gaffe in SB 7...Making the score 14-7 instead of the Dolphins winning 17-0 in their 17-0 season. 

The Ref that he talked to was Bill Kennedy. 
Remember he's the gay ref that Rondo called a Faggot in 2015 when he played for the we have the Bulls playing the Celtics in the playoffs. Rondo the former Celtic and Isaiah Thomas the former King. 
Remember the same time Rondo called him a fagott, we got the story of Kennedy Meeks being Injured and the Star Wars The Force Awakens Producer Kathleen Kennedy was in the News too. 
Isaiah Jamar Thomas=166
Adam Silver=166(reverse)
Thomas' sister just died in the Toyota Camry that even looks like my car. 
Houston Rockets play in the Toyota Center. 

Bill Kennedy also wears # 55. 
The Rockets had 55 regular season wins. 
He went to Arizona State.....that's where James Harden went as well. 

Ha he has the same bday as me....
This incident happened 166 days after his bday. 

His bday to the NBA Finals beginning is 203 days. 
Houston Rockets=203

Kennedy=666(reverse Sumerian)

Montagraph's latest video 166 and Mary who called into the Gematria Effect tonight.

Earlier today I was just doing my random research and checked out Zach's blog. I saw he posted about 166 a number that I have been talking about being significant for months. 
Reverse Gematria=166 and a lot more. 
Zach's Blog Post
Anyway Zach listed a bunch of 166's because Montagraph made a new video telling him to be ready for One Six Six in the next few days. Possibly connected to New York and what not. 
Zach even mentions in the post that he just watched my video in which I talk a lot about 166, so I figured I would leave a comment and add a bit to his post. 

I left this comment on Zach's blog about it. There's a lot more to it but I tried making it simple. 
I mentioned the Zechariah, Daniel and Mary stuff as it really has been an important thing I've been documenting in regards to Gabriel. 
He only came to these people according to the Bible. Honestly ever since posting this comment I wondered if there was a "Truthseeking" or whatever you want to call it....girl named Mary that would add to what I have been experiencing in regards to this. It's just something that was on my mind, I never searched for it just thought about it. 

Just to show Montagraph put the video up 166 days after my bday. 

So I'm listening to the Gematria Effect and when the phone lines finally work some lady calls in and tells Zach she is Montagraph's latest victim. Of course her name would be MARY. 

Mary Tofflemire=166
Notice the video where Montagraph targets her was on 3/3. 

Mary's Youtube picture is hands with a 33...and something else I can't make out.  

Today is 54 days after the video on 3/3. 
I currently have 54 notifications it says too. 
Oddly she mentions how she doesn't want anyone to hurt her Pet Pig...then mentions how she called Montagraph a Pig. 


Ever since Zach's house was crashed into and the dead squirrel video things have been super ramped up in my life. The # 166 I found was super important as well in regards to multiple things including my own life just after this. 

I mean what are the odds I'm sitting next to 2 pig toys. One stuffed animal and one piggy bank?
Before my daughter Claire went upstairs to bed she made me wrap the baby pig in a blanket and to watch her pigs. I said...yeah I will...just to make her happy you know and then just forgot about it. Then I hear MARY calling into the show and was like really? A bit later I look over and realize I'm supposed to be taking care of 2 pigs.... That's some pretty strange stuff. 

I just went to Zach's video that Montagraph was referring to in his 3/3 video. Of course at the top of the comments is someone named "Archangel 777". 
I mean I just posted about how the 7's were important to the film Arrival, The Ring and the Archangels.
Also 33 likes and 3 replies?

They even have 77 subs right now and a Space Theme banner. 
Earlier I rewatched the "How bout Dat" girl's music video she was promoting and in the video it had a bunch of Space/Rockets...Trump in a Helicopter/North Korea Rockets stuff. 
How Bout Dat Girls Music video-Mook Boy-Space-Rockets

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

7 Archangels-7 Days on The Ring(film)-7 limbed Aliens on Arrival(film)

I'm sitting here thinking about the post last night in regards to the Rings and Arrival film and Gabriel. 

Rings she comes in 7 days. 
Arrival they meet 7 limbed aliens. 

I started thinking about the Archangels supposedly having least in the book of Enoch. 

Also in the Book of Daniel, Gabriel expands up Jeremiah's prediction of 70 years is actually 70 weeks. It says on Wiki "Literally 'Sevens' of Years". 

So obviously "7" or 7's are important to this. 

Anyway as I'm reading through some stuff I'm listening to the Gematria Effect. 
At exactly the time I read the part about "Cancer(ruled by Moon)" Zach literally says "Cancer ruled by the Moon" in regards to Neil Armstrong landing on the moon in the sign of Cancer. 

It's odd, it seems this stuff happens almost every time I listen to this show. Whether I listen to the recorded version or to it live, something like this seems to happen. 
Truth Frequency Radio=326(Francis Bacon)
The Ring=326(satanic)

Also in the pic above it says some people associate the 7 Archangels with the 7 luminaries. 
Then later talks about Rudolf Steiner deduces that Gabriel is Saturn. 
Angel Gabriel=93
The Rings......
Possibly nothing as it says "Other Ideas" but still interesting how the events happen and some people believe that. 

3 Foot Long Rabbit dies after United Airlines Flight at O'HARE International Airport

We got a story today about the world's largest rabbit(Simon) dying on a United Airlines flight. He was traveling to O'Hare? lol 
Rabbit=25, 70
Three Foot Long=70
Simon=25, 52
O'Hare=25(reduced reverse)
United Airlines=70, 160

The Rabbit dies 10 days after Dr. David Dao is supposedly beaten and removed from a United Airlines plane at O'Hare. 
Notice this plane had 70 passengers. 

The Rabbit being named "Simon" I can't help but think of this episode of South Park. They make fun of the Da Vinci Code and you find out Simon Peter(first pope) was actually a Rabbit. That's why the Pope wears the big hat, so it can fit his ears. This is why the Easter Bunny is actually important to Jesus. 

Old Post New discovery Gabriel-Rings-326-The Ring film series-Arrival(film)

So I just got on the computer a few minutes ago as I had to work and then watched the recording of the Rockets vs Thunder game while my laptop charged. Anyway I notice Zach has this post in regards to the new film "Rings". I just discovered some stuff and it made me remember this blog post that I never finished/posted. 

Here is my old blog post I started on March 6th and never finished: 

Last night I watched this film because at band practice we were talking about movies we've recently watched. My friend said he watched this movie, so I thought I'd check it out. Anyway this movie just comes together with a chain of events that has happened to me in the last week. I've really been trying take a break for a few days because I really need it. I've let this research consume me for a long time now and I just needed a break. I don't think it's possible to actually get a break from it though, as it's all day everyday/everywhere. I mean there are weird connections everywhere in my life events.
I've been having the craziest dreams as well. 
For example,  my new band played an Open Mic at a bar in Omaha. Oddly enough one of my old best friends was the bartender when I showed up. He hooked me up with drinks all night and I just stayed and partied. I hadn't seen him in forever, plus the bar was filled with like minded people. So anyway I come home hammered and it was one of the first times in forever I thought I might actually throw up from drinking so I went to bed. I had a dream that I chugged 12 glasses of water, and an unknown person in the dream was watching me drink them and telling me to finish them. The next day I woke up and felt absolutely fine. It was almost as if I literally re-hydrated my body in my dream and it worked in real life. 
I've had a number of dreams that start off as nightmares only for me to realize I'm dreaming inside of my dream. Once I realize I'm dreaming, I can do anything I want in my dream. I had one dream where I was jumping through the air and grabbing on cones hanging from the sky. I fell what seemed like forever only to land on my feet on the ground unharmed.  

So Arrival is about aliens who come to Earth on 12 different Rock like ships. Basically they are here to help humans, because they know in 3000 years they will need a favor in return from the Humans as they can see the future within their language. 
The above picture is how they write their language....A bunch of RINGS with different aspects on them. 

In the film the reason the language is so important is because once you learn their language you will understand a different concept of TIME. 
Think about Saturn(Rings) and being the Keeper of Time. 
There's even a part in the movie where the News on the TV is talking about 144....
The 12 ships on the earth each represent 1/12 of the information to understand how TIME works. Who knows just reminds me of the 12 tribes and 12x12=144
The New Jerusalem is 144 cubits. 

The main character in this movie keeps getting visions of what she thinks is the past, but it's actually about the future. She is seeing her daughter dying of cancer, although she doesn't yet have a daughter..A lot more but basically she is a linguist and has seemingly learned the language enough to see pieces of the future in order to save humanity.

The reason I find it so interesting in regards to Arrival involving Rings is because I literally watched the film "Rings" just a few nights ago as well. 
So my girlfriend was told at her first ultrasound it looked like Twins. She had to go back a few days later to her actual Dr. and he said it looked like she miscarried though. So confusing right? ... For the past 2 weeks she had to go and see if there was a change. Nothing changed and on Thursday the Dr. said pretty much no point in waiting another week so she had a miscarriage. 
So on the way to the doctor this last time,  something was brought up about Rings. I thought it was crazy as just the night before I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to watch the new Rings movie when we got back from the doctor. When Rings were brought up in the car though I went on the big spiel about Saturn and the Lord of the Rings and getting married and wearing the Ring and what not that no one else in the car wants to hear lol. Out of nowhere my girlfriends mom says some quote about Gabriel Iglesias in this mix in regards to getting married. So I'm sitting there thinking about Gabriel(the angel I've mentioned recently) yet again. I look over and notice we are by the Pet Cemetary outside of Missouri Valley, Iowa. Then her mom says something about the Book being better than the movie and the character Gabe, but then corrects herself as it's Gage. 
Anyway long story short, when we got home we watched the Rings movie. 
2 Nights later(Saturday  3/4) her brother talks about us getting married and I should at least get her a Ring too. 
Also the next day after all of this happens, an older lady that I work with asked me if I knew of Gabriel Iglesias. Literally it had nothing to do with anything, she was talking about frosting and Fluffy and then brought it up because he says he's Fluffy. So yet again the Gabriel reference. 
I wonder if he might be the next Fat Comedian to die instead of Ralphie May in regards to my posts from a while back. I need to look more into it though. 
Another side note is that the doctor was talking about my girlfriends blood type and how she has to get a shot if she's pregnant because her blood can attack the baby. She's RH Negative. I joked with her and told her she's a Nephilim as over the years of researching I remember reading how this blood type was supposedly of them. I'm not sure what type I am, but interested now. 

 After watching the new Rings movie I went back and watched the old one as well. 
I noticed when looking at the birth certificate of the Ghost Girl it says District No. 318. 
The ghost girl's name is Samara Morgan. 
Samara Morgan=203(reverse)
Three Hundred Eighteen=203

I also noticed the film "The Ring Two" came out on 3/18. 

Earlier I was telling my girlfriend about the movie arrival and how the aliens language is a bunch of RINGS. Right as I mentioned this a commercial came on about RINGING of the Ears. 

On the new movie called "Rings" the professor is also named "Gabriel". 

End of Old Post....

So how interesting all of this Ring/Gabriel stuff was going on in my life. There was more to it, but I can't remember everything that happened and didn't ever finish the blog post. Mostly because I didn't want to post about my girlfriends miscarriage at the time. 
Funny though about a week ago she cracked an egg that had two yolks in it. She text her best friend about it because she'd never seen that before. Later that day he text her saying that he looked it up and according to folklore it means you're pregnant with twins or someone in your family is going to die soon. Just pretty weird stuff. 
Anyway this is what I noticed tonight. 
If you read through my blog posts in regards to Gabriel there is something special about the number 326 or the date 3/26. 

The Ring=326(satanic)
The Ring=45(reduced) and 36(rev reduced)
Gabriel=36(reduced) and 45(reverse reduced)
In the film Gabriel starts a group called 
"The Sevens"=36(reduced) and 45 (reverse reduced) 

I watched this film on 3/6. 

Arrival came out 135 days before 3/26. 

Arrival also involves # 7....Seven Days....
Seven limbed Aliens.