Sunday, January 10, 2021

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip gets the Covid-19 vaccine

Queen Elizabeth gets the vaccine a span of 264 days after her bday...

Queen Elizabeth II=264

King Charles III=264(FB)


Covid Nineteen=264(FB)(CNN's spelling)

Margaret Keenan=264(FB)

Seattle Washington=264(FB)

Remember Prince Philip wrote in a book that he would like to be reincarnated at a deadly virus too. 

She also got the vaccine on 1/9 which is perfect for a Queen. 


King=67....the 19th prime number is 67. 

Something I'm just noticing now is that..

Prince Charles=260(FB)

London England=260(FB)

I've been talking about this number a good amount in the last few weeks. 

Recall that Prince Philip's bday is 6/10 as well...something that was important to the Rose Theme and Horses/Philip/Blade Runner.....

Blade Runner has to do with A.I. or Artificial Intelligence too...Recall not too long ago I had the sync with Katie Holmes/Nick Stahl....Stahl is John Connor in the 3rd Terminator about A.I. as well...We then got the story about Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes ex-husband....Tom Cruise in the film Oblivion, which is about A.I. too...

There is something I am supposed to know with this. 


1/19...the 19th day? 

This story was also 56 days after Prince Charles bday...

Without the end date it's 263 days after Queen Elizabeth's bday which is the 56th prime number...


The Story of Prince Charles getting coronavirus was 5 months 6 days before Princess Diana's death day. 

King Charles III=264(FB) and 263(FB)

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