Friday, January 22, 2021

Synchronicity with 317 and the Ravens losing to the Bills on 1/16(Native American)-Poirier vs McGregor


This is actually really funny to me...I meant to post about this days ago, but I keep forgetting. I was looking through my phone at things I didn't post about yet and one that stuck out was that the Ravens lost to the Bills on 1/16....
Recall that 116 is a number important to the Native American Theme that I talked about with the Bills/Chiefs in November/Early December. 
Anyway, I literally just posted about the date 3/17 and I went to take the above screenshot to see the score was 3 to 17...and notice how it puts an ad about Conor McGregor's fight right below it lol....Everything happens for a, I had no intention of this happening, nor did I realize the score of the game until now, which makes it a synchronicity. 

Buffalo=126, 152(FB) and 251(FB)

Dustin Poirier=174


Baltimore Ravens=174

Super Bowl LVI=174

Kansas City=174(FB)

Kansas City Chiefs=260

Dustin Glenn Poirier=257...UFC 257....

The 55th prime number is 257....upcoming Super Bowl 55. 

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  1. Dustin"The Diamond" Poirier, reminding of Dustin Diamond from Saved by the Bell.