Saturday, September 30, 2017

Henry Ford-The International Jew-Mein Kampf-47, 88, 114

Yesterday was my grandma's funeral. After it was over many of my family members started drinking and what not. We went to the Golf Course Club House and by the end of the night I ended up at the Bars. After listening to people all day long talk about sports and Trump and the basic bullshit,  I finally couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer. Then I got asked about Henry Ford. Of course the Data on my phone ran out so I had to do everything in my head after drinking enough for a Rhino. 
The guy that asked only gave me his bday and death day. While it doesn't sync up to the gematria of his name, his info is still interesting. I told the guy at the bar that I don't have enough info about Henry Ford to completely look at it. As many people die in connection to what they are famous for, such as Wendy's founder Dave Thomas. 
Anyway I told him just look at the day he died....4/7 of 47. I explained a bunch of what I showed below about 47, but it wasn't enough so it inspired me to look up more and write this blog post. 

Notice Henry Ford died on 4/7 of the year 47'. 
Ford Motor Company=211
The 47th prime number is 211. 
Euclid's 47th problem...
The Freemason Compass set at 47 degrees. 
Foundation=47=Framework=Authority=President=White House=Government
Think about it too. 2/11 is the 42nd day...Washington's Bday. 

He was also born on 30/7 in the year 63'. 
307 is the 63rd prime number. 
Remember June 3rd...6/3 is the day that leaves 211 days in the year too. 
I explained a lot of this to him, but of course he wouldn't listen. He was stuck on "Freemason"=42 so why doesn't his name and his bday equal that? 

In regards to Freemasonry as well. Ford died in Dearborn, Michigan. 
Dearborn Michigan=87
Eighty Seven=58, 139
Freemasonry=58, 58, 139

Henry Ford dies 114 days before his bday. 

Ford Motor Company founded 1 month 14 days before Henry's bday. Interesting I look this up  and it's also in it's 114th year of being a company. 

How interesting that Ford is the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf. I just posted about Mein Kampf a few days ago.  
Think about this in regards to World War as well. 
World War=114
Pearl Harbor=114
In regards to the News lately...
Kim Jong Un=114

Hitler mentioned him because of Ford's stance on Jews. Ford also wrote "The International Jew". 
The International Jew=88, 223
Notice he published it on May 22nd which leaves 223 days in the year. 
Think about 88 as well. 
Mein Kampf=88 also 47(red rev)
Heil Hitler...HH...88 and so on. 
Adolf Hitler=61(rev red)....WWII lasted 6 years 1 day. 

Notice Henry Ford died 8 months 8 days after his bday too. 

Notice also how it says the International Jew was an influence to Nazi leader Baldur von Schirach? He said many Germans looked up to Henry Ford over the Herbert Hoover. lol. 
Herbert Hoover...HH...88
Notice Baldur dies on 8/8 too. 
Baldur von Schirach=88

He also dies 91 days after his bday and 9 months 1 days before his bday. 
WWII began on 9/1....

I'll look more into Ford later. I have to go play a gig and just got back from a wedding. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Another old guy I know died yesterday-Knights of Columbus-New South Park Columbus Day episode

While at my Grandma's visitation tonight, I found out another old guy I know died yesterday. I know for whatever the reason I am supposed to see this guys death. I saw him a lot with a guy I know is a Knight of Columbus, and I see he was also a 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus. Notice he dies on the Jesuit anniversary. 
Edward Louis Gunia Jr=85, 211
Ellie Ruth Murphy=85, 211
Everyone called him "Ed Gunia" though..
Ed Gunia=128(reverse) also 266(Jewish)
266th Pope and so on...
Remember my neighbor and my Grandma both died 128 days before their bdays and more with 128...Death of my Granda and Neighbor-North Korea-Jesuits

The South Park last night was also about Columbus Day and Christopher Columbus. How fitting for the episode to come out on the Jesuit anniversary. It really didn't make any sense for the episode to be about Columbus Day considering it's not for a 2 more weeks. 
Ironically enough my grandma's husband was born on 10/12 which is Columbus Day(actual day he supposedly discovered America). I talked about my Uncle Barney being a Knight of Columbus....

Also tonight my brother and I were standing outside across the street in the Parish Center Parking lot drinking a beer. We were waiting for the prayer stuff to happen and killing time. The priest came up and told us we couldn't drink there. So...I literally walked 20 steps  across the street to the funeral home where it was ok.  
Father Joel David Mcneil=196
Joseph John Behrendt=196(my brother)
Knight of Columbus=196
Ellie Ruth Arthur=196(my grandma's maiden name)
Flintstone, Georgia=196(where my grandma born). 

What's funny to me is the guy I used to see Ed with a lot has been mistaken as my brother by multiple people. We are not related in any way but for some reason there have been people who think we look alike and were brothers. Not quite "Twin" stuff but still worth noting. 

I will add more if I think about it, but wanted to document some of this stuff so I don't forget. 

Mein Kampf-Society of Jesus-88, 191, 187

I just looked up Mein Kampf. I can't believe I never noticed this before. 
Mein Kampf=88 also 191(Jewish)
HH=88 Heil Hitler
Society of Jesus=191, 187(reverse)
Notice Mein Kampf published on 18/7. 
Adolf Hitler=187(reverse)

Published in English(abridged) 8 years 88 days(end date) after it came out in Germany. 

I can't believe I didn't notice this for the fact that HH is what got me started on Gematria. 
I learned that Nazi's used the number 88 because H=8 H=8 (Heil Hitler). I didn't even know it was called gematria until later.  I started applying it to license plates and background things in movies and my own life. Then shortly after someone told me to check out Zach's channel as he was showing how the media was coded this way. Most revealing thing I've ever learned in regards to truth. Thankful, I just wish more people could or cared to see it too. 

Hugh Hefner dies age 91 on the Jesuit Anniversary

What a perfect time for HH, Hugh Hefner to die. 

He dies age 91. 
Playboy founded on 10/1 that leaves 91 days in the year. 
Hugh Hefner=64, 170(reverse)
He dies just before the 64th anniversary of Playboy magazine. 
Naked Girls=170(reverse)

He dies 172 days after his bday. 
Playboy Magazine=172
Playboy Bunny=172
Marilyn Monroe=172(first centerfold)
On a side note: "Norma Jeane Mortenson"=85 and she died on 8/5. 

He dies on the Jesuit anniversary to make it even better. 
Hugh Marston Hefner=79(rev red)
Society of Jesus=79(rev red)
His bday is fitting for Pope Francis(the first jesuit pope) as well. 
4/9 is the 99th day that leaves 266 days in the year. 
Pope Francis the 266th Pope who went to the White House on the 266th day of the year(9/23) 2015. 
Remember 923+266=1,189
There are 1,189 Chapters in the KJV. 

He also dies in Beverly Hills, California. 
Beverly Hills=59, 175(reverse)
Pope Francis=59, 175(reverse)
Beverly Hills, California=111, 132(red rev)
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=111
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132

Interesting to me around the time of Hugh Hefner's 91st bday I mentioned stuff about Hustler magazine. I was talking about my Uncle named Eddie Murphy who won a trip in Hustler magazine to the Bunny Ranch. I mentioned him too just days before the death of Charlie Murphy who died 91 days before his bday. I was thinking Larry Flynt might die this year haha and now we get the death of Hugh Hefner. 
He's currently 74 years old and Hustler founded in 74'. 
Then we had the death of Chester Bennington and he was talking about Child Molesting. Hustler had the "Chester the Molester" cartoon. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Justin TimberLAKE toplay Halftime Show at Super Bowl 52-Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation 1814(National Anthem Year)

How fitting for Justin TimberLAKE to perform at the Super held in Minnesota(Land of 10,000 Lakes). 
Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake Nipple Gate The Star Spangled Banner
Just last night I had my old post(above) about Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake pulled up because I made a video about the Kneeling during the National Anthem stuff. 
Before Justin Timberlake came on stage with Janet Jackson she played her song "The Knowledge" and before that "Rhythm Nation". Both of these songs were off the Album "Rhythm Nation 1814" which is named in honor of the year the Star Spangled Banner was written. R=18, N=14   1814....Supposedly critics called Janet out on this, but she said it was just a coincidence R=18 and N=14 lol. 

The Album even produced and recorded in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

This story comes 131 days(end date) before the Super Bowl. Notice Justin Timberlake born on 1/31 too. 
Super Bowl=131
Twin Cities=131(where the SB is held this year)

It's also 239 day after Justin Timberlake's bday. 
239 the 52nd prime number. 
Super Bowl 52...
Minnesota=52(rev red)

Timberlake also married to Jessica Biel who is from Ely, Minnesota. 
Jessica Biel=203(reverse)
The National Anthem written 203 years ago..9/14/1814. 

Francis Scott Key died 203 days(end date) before his bday. 
Timberlake born in 81'. Today is 81 days before Pope Francis' 81st bday. Francis Scott Key born on 8/1. 
Francis Key=111 dies on 1/11. 
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=111
Remember last year I was talking about Francis Got Key....The Key of David in regards to his Philadelphia Trip in 2015. 
Francis Got Key=63
The Key of David=63
Justin Timberlake=63
Francis Scott Key died age 63. 
He 2018 will be the 175th anniversary of Key dying. 
Pope Francis=175(reverse)
One Hundred Seventy Five=307(revese)....307 the 63rd prime. 

Key also dies 119 days after teh anniversary of writing The Star Spangled Banner. 
The Star Spangled Banner=119(red rev)

Interesting this Justin Timberlake story comes out on the Jesuit Anniversary. Janet Jackson's 52nd bday is 3 months 12 days after Super Bowl 52. 
Think of all the 312's I have previously posted about the Jesuits. 

Janet and Justin's bdays are 105 days apart. 
Nipplegate=105, 165(reverse)
Janet's bday is 16/5. 
Scottish Rite=165
This also means it's 260 days the opposite way....
Super Bowl Thirty Eight=260

Nipplegate was 14 years 3 days before SB 52. 

The 203rd anniversary of the National Anthem being written is 143 days before SB 52. 
Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814=143(rev red)

Facebook video about experimenting on Twins during the Holocaust

I just made a video out in the car and my laptop was almost dead so I came in to charge it a bit. I went to Facebook and right away saw this video that said Holocaust on it, so I watched it. 
Notice not only is it about the Holocaust it's about a doctor who experimented on TWINS during the Holocaust lol. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Steven Tyler suffers "unexpected medical issues". Aerosmith cancels tour dates in South America-Toxic Twins-My cousin Chris Houston

I just saw this article about Steven Tyler. The first thing I think about when seeing this article is how Steven Tyler is one of the Toxic Twins with Joe Perry. 
Steven Tyler=60(rev red)
Toxic Twins=60(rev red)
Minnesota Twins=60(rev red)

Unexpected medical issues=94
Steven Tallarico=94(rev red)

Notice Steven Tyler's bday of 3/26....the Synaxis of Gabriel. 

This story comes 444 days(end date) after Joe Perry Collapsed on stage in 2016. Interesting also  1 year 2 months 17 days and this happened just before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Pope Francis born on 12/17. 
Tomorrow will be the 33 years after the 444th anniversary of the Jesuits. 
Jesus=444(sumerian)  died age 33. 
Toxic Twins=156...
156th the 33rd prime number. 
Aerosmith on their Farewell tour now. 
Farewell tour=156

South America=191(reverse) also 52, 133
Society of Jesus=191
Pope Francis the first Pope from South America. 
Minnesota=52(rev red), 133(reverse)
Steven Victor Tallarico=133(rev red)

The next show was supposed to be in Curitiba. 

My cousin Chris Houston is also in Brazil right now. He is part of the sound crew for this Tour. 

A pretty fitting picture he took the other day as well. 
Chris Houston=61
Jesus Christ=61(reverse)=God=Holy Spirit=Church=Christian=Sins=Time and so on.  I talked about him back in the NBA season as he is who I moved to Mesa, Arizona with. There was all kinds of Houston Symbolism and his last name is Houston(House Ton). Mike Brown went to Mesa CC and then to San Diego...Chris moved to San Diego after we graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. A bunch more see my previous posts. 

Puerto Rican Combat Vet: Hurricane Maria worse than War-Family Feud mentions Twins while typing post.

Combat Vet=52(rev red)

Miguel Olivera=76(rev red)
Hurricane Maria=76Refrigerator=76(rev red)

Ha just before starting this post I turned it to Family Feud as I was tired of listening to the infomercial that was on. Anyway I just heard Steve Harvey say....and your the mother of the TWINS? 
It was the Pacheco Family...he was talking to Lisa...
The twins are Jillian and Nicole Pacheco. 
Jillian and Nicole Pacheco=195
Minnesota Twins=195
Now he's talking to Jillian on the same family and just asked her if she speaks Korean, because she said she was a school teacher in South Korea. 
South Korea=133=Minnesota(reverse)
They are playing the Oneal Family. 
Oneal Family=113
Steve Harvey=150, 147(reverse)=World Series.

111 Garments that Changed the World at New York's Museum of Modern Art(MoMA)

I just saw this article on CNN too. 
111 garments that that have made the most contributions to pop culture at the New York Museum of Modern Arts. 
Why 111....of course...
New York=111
9/11 leaves 111 days in the year.
The Yankees upset the Mariners 1 month 11 day after 9/11.  
The 11th state with buildings that looked like an 11 and so on. 

Garment=33, 78, 39(rev red), 111(reverse)
New York=39, 111, 33(rev red) and 78(reverse)

Notice how they call the Museum of Modern Art...MoMA? 

Paola Antonelli=78(rev red)

The Coppola is Antonelli's favorite item. 
Coppola=33, 78, 30(rev red) and 111(reverse)

Interesting the Museum opened up just 9 days after the Stock Market Crash in 1929 on 11/7/1929.