Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Synchronicity with Kane Brown at work- Chattanooga 218


So I'm at work cleaning the oven and I randomly start singing Kane Brown's "What Ifs"...I started laughing and thought to myself, why in the hell am I singing that song...I hope no one heard me singing country music lol..

about 2 minutes later a lady showed up to get her pizzas and she was wearing. Kane Brown tshirt...I started laughing and told her how I was just randomly singing Kane Brown and she shows up in a Kane Brown shirt...

Recall, Kane Brown was important to when Ralphie May and my grandma died.. they are both from Chattanooga where Kane Brown is from...
Years ago I also placed importance that Chattanooga, Tennessee summed to 911 in Satanic.
What Ifs=86
8/6...218th day
Today is 1/19...911 in 


  1. yesterday was a lunar bday for Kane. he turned 337 lunar months old. 68th prime.

  2. That song was on his debut album "Kane Brown" released 12/2 the 337th day of the year

  3. Samuel L Jackson grew up in Chattanooga. I was sleeping on the fact that his birthday is on the winter solstice.

  4. Governor of Tennessee is Bill LEE. Flip LEE and you get 337.