Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Garrison Keillor Joke on Kevin Spacey Family Guy episode "Don't Make Me Over"

So I looked up this guy on Wikipedia and in the "Pop Culture" section it said something about the Family Guy Episode "Don't Make Me Over". When I went to the episode and came back it was gone on Wikipedia. Here's a screenshot to show it used to say this on his page and was changed today. 

Anyway think about that....That's the Family Guy Episode with Kevin Spacey-Partridge Family-Benson-Joan Rivers jokes that I have been talking about.  Even Jimmy Fallon takes Meg's virginity and his mother just died.  Originally it was supposed to be Stewie was trapped in Roman Polanski's basement not Spacey....Polanski's wife murdered by the Manson Family. 
Honestly about the only people left from that episode I can think of are the band Journey and Puff Daddy. So be on the look out for them in the media. 

Gary Edward Keillor=89
He gets fired 8 months 9 days before his bday. 
Don't Make Me Over=89
Benson died age 89....
Gonna Buy Me a Rainbow=89(rev red)

Don't Stop Believin=231(reverse)
National Anthem=231(reverse)

They make fun of Coyote Ugly in this episode as well. Just makes me think because of John Goodman being Violet's dad in the film. 
John Goodman....King Ralph....
Ralphie May died 231 days after his bday of "Cardiac Arrest"=231
I put my video about Fat Comedians on the 231st day of the year. 
The Big Lebowski=231....The Ralph Theme...John Goodman. 

Tampa Police arrest serial killer after 51 days

They caught a serial killer after 51 days in Tampa? 
Tampa Florida=116
Fifty One=46, 116(reverse)
Seminole Heights, Florida=116, 233
The 51st prime number is 233. 
Brian Dugan=46
Donaldson=46(rev red)

Lebron James ejected-North Korean Missile-JFK-Donald Trump-Jesuits

Lebron gets ejected for the first time ever 33 days(end date) before his 33rd bday? 
Lebron James=66
Thirty Three=66
Cleveland Cavaliers...CC...33
November 28th also leaves 33 days in the year. 
137 is the 33rd prime number. 

Remember Lebron also born 3 months 3 days after the 444th anniversary of the Jesuits. 
Supposedly died age 33. 
This year Lebron's bday will 33 years 3 months 3 days after the 444th anniversary. 
Born in 84'
NBA Finals=33 
The Finals begin on the 151st day of 2018....
Jesus Christ=151

The Finals just so happen to begin 8 months 4 days after the Jesuit anniversary too. 

Lebron was mad because of a no call foul on James Johnson. 
#16 and the 16th pick in the draft...

This happens 84 days before his bday on the 51st day of the year. 
Lebron James=51=Cleveland=Cleveland Cavs=Quicken Loans
They won for the first time in 51 years in 2016 and a lot more. 

He also gets ejected on the 42nd day of the NBA Season.
Lebron James=42, 51, 114
It's just a perfect day for a Lebron Story. 
Also don't forget that Lebron and Wade both ties to Miami. 
Wade wears # 9 and Lebron # 23. 
Lebron James=923(Jewish)
Remember 2015 when he was in the film Trainwreck that starts off with Amy Schumer's character being 9 years old and rest of the film is 23 years later. It was all synced up to the Philadelphia Trainwreck and Pope Francis visit to the US on his 923rd day as Pope..going to the White House at 9:23am on 9/23 and so on..

Better yet when he got ejected it was when they were up by 23 points with 23 seconds on the shot clock. 
Lebron wears # 23. 
Twenty Three=163

The ref who ejected him named Kane Fitzgerald.
Kane=23(rev red)
Interesting yet another story that involves "Fitzgerald". We just had the USS Fitzgerald in the news again.....
Remember JFK's middle name is Fitzgerald...Interesting that Trump's Middle name is "John". 
Bill Kennedy Gay NBA Ref and Rockets owner Fined
It makes me think of the Gay NBA Ref Bill "Kennedy". 

Also Kane Fitzgerald wore # 5....Lebron # 23...
Donald Trump=523(satanic)
There was also 1:59 left in the 3rd quarter.
Donald Trump=159(reverse)
Remember the Cavs won the Finals just before Trump won the election and they visited the White House on the same day in 2016...11/10 left 51 days in the year. Trump's National Convention at Quicken Loans Arena and so on. 
Today is also Trump's 312th day as president. Remember 312 is a big number to the Jesuits and North Korea. So how fitting we also got a Korean Missile story today as well. 
North Korean Missile=108(rev red)
Cavs won with 108 points. 

Trump's 10th month 8th day as president. 
Kim Jong Un=42, 114
Lebron James=42, 114
Kim Jong Un's bday is 3 months 12 days after the Jesuit anniversary. He's 33 years old...born in 84'. His other bday is 84 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 

Korean War=137(reverse)...33rd prime. 
It started when the 33rd president Truman was in office. 
It lasted 3 years 1 month 2 days. (312)
Think about the USS Fitzgerald story too in the Pacific Ocean near Japan...near Korea. 

Search "Korean" on this blog and you find a bunch of stuff I've mentioned about this. December 8th is seemingly an important date to all of this North Korea stuff. It's also Trump's 322nd day as president which would be fitting for another Korean story or False Flag event. 

We also got the story of Lebron not happy about the firing of David Fizdale who was hired on 5/29 and fired 5 months 29 days later...
JFK born on 5/29..
David Fizdale=523(satanic)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Meghan Markle grew up on the set of Married With Children that I just mentioned a few nights ago.

Interesting that Meghan Markle says she grew up on the set of Married with Children. 
Unsolved Mysteries-Dutch-Married with Children
I just wrote about Married with Children on 11/24 as Darren Daulton's wife was on the show and also "Dutch" reminded me of the Ed Oneill(Al Bundy) movie called "Dutch". 

Interesting the day I wrote about Married with Children was the anniversary of Ted Bundy's bday too. 
Just thinking about that in regards to Charles Manson dying. 

I figured I'd see if Ed Oneill was on Family Guy. Of course on an episode that has mini Tom Cruise who I randomly mentioned last night. 

Whatever I have to get some sleep, just thought it was interesting there is a Married with Children connection to the big story today. 

USS Fitzgerald damaged by Transport-59

We got a new story about the USS Fitzgerald getting punctures while being loaded to come back to the US. 

Notice this happened 5 months 9 days after the original collision story. 
USS Fitzgerald=59, 167
They originally reported it on 6/16...which it was in the US at the time. 
6+16+20+17=59 It was the 167th day of the year. 
Izu Peninsula=59, 167
Bryce Benson=59(commander)
USS Fitzgerald Collision-Father Howard Ftizgerald-Jesuits Blog Post

Trump makes "Pocahontas" Joke honoring Navajo Code Talkers

I just looked at this article from earlier before I went to work. 
Just as I typed "Indians" in the Gematrinator Mr. Burns said, "Indian" on the Simpsons on my TV. 

It's this episode...Season 2 episode 22 or the 35th episode. 
Blood Feud=84
Mr. Burns=33, 84(reverse)
Simpson=33, 84(reverse)

What's interesting is I just finished a blog post about Prince Harry being engaged. 
Prince Harry=63(rev red), 135
Meghan Markle=63(rev red)
Native American=63, 135
Pocahontas Joke=63
Racist Comment=63
Senator Warren=63

Think about it too in regards to Wallis Simpson....The Simpsons. 
Remember too "Native Americans"=1114(Jewish)
Prince Charles born on 11/14. 

Ha and the only Simpsons episode that shows Prince Harry in it is of course the 317th episode. 
Simpsons Freemasons Run The Country 317 Blog Post

Elizabeth Ann Warren=88
The Book of Mormon=185=Donald John Trump

Rememember many Mormons believe the Native Americans were the Lamanites that God cursed with Dark skin...
Lamanites=59(rev red)...How fitting. 

The joke is that they are Code Talkers....Code just like this article. 
I'm sure what ol' Pussy Grabber meant was Poke a Hot Ass. 
Also they've been using the Native American Theme a lot with Trump. Remember the Simpsons Episode where Lisa says she was the President after Trump is all about Native Americans. Trump wins the election after the Indians lose in the World Series. 
Mike Pence from Indiana-The land of the Indians. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Prince Harry engaged to Meghan Markle

This is great remember John Goodman in King Ralph was the American who became the King. Then falls in love with a lady named Camile. 
Now we get Prince Harry getting engaged to an American. 

Have to love the Hidden Hand pose too. 

Meghan Markle=216
Notice she was born on the 216th day of the year 8/4. 
Prince Henry of Wales=216
American Royal=216(reverse)
United States of America=84
Harry was born in 84' 

She's also distantly related to Prince Harry through the Bowes....
Just makes me think of Queen Elizabeth II's mother...Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon who was also born on 8/4. 
Queen Elizabeth II=84(rev red)

Rachel Meghan Markle=331(reverse)
They announce this engagement on 11/27 which is the 331st day of the year. 
Meghan Markle=63(rev red)
Prince Harry=63(rev red)

It's funny thinking about it too. Elizabeth II's father only became the King because his brother Edward married American Wallis Simpson and gave up the throne in order to do so. 

This story comes 8 months 8 days before Markel's 37th bday. 
Remember Trump came out ot Queen's "We are the Champions" 88 days after Elizabeth's bday. 

This is a perfect day for Catholic Coding as well. The Royal Family is connected to the Catholics even though they want us to think it's not. 
The story comes 71 days before Elizabeth II's anniversary being Queen. Also 145 Days before her bday. 
Catholic=71, 145(reverse)

8/4 to Elizabeth's anniversary is also 6 months 2 days. 
Queen=26, 62
She was born in 26'. 
Became Queen on 2/6...coronation on 6/2. 
She turned 26 years old 74 days after becoming the Queen. 
Her bday is 74 days before 7/4. 

This story also 220 days after Queen Elizabeth's 91st bday. 
Prince Charles=76(rev red), 220(reverse)
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)

I've recently been bringing up 150 again as it connects to Fathers/Jesuits/Eagles and so on...but I never realized...
Queen Elizabeth=150

Remember back in September they had the Prince Harry Twin article too. 
Prince Harry=135
Prince Henry=135
Henry Charles Albert David=135(rev red)
The Key of David=135

Time gets new owners days after Trump tweets about Time magazine person of the year

This story comes just days after Trump is mad about Time Magazine probably making him Person of the year. 
Time Magazine=60
Donald Trump=60(rev red)
Time Inc=316(eng ext)
Koch Brothers=61  Time=47, 61(reverse) 
 I love the 4:40 tweet as well. 
Trump the 44th person to be president. 
Forty Four=144
New Owners=44(Rev red)
Probably=44(rev red)
Time Inc=44(rev red)

Time being bought by company Meredith?
Meredith=44(rev red)

There's for sure something special about Magazines this year. This article mentions how 4 big magazine editors have stepped down recently. Glamour, Vanity Fair, Elle, Time.
How interesting I just mentioned by cousins husband/boyfriend Dave ELLE.....
El the keeper of TIME. 
We also had the death of Hugh Hefner(Playboy). 
Also Publisher of Vogue died just after Hugh Hefner. 

There's so much more I could post about this such as Time Magazines original founders Henry Luce and Briton Hadden. 
Hadden born on the 49th day of the year..
Died on 2/27.....227 the 49th prime number. 
He also signed a deal before he died that no one could touch his stock in Time for 49 years. 
Briton Hadden=60
Luce and Hadden both Skull and Bones members..

Weird thing- Yahoo knew I was talking about Area Rugs? Tom Cruise Oblivion

I didn't get a screen shot of it because it's not there anymore after clicking on it.....anyway about an hour ago my girlfriend and I were talking about tearing up the carpet in our dining room and just putting down an Area Rug until we can fully fix the floor. I was getting annoyed because it makes no sense to do this. She did this to our upstairs bedroom too and we still haven't fixed it, so it's just a dumb idea I told her. 
Anyway I just finished a blog post and figured I'd look to see if any other stories attracted my attention and went to Over on the side bar it says #1 trending thing is "Area Rugs". 
Now how in the world is that possible? My computer doesn't even have a built in microphone unless my webcam is hooked up. This stuff happens all the time, such as talking about something and then it shows up in the ads on Facebook or just first in my feed. There has to be some way they are listening to conversations and if they are doing this with ads imagine what else can be done. Area Rug=118(reverse) and 316(satanic)
My last post had a lot to do with 118....and 316 is important to Jesus/Charles Manson and something I've been seeing a lot of lately. 
 Ha so as I'm typing this up our new cat named Cloud jumped back up on my lap. 
I figured I would type in Cloud on the gematrinator and right as I typed it the TV said "Pussycat". (Looney Tunes/Slyvester is on). 
Cloud=19, 26(rev red), 55, 80(reverse) 230(satanic)
Satan=55, 80(reverse), 230(satanic)

What's even more messed up about all this is....after I saw the Area Rugs #1 trend I randomly thought I would experiment. No idea why I chose Tom Cruise, but I just randomly started saying "Tom Cruise" and talking about some of his movies to see if when I refreshed the page it would show something about Tom Cruise. It didn't show anything....but now I'm looking at him noticing he's currently 55 years old....
Thomas Cruise Mapother IV=316(reverse)
Now that I'm thinking about it too, Tom Cruise is in Oblivion that I was talking about months ago in regards to the 2017 Super Bowl....
Just weird stuff. 

Philadelphia Eagles win 31-3 reminds me of 2015 and Pope Francis visit to the US-Death of Glenn Frey-Lana Meisner

There seems to be a connection to what I was talking about in 2015 in regards to the connections to the Chiefs and the Eagles and Pope Francis' visit to the US. 
Notice today the Eagles won 31-3 becoming 10-1. 
Philadelphia=65, 101
313 is the 65th prime number. 
Notice the Chiefs lost to the Bills today making both their records 6-5 too. 
Pope Francis became the Pope on 3-13-13. 
The last time the Eagles made the Super Bowl they finished the regular season 13-3. Also Miami games were rescheduled due to Hurricanes similar to this year. 
Today was 22 days before Pope Francis' bday. 
Super Bowl 52 is 863 days(end date) after Pope Francis first arrived in Philadelphia. 
863 the 150th prime number. 
Philadelphia Eagles=150

The Super Bowl is in Minnesota. We have Sam Bradford go from the Eagles to the Vikings. 
Sam Bradford=101
Now the Vikings have Case Keenum who played with the RAMS where Sam Bradford originally played. Teddy BRIDGEwater....
I still think all of this is somehow connected to a Bridge Collapse or Earthquake near Philadelphia. Think about the Minnesota Bridge Collapse as well. 
The Franklin Bridge built in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. 

Sam Bradford born on 11/8 the same day Bridgewater was knocked out against the Rams....
Glenn Frey dies on 1/18. 
Randy Meisner's wife dies 1 month 18 days after Frey. 
We got a story of Don Henley saying the Eagles were Over 118 days after the Paris attacks with the Eagles of Death Metal. 
The Paris Attacks happened 1 month 18 days after Pope Francis first arrived in Philadelphia on 9/26. 
Pope Francis' bday is 1 month 18 days before Super Bowl 52 as well. 
Philadelphia Pennsylvania=118
Doug Pedersen hired on 1/18(same day Frey died). 
His bday is 1/31...."Super Bowl"=131
Douglas Irving Pedersen=313(reverse)
Also with the Death of Ralphie May and how it was in connection to The Big Lebowski....Remember The Dude Lebowski hates the Fuckin Eagles...played by Jeff BRIDGES. 
The Big Lebowski=231(reverse) also 1217(Jewish)
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Pope Francis bday is 12/17. 
One Hundred Fifty=231(reverse)

Also remember the 150 stuff I was talking about in regards to Priests/Jesuits....then we got the missing sailors on USS we have the missing Argentina Submarine.....Pope Francis is from Argentina...

Carson Wentz reminds me of when Ben Carson's campaigner(Braden Joplin) died near where Johnny Carson died. This story was significant to the Joplin tornado and earthquakes...
Carson Wentz went to ND State. On Thanksgiving this year I was thinking about my cousins husband/boyfriend(not sure which). He was my high school football coach as well. He was on the South Dakota Coyotes team in 1986 that lost to ND State in the Divison II championship game. 

He was then drafted to the Phoenix Cardinals in the 10th round of the 1990 NFL draft.
Dave Elle=66, 150(reverse)
South Dakota Coyotes=66
Thanksgiving=66(reverse) Just funny I think about it after seeing him on Thanksgiving. 
I'm sure he has no clue about any of this too. 

Just want to document it as his last name is "Elle", in the last few days I've been watching Stranger Things with Eleven or El. My grandma Ellie died this year. 
El is Saturn and so on.. 

I didn't know reverse gematria back then now I see it even more clear. 
The reason Chip Kelly was the Eagles coach was because Chiefs Coach Andy Reid was fired from the Eagles. 
Andrew Reid=56
Chip Kelly=56
Pat Shurmur=56(Interim after Kelly Fired)
Doug Pedersen=56(rev red)(came from Chiefs)

Who knows just trying to recap on some stuff so I can think more about all of this.