Sunday, January 10, 2021

Synchronicity with "Eyebrows" while listening to the Steelers vs Browns game-Behind the Mac-Steve Jobs

 I have the Steeler vs Browns game going on in the background of my browser, but I'm not really watching it...I went to CNN and right as I saw this article about Lauren Boebert raising eyebrows, I heard the commercial on the game say "raising eyebrows" or some variant about eyebrows...It was some type of Apple commercial.....

I have no idea about this sync...but felt like documenting it..

Behind the Mac=182(End of Commercial said)

Lauren Opal Broebert=182(FB)

The only thing that sticks out to me is that my girlfriend just got a Mac from the school she is going to...She was on it today and I was looking at I didn't realize it was a Mac...I then told her a bunch of stuff about them because my old Mac was the best computer I've had. Also Zamien kept telling me there was an "Apple" on the Kethup bottle earlier..and I kept telling him that it's a Tomato..but I see why he thought it was an apple. 

I covered Bill Gates...Elon Musk...Jeff Bezo's recently...but I never looked at Steve Jobs....the guy Behind Macs I guess...

Behind the Mac=232

Steve Jobs=232(FB)

Steve Jobs bday was 2/24...


Jobs died a span of 224 days after 2/24. 

He died on 10/5..


....It could also be something to do with the other founders of Apple...

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