Sunday, January 31, 2021

Lakers and Celtics both 15-6 in connection to the number 19 and the Allen Iverson I've been following


After the Lakers and Celtics game a few days back I had the sync with YouTube copyright claiming my old Space Jam video...this was connected to the Allen Iverson stuff and the numbers 19..65 and the end of the post I mentioned how it was possible for the Lakers to become 15-6 against the Boston Celtics and the 76ers could go 15-6 against the Pacers...

I actually got this right as they both did become 15-6 in these games...but the real reason I'm pointing it out is because it's also connected to the number 19 again....Notice how the Lakers won by 1 point and the 76ers won by 9 points....1 9.....19...AI...Allen Iverson...

Philadelphia 76ers=156 and 95

Los Angeles Lakers=95


In light of the 156th prime number being 911 it's also interesting the 76ers scored 119 points and the Pacers had the 110 Story WTC's and "Osama bin Laden" on..

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  1. Mahomes signed his contract on 7/6
    Bush Jr's bday. 76 is the Capricorn glyph. In sidereal astrology the majority of planets will be in the constellation of Capricorn. Capricorn ♑ 🐐
    Capricorn = 326 Jewish