Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Kristy Swanson wants to be removed from John Hughes films if Trump is removed from "Home Alone 2"-Pink/Duck-Buffy


This is hilarious as I just posted and made a video last night where I talk about the importance of 218 and the Pink/Duck symbolism...This stuff was synced to John Hughes and the film "Pretty in Pink", which Kristy Swanson is the girl that the character "Ducky" gets at the end of the movie. 

Now Kristy Swanson in the news about wanting to be cut out of John Hughes films if Donald Trump is cut out of Home Alone II. 

I find it funny to that today I was talking about "Dude Where's My Car" at work and said I might come and watch it tonight...I forgot she was even in the movie...plus I just watched "Election" that stars Ferris Bueller aka Matthew Broderick...and of course Kristy is Buffy the Vampire Slayer which was a major theme in 2019. 

The Kristy Swanson story was due to Macaulay Culkin tweeting in support of people wanting Donald Trump cut out of the film...Notice Culkin tweeted 140 days after his bday...
Home Alone=140(FB)
I'm also interested that Culkin's bday is 8/26 which is the same day as the Bridgewater shooting/Kaepernick taking a Knee/NBA Wildcat Strike-James Harden's bday....James Harden traded on 1/13 as well. 

Bridgewater Plaza....Home Alone II Donald Trump scene is at the Plaza Hotel..
Home Alone 2 came out on Joe Biden's 50th bday...
The Election on 11/3...
Culkin's tweet on 1/13. 

I find it even weirder that today at work I randomly watched a Live Linkin Park video that came up on my Facebook. I haven't listened to them in forever and it randomly came up in my feed..but remember Chester Bennington died the day before the dad on Home Alone died(John Heard). Synced up to the Stoneman Douglas shooting that later happened too. 

There has to be a connection to that Ariel PINK guy too now that I'm thinking about it...
Ariel ROSEnberg...
Ariel Rosenberg=86

Buffy Came out 22 years before Roddy Piper died on 7/31/1992...same year as Home Alone 2....Buffalo Bills lost in 92 and 93 Super Bowl. 

Bobby and I were talking about Pee Wee Herman(Paul Reubens) yesterday too...He's in Buffy the Vampire Slayer...Matilda...

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