Sunday, June 30, 2019

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham gets in Brawl-North Korea Jesuits

The other story connected to Trump walking 20 steps in North Korea was Stephanie Grisham involved in a brawl. 
Notice she is most likely 42 years old right now too...unless she turned 43 in the last 5 days. 
What else is interesting in regards to 42 is that today is also 42 days before August 11th....

Grisham was also a press coordinator for Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia in 2015? 
Press Secretary=191=Society of Jesus
Remember how North Korea and the Korean War are super important to the Jesuits. 
Also Trump went to Fordham the Jesuit School. 
Kim Jong-un became leader when his father died on Pope Francis' bday. 
I've been saying forever that August 11th is important to Philadelphia...
Remember too that 6/30 is the day Father Howard Fitzgerald got suspended by the church for child molestation and then later kicked out. All of the priests in my town were connected to 63 and the was around the time of the Otto Warmbier story and the USS Fitzgerald..

Arizona=42(Grisham was born)

Today is also 2 months 28 days before the Jesuit anniversary and the day Francis left Philadelphia...
Thinking how the last Trump-Kim meeting got cut short on 2/28. 

With 20 Steps Trump makes historic visit to North Korea

Twenty Steps=42
Kim Jong Un=42
Today is the 181st day of the year. 
42nd prime is 181. 
Kim Jong-un=181(rev Francis Bacon)

This story also comes 4 months 2 days after the last meeting was cut short. 

World War=42
It's also interesting in regards to date numerology..
North Korea=55
World War III=75

Freedom House=55

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Jeopardy Fans and Alex Trebek Shocked by Rare Tie

I saw this story about a "Tie" on Jeopardy. 
Notice how the article makes sure to let us know the tweet with 34 years in it. 
The guy who won the tiebreaker was Avi Gupta. 
Avi Gupta=34


2 Americans missing in Barbados-Rihanna symbolism-Also Pink-Drowning in the media

First off...when did these people go missing? From the looks of the picture it was sometime in the late 70's or early 80's. I mean they couldn't find better pictures than that to show of the missing people in 2019? haha it's hilarious. 
Look at the girls name too...
Magdalena Devil...
Like Mary Magdalene and the Devil. 
Jet Ski=43
New Jersey=43
Jesus Christ=43
Think how I've recently been mentioning Rihanna and the importance to "water". Now these people go missing on a Jet Ski? 
Also the capital of Barbados and where Rihanna is from is "BRIDGEtown"...Remember how New Jersey is important to the bridge symbolism with "BridgeGate". 

They went missing on 6/24 which was 124 days after Rihanna's bday. 
New Jersey=124
Holetown Beach=220
Like Rihanna's bday of 2/20. 

In regards to Water too....I've noticed a lot of stories involving Drowing lately again too. Even the player in the College World Series whose brother died from Drowing...or I think that's what the announcers talked about. 
Yesterday we got the story of the Drowned people at the border....
It's interesting seeing this "PINKY" story too. Remember how the Drowning and Pink themes went together. Now I see stories involving both in the media? 

Kamala Harris in relation to 8/10 and San Francisco

I'm trying to listen to the Gematria Effect while doing a bunch of other things..but I just heard Zach say something about Kamala Harris and how she's not technically black..which reminds me of David Ortiz. 
Anyway, reading through her information I find it interesting she is part Jamaican...just in regards to the Haile Selassie riddle and 310..810(Lion). 

It's also interesting she's from the San Francisco Bay area. 
I see her bday is 2 months 10 days after 8/10..
San Francisco California=210
Kamala Harris=222(Franc Baconis)
8/10 the 222nd day. 
Also it's 71 days..
Kamala Devi Harris=71
Her bday leaves 71 days in the year. 
Also earlier on the Gematria Effect Zach asked if anyone knew the riddle with "71" and the Democratic Debate. 

It's also interesting that is says her name comes from the Sanskrit for "Lotus Flower". 
Possibly nothing but in regards to the 1st black president, it reminds me of the Pink Lotus Flower in "I Pet Goat II" in which Obama starts sweating when he sees it. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Boy dies after falling in Trampoline Park-Synchronicity with Nick Jr

Matthew Lu=123
So right as I click on this story, I hear the TV say "Trampoline". 
It's some new TV show on NICKJr. that I have never seen called "Ryan's Mystery Playdate". 

No idea the point of the synchronicity but it's interesting both the kids look asian. 

I've been getting some weird messages on old music videos on youtube lately too. I wonder if "Trampoline" is somehow important to this video I have from 2012? 
That "No Awwdbry" comment was on my Horny Bear video which is also a Don't Funk Up the Volume contest entry....

We got a story today about Aubrey Trail as well in which I thought the Awwdbry might be connected to. 

Cam Newton Offers $1,500 to switch seats on plane leaving Paris-Thoughts about Super Bowl 50-Racism

This happened on 6/21 which was 41 days after Cam Newton's bday. 
Super Bowl=41, 131
Newton's bday is the 131st day of the year. 
It's interesting the story involves France which is something I have been saying is important to this year. 
Notice it's 226 days before Super Bowl LIV(54) as well. 
Carolina Panthers=226(Francis Bacon) also 310(rev FB)
Cam Newton=36

This story wasn't reported on until 6/23 according the article which is interesting as well. 
6/23 is the 174th day of the year. 
Carolina Panthers=174
Super Bowl LIV=174

Also remember how the major racism riddle in recent years with the NFL began with the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. Black Panthers vs the White Bronco...Cam NEWTON..Huey P. Newton....then Kaepernick kneels the next season....all of that important to Charles Manson and Helter Skelter....
I'm just wondering because of the connection to the Beach Boys Album 20/20....
Plus Super Bowl LIV is the 50th Super Bowl of the Modern Era. 
Since he had to sit "Coach", I wonder if there is a riddle with Ron Rivera the coach? 
He will turn 58 years old in January...
58 was the big number around the Black Panther symbolism. It's why Von Miller # 58 was the MVP and so on..
Peyton Manning=58(rev red) I see now too haha. This was before we knew reverse. 

I also wonder if there is something important to the Broncos considering their owner just died as well. 
Pat Bowlen=36
Cam Newton=36
Denver Colorado=227...the big number in connection to France this year. 

Also I've been documenting about Rihanna a lot again lately. She was important to the coding of Super Bowl 48 in which the Broncos lost bad to the Seahawks...

Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X make historic BET Awards performance-Cowboy-Charles Manson

I'm not sure if this is super important but earlier I got a message on my Death of Charles Manson video. A strange message too. 
Anyway now I'm seeing this story about Billy Ray Cyrus at the BET awards....
Notice my Charles Manson video I talked about a Cowboy theme....
So just thinking about Helter Skelter...Black People rising up...Billy Ray Cyrus the Country singer on BET....

The popularity of this song makes me think there is something special to guys like Bubba Sparxxx and Colt Ford too. 

Beth Chapman from Dog the Bounty Hunter in a Coma

This story comes 4 months 6 days before Beth Chapman's bday. 
Beth Chapman=46

It also comes 141 days after Dog's bday. 
Bounty Hunter=141

Remember on December 18th I had synchronicity with her too. It was 51 days after her 51st bday. 
She is still 51 years old. 
Dog=51(Franc Baconis)
South Park=51(my sync)

My sync was 46 days before Dog's bday. 

Also interesting...
Hawaii=101(Franc Baconis)
Duane Chapman=101
Dog=26...26th prime is 101

Also in regards to my sync with South was the episode where "IKE" the Canadian character is having sex with his teacher. 
Ike=51(Francis Bacon)

Indonesian Earthquake and 2015 Paris Attack happened 310 days after Charlie Hebdo attack

Just another example of Francis Bacon being used. 
The earthquake in the Taniman Islands was 208 Kilometers deep? 
Taniman Islands=208(Francis Bacons)
Taniman Islands=310(Franc Baconis)

This happened on 6/24 in Indonesia and being reported late 6/23 in the US. 

Modern Freemasonry founded on 6/24 and much more...
I just noticed a few interesting things with the FB ciphers in regards to this. 
Society of Jesus=191(simple)
Freemason=191(Franc Baconis)
Society of Jesus=239(Franc Baconis)
Illuminati=239(Rev Franc Baconis)
Paris, France=239(rev Franc Baconis)
Makes a lot more sense why Pope Francis visited the US in the 239th year of the US on the 223rd anniversary of the  French Republic. Then went to the White House on 23/9. 
Then we got the Paris Attacks on Friday the Thirteenth. 
Friday the Thirteenth=223
Napoleone di Buonaparte=223

I have mentioned a lot in regards to France and the connection to Pope Francis...France important to 227 this year. 
Pope Francis=227(rev Francis Bacon)
Look at that 2015 the Charlie Hebdo attack was 310 days before the Isis attack on 11/13. 

Think how the French Revolution began 3 months 10 days before Napoleon's bday..
Also Napoleon dying 3 months 10 days before his bday too. 
The Illuminati established 3 months 10 days(end date) before 8/10(Fall of French Monarchy). 
Johann Adam Weishaupt=310
Charles Theodore=310(outlawed Illuminati/Freemasonry)

Francis Bacon also died on 4/9 in history...
49th prime is 227.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Canadian Bacon Film-John Candy-Cool Runnings-Leon and 186

A few have mentioned the film "Canadian Bacon" to me, but I am just now getting around to looking at it. I have never seen the film, although I have heard of it. 
John Candy has a lot of interesting things about him....his bday was Halloween which there is something important too. Plus his name "Candy"...Slipknot's first ever album was released on Halloween....
The most memorable film for me with Candy in it though is "Cool Runnings" which the Jamaican bobsled team goes to CANADA to the Olympics. 
Of course Jamaica reminds us of Haile Selassie and 310. 
Also remember how the guy named "Leon" was in my John Stamos/Garfield video. Leon means Lion...
Leon Robinson...from Above the Rim...also CLIFFhanger.
The film came out on the anniversary of the French Republic and the day Des Moines, Iowa became incorporated too. 
Iowa and Canada both important to France. 
John Candy=186(Franc Baconis)

The big number I was documenting with Lori Loughlin was 186. In my original post about "Leon" Robinson, I mentioned 186 and Lori Louglin and August 10th. 
Pigs=186(eng ext)
Zach's original Youtube taken down 186 days after the car crash on the 186th day of the year. 

Eventually I will get around to watching this film, I just have so many others I'm trying to catch up on as well. Funny too that my favorite kind of pizza is Canadian Bacon with Mushrooms.