Friday, September 30, 2016

The Man Who Sold The World weird thing in my life today.

Just documenting a weird thing in my life today. I'm taking my daughter to the Homecoming Football game tonight so possibly look to see how it connects to today. 

Anway I had band practice this morning and I picked up my friend(band mate) on the way. As we were driving to the drummers house he told me how he wanted to add the song "The Man Who Sold The World"...the Nirvana version though. 
He's in another band as well and said they play it and it was an easy filler blah blah blah. 
So we went to practice and about a half hour in our drummer says, I think it would be cool to add "The Man Who Sold The World" to our set list. Neither one of us had said anything about it to him and we were like that's pretty weird.   Then on my way home from Omaha I turned on the radio and of course "The Man Who Sold The World" was playing. 
The Man Who Sold The World=100, 109, 262
Nirvana=34, 52, 79
David Bowie=49, 67, 94

Cav's Tyronn Lue offers Kevin Garnett a position on Staff. Teen Wolf, Nebraska, Chicago Bulls

Today we got an article about Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue. 
Of course he wants the original Teen Wolf to help him as Tyronn Lue is a former Nebraska Cornhusker. 
University Nebraska-Lincoln=333
The Story also comes on the day that leaves 93 days in the year. 
Minnesota Timberwolves=93

Lue also born on 5/3. 
That big number I keep talking about in regards to the Huskers. 

Of Course this story comes out 150 days after Lue's bday as well. 
Lincoln, Nebraska=150

Notice the Cavs only play the T-wolves 2 times this season too. 
Look at the Days. 
2/1....I just reposted a bunch of stuff about Garnett and the number's 12 and 21.  He retired after 21 seasons even. 
The 2nd time the Cavs play the T-wolves is on Valentines Day which of course is the 2nd day of Lupercalia the Wolf Festival. 


1966-67 NBA Season was the 21st season. 

The Chicago Bulls were the only expansion team that year as well. 
Bulls=12, 21(Small way)   
Chicago Bulls=112
Valentines day when the Cavs play the T-wolves also the 112th day of the season. 
Tyronn Lue=45=Valentines day the 45th day. 
Just interesting in regards to Dwayne Wade being a Bull now and how he's connected to Nebraska as well. Plus Michael Jordan has been very connected to multiple events as well and to the death of Sam Foltz. 

Off Subject but something to note about the NBA this year. The 1st day of the season to the NBA Finals is 219 days. 
Remember this number was huge around the Warriors last year. 
Back to Back Championships=219
Back to Back=69=Cleveland Cavaliers

The NBA All Star Game this year is also played on 2/19. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bengals beat Dolphins 22-7.

Real Quick just want to show some things I noticed in the game tonight. 
I said this game was 2 months 2 days after Tannehill's bday. 
It was the 22nd (End date) day of the season.
The 22nd time Dolphins played Bengals. 
Last time Dolphins won with 22 points. 
Twenty Two=165  Miami currently was winning 16-5 overall against the Bengals. 
Anyway notice the Bengals won with 22 points tonight. 
Their record is now 2-2. 

Dalton completed 22 passes on 31 attempts. 
If you include the End Date it was also 31 days before his bday. 

Mike Nugent the Bengals Kicker even went into the game with 220 FG's made. He made 5 tonight. 

The announcers made sure to tell us on his 5th kick that he made 2 from 22 as well. 
He wears # 2. 
Mike Nugent=47  Drafted 47th and scored the 22nd point for the Bengals tonight on a 47 yard kick making the score 22-7. It was his 227th made FG. 

Hoboken Train Crash, Chicago Cubs Tie

Today we got yet another Train Wreck, this time in Hoboken New Jersey. 
Hoboken=34, 43, 70
Remember the last big Train wreck was the Chester, PA wreck on 4/3. 
 Isn't it interesting too this comes the same day we get a story about Christie the Gov. of New Jersey helping Trump. Also just 2 days ago we got a story about Bridgegate and Christie. 

Christie said 114 people were injured..

The first ever baseball game was also played on 10/6/1845 in Hoboken, New Jersey. 

Today was also a special day in Baseball as the Cubs tied the Pirates. It was the first tie since 2005. 

I just want to point out the word "Tie"=114 like the amount injured. 
Also "Tie"=34  like the age of the only person to die..
Pirates=34, 88
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
Remember the Curse of the Billy Goat happened in the year 45' on 10/6. So exactly 100 years after the 1st ever game of baseball. 
Notice the Cubs also stay on 57 losses. 
World Series=57 
If Cubs finish with 103 wins in the regular season they will also have the chance to win the WS on their 114th game. 
Sixth inning=147=World Series 

The last time there was a tie interestingly enough involved "Houston"=112  and we are going into the 112th WS. 
Also the 2005 WS was the 101st WS. 
It was the year that the Chicago White Sox won for the first time in 88 years. They beat the Houston Astro's. 

Notice that tie was also 114 days before the 101st WS as well. The Astro's got swept.   I also want to point out that the game went to the 7th inning before being called a Tie. In the movie Charlie St. Cloud that is set in 2005 as well, his brother Sam dies in the 7th inning stretch. 

It happened 11 years 91 days ago. (Score tied 1-1?). 
Chicago Cubs=91
First MLB game on 5/4/1871

Today is also 26 days before the WS. 
Cubs still have 101 wins. 
26th prime is 101. 
CNN reports 1 dead more than 100 injured almost all day. 
Philadelphia=101 (From the book of Prophecy). 
Curse on 10/6..."Prophecy"=106

Also remember the Cimarron train derailment earlier this year heading to Chicago. 
Cimarron=46, 91=Chicago Cubs
It had 145 people on board originally reported. 

Chicago, Illinois=145
Cubs in 145th season. 
Haven't won in 108 years.  "One Hunred Forty Five"=108

Cimarron train wreck was 199 days ago. 
46th prime is 199

I'm gonna look more into the this recent train wreck tomorrow, when I get more time. Possibly later tonight though. 

Lady Gaga to perform Super Bowl LI haltime show

We find out today that Lady Gaga is the halftime show at Super Bowl 51. 

Today is 130 days before SB 51. 
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta=130(Real name). 

Notice too SB 51 is 51 days before her 31st bday. 
Lady Gaga=31
Her bday also on the 87th day of the year. 
Superbowl Fifty One=87

The news comes 23 days before her new album "Joanne" is released. 

Dolphins vs Bengals Thursday Night 9/29/2016

Tonight we have the Dolphins vs Bengals. 

It's the 21st time they have met in the Regular season and the 22nd overall time they have played. 
The Regular season record is Miami 15-5 over Bengals. 
Interesting if Miami loses the record will be 15-6 against the Bengals. 
Cincinnati Bengals=156
Six=16...Miami going for 16  reg season Wins. 
Sixteen=33, 96

But overall Miami is 16-5 going into this game...
If Miami loses they will be 16-6. 
One Hundred Sixty Six=95, 257
Thursday Night Football=95, 257 
September Twenty Ninth=95, 275

Tonights game is 1065 days after the last time they played. 

The last time they played Miami won with 22 points so interesting it's the 22nd time overall they are playing. 
Whoever wins the game will have a record of 2-2 on the season as they are both 1-2 right now. 
9+29+20+16=74(Today's game). 
Paul Brown Stadium=74 

Depending on the end date today is also the 21st or 22nd day of the season too. 
Twenty Two=165

Dolphins QB Tannehill is playing his 68th NFL game. 
He's 2-0 currently against the Bengals. 

Tannehill's bday was also 2 months 2 days ago. (No end date)

It's Andy Dalton's 81st game. He's 0-2 against Miami. 

Today is 30 days before his Bday. 
So interesting if Bengals lose Dolphins will be 3-0 against Dalton, 30 days before his bday. 

The first time he played the Dolphins was his 21st game losing with a total score of 30.  He attempted 43 passes...Dolphins=43
Today is also the 21st day of the regular season.(no end date)
The 21st time they have played in the regular season.  

Dolphins coach is in his first year as head coach. 
So his record is 1-2 overall currently. 
Adam Gase=51
Nice that he is the coach in the Dolphins 51st season. 
He's 38 years old...If Tannehill loses tonight he will get his 38th career loss. 

Tonights game is Bengals coach Marvin Lewis' 212th career game. 
He's 113-96 currently. 
113 is the 30th prime number too. (Dalton 30 stuff..)

The Dolphins currently 6-5 on Thursday night games and 1-3 on the road. 
Paul Brown Stadium=65
Miami Florida=65
So either be 6-6 or 7-5.....2-3 or 1-4 on the road. 
Cincinnati Bengals=75
Thursday Night=66
I went through and counted the seasons as well as I can't find the Bengals all time Thursday Night record but I counted they are 6-5 as well. 

This has been the NFL headline story on today. 
# 55 front and center. 
Marvin Lewis=55
Dolphins going for 17th win over Bengals. Tannehill wears # 17
Seventeen=55, 109  
257 is the 55th prime (One Hundred Sixty Six=257)
Sacrifice=55 and notice the 67 in the background as well. 
Blood Sacrfice=67 

Vontaze Burfict=65
Miami Dolphins=79

He's coming back from Suspension on his 48th game. 
Notice he has 30 wins too possibly getting his 17th loss. 

Laremy Tunsil also getting his first start. 
Remember everything about him was 48 and 13. 
He posted the twitter pic 13 minutes before the draft then got drafted 13th. 
Ole Miss won with 48 points in his final game.. He was drafted on 4+28+16=48
Tunsil=23, 32, 95
Left Tackle=32, 95
September Twenty Ninth=95
One Hundred Sixty Six=95

We also have CB Maxwell # 41 of the Dolphins benched tonight. 
13th prime is 41. 

This guy starting for Maxwell. 
Notice he's played 13 games. 
Tannehill=41, 95
Thursday Night Football=95
Paul Brown=41(Stadium)
Week Four=41, 104
Dan Marino wore # 13 as well..
Marino=70=Miami Dolphins
Marino turned 55 years old 14 days ago. 

Even got this article on headline earlier.
Fourteen=41, 104
Bengals coach in his 14th season as well. 

We'll see what happens in the game.