Wednesday, November 30, 2016

523 and 235 connections to 112 and 117 that I've been seeing together..seemingly connected to political assassination.

My phone data is about gone but I had to post this before it goes. 
So I re found Zachary K Hubbard's post about someone sending him a letter in the mail with the picture below. 
It's a game of Sudoku missing the 5's and highlighted the 2 and 3's. At the time there was a lot of stuff in regards to 523 and 235 going around, making us think that May 23rd or August 22nd/23rd(235th day) would be a significant date. 
So as I'm looking at this, I stopped for a few minutes and picked up the house to think about what else we might've been missing with it. I picked up the French Onion Dip my girlfriend had sitting out and it had a price tag of $2.35 on it. 
Earlier today I looked at my phone after I got off work and it was 5:23. 
I couldn't figure anything else out with the Sudoku so I gave up and went to CNN to see any stories I wanted to save the link for to look at when I get internet back. The first story I see is about the world's Oldest Living Person. 
Oldest Living Person=91, 235

The lady is 117 years old. 

Anyway I've been covering since the death of Sam Foltz how the numbers 112 and 117 seem to be together a whole lot and I'm not sure what the exact reasoning is for this but I keep seeing them together. 

The reason I posted this was because I added 235 and 523. 
Two Hundred Thirty Five=112
Five Hundred Twenty Three=117

So interesting how the 235 and the 523 are in connection to the 112 and 117 in some way. 

A lot of the 235/523 seems to be connected to a political assassination possibly of Trump. 

There's a lot more to the Sudoku stuff, but too much to type right now. 
It's 9X9   and 99 is a big number in regards to political assassinations. 
Abe Lincoln died 9 hours 9 minutes after being shot and a lot more. 

My first Youtube Video(Song) is about Gematria and I didn't even realize it

So other than my hotspot I have not internet or tv, I'm sitting here bored I thought I would read through my old book I wrote from like 2007? 
It was basically a journal of ideas and thoughts I had for multiple years and just finally started writing the stuff down one day. I've learned a lot since writing it and learned a lot from going back and thinking about some of the things I've mentioned in it.  

I made a video playlist of it on Youtube so it's free to read. I put a lot of my really old music behind it that you can mute if you want to read it. 
Anyway in Chapter 3 of the playlist I just realized the song playing in the background is like my one of my oldest songs ever called Tasteless. 
I noticed when the song Tasteless is playing on Youtube I actually talk about how numbers don't make sense and you can make them be what you want them to be. The reasoning I said this at the time was because of all the Youtube and other truth stuff I had seen that involved numbers didn't make sense. I see what the point was now as they were just trying to make people who use numbers look like crazy retards and most people at the time were not making sense. There are still a lot of channels out there doing this same thing. There is no structure behind what they are talking about..Example saying Jesus had 12 disciples and  he died on the 25th day of the 12th month.  12+25+12=49  4+9=13 now multiply that by 3 because of the Trinity and we get 13X3=39  now add 10 because of the 10 commandments and viola we get "49" yet again..... You see what I'm saying? There is no structure you can make it equal whatever you want it to.  
You can do this with Gematria as well and it's obvious some people are doing this to try and discredit it. 
The point I'm making is that before Gematria/Calendar I never saw any structure in the numbers other than what people wanted to see with them. 

Anyway moral of the story Tasteless was also the first video I ever put up on Youtube which is hilarious to me as when I started my Youtube Channel Years ago I never knew anything about Gematria. Check out the lyrics and you will see why it's funny to me...

The main Lyric is: 

ABC's just never meant much to me and 123's I can't Counterfeit. 
I mean what are the odds that my first video is basically about Gematria before I even knew what it was and now my channel has turned into using ABC's and 123's? lol sorry it's like I was meant to show people this. 

Why I haven't responded to comments or been online as much lately. Coded Computer test at my new job.

71 kidding. 
Brazil Soccer Team=71

I'm sure there's much more to this story, but I looked at it earlier at my mom's house figured I'd post the first thing I saw. 

Sorry to anyone who has been messaging me lately, there's a number of reasons why I haven't replied. 
First thing is the same old thing, it just plain won't let me reply to many people on my blog or youtube. It literally won't even load the box for me to type and if it does it won't let the message send. Once in a great while it works again, and on other's blogs for example Zachary K Hubbard's blog it lets me respond only to certain people. 

I also do not have internet at my house right now. I've wanted to post so much more and make videos but I literally can't right now. (I'm using the hotspot on my phone right now). A bunch of stuff happened and we are super behind on the bills and the internet company disconnected us. Should be back on by December 9th when my girlfriend gets paid again. Possibly sooner if I ask my mom to borrow me some money until I get paid but we'll see. We will be back on track in a month or so, but I started working again and my girlfriend started a new job so neither one of us get paid for almost 3 weeks. 

It's awesome too lol I got a job at the gas station in town and today I had to take a computer test about selling tobacco to minors. In the Stats on the screen they showed something about the numbers 440,000 and 193,000. 
I seriously was like you've got to be kidding me...telling me about how cigarettes are bad and not to sell them to minors with coded numbers. 
193 is the 44th prime. 
Gas Station=44
Tobacco=59   (Kill=59 in Jewish)
Just wanted to make a post letting people know why I haven't been on so much and why I can't respond to them. To be honest it's been somewhat nice to get away from the TV and internet.  It will be all good soon though I'm sure.  Peace.  

Monday, November 28, 2016

Purdue University-Eugene Cernan and Neil Armstrong First and Last guys on the Moon

I was reading through some of the comments on one of Zach's blog Post's and I remembered I had in my notes about this guy a few weeks ago. I couldn't respond to the message of course though as It doesn't let me respond to anyone it seems. So figured I'd post a bit about what I had written down. 
I remembered while watching the Wisconsin vs Purdue game this year they mentioned how the above guy (Eugene Cernan) was alma matter at Purdue along with Neil Armstong. Cernan is the last man to walk on the moon and Armstrong was the first. 
I've covered a lot of stuff in regards to the Moon and how it connects to Lupercalia/Teen Wolf and also how the Native American Theme is somehow interrelated with the Royalty/Moon stuff. 

Eugene Cernan=112
He's 1 of 12 people to walk on the Moon. 
Fidel Castro=112
The Moon stuff reminds me of the Space Race during the Cold War too. 
Ohio State=112 and of course we got that story today as well. 

In the Navy he was in Attack Squadron 126 and 112. 

He has the rover land speed record of 11.2 mph. 

Purdue is in Indiana(Land of the Indians)

Neil Armstrong died age 82. Right now Cernan is 82 years old. Cernan's birthday is also Pi Day 3/14. 
Neil Armstrong born on 8/5. 
Purdue University=85
Remember the Simpsons Killed Armstrong off with Prince on the episode that came out on 11/2. Prince died on 112th day of the year on the night of a Full Moon. 

Neil Armtrong's death day was 82 days before the Extra Super Moon on 11/14. 

The next Super Moon this Year is on December 14th which is 112 days after Neil Armstrong's death day. 

Also just the name Cernan reminds me a lot of CERN. 

Kaepernick's pro-castro comments anger Miami Fans...88, Sam Foltz-Obama's Cuba Trip-much more

Pro Castro Comments=74
Colin Kaepernick=74
Miami Fans=49
Fidel Castro=49
The 49ers
Havana Cuba=74

Today we got a story about Kaepernick making Pro Castro comments that angered Miami fans. 
Remember Kaepernick is part of the Nebraska Cornhusker coding as Sam Foltz last game was in Levi's Stadium where the 49ers play and more. 
Sam Foltz wore # 27
His death was showing us the 1971 championships of Football. (Nebraska vs LSU and Colts vs Cowboys)
I'm pretty sure that's why Michigan also lost to Ohio State with 27 points. 
SF....Sam Foltz...San Francisco. 
Fidel Castro was born on August 13th which is also the day the Berlin Wall construction began. 
There's been a lot of Gate stuff in the news lately too. I mentioned how the death of the Brady Bunch mom is reminding us of Deflate GATE...Pizza GATE,  Bridge GATE. 
A Gate is similar to a Wall. 
The Golden GATE Bridge. 

The night game tonight was also tied 27-27 for a long time in OT until the Chiefs won with 5 seconds left. 

Notice his shirt as well..."Like Minds Think Alike". 
Like Minds Think Alike=88, 196
The Star Spangled Banner=88

This story comes out exactly 8 months and 8 days after Obama arrived in Cuba becoming the first acting president to go to Cuba in 88 years. 
John Calvin Coolidge=88
Some people have even talked about how Kaepernick is possibly actually the son the Barack Obama. 

This story also comes 93 days or 3 months 1 day after Kaepernick first knelt in the preseason Packers game. 
Malcolm X=93
Martin Luther King Jr=93
Both died age 39. 

The Dolphins won the game on the last play in which Kaepernick tried to run in a TD. He was stopped by none other than Ex-Nebraska Cornhusker Suh who wears # 93. 
Ndamukong Suh=49
San Francisco Forty Niners=114
Remember Suh's 114 million dollar contract as well. 

Notice too August 26th 2016 was the 239th day of the year. 
Golden Gate=239
Pope Francis visited Cuba and the United States in 2015 which was the 239th year of the US. 
He arrived in America on his 923rd day being the Pope and went to the White House at 9:23 on 9/23 or 23/9. 
Pope Francis and San Francisco both named after St. Francis of Assisi. 

Plutonium-239 was used in the Manhattan Project too. They referred to it as "49". 
Two Hundred Thirty Nine=112
Fidel Castro=49, 112 

Notice the total score of that game was also 21+10=31
The game before and after it the 49ers scored 31 points as well. 
Cold War=31

The Dolphins also beat the 49ers today with 31 points. 
Notice Miami's record of 7-4 now and 49ers 1-10. 

There's a lot of interrelated things going on with the Kaepernick stories we keep getting. Not gonna re mention the Moses/Civil War/Teen Wolf/Book of Mormon stuff. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Nebraska loss to Iowa and Michigan's loss to Ohio State yet again 17's

Nebraska lost again yesterday to Iowa, so not finishing 11-2 like I thought they might. They keep getting these 17 tributes though in all the games. 
In the 2nd Quarter when the clock was at exactly 7:17 with 17 seconds on the play clock they zoomed in on # 17 Ryker Fyfe and started talking about his cast on his hand. 

They later show us the Nebraska vs Iowa game in 1981 in which Iowa won 10-7...10+7=17
1981 was also 35 years ago. 

Nebraska was down by 17 points at halftime. 

Right after halftime they show us Tommy Armstrong's stats. 
He was 7-17 passing. The whole game they talked about how he was 100 percent because of his hamstring which was coded to 17 as well in my previous posts. 

I haven't figured it out completely but I think the Michigan loss was interrelated to the Nebraska stuff going on. I've mentioned how Nebraska is super connected to Teen Wolf as they are in the background all through out the movie. Michigan is the wolverines. 
Teen Wolf=1126(Jewish) A lot like today's date of 11/26. 

The Michigan game was 10-7 at half...10+7=17

It went to OT with a score of 17-17. 

Michigan loses after Ohio State scores. The player who wins the game is named "Samuel". 
Samuel=17, 71
Reminding us of Nebraska Punter Sam Foltz. 
Notice Michigan had 27 points.. Sam Foltz wore # 27. 

Michigan lost to Ohio State who scored 30 points. 
Nebraska lost to Iowa by 30 points. (40-10)

The 17th prime is 59. Michigan was going for it's 59th win against Ohio State. 
The 30th prime is 113..It was the 113th time they've played each other. 
# 3 Michigan loses by 3 points. 
They showed a stat at the end of the game where JT Barrett has won 3 times against Michigan in his 3 starts. 
Michigan pretty much lost because # 3 Speight threw 2 interceptions. 
Michigan known as Team 137 this year....
33rd prime is 137. 

Funny as I'm typing this I looked at Espn to check the scores and of course the other big 10 games have 17 involved in them at this moment. I know most likely it will change, but pretty weird. 

Ohio state vs Michigan game keeps going to a green screen.

Watching the Michigan vs Ohio State game so far I've noticed the screen has done this more than once. It goes to a green screen. 
Green Screen=59, 113

This is the 113th time these teams have played each other and if Michigan wins it will be the 59th time. 
The Brady Bunch=59

Ohio State=49 and it would be their 49th win against Michigan. 

Fidel Castro is Dead (short post)

Fidel Castro died on 11/25. 
Fidel Castro is Dead=73, 82, 154
Fidel Castro=49, 58, 112

The first thing that stands out the most to me is that he was born on August 13th. 
Donald Trump=138
He just won the election on the 27th anniversary of the Berlin Wall being torn down. The Berlin Wall construction began on 13/8. 
Think about the Berlin Wall and Cuba in regards to the Cold War. We also had the Pope go to Cuba before he came to the United States in 2015.  He went on the 262nd day of the year then 26 weeks 2 days later Obama went. When Obama was there we got the supposed Brussels attack. 
Clinton=262 and she clinched the democratic nomination 262 days after the 262nd day of the year. 

Castro dies 104 days after his bday. 
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz=104, 257

I'll look more at this tomorrow, I'm sure there is a lot going on with it, just too tired to think anymore right now. I'm guessing there is a connection to the death of Jose Fernandez as well. 

Death of Florence Henderson and Ann B Davis-Tom Brady/Brady Bunch/Reagan Assassination attempt/Thanksgiving/Michigan Wolverines/Deflate Gate and more.

Yesterday on Thanksgiving Day we got the death of Florence Henderson who was mostly known as being Carol Brady on the Brady Bunch. 

You have to love how she died 82 days before her bdays and she died age 82. 
She was born on Valentines Day the 45th day of the year. 
Carol Brady=45

I can't help but remember the death of "Alice" (Ann B Davis) on the Brady Bunch a few years back. 
Remember she died age 88 right around the time Dr. Dre bought Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen's House. 
The Brady Bundchen House...Then later that year in Superbowl 49 Tom Brady and the Patriots went on to win the Superbowl. 
Dr. Dre=49  born on 49th day of the year. Dre was 49 years old when he bought the house. 
That Superbowl had the Snickers Brady Bunch Commercial even. 
Snickers=35, 44, 98
Brady Bunch=44, 98
Tom Brady=44, 98 (Became Starter at Michigan in 98')
Lupercalia=44, 98(Roman Wolf Festival with 2nd day being on Henderson's bday)
Michigan Wolverines=98
Jim Harbaugh=98
Ninety Eight=64

Notice Ann B Davis also went to the University of Michigan. 
I think the death of Florence Henderson is a tribute to Michigan who is playing Ohio State tomorrow. 

Think about the Pilgrims as well, they supposedly established New England...Now Florence Henderson dies on Thanksgiving...

Notice the only tweet on the article that CNN shows us is from "Shauna". 
Golden Gate Blond=137
2014 Michigan Wolverines were also called Team 135 because of the 135th year Tradition...Which means this year would be Team 137. 

They also tell us Henderson almost didn't do the Brady Bunch because she was shooting "Song of Norway". 
Song of Norway=64

If you include the End Date Davis even dies 908 days before Henderson, which reminds us of 98. 

If you don't use the End Date they died 907 days apart. 
155th prime is 907. 

Henderson died age 82 so I figured I'd look up the 82nd episode of the Brady Bunch. Of Course it reminds us of the death of Ann B Davis. 
"Goodbye, Alice, Hello"=155
Notice it came out on November 24th too, the same day that Henderson dies just 44 years ago. (Lupercalia, Tom Brady...)
New England Patriots=82
The Story about Dr. Dre buying the Brady-Bundchen House came out on 6/4/14 which was the 155th day of the year. 

Interesting the day after that episode aired Michigan lost to Ohio State who was ranked number 9/8. They lost 11-14 too which reminds me of the Extra Super Moon date this year. (Wolf's...Moon...Michigan got first loss days before). 
Thanksgiving Day=72 

Remember after Ann B Davis died later that year Michigan fired Brady Hoke. 
Yet again a Brady...
Brady Hoke=44, 89
Notice he was born on 11/3.

Hoke's bday sticks out to me, because the TV keeps showing us that tomorrow's game is the 113th match between Michigan and Ohio State. Although on Winsipedia it says 112th. 
The TV keeps saying it's 58-48-6 with Michigan winning. 
Ohio State=112, 49
University of Michigan=112
Going by the TV it would be interesting if Ohio State got it's 49th win to sync up to the Superbowl 49 Sacrifice. 
But also keep in my  "The Brady Bunch"=59 and Michigan would get it's 59th win. 

Henderson also dies 113 days after Tom Brady's 39th bday. 

November 24th is also the day that leaves 37 days. Remember Tom Brady was 37 years old in 2014. It was also the same season of Deflategate. The 37th episode of the Brady Bunch is about Peter playing ball in the house and not confessing about breaking a Vase. Lol called Confessions, Confessions. 
Funny how they waited until this year 2016...for Brady to do the 4 game suspension as well. He made his sacrifice. 
The Brady Bunch=131=Superbowl
Deflate Gate=41=Superbowl

The Patriots scored 45 points in Deflate Gate. 
Carol Brady=45
45-7.....457 is the 88th prime number. Ann B Davis died age 88. 
Trump=88  elected to be the 45th president. The BB...88
America's Mom=110, 56, 47
President=110, 56, 47
This year on Valentines Day it will be the 88th anniversary of the St. Valentines Day Massacre. 
In regards to Dr. Dre...Straight Outta Compton came out on 8/8/88. 
Valentines day is also 14/2. 
Chicago sticks out because the Patriots 1st Super Bowl was against the 85' Bears. (All the 46's previously mentioned). 
Brady's football's deflated 2 PSI....PSI=23rd letter of Greek Alphabet. 223. 
PSY the Gangnam Style song guy was 37 years old when the Patriots won SB 49. 
Rafael the ninja turtle had 2 PSI's....The painter Rafael died on his 37th bday, born on 4/6 or 6/4
Michigan=46, 64
Patriots=37, 46
If I remember right too, Katie Perry was the halftime show in Super Bowl 49. She was supposedly grown up in a super Christian Family and her mom wouldn't let her eat Lucky Charms because LUCK reminded her of Lucifer. Deflate Gate involved the Colts and Andrew Luck. 
Deflate Gate was because of the game on 1/18. 
The Colts suspected the Patriots of doing this when they played each other in Week 11 as well. The Patriots got their 8th win that game...118. 

Notice on the 37th episode of Brady Bunch when Peter Breaks the Vase, it's next to a Horse Statue too. 

Also don't forget that James BRADY died in 2014 as well. He was shot in the Ronald Reagan Assassination attempt which they keep telling us about with Donald Trump. 
James Brady=98
They also ruled his death a Homicide on 8/8..2014. 

James Brady died 64 days after Ann B Davis. 

Brady died age 73 and then his wife Sarah died age 73 exactly 7 months 30 days after him on 4/3. 
Sarah Brady=43

Henderson died 73 days before Super Bowl 51. 

Eighty Two=51
Dr. Dre is currently 51 years old. 

In regards to the year 1972, I wonder if they are showing us Super Bowl 7. There's been a lot of connection to Miami with the Colts and the Cowboys I've mentioned before. 
I covered SB 7 somewhere in my videos, I'll have to find them but I talked about Garo's Gaffe and how it was played on the same day "Elvis in Hawaii" was filmed. 
Elvis in Hawaii Super Bowl 7...Garo's Gaffe 77
Hawaii originally called the Sandwich Islands because of James Cook who died on Valentines day. 
Dolphins established 51 years ago. 
Dolphins=97....It's the 97th NFL season. 
Valentines day is 14/2. 
Miami Dolphins=142
Superbowl 6 that was played in 1972 was the Cowboys and the Dolphins. 
Dallas Cowboys=151
Valentines Day=151

Dallas=49, 118(Fitting the Deflate Gate coding). 
I mean how funny would it be...The Indians lose in the World Series and then the Cowboys make the Super bowl? Cowboys and Indians lol.  I don't think many people would catch on to that theme as they would if the Chiefs or Redskins or an obvious native american team would make the Super Bowl? The Cowboys just defeated the Redskins on Thanksgiving lol it's hilarious to me. 
 The Death of Sam Foltz I noticed they were showing us Super Bowl 5 when the Colts beat the Cowboys in Miami so we will see. 

We'll see what happens tomorrow in the Ohio State vs Michigan game. I think Michigan is going to win but who knows possibly they are going to lose just like 2014 when Ann B Davis died. 
The Patriots and Cowboys have both been to 8 Superbowls...88? 
Remember in 2014 # 88 Dez Bryant got super ripped off on the game winning catch? 
Also Tony Romo born on 112th day of the year....
SB 51 in "Houston"=112
Got some more research to do, just saw Fidel Castro died so gonna have to look at that.