Tuesday, January 26, 2021

James Bond released pushed back to 10/8 and more Moon connections-Buzz Aldrin-Michael Collins-Neil Armstrong-218


I was thinking about the Bond stuff at work today and how there is still something important to the Moon with it after last night. I then realized that the new film got pushed back to 2 months 18 days after the 52nd anniversary of the Moon landing. 
So Neil Armstrong died on Sean Connery's bday in 2012...after the Batman shooting that had the James Bond film that said Aurora...The other guys on Apollo 11 were Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins...
Notice Sean Connery died on Michael Collins bday...so even more so connected to the Moon landing as I have shown. 
Buzz Aldrin=52, 56, 264(FB)
Sean Connery=52, 56, 264(FB)

Neil Armstrong died 218 days after Buzz Aldrin's bday...Notice how Buzz's bday was 9 months 11 days before Michael Collins that year too. 
I've been showing how these numbers have a relationship..
Buzz Aldrin=185(FB)
Apollo 11 landed on the moon a span of 185 days before his bday on 20/1. 
Neil Alden Armstrong=201
Sean Connery=185(FB)
World Trade Center=185
The WTC Attacks were 185 days after Osama bin Laden's bday. 
Osama bin Laden=218(FB)
Twins Towers=218(FB)
The World Trade Center=218

Notice Aldrin just turned 91 years old too...
The Space Race ended in 91'. 
Michael Collins will turn 91 on Halloween 2021. 

This guy stands out when looking at the list of the 24 people who have flown to the moon...only because his bday is St. Patrick's Day...
Ken Mattingly=52 
2/18 to the 52nd anniversary of the Moon is 5 months 2 days too. 
James Bond=52
Sean Connery=52

Elon Musk=218(FB)

This is a special year for the moon too...
It's the year 21' and currently in the 51st anniversary of the moon landing. 
Moon=21 and 51

Full Moon=108
Bond film on 10/8? 

We better pay attention to these astronauts and the connection to China with Space(Aurora Plaza). 

No Time to Die=57

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  1. Moon = 218 hebrew gematria
    Fifty seven = 1361 Jewish
    1361 the 218th prime