Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Philadelphia 76ers beat the Lakers on their 19th Game of the Season in relation to my last post about Space Jam/Allen Iverson Video-Earthquake


Ha! I missed something with this game earlier at work...I mentioned how it was synced to my Allen Iverson video being restricted and removed all synced up to the numbers 65 and 19....Notice tonight it was the Philadelphia 76ers 19th game of the season and also the Lakers 19th game....They ended up winning and not becoming 12-7 on 12/7.."Philadelphia"=127(FB)....but that doesn't surprise me at all matter how well something lines up in sports when I see it, it's almost always the opposite outcome....I am just amazed that I missed the 19th game thing as that was the more important thing I was trying to understand....

So again I got a copyright claim from YouTube showing me the pattern I was talking about on my drive home last's hilarious...

The game was won by a basket made by Tobias Harris with a few seconds left in the game, just like Zach LaVine's shot in 2019....Notice Tobias Harris as the 19th Pick in the draft too.
He is averaging 19.8 points a game. 
His bday is 15/7..
Kobe Bryant=157 and 58
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Tobias Harris=58
15/7 is the 196th day leaving 169 was 196 days after his bday and 169 days before. 

Kobe and Harris both drafted by Charlotte....this stands out because Charlotte plays in the Spectrum Center...recall the Philadelphia Earthquake symbolism is synced to Hulk Hogan and The Spectrum in Philadelphia. 
The year 19' was the year important to 8/11 synced to this narrative as well....8/11 to 1/27 is 169 days and 196 days before 8/11. 
Tisha B'Av in 2021 begins on 7/17...this is interesting because Yahweh in Hebrew looks like a 717. 

Philadelphia Seventy Sixers=136

They are now 13-6.

The 76ers scored 107 points...just like in the game on 3/6/2019 when the lost to the Bulls and Zach you can't make this up....



A total score of 213...

Los Angeles in the 213 area code.

Los Angeles=213(FB)

Kobe Bean Bryant=213(FB)

The NBA Finals=213

The Space Jam stuff had a lot to do with Teen Wolf and Lupercalia which begins on 2/13 too....It will be interesting to see if we get something with Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, Zach LaVine, Kevon Looney, or Andrew Wiggins as they were also connected to this narrative. Or Nebraska and UCLA...

Philadelphia's next game on 1/29 is against the Minnesota Timberwolves too...


Los Angeles...Earthquakes...hmm or possibly the Philadelphia one I have mentioned since 2015/Bridgewater Iverson video was 15 minutes cause of my strike on the Bridgewater shooting/They Live...

Philadelphia earthquake=109

Los Angeles=109

I'm also wondering about the number 156 that was important to the Allen Iverson stuff....the Lakers could potentially become 15-6 against the "Boston Celtics"=156..and the 76ers could do the same thing against the Indiana Pacers on 1/31...we'll see how it plays out though..just wondering as I've mentioned a lot about St. Patricks Day would be their 21st games in the year 21'. 

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