Friday, January 22, 2021

Tom Brokaw retiring from NBC after 55 years in connection to Allen Iverson


You have to be kidding me...Tom Brokaw announces he is retiring....remember he is a major reason why Allen Iverson got out of jail early and so on...
Thomas John Brokaw=317(FB)
What are the odds he equals 317 after my last 2 posts. 

He did the NBC Nightly News for 22 years and now dies on the 22nd day of 21'. 
NBC Nightly News=67
Thomas John Brokaw=67
Allen Iverson's bday is 6/7. 

Retires after 55 years. 

Notice the article goes on to mention his broadcast during the 9/11 attacks too. 

This story comes a span of 230 days after Allen Iverson's bday. 
Allen Iverson=230(FB)

It also comes a span of 146 days after John Thompson died. 
Allen Iverson=146

The 22nd day. 

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