Saturday, January 2, 2021

YouTube unblocked my "Focus(Film)" video-Ninja Turtles/ commercial and Blackout/Paris-Guys parachute off Nashville Hotel

I was looking at my Allen Iverson videos and I noticed that my "Focus" video is back on's strange because it was blocked by YouTube right after I put it out and now It's on YouTube again? 
I put that video on YouTube on the date 12/9...
I just documented about Allen Iverson and Ewing having bday's that are 1 month 29 days apart..
In my post last year about this "Focus" video I also mentioned Ninja Turtles being important to a Blackout in Paris..connected to the commercial....
Think about Casey Jones in relation to the Ninja Turtles and how Bobby Simpson/Nashville stuff was important to France. 

I think this might be why we got a story about men parachuting from a HOTEL roof in Nashville today..
Batman/Blackout Bowl... commercial with Blackout Dates..
Paris Hilton...
Parachute=39, 51
Batman=39, 51
Nashville=39, 51

Interesting that Paris Hilton is currently 39 years old too. Nicole Richie is also 39 years old. 
The Christmas bomb was a span of 55 days before her bday too..
Think about Focus and the number 55..
Focus involves the Saints and the Blackout Bowl in 2013 happened in New Orleans. 

It's also intersting to think about in regards to taking out the power grid that Zach has talked a good amount about..Also the Cyber Polygon Event..

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