Friday, August 31, 2018

Adam Beach aka Kickin Wing on Joe Dirt

I was gonna make some videos earlier, but Zamien woke up and I couldn't. I turned on Joe Dirt 2 as I've been wanting to watch it again recently. Just because of the Indian guy and the death of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ed King....
Anyway I looked up the guy who plays Kickin Wing on Joe Dirt...
Interesting bday of 11/11...
He also plays SLIPKNOT in the Suicide Squad....
Also FLAGS of our Fathers....

Anyway just read how wikipedia describes his Early life. This is the type of stuff I noticed with numbers before ever learning Gematria. 
When he was 8 years old, his 8 month pregnant mother was killed  by a drunk driver. Then 8 weeks later they found his father dead Drowned in the community. Then he lived with his grandma from age 8 to 12. 
I mean why so many 8's mentioned on here? 

Aretha Franklin's Funeral to have Pink Cadillacs-Elvis' famous Pink Cadillac-Robert Johnson sold his SOUL

A Story about the HART Family along with a story about PINK Cadillacs on the top of CNN right now. 
Remember the Pink stuff was connected to Goldberg who was a tag team partner with Bret Hart....also the death of Jim Neidhart who was a partner of Bret Hart died not too long ago also. 

Pink Cadillac makes me think of 2 things....
Mary Kay and the film Pink Cadillac with Clint Eastwood. 

I just re-looked at Aretha Franklin and I noticed she was born in Memphis but died in Detroit....Reminds me of Rocky Colavito and the Holy Fire....He was traded to Detroit the same day the Indians played the Exhibition game in Memphis and the Stadium later burned down. 

Also I see Elvis owned a famous PINK Cadillac....think about Elvis also being from Memphis(dying there) and Aretha Franklin dying the same day as Elvis. 

Elvis first owned a Pink Cadillac but was destroyed in a fire between Hope and Texarkan, Arkansas....He later bought a new Cadillac and painted it Pink....then it was wrecked by Scotty Moore in Texarkana, Texas? 
Pink Cadillac=95
Interesting Elvis' guitar player was Scotty MOORE as well. 

Think about this for a second....
It's said that Elvis had the SOUL of Robert Johnson..the original member of the 27 Club. 
Robert Johnson supposedly sold his SOUL to the Devil at a crossroads outside of Rosedale, Mississippi. The Devil told him he could got the other way to CLEVELAND, MS...or go to look at the river, or turn around, but if he went straight he would become a star basically. 
Interesting Cleveland is even mentioned in this story....

So now Aretha Franklin dies on the same day Robert Johnson and Elvis Die....
She's the Queen of SOUL...
The Blues Brothers song "Soul Man"...

This might sound strange, but if you remember earlier this year I documented about my friend Cody wearing a Seattle Mariners hat. It was weird considering he's a Cubs fan....but anyway a big thing we have in common is we both love 90's rap/R&B. We always play the song Candy Rain everytime we are at the bar together....just interesting it's by SOUL for Real...
It came out on 3/28....
Chicago, Illinois=328(Jewish)

In the beginning of Candy Rain they also sing "Ain't No Sunshine" in the very beginning..When I looked this song up it talked about Bill Withers writing in regards to a Jack LEMMON movie....also mentions Donald Duck of the Blues Brothers...
It also talks of Withers performing it on "The Old Grey Whistle Test"....which is where Lynyrd Skynyrd dedicated the song "Free bird" to the death of Duane Allman....

Soul also makes me think of Seoul, South Korea...
Also SOL in spanish is Sun. 

Also the Band Soul Asylum from Minneapolis...their original guitar player is Dan Murphy....just sticks out in regards to Daniel Murphy and the Cubs...
Also the band Smile Empty Soul sticks out and my Cuban Friend Tom who I documented about earlier this year is once again going on tour with them.

Collective Soul is out of Atlanta and the lead singer is born on 8/3...that's perfect for SB 53 being in Atlanta this year...

Also I see the song Soul Man was on Josh and Drake too. Remember they were important to the film Drillbit Taylor and the Pink symbolism. 

Another thing I should look into is Blessid Union of Souls...I've noticed recently I've been getting the song "Jelly" in my head a lot. 
It's not even one of their hits, so it seems odd to me. 

Cubs Daniel Murphy-Joe Maddon in connection to the Jacksonville MADDEN Shooting-Cubs vs Mets suspended Game-Cole Hamels-Daylight Savings Time in 1918 and the Ohio Clock

I got some awesome info earlier in regards to the Cubs and the Jacksonville shooting. 
Daniel Murphy was just recently traded to the Cubs. Remember he is in connection to the Curse of the Billy Goat as the goat was named "Murphy". The day he was traded was when the Cubs were playing Detroit and there was a Rainbow that appeared during the tribute to Aretha Franklin. Remember Aretha Franklin in the Blues Brothers and her husband in the film also died this year. His name was Matt MURPHY. 
Daniel Murphy's bday was also Easter Sunday this year which was important to the day Rocky Colavito was traded and the Holy Fire on 8/6/18. 

Anyway what was pointed out in this message is that Daniel Murphy was born in Jacksonville. Think about the Madden shooting...then think about the Cubs manager Joe Maddon...

Also Daniel Murphy was on the Mets team that knocked the Cubs out of the playoffs on Back to the Future Day in 2015. Notice the Cubs pitcher was a "Hammel"...this year the Cubs picked up Cole Hamels as well. Hamels won the World Series with the Phillies when they beat Joe MADDON's Tampa Bay Rays in 2008. 
Remember Cole Hamels no hit the Cubs on 7/25/2015 as was 88 days before Back to the Future Day. 
Maddon also wears # 70 which is fitting for the Indians=70 and not winning in 70 years. 

Anyway what else sticks out to me in regards to the Jacksonville shooting being all about the War of 1812 is the controversy with Daniel Murphy in 2015. He said didn't agree with "Billy Bean" being Gay. 

The reason Francis Scott Key was near the Battle of Baltimore was to get William Beanes out of jail. 
Think about that....Billy Bean....William Beanes. 
Billy Bean=53
William Beanes=53...
It's connected to Super bowl 53 in Atlanta. 
Think about the Atlanta Braves as well..they were the Team the Indians beat in the 1948 World Series(Boston Braves), but they were once called the BEANeaters too. 

Jacksonville also hosted the first ever Major League Spring Training. 
Also the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp(Minor league) team was originally affiliated with the Cleveland Indians. 

Interesting too the Cubs had another "Tie"/Suspended game against the Mets on 8/28-8/29....Something I have been mentioning all season in regards to the Cubs in 2016. 
The Cubs won in the 11th inning after a score of 1-1...In 2016 the Tie game against Pittsburgh was also 1-1 and it was 11 years after the last "Tie" in 2005. 
Notice after the Suspended "Tie" game the Cubs and Mets played another game. 
The Mets won 10-3...keeping the Cubs on 78 wins....
New York=78
Billy Goat=103
Remember the Cubs finished the season in 2016 with 103 regular season wins which allowed them to win the World Series with 114 wins. 

Also in regards to Cole Hamels being the MVP in 2008 against Joe Maddon's was the only World Series to ever have an official "Suspended" game...Notice wiki mentions the Earthquake series as well but it wasn't an official suspended game. 
Possibly we will get a suspended game in this World Series or another Earthquake/Natural Disaster as I have been thinking? 

In 2016 part of the reason I thought the Indians would play the Cubs in the World series was because of the boy ate by the Alligator on Flag Day. We also had Steve King talking about not replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill at this time. It was all connected to the area I live where Steve King is from..(Buena Vista)...I also mentioned the Obama stuff in regards to the Red Stick and the Red Stick War that coincided with the War of 1812. The Red Stick War was ended by the Treaty of Fort Jackson and allowed Jackson to move on to win the Battle of New Orleans. Also Jackson's Indian Removal Act...

Plus all the Kneeling stuff is connected to the number 88 and 223...
Curse of the Billy Goat=88, 223
War of Eighteen Twelve=223=Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner

In regards to the "Tie" stuff above...It reminded me of how it got popular to stand during the national anthem during sporting events at the 1918 World Series.(Cubs vs Boston). This was also the year WWI came to an end on 11/11 at 11. I was reading about Ties being canceled due to Darkness and an article mentioned how Daylight Savings time started in 1918 as well. This year it switches again on 11/4 just after the 114th World Series. Wouldn't it be something if the series is delayed and ends on 11/4 or something of the sort? 
Similar to how it got pushed back to 11/4 after 9/11. 

Anyway I looked into Daylight Savings time...Notice Wiki shows us the picture of the Ohio Clock being changed in the US Capitol building for the first ever DST...

Notice how the Clock is 11 feet tall...then it was delivered in the year 17'. They say it possibly got it's name because of Ohio being the 17th state and the 17 stars on it. 
Saturn/El the Keeper of Time...
Eye=17(eye on Saturn)
Think about Ohio in regards to Time as well. 
Tick Tock=47
Think about how the Freemason Compass is set at 47 degrees..
The Tropics are 47 degrees apart. 
White House=47
Don't forget too that "Time"=187(satanic)
Washington DC=187
George Washington=187
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=187
Society of Jesus=187
187 Chapters in the Torah...the first 5 books in which God is most likely Saturn/El. 

Notice the Clock Stopped on 10/9 in the year 2013 as well. 
Daylight Savings Time=109(Rev red)

Also "Time"=144(Jewish)

Forty Four=144
1,440 Minutes in a Day or..
2 sets of 12 hours....12X12=144

I'm honestly surprised that there are 48 states that do DST and not 47. Only 47 of the Lower 48 states do however as Arizona and Hawaii are the only states who do not do it. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Teddy BRIDGEWATER gets traded to New Orleans Saints-Colin Kaepernick Flag symbolism-RAMS-Nebraska-Obama-Kid Rock-Lots of my Old info in connection-Blues Brothers SOUL Man at Super Bowl 31

Teddy Bridgewater gets traded to the New Orleans Saints. 

This is the perfect place for someone named "Bridgewater" to go considering New Orleans is home to the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. It's the worlds longest bridge over water..
Thinking about the song..."Bridge over Troubled Water" as well in regards to Hurricane Katrina...Ironically Hurricane Katrina hit on 8/29 which is the same day Bridgewater got traded to New Orleans. 
Now this is interesting....Remember I have a huge playlist in regards to Teddy Bridgewater and how it's connected to Moses/Rams/Colin Kaepernick/Earthquakes/Nebraska Cornhuskers/Death of Dwayne Wade's Cousin....
Link to a Playlist on these stories all being connected

So we get the Jacksonville story that is connected to the New Orleans Saints on 8/26....
This was also the anniversary of Colin Kaepernick kneeling story becoming popular when he knelt against the Packers. 
Dwayne Wade's cousin died on same day Kaepernick knelt. 

Remember in 2015 we also got the BRIDGEWATER Shooting on 8/26. 

Also a big thing that was connected in the old videos was in regards to LSU and Leonard interesting he plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars...Fournette born on 1/18 which is interesting to what I was mentioning....Fournette supposed to be the next Adrian Peterson....Peterson left the Vikings to the Saints. 

In 2015 Bridgewater got injured against the RAMS on 11/8 which was also ex RAM Sam Bradford's bday. Then in 2016 Bridgewater got injured in practice just before playing the RAMS. Then when Bridgewater got hurt the Vikings picked up Sam Bradford. Then in 2017 when Bradford got hurt the Vikings picked up Ex Ram Case Keenum who got to play for the Rams when they benched Nick Foles(former Ram). Nick Foles was traded to the RAMS for Sam Bradford. Nick Foles of course the Eagle who won SB 52. 
Kaepernicks final Start of 2015 was against the Rams and the last game he played in 2015 was on 11/8. Then in 2016 Kaepernick didn't start in the first game that was of course against the RAMS. Then he started every other game....The 49ers only won 2 games that season, both against the RAMS. The 49ers play in Levi's Stadium...Moses was in the tribe of Levi and brought in the age of Aries...Aries is the RAM. I was also talking about the Chiefs and Alex Smith playing in the Sea of Red at the time. 

There's so much to this ongoing story, it's a mindfuck. Remember in 2015 during the NBA All Star Week we had The Teen Wolf Andrew Wiggins win the rising star challenge. Then Teen Wolf Zach Lavine win the Slam Dunk Contest, Then Westbrook the MVP of the All star Game....Wiggins traded to Minnesota for Kevin Love who played for UCLA...Lavine played for UCLA, Westbrook played for UCLA....A few weeks after this the T-wolves got Kevin Garnett back too. He is the original Teen Wolf. If you watch Teen Wolf it's all about the Nebraska Cornhuskers yet the film is not set or filmed in Nebraska. Then Nebraska got Mike Riley for a coach in 2015. He was known for coaching the Oregon State Beavers which is where the mascot in the movie Teen Wolf is based of off(Beavers). Nebraska had a 5-7 record yet somehow still got a bowl game against UCLA in the Foster Farms Bowl...which was played in Levi's Stadium. Then 2016 the day after Obama's final state of the Union speech he came to Omaha Nebraska and gave a speech at UNO. UNO is part of the University of Nebraska System....that same day we got the death of former Husker and RAM Lawrence Phillips. The reason Nebraska is important is because for one they play in the Sea of Red....Moses parted the Red Sea....LINCOLN supposedly freed the slaves, just like Moses Freed the Slaves. Think about that in regards to the racism/kneeling propaganda they just keep building. 
Anyway then Obama went to Baton Rouge and gave a speech at McKinley HS. Then later that summer we got the Alton Sterling(Baton Rouge) and Philando Castile(Falcon Heights) stories. William McKinley assassinated just after his VP TEDDY Roosevelt gave a famous speech about carrying a big stick in Falcon Heights. (Baton rouge named after the Red Stick too). 

Another thing connecting Nebraska was the death of Sam Foltz and Mike Sadler(Michigan St) in 2016. Nebraska upset Michigan St. in 2015 the same weekend Bridgewater was injured against the RAMS. Then Sam Foltz died 192 days after Lawrence Phillips...
Foster Farms Bowl=192
Foster Farms Bowl also Foltz last game. 
Scott Frost became the starter at Nebraska the year after Phillips left and played for the Rams. Tom Brady became the starter at Michigan the year after Scott Frost's last season with Nebraska where they shared the championship with Michigan. 

Funny how when my Uncle Clancy died I said there is going to be a big connection to the Nebraska Cornhuskers again most likely. He didn't even really seem to have a favorite team(Iowa), he just hated the Huskers. We used to have Huskers Hate party's every week at his house. Now the Huskers get Scott Frost...there's a piece I'm missing with him...Even funnier to me is his daughter Katie's husband is a huge Nebraska and Rams fan. His bday is also 2-22 which is the 53rd day of the year...SB 53. 
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222
Mike Riley=53 born in 53'. 
N=5 U=3
Nebraska has been in 53 bowl games. 
Herbie the love bug was car #53. 
Also think about the Child Molesting stuff in recent news. Remember Nebraska was the first team to play Penn State after the Jerry Sandusky stuff and before the game all the players took a KNEE and prayed. 
Also in Tommy Boy it has the 239 on his american history book and he says Herbie Hancock and the film is set in Sandusky, Ohio. 
Funny too that in one of my Nebraska posts I mentioned the death of George Michael age 53 and how there has to be a connection to Limp Bizkit the Jacksonville band....

I really think a team to watch this year is the RAMS. Possibly just being used in the symbolism, but they also were pretty good last year so it wouldn't be that surprising.....Also think about how the RAMS were originally from Cleveland...then when the Baltimore Ravens became a team the Browns didn't play again until 1999 which was when the Rams won their only Super Bowl of course in Atlanta too. 

Also with all the connection Andrew Jackson I can't help but think of Jackson, Mississipi and the Kid Rock song. Remember Kid Rock was also part of when Timberlake showed Janet Jackson's boob while she was singing songs of Rhythm Nation 1814. (Year national anthem wrote). 
He also said Fuck Colin Kaepernick at one of his concerts in 2016 and is against the kneeling. 
It also seems odd to me that he has a song called that considering he is from Detroit. 
Remember too I had synchronicity with Kid Rock in regards to an Alligator that was connected to the boy ate by the alligator at Disney land where I first mentioned Andrew Jackson on my blog...That boy was ate on Trump's bday or FLAG Day...His name was LANE Reminding us of the recent Hurricane LANE. I had synchronicity with a Simpsons episode called "Kill the Alligator" and run" that also had Charlie Rose on it. Remember Charlie Rose was accused of Sexual harrassment just after Charles Manson died. Rose gave a famous interview with Charles Manson....Manson all about the Flag symbolism...The Simpson's episode also shows a desecrated Flag...
Kid Rock=316 and 166
Tebow had the 316 game and so on...original Kneeler. 
Lane Graves=166(boy ate by alligator)
Charles Milles Maddox=316
He was born on 316th day and died 3 months 16 days after the TATE murders. 
Jesus Christ=316(Yeshu)
John 3:16. 

I then had synchronicity again with the same episode while writing up my post about PINK singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. I pointed out she recorded the song "There You Go" in Atlanta...which is where SB 53 will be(team playing on Madden). 

Remember too when Donald Trump was roasted it was actually supposed to be Kid Rock but he canceled it. 

Also I see the Blues Brothers performed at Super Bowl 31 in New Orleans for the Halftime Show. 
The song "Soul Man" is actually by Sam and Dave......which is Sam interesting is that? 
Think about Aretha Franklin being the Queen of SOUL too. 
Then think about Soul's in regards to the Ghost Theme synchronicity I had with my friend Sam Moores....haha it's just crazy. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Roy MOORE accused of Sexual Abuse Nov. 17'-Alabama

A quick thought before I got to bed. 

I forgot about Alabama Judge Roy MOORE being accused of Sexual Abuse around the time Charles Manson died last year. 

Remember Trump first called out the NFL in Alabama...

Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ed King(writer of Sweet Home ALABAMA) just died....

Maybe need to check out the country band "Alabama"? 

Jacksonville Shooting-Flag-National Anthem-War of 1812-Super Bowl 47(Blackout)-Blackbird Charles Manson Helter Skelter

The Jacksonville Shooting has everything to do with the Kneeling and Flag Symbolism. 
Trump called out the NFL on 23/9. 
Trump born on Flag Day. 
The Flag supposedly sewn at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia. 
52nd Prime is 239...which is why Philadelphia won SB 52. 
This Jacksonville shooting happened on the anniversary of the original Colin Kaerpernick kneeling story came out (8/26/16)..which was the 239th day of the year. 

The shooter was from Baltimore...
Notice John Harbaugh the coach of Baltimore has a bday of 23/9. 
Baltimore Ravens=231(reverse)
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Also remember Super Bowl 47 was the black out bowl...
It featured John Harbaugh vs his brother Jim who coached Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers. 
It was played in New Orleans at Mercedes Benz Super Dome The Falcons play at Mercedes Benz Stadium....Jacksonsville named after Andrew Jackson who is famous for winning the battle of New Orleans that ended the War of 1812. Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem in Baltimore during the War of 1812. 

The 49ers final 4 plays also began with 2:39 on the clock. Then they threw a pass 3 of the 4 plays. 
Also think about how the Super Bowl is going to be in Atlanta this year. Remember last year we got the Black out at the Airport in Atlanta. 

Also it's funny we get this just as Marilyn Manson comes back in the news and we get the death of a playboy playmate...Remember Marilyn Manson got injured the same time Hugh Hefner died reminding us of Marilyn Monroe and we got an article about Marilyn Monroe never before seen photos just after....then in November we got the death of Charles Manson....
The song "Blackbird" is what Charles Manson said was telling the Blacks to Rise Up in regards to his Helter Skelter Theory. 
Think about the NFL Teams that have a Blackbird...
The Falcons...
The Ravens...

Paul McCartney might go this year...He wrote the song Helter Skelter...
Paul McCartney=53.....Super Bowl 53...
Born on June 18th which is the day the War of 1812 began. 
His bday is 231 days(end date) before the Super Bowl. 
National Anthem=231
Baltimore Ravens=231
He also was the halftime show performer in SB 39 because they wanted a safe choice after the Janet Jackson boob thing that was all about the Flag. SB 39 was the Eagles vs the Patriots in Jacksonville. 

Notice how the Ravens have only won 2 Super Bowls and both with 34 points. 
Remember SB 47 was all about 34...
The Blackout that lasted 34 minutes. 
The Game played on the 34th day of the year. 
Power went out when score was 28+6=34
Joe Flacco=34
Side note "Blackout"=22 and Ravens were winning by 22. 
Think about how it was Brother vs Brother as well like a Civil War. 
The Civil War was all about 34 and 43...Kansas=43 became the 34th and last state to join the Union 34 days before Lincoln became the president on 3/4 or 4/3. "Civil War"=43. 
Lincoln born on the 43rd day. 
Much much more, even all the 34 and 43 in regards to Moses who freed the slaves.....The 49ers play in Levi's Stadium....Moses was in the Tribe of Levi...that's why Alex Smith was important and went to the Chiefs like Joe Montana...Chiefs play in the Sea of Red-Moses parted the Red Sea. If you go back and look at my old videos I talked a lot about Alex Smith and the Chiefs making Super Bowl 50 because of this big theme. Then we got the Black Panther vs the White Bronco...the Black Panthers Beyonce Tribute and so on...Black Panthers from the San Fran Bay....

Think about how Pope Francis became the Pope just after the Harbowl as well. Think about Pope Francis in regards to 23/9 and visiting the US in it's 239th year..
52nd prime is 239. 
Pope Francis named after Francis of Assisi who San Francisco is named after as well. 

Also as much as I have mentioned Earthquakes...think about how the Earthquake World Series in 1989 was an San Francisco Bay Area World Series and then the San Francisco 49ers won the Super Bowl in the 1989 season as well. That Super Bowl was also in New Orleans...They also won in the 88' season when the Super Bowl was played in 89'. 

The 49ers played 1 game outside of Candlestick Park after the Earthquake because of the damage. Notice they played the Patriots. 
This makes me think of Tom Brady being from the Bay Area and attending the "The Catch" game as a boy. Then we got the death of Dwight Clark(the catch) on 6/4 this year in Montana(Joe Montana)which was the same day Trump canceled the Eagles visit to the White House. 
Also Jimmy Garoppolo now with the 49ers. 
Also Brady's and Jim Harbaugh's connection to Michigan..
Forty Niners=64=Jim Harbaugh=Michigan=Ninety Eight
Tom Brady=98=Patriots=Michigan Wolverines   became the starter in 98' and so on..

What's interesting is the last time they won before the Harbowl was against the New York Giants 34 weeks before 9/23/2001.
Also with the End Date it was 239 days before 9/23. 
9/23/2001 was also the day Tom Brady got his break when Drew Bledsoe got injured against the New York Jets...Brady then led them to win the Super Bowl. 

Interesting Joe Flacco will be 34 years old just before Super Bowl 53....Also he went to High School at "Audubon"....reminding us of the Jaguar Zoo story. 

This shooting comes 139 days(end date) after John Madden's 82nd bday. 
139 is the 34th prime..."Flag"=34(Jewish), 82(reverse)
Francis Scott Key died in the year 43' as well. 
The only reason he was at the Battle of Baltimore was to get William Beanes out of jail. 
William Beanes=53 and 82(rev red)

John Madden=88
Colin Kaepernick=88
The Star Spangled Banner=88
Great Garrison Flag=88

Mary Pickersgill=88(maker of GG Flag)
She died on the day leaving 88 days in the year. 
Herbert Hoover signed The Star Spangled Banner as the official National Anthem on 3/3/31. 
We are currently in the 88th annivesary of the Stock Market Crash. Which is why the Super Bowl was played at "US BANK Stadium"=88
Francis Key=159=Donald Trump=Herbert Hoover

88 is a big number in regards to Hitler...Heil Hitler....think about that in regards to racial aspect of it. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Jacksonville Shooting in connection to Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans-Allman Brothers-Moore-Other thoughts

I saw on Zach's blog how a Jaguar escaped from the Zoo in New Orleans 43 days before the Jacksonville shooting by David KATZ...
John Madden=43
The Jaguars opened their preseason against the New Orleans Saints...

Anyway what I haven't seen anyone point out is that Jacksonville is named after Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson is famous for winning the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812. 
This battle marked the end of the War of 1812 as well. 

Think about that in regards to the Madden 19' editing out Colin Kaepernick in the Soundtrack...reminding us of the kneeling during the national anthem....The Star Spangled Banner was written during this war as well. 
Of course the Shooter was from Baltimore and the National Anthem written during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812. 

Think about Ed Calhoun King of Lynyrd Skynyrd dying just before this as well...
John C. Calhoun was Andrew Jackson's Vice president. 

In 2016 I documented about Andrew Jackson in regards to the Native American Theme and Donald Trump as well....Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act and so on...

It's also interesting this attack in Audubon....
Remember this was important during the Super Bowl with my sister and the Eagles. 
What else I find strange is that for the longest time I have told Claire not to climb on the top of the couches. She always tells me that she's pretending to be a Jaguar...It's just pretty specific. She's not a "Cat" or a "Lion"...she's a Jaguar. 


It's also interesting in regards to Hurricane LANE as in my posts about Andrew Jackson I talked about the boy being ate by the alligator named Lane Graves. He was killed at Disneyland and I just saw an article about Disneyland paying their workers 15 dollars an hour now...

We also had the story about John McCain's time in Jacksonville.
A story about Serena Williams and CAT. 
Death of Lynyrd Skynyrd member(Jacksonville Band). 
Funny too we got the death of Jonathan Davis' wife and in my post I brought up the "Blind" theme I had mentioned earlier this year. I mentioned how it was weird I documented about Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit(Jacksonville) and then I had synchronicity with the band Korn. I even just documented the same thing a few days ago. 

There also has to be some connection to the Allman Brothers....
Remember Duane died age 24 in a motorcycle accident...
Then Berry Oakley died age 24 in a motorcycle accident just blocks away from where Dwayne died. 
Last year Butch Trucks supposedly killed himself on the 24th day of 2017. 
Freebird was a tribute to the Deaths of Duane and Berry...
The plane that killed Ronny Van Zant had 24 passengers. 
The Saints beat the Jaguars with 24 points to start the preseason. 
The Jaguars in their 24th season...
David Katz the shooter was 24 years old. 

Also the recent "Moore" theme I documented with the death of the Allman Brothers...I also talked about Cher married to Gregg Allman and singing the National Anthem at SB 33 when the Falcons lost. Remember the Dolphins QB's were Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill....then we got Matt Ryan in the SB with the Falcons. 

Also the person got shot in the "Thumb"=239(satanic)
Remember how 239 is important to the Flag stuff. 

Cleveland Browns Gematria in connection to Rocky Colavito-Synchronicity with The Cleveland Show-Elvis-Pilot Flying J Flag symbolism

I just came back downstairs and Jasmine woke up. The tv had stopped and she wanted the remote, because she can't sleep without the TV on. Anyway she turned on another episode of the Cleveland Show. 
I wondered if possibly there was something to see with the Cleveland Browns considering that is his name....
Notice "Cleveland Browns"=61, 169 and also 1960(Jewish)
How interesting is that considering:
Rocky Colavito=61, 169 and was traded away in 1960. 

haha what are the odds this episode, "How Cleveland Got his Groove Back" involves Baseball...
It's also funny to me that the guy who strikes Cleveland out is named "Lester".....reminds me of Jon Lester who plays for the Cubs and also the Red Sox when they won in 2007 and 2013. 

The episode released on 10/10/10 as well...

Also Cleveland takes his family to Africa in this episode, but they actually go to Hawaii....Just interesting in regards to all the recent things with Hawaii. 

Also thinking about the Browns they hold the 0-16 record with Detroit....think about Rocky being traded to Detroit. 

Also interesting that the Browns just recently played the Eagles in a preseason game. 
The Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018 and the last time they won the championship was in 1960 the year Rocky Colavito was traded. The score was 13-17 as well(see previous posts). 
The Eagles also won in 1948 just after the Indians won the World Series. 
The Browns also won in 1950....just interesting I just documented about this year in the last post and they beat the Eagles 5-0 in the above game....a rather odd score in football. 

Elvis was a fan of the Browns as well? Thinking about Aretha Franklin dying the same day he did, plus the same day Babe Ruth died. Elvis was a friend of Bobby FRANKLIN too it says. 
It's also got me thinking of Elvis in Hawaii that aired on 1/14. 
Elvis even died 7 months 8 days after his bday. 
Can't forget Jerry the King Lawler being a fan either and his son dying this year...

Also think about Elvis being from Memphis...
Remember Russwood Park in Memphis burnt down the same day Rocky Colavito was traded...
Elvis Presley=67
Cleveland Indians=67
Notice how it says the better known non baseball event there was Elvis on 7/4/56 too? 

In regards to the Flag symbolism too the owner of the Browns is also the CEO of Pilot Flying J....remember the video all over the internet about them not flying the American Flag? 
Pilot Flying J=169
Rocky Colavito=169
Cleveland Browns=169

That video also came from a guy named "Dave MOORE". 
It also became Pilot Flying J on 7/1/2010....
7/1 is 114 days before the 114th WS. 

Synchronicty with Muppets-The HappyTime Murders-Family Guy-Cleveland-MOLLY/MOORE symbolism-Ralph/Fat Comedians

Last night I went up to my parents house and my nephew was there. His mom and dad were doing something and then decided to go see this above movie. Anyway my mom was working and my dad wanted to go to bed, so I took my nephew up to my house. He wanted to play Mario on the WiiU anyway....While he was here his mom(my sister) called and made sure it was ok that he came up here. I said it was fine and that our mom was picking him up when she got off work anyway.....My sister then told me about this movie they were going to see, and I had never heard of. She sent me a link to the trailer and told me not to watch it with my nephew around because it's about Muppets, but for Adults(similar to Sausage Party). 
I watched the trailer late last night before going to bed and thought it looked somewhat funny. 
Jasmine works overnights and she was super tired this morning so I got up with Zamien early this morning. I can't really do much when he's awake so I figured I'd try and find that movie on Kodi and watch it. 
It was an "ok" movie, but I really didn't like it that much. Maybe because I was so tired and only halfway watched it? Or maybe it's because I think "Tammy" is a dumb movie too and I just don't get the Melissa McCarthy humor? 
Jasmine later took Zamien to go pick up Claire at her grandma's and was gone for a while. I went back to sleep. When they got back home I cooked supper and sat down. Claire wanted to watch Troll Hunters, but Jasmine and I were like, "Let's watch something else". I didn't know what to watch so I just said how about Family Guy because at least it's a cartoon that Claire still likes...
Jasmine then turned on Family Guy to a random episode.....of course the episode begins with a skit about MUPPETS being on Drugs...similar to the movie I had watched earlier today. The first 2 things I watch on TV today involve adult rated Muppets?  

What else is funny to me is that they show a scene with Cleveland and then the next scene is Brian watching a Clint Eastwood Film becoming Blood Brothers with an Indian....Brian and Stewie then become blood brothers and he gives Stewie Herpes which is a major plot line in the show. 
What are the odds it involves Indians though? 
Remember Eastwood is connected to Back to the Future that's connected to the Cubs....he's also 88 years old currently. Also connected to the "Bridge" stuff with the Bridges of Madison County. 

What I think is even funnier is that I'm sitting down again  and now they are both sleeping but they turned on The Cleveland Show...Cleveland a big topic of things I've recently documented...

Melissa McCarthy=169
Rocky Colavito=169
Interesting today is her 48th bday too. Of all days to randomly watch one of her movies it was today. 
Born in 70' and turned 48'. 
Indians=70....Haven't won in 70 years, or since 48'. 

Also she's known for starrring in the TV Show "Mike and Molly". She of course was the character MOLLY. 
Think about how I have documented the importance of this lately? 
I've never watched the TV show, but I have seen a few pieces of episodes I think. 
The show is set in Chicago....

There was also a controversy in the show in regards to a racial joke about drunk Indians?
Interesting it involves Arizona....thinking about John McCain and the Arizona Connection....remember the Diamondbacks won after 9/11 too on 11/ the Chase Field connection..I still think it's connected to the Cubs Indians but something to think about. Remember in 2016 it was connected to Arizona too in regards to the film the Darkness and the Anasazi's.  

It was the 63rd episode....
Native American=63

Also they pulled the season 3 finale due to it showing a tornado hitting Chicago and it was on the anniversary of the MOORE tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma in 2013? 
Remember the Molly stuff was connected to MOORE. 
Just wow. 

Would you believe that Moore, Oklahoma is also in CLEVELAND, County Oklahoma? 
See how it says the storm followed a similar path to the 1999 BRIDGE Creek-Moore Tornado too? 

Remember in regards to Rocky Colavito too. 
Native American=810

The episode they pulled and aired the next week was the 70th episode too. 

Also the show aired 127 episodes and ended in 2016 the same year the Indians lost to the Cubs. Remember 127 was important to the Indians that year. 
Look at the episode before that which aired the same day too...
Curse of the Bambino?....the Curse connected to the Red Sox who have a relationship with the Indians...
It was also season 6 episode 12.....The 612 that has been important or noticed since the Stoneman Douglas shooting...
The curse of the Bambino stems back to 1918 which was the when standing during the national anthem became popular and the Red Sox beat the Cubs in the WS. Remember the Cubs had Grover Cleveland Alexander on that team too who died on 11/4/50(114th WS). 

Funny in the episode Curse of the Bambino they are trying to adopt a child. She starts praying saying how she's had her differences with God such as the Diseases and then says I mean come on the fitting the Cubs go on to break their Curse later that year. 

Also in regards to this show being about Fat Comedians I can't help but think about this....The other day I got this message about contacting me from Aziah an obvious girl in the picture. I gave her my email address and when I got an email it says it's from Ralph Emmerson?....I'm not sure exactly why this is, but it seems odd and reminded me of Ralphie May and Fat Comedians. 
She has a Facebook and I'm sure it's a legit person, but seeing Ralph is something I am supposed to see. 
It almost has to be a play on Ralph Waldo Emerson? 

Now today I get a comment on my Ralphie May dying video that says, "8675309" lol. So there is something I'm supposed to figure out with this.
Melisa Mccarthy=169
Rocky Colavito=169

The big number with Fat Comedians was 124...
Family Guy=124

Possibly Mike or Molly is dying soon? Or in connection to this? 
Or maybe it's still something with John Goodman/Chattanooga?
Remember Ralphie May was super connected to the World Series and Houston...

Billy Gardell who plays "Mike" also was on the 11th episode of Young Sheldon....this is the episode where he starts the religion of binary and it's all about 1's and 0's..."God"=10=Satan and so on..
I'm pretty sure he's on other episodes too, but Wiki decides to tell us of only 1 episode. 
Possibly it's the first episode he was on though...I know the 17th episode he is on too as his daughter is bullying Sheldon. 

In regards to McCarthy too it's interesting the coach of the Boston Red Sox when they lost to the Indians in 1948 was Joe McCarthy. Notice he died in 78'(Cleveland), but also won a bunch of WS with the New York(78) Yankees. 
He was also the coach who traded Grover Cleveland Alexander away from the Cubs...He quit coaching in 1950 which was the same year Grover Cleveland died just after the Yankees won the WS.