Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Donald Trump's State of the Union on 2/5-The Half Life of the Berlin Wall date-Stock Market's worst single day loss date

Awesome day to give the State of the Union. 
2/5 or 5/2....
The reason it was delayed was because of the Shutdown that ended on the 25th day of the year on Trump's 2nd year 5th day of being president. 

Remembe the same day the Shutdown ended they gave a story of Pope Francis talking about the Wall.
Pope=25, 52

White House=52
Trump won the election on the day leaving 52 days in the year. 

Nancy Pelosi=52
She's the 52nd speaker of the house. 

What else is interesting is that the state of the union will be 45 days after the Shutdown began. 
The 45th president.....
The Wall symbolism is connected to the Berlin Wall. 
Berlin Wall=45
Mike Pence=45, 45. 
Speaker of the House=197
The 45th prime is 197. 

Notice the Shutdown also began 3 months 4 days before Pelosi's bday. 

2/5 to Pelosi's bday is 49 days. 
2/5 to Trump's bday is 4 months 9 days. 
Notice too it's 129 days....the state of the union was supposed to be on 1/29. 

Stacey Abrams is going to give the Democratic response...notice her bday of 12/9. 

Notice Stacey Abram's bday is 127 days before....
Stacey Abrams=127 and 197(reverse)
She just turned 45 years old. 

Remember the date of 2/5 is also important as it was the day after Super Bowl 52 and we got the worst Dow plunge in history. 
Wall Street...Berlin Wall....Trump and the Wall. It's still the worst day in history as well. Remember the Super Bowl was all about the Stock Market was the 88th year since....US BANK Stadium=88
The Berlin Wall constructed 88 days before the day it fell on 11/9. 
11/9 to 2/5 is also 88 days. 
Now we're in the 89th anniversary which makes me think how the Wall came down in 89'. 
Its also interesting that the Stock Market crash anniversary to 2/5 is 3 months 7 days. 
Stock Market=37

Wall Street=45

Remember last year 2/5 was important to the Berlin Wall as well. It was the day the Wall was down for as long as it had been up. 

Remember "Currency"=811(Jewish)....a big day we are watching is 8/11. 
Notice 2/5 to 8/11 is 187 days...
This number is important to Trump/Pope/Jesuits/Freemasonry/Jews/U.S.

Recent XXXTentacion Stories in the media-Drake-Kanye West-Chris Brown-Death of Remember the TITANS Actor-Atlanta OLYMPICs/Super Bowl-Water-Adonis/Love/France

Recently we have got a bunch of stories that are involved with XXXTentacion. 
We got his mother wanting to get his Black BMW back. Also the birth of his son on 1/26 and a story of Trippie Redd avoiding jail time over an Atlanta fight. 

His son's name is "Gekyume Onfroy"=180
Jahseh Onfroy=180
Notice in the article above the even highlight what the name Gekyume means. 
A Different State=63
X=6 and 3(rev red(
Jahseh Onfroy=63

Remember XXX was all about Valentines and the Stoneman Douglas shooting. 
Stoneman Douglas=180

XXX released his album titled "17" exactly 173 days before the Stoneman Douglas shooting(near where he lived). 
XXXTentacion=173, 151. 
Valentines Day=151
The Album "17" also released 151 days after his bday. 
Stoneman Douglas was all about "17"....17 people killed, 17 people injured. 17 year old David Hogg. They boycotted school for 17 minutes. Then 17 year old Joaquin Oliver buried in the Dwayne Wade jersey on the 17th of February. Wade born on the 17th day of the year. Marjory Stoneman Douglas died 1 month 7 days after her bday age 108. 
Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs went to school at Stoneman Douglas. Remember the Cubs broke the 108 year curse and more.. The Cubs opened the season against Miami and in the 2nd game they did a tribute game to Stoneman Douglas. 17 seconds of silence and a 17 year old throwing the first pitch. The game was scoreless until # 17 Kris Bryant hit a HR. It went 17 innings and then won because Miguel Rojas hit a HR 1 month 7 days after his bday. 

 Notice X's mother nicknamed his son "Yume"=17
Also he said Drake was going to Sacrifice him and that beef started because of the song "KMT"=17 that Drake performed 17 days before Valentines in 2017. 

The reason we are getting the Trippie Redd story on 1/28 is because the original beef with Drake happened on 1/28. Then later XXXtentacion got mad at Trippie Redd for being on Drake's song "God's Plan". 
God's Plan=128

X also died 128 days before Drake's bday...or 4 months 6 days. 

Of course "Drake"=214(satanic) Valentines Day...
Also "Drake"=96 and it happened 96 days after his bday. 

On X's album "17" he has a song with Trippie Redd called "Fuck Love". 
Fuck Love=40
Valentines=40, 67....The 40th prime number is 173. 

His mixtape before the album "17" was called Revenge and it had a track titled "Valentines" on it too. 
His cousin was murdered 1 month 7 days after he released "Revenge". 

XXXTentacion also died on Trippie Redd's 19th birthday. 
19th prime number is 67. 
Nikolas Cruz=67
He was 19 years old and born exactly 19 weeks after Marjory Stoneman Douglas died. 
Stoneman Douglas happened 6 months 7 days after Cubs Anthony Rizzo's bday and 67 weeks after the Cubs won the World Series against the "Cleveland Indians"=67 
Think about Chicago and the Valentines Day Massacre/Chester Bennington dying and the Vday Massacre being in Lincoln Park. 
Eastern Orthodox Valentines is on 6/7. 

Trippie Redd=173
His first posthumous song was titled "Ghostbusters" with Trippie Redd. 
After X died his cousin supposedly drowned in a pool in Jamaica on the day leaving 173 days in the year. 
I mentioned how Bill Murray was important to 67 and Valentines because on Ghostbusters II the lady tells him that's when the world will end and so on...

Notice his final album called "Skins" was released 173 days after he died as well. 

His son also born 144 days before the anniversary of his death. 
Jahseh Onfroy=63, 144

There's also a riddle with Trippie Redd's fight being in Atlanta. We get this news just before the Super Bowl in Atlanta. Remember the Drowning symbolism was important with XXX as his cousin supposedly drown in the pool just before the Duck Boat Drowning and so on...I also mentioned how there was a Father Son connection which is interesting. 
Remember how XXXTentacion died on the anniversary of the War of 1812 beginning too. 
The reason I know it's important to Atlanta is because of Drake and Kanye West. Drake a Male DUCK...
Kanye born in Atlanta....they just had beef in December...
The Beef was 1 month 20 days after Drake's bday. 
Kanye West=120
Aubrey Graham=120
The Atlanta Olympic bombing happened at 1:20am. 

I'm pretty sure it's also why we got the death of Wood Harris famous for Remember the Titans....The Atlanta Olympics...The Olympians defeated the Titans. The Rams beat the Titans to win Super Bowl 34 too. If you look up Wood Harris he is also in the show "The Wire" with Michael B. Jordan who is Adonis Creed in the film Creed. Drakes child is named Adonis. 

We also just had the boxer named Adonis Stevenson lose and get injured severely. They just came out and told us that he is able to walk again. He got knocked out by a Ukraine boxer. The coat of arms for Ukraine is the Trident. 
 Think about all of this in regards to Valentines...
Adonis in mythology was the lover of Aphrodite(Goddess of Love). Also think about how I have mentioned a ton about Philadelphia the city of Brotherly Love. Remember Roddy Piper saw the ghost of Adrian Adonis. Rocky's wife Adrian...Creeds son Adonis. Adonis Creed played by Michael B. Jordan....Philadelphia the capital of the country Jordan and then later destroyed by earthquakes...

Also the recent arrest of Chris Brown in Paris is important because Kanye is important to Paris. Plus Chris Brown had a feud with Drake over Rihanna. Remember Tony Parker the French Basketball player was injured in that too. Parker now plays for Michael Jordan's Charlotte Hornets..Rihanna was important to Super Bowl 48 in regards to Water..She's from Barbados which has the Trident for a Flag. Also the Diamonds in the Sky song is a reference to Neptune/Horses. Drake's son is with a girl from France. 
Think about French supposedly being the language of Love...Pepe Lepew. 
This year is really important to France with the 227th anniversary of the Fall of French Monarchy coming on August 10th(Tisha Bav). 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

33 Years after Challenger Explosion-1985 Bears White House Visit in 2011 because of Challenger

I see this story was popularized on social media and within the mainstream media. The 33rd anniversary of the Challenger Explosion. 

Something that sticks out to me in regards to this being important is that I remember the 1985 Bears didn't get to go to the White House because of the Challenger disaster. They instead went in 2011 when Obama was president. They went just before the Patriots blew the perfect season losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl. 
Think about how the lunar module on Apollo 17 was called "Challenger" as well. Apollo 17 was just before the perfect season 72' Dolphins won the Super Bowl. 
Remember the Tom Brady Bear story earlier in the year and the riddle with the Bears having a good season all year. 
Now we have the Patriots in the Super Bowl again...
The Bears beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl just before the Challenger disaster. 
Remember too how the Eagle named "Challenger" landed on James Paxton's head in a tribute to the Philadelphia Eagles and the Eagle landing on the Moon. 

We've been getting some Bear stories in the media recently too. 

I can't even remember all the stuff I covered with Challenger. A lot of it was before I wrote my notes down in a word pad on my computer. Some stuff I found though was....
Christa died age 37 and it took 73 seconds after take off. 
The crowd at the 1986 Super Bowl was also 73,000 people. 
 Christa McAuliffe=73
Ronald Reagan who set up the Teacher program was born on the 37th day of the year. 
Reagan died on the 157th day of the year....37th prime is 157. 

Challenger crashed on the 28th day of the year. 

Becky Lynch winner of the Women's Royal Rumble pictured with Water on Wikipedia-Synchronicity at Work-Led Zeppelin-Black Sunday-Atlanta/Atlantis Olympic Bombing

This morning before work I looked up the Royal Rumble winners from last night. I saw that it was Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. I didn't have time to look at them, but figured I'd look when I got to work on my phone. 
Anyway I thought it was funny when I went to Becky Lynch's wikipedia as they have a picture of her with a bottle of WATER. 
Then right as I looked at this picture I heard one of the old guys telling a story and they kept laughing at the part about "keep their head above Water".
I then got busy for a while and when it slowed down I started looking at my phone again in regards to the above picture. The next customer I had was a kid wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt with what I first thought were Submarines. 

The reason I find it funny that it's not Submarines is because it's actually an Airship. The airpships that look an awful lot like Blimps which reminds me of the film "Black Sunday". 
Better yet the reason Led Zeppelin supposedly got their name was because they were trying to start a super group with "Keith MOON" of the Who and he said it would go over like a Lead Balloon. Hence "Led" and Zeppelin because these airships were often referred to as Zeppelins. 

If there were to be an attack the same day the Super Bowl goes on in Atlanta or possibly at the Super Bowl or just in reminds me yet again of the 1996 Olympic Bombing. Also look where Led Zeppelin's first album was recorded....Olympic Studios...signed to Atlantic Records....and it came out on 1/12. 
Olympics=112=Super Bowl
Old Post on Atlanta Olympic Bombing-Alice-Heart Attack
Notice it happened at 1:20am....
The Super Wolf Blood Moon on 1/20 is important. 
Moses died age 120. 
Aquarius begins on 1/20. (Atlantis/Water)

I'm wondering if the water stuff is also important in regards to the USS Fitzgerald/USS John McCain stories just after Dennis Rodman visited Kim Jong Un. 

If you notice the Atlanta Bombing was also on the anniversary of the Korean War coming to an end 7/27. 

Funny too that earlier I was trying to finish watching "Aquaman" that is all about Atlantis rising up to fight the people on Land, but Aquaman "King Arthur" stops the war. 

While watching this movie I stopped for a second and looked at the TV and of course my daughter was watching Hotel Transylvania 3 and it was at this exact part when I looked at the TV. A map of Atlantis. 
Remember Michael J. Fox(Wolf MOON) is also the main character in the cartoon "Atlantis". 

All of the stuff that people were talking about with Pope Francis and the Saints still makes sense with the Super Bowl being in Atlanta too. Remember the Red and Black and Jesuit Priests. 

All the water symbolism also reminds me a lot of the Neptune/Poseidon stuff from years back. Remember they are the God of Sea/Water/Earthquakes/Horses. 
Atlantis means "Island of Atlas"...the God who holds up the Sky. 
He had to do so because the Olympians defeated the Titans. 

It can't be a coincidence they came out with the live action "Little Mermaid" in August of 2018 too. 
Under the Sea=120
I wouldn't doubt if that somehow is important to Michael J. Fox again with the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. 

I can't help but think of Tom Hanks being in the films Splash and Cloud Atlas too...

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Jeff Bridges Teases Return of the Dude from The Big Lebowski in a new Video-Super Bowl LIII teaser?-Dakota Theriot and some old info about the Dakota Access Pipeline

I also saw this video clip on Facebook earlier today. It's Jeff Bridges hinting of something in regards to The Big Lebowski. At the end it shows the date 2.3.19 which is the same day as Super Bowl 53, so many think it's a commercial for the Super Bowl. 
Interesting this teaser released on 1/24. 
Jeff Bridges bday is 12/4. 
Remember this is a number connected to the death of Fat Comedians. 
David Huddleston died 124 days before 12/4. 
Ralphie May died 1 month 24 days after the date I made a video about Fat comedians dying and 124. 

In regards to the Super Bowl too..
The Big Lebowski=231
National Anthem=231

If you look at a lot of my stuff on Jeff Bridges it seems that Chattanooga is important. I'm not sure if it's because of the Gematria of 911 or if possibly we are going to get something to do with Chattanooga? 

I also talked about the Alton Sterling/Philando Castile narrative connected to the assassination of William McKinley. 
I'm not sure how it's fully related, but I got a feeling the story of the kid named "DAKOTA" is important to the narrative above. The murders were near Baton Rouge....and he was arrested on 1/27. 
Remember we got the story of 127 people being arrested at the Dakota Access Pipeline just before the Indians lost in the World Series to the Cubs on the 127th anniversary of "North Dakota"=127 becoming a state. I guess looking at it now, it was also the 127th anniversary of South Dakota becoming a state as well. 

I like his last name too...."The Riot". 
The people arrested started a Riot. 
He was captured in "Virginia"=127 on 1/27. 

The Omaha People got their sacred pole back on 12+7+19+89=127
July 12th...12/7. 
A ton of the 127 was connected to Michael Jordan who played baseball under Indians coach Terry Francona too. 

Theme Song for the Royal Rumble tonight is by Zayde WOLF-Ember Moon wrestling in the Women's event

I've been so busy lately that I forgot about the Royal Rumble being on tonight. I was at work looking at Facebook and saw my friend posted how he thinks Ember Moon is going to win it. 
If she does win that will be interesting. 
Remember Royal Rumble is synced up to the Royal Family and Earthquakes. Ember Moon has a bday of August 31st which is a big day I have talked about with Earthquakes...Day Apollo Creed died in 1985 which was 99 years after the worst East Coast Earthquake recorded. Also Princess Diana dying on that day. 
Notice the theme song is by "Zayde WOLF"...this comes just after the Wolf MOON....
This artist isn't even on Wikipedia. They do have the song uploaded on their Youtube and look at the album cover. It's of course a picture of the MOON. The album is Modern Alchemy? 

Probably won't watch this until a later date, because I have a band gig tonight and won't be home until late. I'm interested to see what happens and who the winners are though. 

Youtube to crack down on conspiracy videos in recommendations

Conspiracy Videos=80
I always thought this was funny considering Youtube is where many people have learned to look for truth. Yet Youtube filled with all sorts of conspiracy people who aren't telling the whole truth and others just making it look crazy. 

Surfer Chris Brown died days before Chris Brown singer arrested

I saw this story on Zach's blog a second ago. A surfer named Chris Brown died.

Just wanted to document about it as yet another story with Water and I just talked about Chris Brown in an earlier post.