Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Ronda Rousey 911 Post on 21/8 in 2019 and my mention of Richard Quinn and "They Live" in the post-They Live in relation to Zach's birthday


I was trying to find out the relationship between Bill Gates and Alex Jones in relation to Jeff C's video...
Alex Jones=190(FB) and 208(FB)
Bill Gates=208(FB)
Microsoft founded 208 days before Gates bday. 
Notice Alex Jones' bday is a span of 190 days after 8/6(218th day) when Alex Jones was removed from Social media. 
They Live=218(FB)
Rowdy Roddy Piper=190
Piper died the day before Ronda Rousey won in 34 seconds at UFC 190. 
Rousey's first UFC fight she beat "Liz Carmouche"=190
Rousey's final UFC was a loss to "Amanda Nunes"=190

In light of 218 being important to 9/11...I just remembered I have this video about Ronda Rousey cutting her finger on the set of 9-1-1 all synced to 9/11....Look at the date I put it on YouTube...21/8 lol...can't make this up. 
It actually happened on 20/8...see above. 

I even mentioned Seal/Kiss from a Rose with the Roddy Piper stuff because he was on a "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" episode that had a part about that song. 

Japan=119(FB) and 185(FB)
Remember the 2018 Royal Rumble winners were both from Japan...plus Kobe synce to Japan...119..911...
Ronda Jean Rousey=185
World Trade Center=185
The Bridgewater shooting synced to 185..
Think about Japan in relation to 8/6 as well...the 218th day..
WTC Construction began on 8/6. 

Alex Jones bday is 106 days after Bill Gates..
Roddy Piper died 106 days after his bday..
They Live=106

So I'm looking through my post about Ronda Rousey and 9-1-1 and towords the end of the post I mentioned how Rich posted a cover of Zach's book "Letters & Numbers" and he made it look like "They Live"....I mean what are the odds of this...I can't think of any other time I have blogged about Rich until recently, and go figure I have one from 21/8/2018 that involves "They Live"...

The 33rd anniversary of "They Live" will be 106 days after Zach's 38th bday. 
They Live=38 and 106 and 218(FB)
Roddy Piper died 106 days after his bday..
Alex Jones and Bill Gates 106 days apart..
They Live came out 106 days before 2/18. 

It seems to me that something will be going down with the News/Conspiracy Theorists in the near future. Think about the Kristy Swanson story too...How Donald Trump is banned from Twitter and they want to cut him out of Home Alone..

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