Thursday, January 7, 2021

Klay Thompson has perfect Happy Gilmore video for Stephen Curry's 62 point game


It's funny that Klay Thompson would post a video about Happy Gilmore with Stephen Curry's 62 point game...
Recall we pointed out the connection of the Warriors to Happy Gilmore years ago as Happy wears the Warriors jersey in the beginning of the film. 
The Warriors originally from Philadelphia...The Comcast Center looking building falls over on the Earthquake Golf Course. 

Stephen Curry=62
He scored 62 points agains the Portland Trail Blazers.
Trail Blazers=62
Portland Trail Blazers=243
Golden State Warriors=243
Golden State=122
Portland lost scoring 122 points. 
Wardell Stephen Curry II=122

I can't help but think how I've mentioned the number 243 in relation to "Native American"=243...
Bob Barker important to the Native American theme and Happy Gilmore. 
This happened 22 days after Barker's bday..

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