Monday, July 31, 2017

George Clooney Twins born in Gemini

I almost forgot George Clooney also had TWINS during Gemini. Born on 6/6. 
Clooney Twins=57 and 150(reverse)
World Series=57 and 150(reverse)
George Clooney connected to the Space theme/Prince. Also Clooney was connected to the death of Adam West/Batman. 

Clooney is currently 56 years old and Born 5/6. 
Society of Jesus=56

Clooney married Amal on the Jesuit anniversary and married by the former mayor of Rome. 

Clooney tried out for the Cincinnati Reds in 1977. They won the WS over the Yankees in 1976. Notice the Yankees beat the Dodgers in 1977 WS. 
The Twins stuff is seemingly pointing to the Yankees/Dodgers. Remember even Bob Wolff announced the 1956 WS which was Yankees vs Dodgers. 

Emma and Alexander=61, 133
Remember JayZ twins born 133 days before the WS begins. 

Try and look more at this later, but I have to go to work. 

Mighty Ducks Goalie sentenced to 150 days in jail

Goldberg on the Mighty Ducks arrested and jailed for 150 days? 
This is interesting as the Mighty Ducks takes place in Minneapolis. 
World Series=150(reverse)
Think about how I've mentioned the Angels(Gabriel-Michael) in connection to what I've been documenting....
The actual NHL team was the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and now the Anaheim Ducks...Anaheim where the Angels play as well. 

He's in jail in Los Angeles county...Minneapolis and Los Angeles have a connection in regards to the Lakers....

Notice he's 38 years old right now too. 
Goldberg=38(rev red)
Greg Goldberg=55(red rev)
Mighty Ducks=50

Goldberg was # 33 for the Mighty Ducks. 
Anaheim=33 and 138(reverse)
Shaun Weiss=138
The main character in the Mighty Ducks is "Charlie Conway"..CC 33.  He wears # 96...."Freemason"=96
Joshua Jackson=39, 147
He's currently 39 years old. 
World Series=147
New York=39 and so on....
CC...JJ...Greg Goldberg...GG....Emilio Estevez..EE....hmm?

It's funny as the other night when I posted about Kendrick Lamar I noticed his last name is actually Duckworth. I even thought about the Mighty Ducks...."quack quack quack quack Mr. Ducksworth."
In that post I mentioned Meek Mill as well and the connection to Philadelphia...remember Goldberg says he's moving back to Philly in the film but then never does. 

113th world series. 
Goldberg the Goalie=89 and 307(reverse)
Los Angeles Dodgers=89(rev red)
Today's date is 30/7. 

Magic Johnson says Dodgers will win 2017 World Series-Lavar/Lonzo Ball-Jesuits

Magic Johnson says the Dodgers will win this year. 
"This is Our Year"=187
Society of Jesus=187(reverse) and 56
Earvin Johnson=187(reverse)
Magic Johnson=56, 128
Ha he may be might as I've said the winner will be connected to the Jesuits. 
The Dodgers in their 128th season according to Wiki, but 134th according to Sportsreference. 

He says this 18 days before his 58th bday...
He also says this age 57. 
World Series=57

Lavar Ball=162(reverse)
Major League Baseball=162
Interesting Magic Johnson will be 58 years old during the basketball season..
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Lonzo Ball=37, 109 and 134(reverse)
He's from "Chino Hills"=109
Los Angeles=37, 109
July 27th also leaves 157 days in the year. 
157 is the 37th prime. 
The NBA Finals came to an end 134 days before the WS begins. 
Lonzo born on 10+27+97=134

Johnson says this 175 days after becoming the President of Operations with the Lakers. 
Los Angeles Lakers=175

MSN article mentions how hopefully he doesn't have to change his name to Magic Jinxson. 
Magic Jinxson=57
World Series=57

Johnson says this on 7/27 which was 89 days before the World Series. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=89(red rev)
Earvin "Magic" Johnson=89, 197
Ping Pong 4 Purpose=197(reverse)
Lonzo Anderson Ball=73 and 89(rev red)
Los Angeles Dodgers=73 and 89(rev red)

Magic Johnson last won a NBA Finals on 6/21/1988 and then the Dodgers won the WS that began 117 days later. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=117(Reverse)
They beat the "Oakland Athletics"=56
Athletics=56(red reverse)
In a previous post I mentioned the death of Bob Wolff who announced the 1956 world series...Yankees vs Dodgers. 

The Dodgers didn't play the day that Magic said this, but the day before they beat the TWINS 5-6. 
They got their 71st win on the season...
The World Series begins on 10+24+20+17=71

The World Series begins 71 days after Magic's bday. 
With the end date it would be 72 days. 

The actual truth behind the guy who got stuck in an ATM

Just saw this article on Facebook from the Local news station. 
I just want to point out this guys name. 
James Portillo=57
Remember the mainstream article came out on 7+13+20+17=57
ATM Machine=57
ATM Repairman=57
Two One Zero=57....the area code they showed. 

In my previous post I mentioned how I thought this story was a tribute to the 88th anniversary of the stock market crash. 
Notice today is 91 days before the anniversary of Black Tuesday. 
The Great Depression=91
Nineteen Twenty Nine=91

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Chris Christie confronts Cubs fan

This story is interesting to me as last year the Hoboken Train Wreck was a big piece to why I thought the Cubs would win the World Series. 
Chris Christie said there were 114 injured...The Cubs were in their 114th season being called the Cubs and won the World Series getting their 114th win of the season. This same day the Cubs tied Pittsburgh...
It was the first tie since 2005 when the Astros tied the Reds 114 days before the World Series in which the Astros were swept by the White Sox. 
A bunch of the Pittsburgh stuff connected back to the Indians and also the Cubs getting Aroldis Chapman from the Yankees. 
Chris Christie=148
Cleveland Indians=148

Interesting Chapman went back to the Yankees this year 1 month 13 days after winning the WS with the Cubs. 
113th world series this year.....
With the end date it was also 1 month 14 days. 

I see Chapman also was almost a Dodger but had a domestic violence thing on him and ended up going to the Yankees. 
It says it happened in Davie, Florida....Just makes me wonder about something that happened 2 days ago. I was training a new kid at work whose last name is Davie. I was talking about him later that day to my mom and she told me he has a Twin sister. Also while at work this same day there was a girl in the store with a Supernatural(TV Show) tattoo on her chest in the same spot as my girlfriend. She also had the same dyed hair color and I not even realizing it, I told her and my girlfriend they were twins. 

Christopher James Christie=145(rev red)
Chicago Illinois=145
Chicago Cubs=55
Notice he's the 55th mayor of New Jersey...
The fans name was "Brad Joseph"=55(rev red)

He called the fan "Big Shot". 
Big Shot=37(rev red), 109(reverse) and 80
Yankees=37(rev red), 109(reverse) and 80
Los Angeles=37, 109

Notice the Brewers stayed on 55 wins today. 
Notice also the losing pitcher today named DAVIES. 
Zach Davies=55(rev red)
Milwaukee Brewers=73
Los Angeles Dodgers=73

Today also 86 days before the WS....
Chris Christie=86(rev red)

Christie also gets in the fans face just before Victor Caratini hit the 1st home run of his career.
Victor Caratini=72, 162
Major League on..
Victor Manuel Caratini=312(reverse)...312 a number in connection to the Jesuits I've mentioned. 
It was also 18 days before his bday on 8/17. 
Baseball=18 and so on..
Seventh Inning=191(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Howie Kendrick Traded to Nationals for McKenzie Mills-Kendrick Lamar-Meek Mill-Jesuits

The Nationals get Howie Kendrick from the Philadelphia Phillies. 
Remember the Phillies connected to the Jesuits. 
Philadelphia Phillies=191
Society of Jesus=191
Howie Kendrick=135

Howard Joseph Kendrick III=127
Born on 12/7...
Notice his bday also 3 months 12 days before the World Series begins. 
312 another number I've mentioned in regards to the Jesuits. 

He was traded for McKenzie Mills. 

Notice today also 1 month 30 days before the Jesuit anniversary. Also 61 days. 
McKenzie Mills=61
God=61=Jesus and so on..

Notice Mills and Howie's bdays are 130 days apart. 
4 months 7 days as well. 
Interesting as Kendrick is # 47 it says above. 

The opposite way their bdays are 235 days apart. 
Washington Nationals=235
The Society of Jesus=235(reverse)

The name Kendrick however reminds me of Kendrick Lamar. He was connected to the NBA Finals...I typed in to see what his favorite MLB team was and I found an article about him throwing the first pitch at a Dodgers game in 2015. Interesting tweet by the Dodgers as well....He's wearing jacket that says Patriots...The Patriots won the SB this year and also 2015....Makes me wonder if they are showing us the Dodgers?
Howie Kendrick=72
Kendrick Lamar=57
World Series=57
He throws the first pitch on April 27th 2015, the 117th day of the year. 
2015 was when the Royals won for the first time since 1985 and in my previous posts I mentioned why that's significant to the Nationals and the Twins. 

Howie Kendrick played 117 games with the Dodgers in his career too. 
Traded to the Dodgers for Andrew Heaney. 
Andrew Heaney=57(rev red)
World Series=57

His album Damn came out on the 104th day of the year. 
Howie Kendrick born 104 days before the World Series. 

That game was also 51 days or 1 months 21 days before Kendrick Lamar's bday. 
L=12 A=1....La....121
Kendrick=51(rev red)

This year on 4/27 the Dodgers won 5-1 against the Giants. 
51 days before Kendrick Lamar's bday they win 5-1. 
Notice Washington beat Colorado 16-5 on 4/27 as well. 

The day of this trade the Washington game vs Colorado was cancelled. 
Colorado Rockies=73
Los Angeles Dodgers=73
Notice today the Dodgers also played San Francisco again. 
They got their 72nd win today. 

The trade happens 88 days before the World Series begins. The Dodgers last won in 1988. 
With the end date it would be 89 days..
Los Angeles Dodgers=89(rev red)

In 1988 the Dodgers beat the 104 win Oakland A's. 
This was the 85th world series. 
LA Dodgers=85 and 50(rev red)
Twins=85 and 50(reverse)

In regards to my recent posts about Freemasonry and 317....

Also interesting that Kendrick Lamar was born 130 days before the Twins won the World Series in 1987. 

Also McKenzie Mills makes me think of another rapper...Meek Mill. 
Meek Mill the Philadelphia native...McKenzie Mills gets traded to Philadelphia too. 
Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar also had a feud and diss tracks to each other. 
Mill's newest album just released on 7/21/17 called "Wins & Losses". Think about that in regards to Sports. 
Wins & Losses=37
Los Angeles=37
Notice he was born 42 days exactly before Kendrick Lamar too. 
We know why 42 is important in regards to black people. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=181  which is also the 42nd prime number. 

Meek Mill also released movie shorts starting on Kendrick Lamar's bday this year to promote his new album. 

The Dodgers responded to a Kendrick text promoting his song King Kunta in 2015.
King Kunta=36, 108
Kunta Kinte=36
Dodgers=36(red) and 36(rev red)
Major League=108....108 double stitches and so on. 

In the King Kunta video almost everything is Los Angeles based....Lakers/Angels/Compton/USC and so on, but they have one guy wearing a Nationals "W" hat. They even show him and at 1:13 they quit showing him. 
This year the 113th world Series.