Sunday, December 30, 2018

Lion escapes and Kills Worker in North Carolina-Samson-Lion Air 610 crash

I just went to CNN after documenting seeing a bunch of 50...The first story I see is about a Lion killing a worker. 
Of course "LION"=50
This story makes me think of Samson again. We have got recent stories about cutting hair and now a story of a lion....Samson who was in the tribe of Dan killed the Lion with his bare hands. Then later Bees made Honey in the dead lion. I wonder if we get a story of Bees soon? Again this is all stuff I talked about years ago, even before I made videos. 
Of course Daniel in the Lion's Den as well. 

Mebane, North Carolina=109
Alexandra Black=109

Also interesting..."Conservators Center"=81

Notice the woman is from New PALESTINE too. I wonder how Samson might fit that narrative....or possibly it's something to do with Jesus/The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Also remember the Lion Air plane crash not that long ago as well. That plane was Lion Air Flight 610 which is interesting considering the Detroit Lions shut out the Packers today and now have a record of 6-10. 

It's really funny thinking about this as well because earlier my girlfriend said she didn't know who Jonathan Taylor Thomas was. I told her a bunch of things and then said and he's the voice of Simba on the Lion King(young Simba) interesting that would even come up tonight. 

Noticing a lot of "50" in stuff tonight-Chiefs-Wayne Static-The Karate Kid

I was on Facebook a few minutes ago and I saw a lot of people posting about Mahomes and his 50 TD passes this season. A lot of Chiefs fans in the area so a lot of people posting about it. 
So 50 TD passes is important..
Super Bowl=50(s) 
The Chiefs are a team I am watching considering all of the connections to 2015 and I thought Chiefs would win the Super Bowl that year. It was all about the Eagles stuff in 2015 and today the Eagles made the Playoffs too. 
Funny too I just talked about how the number "50" is really important to a lot of the synchronicity I have had over the year. 

So literally the next thing I see on Facebook that I stopped and watched was someone posted a Static X video. I have some odd memories of this band. They used to be one of my favorites until I went and saw them live and they only played 3 songs and left even though they were supposed to play longer. It really pissed me off back then and I boycotted them lol. 
Anyway I figured I'd look up Wayne Static again as he died in 2014. 
Of course "Wayne Static"=50
His real name is "Wayne Wells"=50

Also funny that trolled comment I got last night on my Rob Lowe Video fits in....I talked a decent amount about the number 50 in that video. I also talked about Ralph Macchio which is interesting as a few weeks back I started watching "Cobra Kai" on Youtube. I was just thinking about how I need to cancel my free trial to watch it soon I need to finish watching the series. 
Wayne Static and Ralph Macchio ironically have the same bday of 11/4 too. 
The Karate Kid=50

Also...."The Karate Kid"=333(Jewish)
Patrick Lavon Mahomes II=333
Philadelphia Eagles=333(Jewish)
Just something that stuck out to me. 


Trolled Comment on Roast of Rob Lowe video

Getting ready to lay down as I have to work in the morning, but Claire just woke up and puked. Everyone in the house has been really sick the past few days except for me. I have a massive cold but I haven't been what I call sick. Anyway when Claire got up, it gave me some energy so I got back on the computer. I just got a notification of someone talking shit on my video of the Roast of Rob Lowe and how it's connected to the Indians vs Cubs WS. 
I mean how can anyone talk shit on this video considering the Indians did play the Cubs in the World Series that year and this video came out a over a month before the World Series began? 

Notice the video has 16 likes and 9 dislikes. 
Greedy Juddy=169
Rocky Colavito=169
Detroit Tigers=169

I just documented about "Dame June Whitfield"=169 but I didn't mention that in the post as I didn't see how it fit. 

Mollie Tibbetts mom takes in 17 year old Immigrant

It's funny as I just posted about Frank equaling 50 just like Pink and so on...I even went back and looked at my old info as I thought "Mollie"=50 too but It didn't...I then started thinking that possibly the Iowa game on 1/1 will be important for me to see. Now I got to Yahoo and of course there is a Mollie Tibbetts story in the headlines. 
Her mom took in an illegal immigrant supposedly. 
Notice this story comes 4 months 8 days after Mollie died. 
The whole reason this story is popular is because of the "WALL" narrative with Trump. 
Wall=48=Donald Trump and so on...

Notice too it's 163 days after she went missing...
Mollie Tibbetts=163

Assuming this kids bday is 12/2 it's perfect. 
His bday was 137 days before Mollie went missing. 
Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts=137
Christhian Bahena Rivera=137
137 is the 33rd prime. 
Ulises Felix=156
Thirty Three=156

Notice too their bdays 6 months 24 days apart. The big number I talked about all summer....Also Mollie's death all about Freemasonry and Freemasonry established on 6/24. 

Absolutely Fabulous actress June Whitfield Dies age 93

She dies 1 month 18 days after her bday. 
June Rosemary Whitfield=118

It's interesting the article tells us about Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II. 
Notice she dies 114 days before Elizabeth II's bday and also 1 month 14 days after Prince Charles bday. 

She also died 318 days before her next bday. 
Remember Prince Charles bday on the 318th day...Diana died on 31/8. 

Absolutely Fabulous=58

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Feleipe FRANKS Shreds Michigan-Synchronicity with Frank/Family Guy

I find this story interesting right off the bat because they are putting on "Franks". It is seemingly something important that I documented about last night. Kevin Spacey..Let me be Frank....France...Pope Francis and so on...
Feleipe Franks=64
Florida Gators=64

You have to appreciate that he is # 13 and they beat "M"=13 with 41 points. 
13th prime is 41. 
Peach Bowl=41

The article even makes sure to let us know he completed 13 passes and his team was up 13-10 at halftime. 

Both teams finish the season with a 10-3 record....1...3...

So I didn't finish this post and I went up town for a bit. I just got home and sat down and Family Guy is on. The first thing I see is the picture's a restaurant owned by Frank Sinatra Jr....but think about it...FRANKS? 

Frank Sinatra Jr.=160
Bookie of the year=160

It's funny the episode is a play of Rookie of the year and it came out just before the Cubs beat the Indians in the World Series. I documented about the film being connected to the Cubs and the Indians too. 
Frank Sinatra Sr. was synced to it as well. Remember he died on the day Israel declared it's independence(May 14th) in 48'. Indians hadn't won since 48'...a lot more. 
My Uncle Barney was connected to this as well and had the song "My Way" as his funeral song. 
Frank Sinatra Sr. also died 164 days after his bday...think about 160 and 164 being related. 

Dan Behrendt=50

It seems a lot of time when I have something like this it's connected to the number 50? 
Stock Market=521(satanic)

Today even comes 50 days(end date) after my bday. 

Gog and Magog War-Third Temple-George HW Bush-World War III-Thales of Miletus 624

I was reading about the 3rd Temple and I see that in Ezekiel it talks about Gog and Magog. It's basically the enemy of Israel that has to be defeated. It's just interesting considering Albert Pike's supposed talk of the Third World War being about Islam and Zionism. In order for the Zionists to build the 3rd Temple there has to be some sort of treaty to build it.
Anyway notice how before the Iraq War George W. Bush said Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East? Think about how George HW Bush just died and his nickname in Skull and Bones was "Magog". 
Skull and bones=202
Red Heifer=202
End of the World=202

Think how the Bush's are connected to 9/11 that was about the destruction of the 2 towers. Tisha B'aV=911 and about the destruction of the 2 temples. Also think about the NWO and Hulk Hogan/Hollywood Hogan from my previous post. Remember Hogan was also a Mega Power with Macho Man who said the Twin Towers were gonna come crumbling down. The Twin Towers had Big Boss Man who helped Hogan get his revenge against Earthquake. 

Bush died 8 months 12 days before 8/11. 

It just has me thinking of what I documented about in 2015 and World War III starting on August 12th. 
8/11 in America due to time change can also be 8/12 in the middle east and so on...
811 is the 141st prime number. 
8/12 leaves 141 days in the year. 
World War III=141
The Battle of Gog and Magog....
The battle that has to happen before the 3rd temple can be constructed. 

I also saw the first temple was destructed in 586BC and it reminded me how the study of Earthquakes go back to Thales of Miletus in 585BC. Anyway I looked him up again and notice it says he was born in the year 624BC(big number this year). Also Quran was revealed to Muhammad over a span of years that involved the year 624 which I thought was interesting too. 

Summer Slam 2019 is on August 11th-Hulk Hogan Philadelphia Earthquake Symbolism-Happy Gilmore Black Cube(3rd Temple New Jerusalem) Philadelphia Earthquake

I've documented numerous times how there is some type of connection to Zach and I. A lot of it had to do with the Angel Gabriel only talking to Zechariah, Daniel and Mary. 
Anyway we are also very close in age and I figured I would see how far apart our bdays were. 
Would you look at that?...I am 8 months 11 days older than Zach. Think about how he has been talking about the date August 11th 2019. 
Also if you have followed me from way back I have mentioned the number 811 and the date of 8/11 being important. Clear back I used to talk about how 8X11=88. In 2015 I talked a lot about the date as it is Hulk Hogan's bday. It's all about the Earthquake narrative that is connected to Philadelphia. Funny too as it's also the day Robin Williams died in 2014. Robin Williams of course born on 7/21 which is Zach's bday....also the 202nd day of the year. 
Dan Behrendt=202(reverse)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=253...notice it's 253 days too. 
Also Philadelphia, of 11/8 or 8/11. 

Robin Williams of course out of San Francisco...His death has always stuck out to me as the day he died I saw a cloud that looked just like him. My girlfriend even completely agreed with me that day and she doesn't care at all about this stuff. I'm not gonna re-list stuff but I have talked about him a ton over the years. I think his death is somehow really important to the awakening of many...of course he was even in movie called "Awakening"...Peter Pan-Jumanji-The Fisher King...I need to think about it. 

Would you believe that Summer Slam in 2019 will be held on 8/11? 
Remember Hulk Hogan got his revenge on Earthquake at Summer Slam in Philadelphia at the Spectrum. 
Scotiabank Arena=134
Summer Slam=134
Scotiabank=32...It's Summer Slam 32. 
Toronto=36, 117
Bridge=36, 117

August 11th is also 118 days after the 169th anniversary of San Francisco. 
Think about how I keep mentioning 164 being important...
Terry Bollea=164(Hulk Hogan's real name 8/11 bday). 
Terry Gene Bollea=164

Philadelphia Pennsylvania=1611(Jewish)
KJV in 1611....
August Eleventh=1611(eng ext). 

Wrestlemania 35 is 4 months 4 days before Summer Slam 32. 

I'm pretty sure part of the Hulk Hogan narrative is why Stan Lee recently died. Also we got the story of Lou Ferrigno being hospitalized....The Incredible Hulk. 
Remember Hulk Hogan is from Augusta, Georgia...Think about August and the first ruler of the Roman Empire Augustus who was born on 9/23...The big day with Pope Francis. 
Remember Francis gave a speech on Abe Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Lectern in Philadelphia...Abe Lincoln shot with a Philadelphia Derringer....Rick Derringer wrote Hulk Hogan's theme song. 

Barack Hussein Obama II=811(eng ext)
I talked a lot about Obama back then. 

Also a lot of what I was talking about in regards to Philadelphia and Earthquakes was from the movie Happy Gilmore. Chubbs is also Apollo Creed/Rocky(Philadelphia) who died on 8/31/1985...Carl WEATHERS....The Worst recorded East Coast Earthuake was on 8/31/1886 in Charleston....The 85' Bears were important to the coding as well. We got the death of Grizzly Adams(Happy Gilmore quote)...The Revenant...California's Flag/State Animal is the Grizzly Bear and more....Think about that in relation to this year....
California became a state on 9/9....Adam Sandler born on 9/9...the 9th green at 9...Apollo Creed died 99 years after the 1886 Earthquake. It's the 99th season of the NFL this year and more..

Anyway remember on Happy Gilmore the building that falls over on the Earthquake course where he learns to putt has the black cube on the top. It looks similar to the Comcast Center in Philadelphia. The kicker though is all the talk of August 11th is about the construction of the 3rd Temple.....Remember the Black Cube(Saturn's Cube) is supposed to represent the "New Jerusalem" and it will be centered around the 3rd Temple. 
Saturn's Cube=811(Jewish)

I'm also leaving this comment in here as I know there is something important to France in all of this, but haven't figure it out yet. 

Friday, December 28, 2018

Explosion lights up New York Sky in Shades of Blue

Transformer Explosion=111
New York=111
New York City=57

Blue Sky=40

New York=39
7+2+6+1+7+8+8=39(became a state)
George=39=Clinton...first governor of NY in 1739. 

Alien Invasion=81

Kevin Spacey video of groping Busboy in Nantucket

A few things pop up right away when seeing this story. Remember how Spacey was connected to the Stand By Me/Marilyn Manson/Family Guy Stuff....It was all about the JFK/Trump assassination......Back in October we got the death of the BUSBOY who comforted Robert Kennedy so I wonder if there is a connection to that. 

Also this kid is from Nantucket? haha who remember the saying? 
It's just so perfect he would be from Nantucket. 

Kevin Spacey=130
Nantucket Bar=130

I like how the bar is called "Club Car"...CC..33
Nantucket, Massachusetts=137(33rd prime). 
Snapchat Video=137

What's even funnier to me considering this story was the top story when I went to CNN a few minutes ago. It just now caught my attention that his name is "Kevin".....Just before I went to CNN I watched the film "Jeff, Who Lives At Home" by the suggestion of Sam a few days ago. I couldn't get it to work on my TV the past few days so I just found it and watched it on my computer. The whole premise of the movie is that he is following "Signs" as he believes they guide you through life. The major "Sign" that he follows involves the word "KEVIN". All of these events involving Kevin happen up until the end when he saves a father named Kevin from DROWNING. I can't help but think about how the drowning stuff was connected to my Father earlier in 2018. 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Synchronicity of the Day-JIM-Mowgli-Mexican guy saying I stole his car-Southpark Catholic Priests

Today I had some weird things happen to me. When I first got to work a customer asked my coworker if she had told me about him already paying for his stuff. He was going to come back later and pick it up, and didn't want me to think he was stealing it. I told him, it's not like I was going to chase him down as I know him and what not..His name is Jim. Anyway a while later the mail came and I walked back to put it in the office. As I got into the kitchen(by the office) my coworker asked if Jim came back yet. I had forgot all about what happened when I first got to work. I thought she was asking me if her husband JIM had been in the store. I then realized what she meant and I explained to her why I was confused. 
So not much more time went by and the Jim came in the store to get his items. While he was grabbing his items my coworkers husband Jim came in the store too.  I thought what are the odds both of these guys come in here at the same time, when I just talked about the confusion...I then looked at the time on ther register and it was of course 11:11am. 
Better yet both of their names equal 50 in Gematria(1 in reduced and 1 in rev reduced).  
Plus my name "Dan Behrendt"=50

So then after work we needed diapers, so I went to Denison and just got groceries too. It's about 20 miles from where I live. I figured it would be late before I got home so I ordered a Chile Colorado from the Mexican Restaurant and then came home. I noticed a truck was behind me and riding my ass for most of the way without passing me. He then backed off a bit when we got to the town I live in. I pulled up to my house and the truck stopped outside my car and he rolled down his window. It was some mexican guy who didn't speak english very well. I'm not sure exactly what he was wanting but he either thought I stole his car or kidnapped his wife or both. He wanted to come into my house and check to see if his wife was here? I explained to him that I didn't steal his car and where I got it. I also had no idea who his wife was and I didn't kidnap her. After a while of trying to explain this to him, he finally left speeding off. I've been hoping he doesn't come back in the middle of the night as it was just weird as shit. I mean he followed me 20 miles and then insisted that I knew his wife that went missing in my car or something of the sort. 

So I get all the groceries in the house and sit down and watch TV. I couldn't find anything new that I wanted to watch so I just turned on a random Netflix movie that popped up. It just so happened to be some "Mowgli" movie that my girlfriends mom recently watched. As I was sitting there I started thinking how it was odd I'm watching this movie as I just documented about Johnny Tsunami. The guy who plays Johnny is also in the film "The Jungle Book Mowgli's Story". He was Mowgli in that movie....
I'm still trying to figure it out....
Ha and seriously just as I type "Figure it out" the episode of South Park just said the same thing. It's the episode where they poop out their mouth. The were trying to "Figure It out" of why the priest would stick something up their butt. 
Looking up this episode...of course it's the 87th episode about molesting priests. (Red Hot Catholic Love") episode I have documented about extensively. 

Also earlier today I got a notification on my phone to watch Zach's video that came out 6 days ago about the priest stuff. I wondered why a notification came up today for this video considering it came out days ago. 

French Revolution in relation to Napoleon's bday on the 227th day

The Tanster wants to talk with me about Gematria and Truth sometime in the near future. When looking at her channel I noticed a lot of stuff about Napoleon so I figured I'd look him up a bit. 

How interesting that Napoleon died on May 5th which was the 32nd anniversary of the French Revolution beginning. 
He was also born on the 227th day of the year. 
French Revolution=227(reverse)
French Monarchy=227(reverse)
May 5th was when the "Estates General"=227(reverse) met for the first time since 1614 too. 
It also makes sense as to why we got the Nice, France Van attack on Bastille Day in 2016. That was the 227th anniversary of the the Storming of Bastille. This was a day before the Turkey Coup attempt that year too. 

Also note that the amount of days between the dates of the beginning and end of the French Revolution. It's 188 days. 
Bavarian Illuminati=188

The French Revolution came to an end 86 days after Napoleon's bday. 
Napoleon Bonaparte=86(rev red)
You have to love the 9/11 or 11/9 date as well. 

Napoleon's bday is also interesting as it's 15/8. 
Notice the hidden hand pose in the above picture. 

Also note that King Louis XVI died 152 days after his bday. 
King Louis XVI=152(reverse)
Louis XVI=49(rev red)
This is interesting as the 49th prime is 227. 

It's also interesting that the Revolution began 110 days before 8/23 which was King Louis XVI's bday. 
Napoleone di Buonaparte=110(rev red) and 823(Jewish)