Sunday, September 30, 2018

"The Tackle" at Super Bowl 34 when the Rams beat the Titans

I went back and looked at the Rams winning Super Bowl 34. I remember watching this game at my friend Norm's house in high school. Anyway it's known for the final play called "The Tackle". 
Notice the guy who made the Tackle is # 52 Mike Jones. 
Mike Jones=52(rev red)
Tennessee=52(team the Rams beat)

Funny how the youtube video is 2:52 as well. 
The Tackle=252(Jewish)....It's like 52 front and back. 
They won this Super Bowl played on the 30th day of 2000. 

Another Look at the Drowning Sync from Earlier-Jim Varney Super Bowl 34 Sacrifice-RAMS

I didn't watch the episode of Family Guy I talked about in a previous post today with Drowning Synchronicity....but reading about it now. I'm wondering if it's something to do with Jim Varney who is in the episode. I remember a while back Sam and I were both talking about Jim I just wonder if he is part of what I was supposed to see. Especially because Peter brings him back to life and then realizes he actually wanted to bring back John Belushi. John Belushi the BLUES Brother that was connected to much I've documented as well. 
Sam also talked about Jim Varney being on Roseanne and how it was connected to BLUES Traveler. 

Varney died in the town WHITE HOUSE, Tennessee too..
White House Tennessee=239(reverse)
The Family Guy episode was about Lois running for Mayor which seems fitting this to me as well. 
Trump the 45th president...
Jim Varney=45
He died 4 months 5 days before his bday. 
Sam's Youtube Video on the Death of Jim Varney

Funny I mentioned in the comments of Sam's video how Varney might have been a sacrifice for Super Bowl 34 in light of what I've recently been mentioning. 
Super Bowl 34 was the only time the RAMS have won the Super Bowl. They had previously won the NFL Championship in 1945 against the Redskins and then won it against the Cleveland Browns in 1951 too. What's funny about that is the Rams were originally from Cleveland too. Remember how 51 was the big number with Cleveland winning in 2016(Cavs) then Indians lost in the World Series. 
The Redskins originally called the Boston Braves who the Indians beat in the last time they won the WS. 
1945 was when the Cubs were cursed by the Billy Goat. 
Also think about Super Bowl 47 with Baltimore and the 49ers that was all about "34". 
Also when the Rams won Super Bowl 34 that was the same year the Cleveland Browns cameback as they weren't a team when the owner tried moving them to Baltimore which in turn established the Baltimore Ravens. 

It's also interesting the RAMS were named that because the owners favorite team was the Fordham RAMS. Remember Fordham is the Jesuit university that Donald Trump attended as well. Think how Trump is connected to Cleveland(National Convention/the 48 and the Indians not winning since 48'/Visiting White House with the Cavs and so on..). 

Wouldn't you know? Fordham University even established on 6/24. 
Modern Freemasonry founded on 6/24. 

Fordham also won the first ever televised Football game in 1939 with 34 points. Interesting it was exactly 79 years ago as I'm writing this up on 9/30. 
Vince Lombardi even played for the Fordham Rams. 

Funny too in regards to Jim Varney is that when I documented about him I was following an Atlanta/Atlantis/RA theme. Varney's last film role before he died was "Atlantis: The Lost Empire". The post was just before we had the Falcons lose to the Patriots in Super Bowl 51. RA had the head of a Falcon and so on...This year the Super Bowl will be held in Atlanta. Super Bowl 34 also held in Atlanta. 

Pirates and Reds Tie/10 Innings when the Brewers and Cubs both had 10 Runs-1982 World Series BEER Rivalry

How interesting the Pirates played the Reds today and it went to 10 innings. So there was a "Tie" you could say. 
They went to 10 innings with a score of 5-5=10. 
The game finished when the Brewers had 10 Runs and the Cubs had 10 Runs....just after the game finished the Brewers scored an 11th run. 
Remember the Cubs TIED Pittsburgh in 2016 the same day as the Hoboken Trainwreck that injured 114 people. Hoboken where the first baseball game played....then Cubs went on to win the WS with 114 wins in their 114th season called the Cubs. 
The previous Tie before that was the REDS vs the Astros that was 114 days before the World Series in 2005. The Astros then lost the WS to the White Sox. 
Also remember my Uncle Barney(Cubs fan) died on 1/14 after the Cubs won and he took his wife to the Reds vs Cubs game in 2005 on 8/8. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
So on...

Chicago Illinois=145

Is it not interesting too the Brewers played Detroit to end the season? Detroit the team that the Cubs and Indians both cursed in connection to. 
Plus Harvey Kuenn being the Manager of Milwaukee with Harvey's Wallbangers. 
Also the Braves being from Milwaukee before moving to Atlanta. The Indians beat the Boston Braves in 1948 the last time they won the World Series. 

Milwaukee had 95 regular season wins that year as well. 

Notice the Brewers lost to the Cardinals the only time they made the WS too with Harvey Kuenn. 
It talks about St. Louis and Milwaukee having a rivalry with BEER too. oh the odds. 

Synchronicity with Family Guy and Drowning just after I read an old post about Drowning-Youtube Comment on Drowning Video

Earlier today I was looking back at an old blog post because I talked about Jeff Young calling people CATS. It just so happened to be a post that involved the Drowning Symbolism and 624. Remember the Drowning stuff was important to my Dad and my Son. 
After re-reading the post about Drowning I left and got Casey's Pizza in Woodbine. I came back and fed Zamien some Pizza and put him on the floor. Then out of nowhere Jasmine says "You're Drowning your son"...I asked her, "What"? I thought she was talking to me, but she was actually talking to the TV as Peter was Drowning Stewie on the episode that was on...haha it's just hilarious to me as it fit with exactly what I had just looked at again with Drowning and the connections to my Dad/Son. Then my dad came over a little bit later as he was working on my car and wanted me to drive it. There was something wrong with the Tire again, or actually it was something like the CV Joint and a Rock he said. 

Today Zamien is 256 days old too. The Drowning post before I mentioned him and the connection to the Indians. 
Curse of Rocky Colavito=256
Today also 624 days after my Uncle Barney died in connection to the Cubs. 
Right as I start making this blog post I get a notification of someone saying "Disinformation" on one of my videos. What are the odds it's the video about the DROWNING symbolism? 

Thank you JB aka Mr. Pizza for your analysis of my video. I mean how can it be disinformation when you can look up everything I talked about and verify for yourself? 
Remember 166 super important to my Uncle Barney. 

Standings in MLB going into Final Day-Anniversary of the Vegas Shooting and Jeff Young calling people CATS

I expect the Indians to win today to close out the season with 91 wins. It would be fitting for the connection to the Cubs. 
Chicago Illinois=91
Chicago Cubs=91
The Cubs I'm not so sure about as 94 and 95 wins fits the Cleveland narrative. 
Cleveland Indians=95(rev red) and 94
Curse of Rocky Colavito=94
Easter=94(day Colavito was traded/Holy Fire)

It would fit for the Cubs and Brewers to TIE the division as well. I think they would have to play a 1 game playoff to see who wins the division on 10/1 which leaves 91 days in the year. 
I was also thinking about the Brett Kavanaugh stuff and the article about him mentioning BEER a lot. It had me thinking about the Brewers. 

We also got this story yesterday about the Triple A player for the Brewers being at the Route 91 Harvest Festival last year on 10/1. He's still traumatized by it supposedly. 

What else sticks out to me is how the Vegas shooting is what Zach and Jeff Young had a big falling out over...Jeff Young always calls people CATS. Remember his bday was 6 months 24 days before the World Series begins this year. 

We'll see what happens....

Jim Harbaugh wearing a RAM headset in Michigan vs Northwestern

I watched the 4th Quarter of the Michigan game yesterday and I noticed something interesting. I have been mentioning the Kneeling stuff with Colin Kaepernick and how it connects to Super Bowl 47. SB 47 the Blackout Bowl that had Jim Harbaugh coaching the 49ers against his brother John and the Baltimore Ravens. 
Anyway I've shown how the 49ers play in Levi's stadium. Moses in the tribe of Levi and the Chiefs are important because they play in the Sea of Red...Moses parted the Red Sea. 
I also pointed out the connections to the RAMS as Moses brought in the Age of Aries and Aries was the RAM. 

While watching the game yesterday I noticed they zoomed in on Jim Harbaugh and he has RAM on his headphones. Possibly a lot of other coaches have that brand of headphones, but still funny to me as I've been talking about him being connected to this theme and I see him wearing these headphones. 

Also Michigan playing the WildCATS I thought was interesting too in noticing this. 
Jim Harbaugh=64
Forty Niners=64
Moses=64 and 71
The Ten Commandments=71
Super Bowl LIII=71

Cat Theme still happening in my life-Synchronicity with 624 and my son while uploading Cat Video

Finally have time to write this from the other day....
I was holding my son while my girlfriend was outside smoking. I was trying to listen to the video I made about the CAT Theme before I posted it on Youtube to make sure there weren't any big errors in it.
Anyway my girlfriend came back in and I paused the video to hand Zamien over to her. He didn't want to go to her so I held him a while longer, but finally was like I have to take a shower before I go to work. So I came back to the video as I was going to finish listening while in the shower and I notice that I paused the video at 6:24 haha. 
In this video I talked about 624 like crazy and the connections to my son with it. 

Also yesterday when I got off work I came home to Claire's face painted like a CAT. She went to Applefest in Woodbine and they had a booth or something that painted faces. Apparently she wanted to be a CAT. Remember how I documented with the  David Katz/Jacksonville thing that Claire always pretends to be a JAGUAR and climbs on the top of the couches and what not too. A while back too Claire was obsessed with watching Cats and Cucumbers on Youtube. It's videos of people scaring cats with Cucumbers. I even bought some cucumbers so we could try it on our cats, but it didn't work like the videos.  

My cousin Timmy's(Clancy's son) wife Alisha also text me the other day about reading my blog post about Cats. She thought it was funny because they just got rid of their Cat. 

Also I have not been out to the bar or really any other place in town for a while now. Last night my boss called me and told me to come up to the golf course club house as they were drinking up there. Jasmine wasn't working so I was able to go. I just think it's funny cause when I got there they had all left to the bar, but it was the first time I saw my cousin Katie in a while who loves Cats. One of the other guys at the club house even said something about Cats in the half hour I was there. 

What else I find interesting is a while back before noticing a CAT theme I was thinking how Dog is God backwards. Sirius the Dogstar and important to spiritual ascension. Then I started thinking how everything we are trained to believe is like a half truth and maybe I should be nicer to my cats as they might be important to really understanding the whole truth. I hope that makes sense. Cats are seemingly programmed in peoples heads as Woman's best friend and Dogs as Man's best friend. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What happened to Bryant 'Big Country' Reeves article

Notice Bryant Reeves bday of 6/8. 
This means the NBA Finals last year came to an end on Bryant Reeves bday as well. 

Bryant Reeves=55
Big Country=55(rev red)
Vancouver=50(rev red)
He wore # 50 for the Vancouver Grizzlies. 

Also interesting that his final game ever played in the NBA was against the Warriors who just won the NBA Finals on his bday. It was in the year 2001 though which is funny as the Lakers won the Finals that year. 

Blake Shelton got an American Flag for his Birthday in 2018

Been mentioning the theme with CeeLo and how it connects to the hosts on the voice. All related to the Standing during the National Anthem theme. Notice this year for Blake Shelton's bday his girlfriend Gwen Stefani got him a FLAG and a Flagpole. 

Something  I didn't notice in the last post was that Shelton's bday is the 169th day of the year. 
Boys Round Here=169 and 624(satanic)
Rocky Colavito=169, 624
So on...

Sinbad in new TV Series REL-Family Guy Kiss episode-Kiss' Farewell Tour and The CATman-Kathy Bates

I'm sitting here feeding Zamien and commercial came on. It was a clip of a new TV series called "REL". The only reason I'm documenting it is because SINBAD is one of the main people on the show. 
The show is named after Lil Rel Howery who is the guy from Uncle Drew which I still haven't watched. I've been trying to watch it for months but I always fall asleep. 
Anyway I see he was also in the Roast of Bruce Willis. It makes sense to me now as I had no idea who that guy was on the Roast. 

It's also interesting that today is the 26th and in my post about Sinbad that was a number I mentioned a lot. Last night I even bought a lottery ticket and won 20 bucks. The only reason I bought it was because it said there were 26 ways to win and it was on number 26. 
So who knows just documenting to add to the riddle...

What else is funny is that Family Guy is on and the episode is about the band "Kiss"(Lois had sex with Kiss)....just yesterday I was reading an article about Kiss going on their farewell tour in 2019 too. 

Remember Kiss also has the CATMAN. The original was Paul Criss, but Eric Singer is the current drummer and Catman. 
It's interesting to me too that Eric Singer is from Cleveland. 
In the film Detroit Rock City the kids are from Cleveland. 
Think about the connection to Cleveland and Detroit with Rocky Colavito. 

What else is funny to me is that last night we were looking for movies to watch. I asked my girlfriend if she has ever seen "American History X". She said yeah, and then I talked about Edward Furlong being the kid in Terminator...but he's also in Detroit Rock City. 

When looking Edward Furlong up I see in the first paragraph it mentions Kathy Bates. I just looked her up yesterday before work in regards to Katharine Bates who wrote the lyrics to America the Beautiful. Then last night after work and before asking my girlfriend about American History X, we watched the new Big Bang Theory. Of course a big piece of that show was the controversy between Amy's parents....of course her mother is played by Kathy Bates too. 

Notice she is from Memphis....
Memphis has had the connection to Detroit as well with Aretha Franklin and Elvis....
Bates also plays a character named "MOLLY" on Titanic...
I'm trying to think here....I see she also was "Meg BETHUNE" in the film Angus. This was one of my favorite movies as a kid. The reason it's important to me is that Nebraska scheduled a game at the end of the season against "Bethune-Cookman". 
She's also the Waterboy's mother....
Also I see she was Queen Victoria in "Around the World in 80 Days". 
Not sure what it is I'm supposed to see, but I'll keep thinking about it as I'm sure the puzzle will continue. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Reply to my Comment on Zach's video with a CAT avatar-2016 comment with Cat Avatar

I left a comment on Zach's video about Jimmy G last night and I wake up this morning to a message about Too much time on my hands. 
Funny how the person has an avatar of a CAT with as much I've documented about Cats in the past few days. 

This reminds me of the time I was uploading a Brandon Bourbon video all about the number 155. In the process of uploading the video someone named YesEthan commented on a video I put out 2 year before on 6/4(the 155th day). Then I called them out on it and they said it was just a weird synchronicity....months later I checked their Youtube account again and they went from 19K subs to 0Subs and the named changed to Solarius with an Avatar of an orange CAT. 

Looking at that video too, how funny that happened on 9/14 the day Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem. 

My moms cat that was missing was an Orange Cat as well. 
Missing Cat=114(see a few posts back about this). 
All of this happened in 2016 too. 

No lie I just went in to the bathroom a second ago too and one of the Cats shit all over my dirty laundry. I'm so pissed off right now lol, but what are the odds?

Something else I'm thinking about in regards to 9/14 is in 2016 a big piece to the native american theme was Philando Castile and Alton Sterling in connection to William McKinley's assassination. He died on 9/14/1901. 

Conversations with my friends recently and synchronicity helping me with Blake Shelton riddle-National anthem-War of 1812-The Beatles

I forgot to document the other night about a few stories with my friends over the weekend. My best friend came out at 2:30am on Saturday after he left the bar. This was the night my arm was really infected and I was gone all day so I forgot about it. Anyway he is the friend I made a video for in regards to the the Packers making a comeback and shared it with him on twitter. He knows some of the UFC/MMA people as well, and was even on the UFC website for doing a Shoey with one of the fighters. He said a few of them watched my video and they liked it, but didn't want to share it in fear of twitter deleting them or something of the sort. 

Anyway that night he was telling me how he was watching the Browns vs Jets game and Baker Mayfield was on the phone and then not long after the call Tyrod Taylor got a concussion. He was like I can't believe you didn't watch the game and see that. I didn't even watch the game, let alone I not watched a full single game this season college or pro. 

So moral of the story, I think he is catching on yet he doesn't understand the numbers or I think just doesn't want to take the time to learn it. 

Also earlier that night(Friday) my friend Cody called me as he was hanging out with a friend in Omaha who said he predicted the Cavs comeback against Warriors using Gematria. I was at work and couldn't talk much more, but I was a little confused as I barely know anyone that knows Gematria from this area. I don't think the guy knows that much of it though as he said the number with the Cavs was "47" which I can't recall being important in that series...
The big number was "51"....possibly it was something to do with "Ohio"=47
I looked at his Facebook and he doesn't seem to share gematria, but he does share other things(9/11, Flat Earth) and never brings up the gematria, so I'm assuming he doesn't really know much about it. 

He wanted to tell me about the "Flat Earth" on the phone, but the phone rang at work and I had to go. I told him you can't prove it either way without your own spaceship, and it's also an obvious pysop. I mean Kyrie Irving and Washington Irving...

Sometimes I feel like I'm one of the most awake people in the world and I'm not trying to sound cocky by any means. I just see so many people talking about "conspiracy" things that I can see were obviously created on purpose. Even 9/11 was put in our faces to create the world that is today of all these "Conspiracies". I often wonder about Gematria as well as it seems they somewhat want us to know about it, yet they don't want us to understand how to USE seems. 
Then again I never see hardly anyone talking about Gematria and I'm reminded of when Russell Blattberg blocked Sam and I on his Facebook page for sharing gematria yet anything else can go. 

It's why I document these synchronicities as well, because it is important to figuring out how to USE gematria....
They wouldn't make a film like The Number 23 if they didn't want us to somewhat know about it. 
The reason I bring Cody up is that he stopped over on Sunday before he went back to Omaha. At some point in the conversation he was talking about country music. He was saying his son should just be a country singer when he grows up, because you can write the dumbest lyrics ever and make it a number 1 single. Then he brought up BLAKE SHELTON and a lyric "Chew Tobacco, Chew Tobacco, Spit".....All I could think about was how I just documented about Black Shelton and I said I didn't know much about I learned something about him that day which I thought was funny..I guess it's the song "Boys Round Here". 

Wouldn't you know too.....the song Boys round Here starts off with a lyric about the BEATLES. 
Now think about all of that in regards to what I documented with the National Anthem/Charles Manson/Helter Skelter/The Beatles....

Boys Round Here=169 and 624(satanic)

It's also interesting the song came out 13 days after Pope Francis became the Pope on 3/13/13...
Also 3/26 was the big Gabriel number I was talking about and remember my cat "Cuddles"=326. 

Also notice Black Shelton born on 6/18 just like Paul McCartney who wrote Helter Skelter and Blackbird. 
Also 6/18 is the day the War of 1812 began. 
McCartney born in 42' and Shelton is currently 42. 
They were born 34 years apart. 

Shelton also sang America the Beautiful with Miranda Lambert before Super Bowl 46 which is the SB Ceelo Green performed the halftime show at with Madonna. 

America the Beautiful is like the alternative to the Star Spangled Banner. 
Notice it was written by Katharine Bates. 
Katharine Bates=53, 134, 624(satanic)

Off to work! Yay!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Jimmy Garoppolo injures his KNEE on 23/9 against the Chiefs-CJ Beathard's QB Controversy at Iowa-Alex Smith

They take Jimmy Garoppolo's KNEE on 23/9? 
How ridiculous...
Kaepernick the 49er takes a Knee to start the controversy on the 239th day of the year. 

Garoppolo injures his knee against the Chiefs of all teams as well. 
Kaepernick loses the Super Bowl to Baltimore because they threw the ball 3 times on their final drive that began with 2:39 on the clock. Then Alex Smith the backup QB gets traded to the Chiefs. 

It's also no coincidence that Jim Harbaugh's Michigan team beat Nebraska this week....Harbaugh the coach of the 49ers when Kaepernick lost to Baltimore....
Nebraska plays in the Sea of Red...
Chiefs play in the Sea of Red....
Moses in the Tribe of LEVI..
49ers play in LEVI'S Stadium. 

There has always been a riddle with the 49ers and the Chiefs. Remember Joe Montana the famous 49er also went to the Chiefs later in his career. 
Lawrence Phillips the former Nebraska Cornhusker is the reason Steve Young had to retire too...
I talked about all of this in 2015/'s why Nebraska got to play in the Foster Farms bowl at Levi's Stadium with a 5-7 record on the season. 
Remember the 49ers won the SB in their 49th season(94' season) scoring 49 points. Steve Young the QB was the lead rusher of the game with 49 yards. 

I also knew there was something that would be connected to the Iowa Hawkeyes with the recent "murders" of Celia and 49ers starting QB is former Iowa Hawkeye C.J. Beathard. 
Casey Beathard=239(How fitting). 
Also think about the QB Controversy with Beathard and Jake Rudock in 2014. Then Rudock left for his senior season to be the starter with Jim Harbaugh and Michigan....This was also Brandon Scherff's senior season at Iowa....Think about how Scherff plays for the Redskins who now have Alex Smith too. 
Also don't forget that CJ Beathard's dad is a famous song writer for Country Musicians such as Eric Church etc....Also his grandpa Bobby Beathard was a former GM of the Washington Redskins and also worked with the Dolphins when they won SB 7 over the Redskins. He also won with the Redskins when the Dolphins in SB 17. I only know this because I talked about it in 2015. 
Iowa vs Michigan State Freemasonry-CJ Beathard Video

Also remember the Washington Redskins were originally called the Boston Braves which ties into the Indians and the stuff I've been saying in regards to the World Series. Plus in 2016 I was documenting very similar things in regards to the native american theme when I was talking about the Indians being in the World Series. The 114th WS...syncs with Kaepernick and the 49ers...

Would you believe that Bobby Beathard was also inducted to the NFL Hall of Fame on 8/4/2018 too? 

Plus Alex Smith got injured on 11/11 vs the Rams...Remember he is all about 11....wears # 11...had 11 int's his first season...played for the "Utes"=11 and won the Fiesta Bowl on 1/1 giving them an 11-0 record in 2005. Plus 2015 was the major year with 11 for him..."Chiefs"=31(rev red) and 31 is the 11th prime and more..
Alexander Douglas Smith=88=The Star Spangled Banner....
Herbert Hoover the only president from Iowa signed it into congress as official in the year 31'. He was the 31st president. 
Plus Hoover born the same day as Rocky Colavito. 

In the Game Smith Got Injured Kaepernick came in and it ended up in a 24-24 TIE as well. 
San Francisco Forty Niners=114
Colin Rand Kaepernick=114

Just bringing this up because now the CHIEFS/RAMS and Dolphins are the only 3-0 teams....The Dolphins super connected to the Nebraska Cornhuskers...also Suh going to the RAMS.....Moses bringing in the Age of Aries(The Ram). (Incognito Bullying and more). 

Joe Montana's first wife was also named Kim MOSES. 
Don't forget Dwight Clark dying in Montana this year too on the same day Trump canceled the Eagles visit to the White House over the kneeling stuff. 
Golden Gate=239

Beyonce's Former Drummer claim she practice Witchcraft and put a spell on her Cat

Beyonce Knowles=60
Black Magic...
Just weird too that I saw this story on Facebook and it was the first article I have read today since being off of work. 
Notice how this lady says Beyonce put a spell on her CAT....I just documented about the CAT theme.. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Cat theme continues-Karl Anthony Towns-Tiger Woods-My moms missing cat in 2016-Cats on day my Grandma died-Synchronicity with South Park and 624

The CAT/KAT theme continues. 
KAT....Karl Anthony Towns signing a 190 million dollar contract....Now today we get TIGER(Cat) Woods winning for the first time since 2013. 

Also the Sunday Night game of  LIONS(CAT) upsetting the Patriots. 

We also had the Bengals(Cat) lose to the Panthers(Cat) today. 
Also the the Jaguars lost today too. 
Now the Bengals, Panthers and Jaguars on 2-1...
Cat=21(rev red), 6
Notice the Bengals had 21 points...the Jaguars had 6...
It doesn't necessarily fit, but I wanted to document it regardless in case it makes more sense at a later date. 

In my own life recently my Cat(Cuddles) had kittens again. She got outside when she had them though, but occassionally comes back to eat and what not. Also her other two kittens that we kept from the previous times have been driving me crazy lately. 
Also remember in 2016 how my moms Cat went missing in December. My Aunt Betty posted a picture that looked like him on Facebook, but it turned out it wasn't him....Then her Husband(uncle Barney) died on 1/14...
It was 1 month 14 days before my moms bday. 
Missing Cat=114
This was all after the Cubs had won the WS getting their 114th win of the season in their 114th season being called the Cubs and so on....
It's interesting to me too as this was the year Colin Kaepernick first took a Uncle's death was showing me the Miami Dolphins which in turn was showing me the Falcons.....
The Dolphins won again today becoming 3-0...

So Barney died in January 2017....then my grandma died on September 24th, 2017. Remember the day she died a girl I know from Woodbine had brought over baby Kittens that didn't have a mom to feed them. Our cat had just had kittens so I told her to bring them over and see if our cat would take them in...the baby kittens later died too. 

While writing the above paragraph I was thinking about how 624 was the important number to my grandma as well. It was also important to my uncle Clancy who died 6 months 24 days after her. I couldn't remember how Barney fit into that, because I thought he had some connection to it as well.....His connection was that he died 8 months 10 days before my grandma...Also the Flintstones stuff and the original Flintstones was called the FLAGstones. 
8/10 is Rocky Colavito's bday...all the 624....
Anyway as I was thinking about 624 I randomly looked up and I hear the TV say, "How much do I owe You"...then the Cab driver says uh..."$6.24"...I don't even know how South Park got turned on either. Claire said she didn't turn it on and I didn't....Jasmine hates South Park...she had to have turned it on thinking I wanted to watch it when she left for work? I also started thinking how Claire shouldn't be watching this episode as it's about Jimmy getting Boners. 
South Park=114
Thinking about Cats in relation to my Uncle Clancy too....his daughter Katie loves cats. She's like a young crazy cat lady. 

September 30th is a day I'll be paying extra attention too as well. It will be 624 days after my uncle Barney died...The Falcons the black bird...remember he died just before getting to the town that the Falcons as their Mascot...then the Falcons lost in the Super bowl....

The past few days have also been crazy for me. I got a huge infection in my arm and had to go to the ER twice. It's the first time I've even seen a doctor in probably 15 years. I chewed my fingernail too low and it got infected and a giant red streak went all down my arm. 
Anyway I went to the ER early morning on 9/22 and then later that night after I got done DJing a wedding. It's finally getting better it seems, but I could barely move my arm it was so swollen and infected. I can actually make a fist again...
Anyway last night my mom also won $15,000 at the Casino in Onawa, Iowa...The Casino is called "Blackbird Bend" just interesting the Blackbird in 2016 the big thing with the Indians in the WS was connected to the Omaha People who own this Casino. 
Yesterday was 130 days before my moms bday on 1/30 and her maiden name equals 130. 
Also one of the pills the Dr. gave me the morning I went to the ER said, DAN" on it. I thought that was funny too. Almost as if they knew I was coming.

Remember too a bunch of stuff in connection to my Uncle Barney was about Reverse Gematria...
Reverse Gematria=239(reverse)
Funny I'm documenting about this on 23/9. 

Search "Cat" on my blog and you'll find the info I am talking about. In one of the posts I even mentioned the Detroit Lions in regards to CATS.