Thursday, October 31, 2019

New Allegations against Jerry Sandusky

I need to think more on this story...remember back in February Jerry Sandusky was connected to the Blackface that I mentioned how my Halloween costumes of the past were on Halloween we get a new story of Jerry Sandusky..
It comes 9 months 5 days after his bday. 

Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards score 317 points same day as the Houston-Washington World Series

The Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards score a record 317 points the same day the Astros lose to the Nationals in the World Series? (Houston vs Washington)

I saw on Zach's blog that Rockets coach Mike Dantoni picked up his 631st win last night too....The 115th prime is was the 115th World Series...
Mike D'Antoni=115
It was also 175 days after his bday..
Houston Rockets=59, 175
Notice how Harden scored 59 points in the above game too. 
Houston Rockets=59
It was 66 days(end date) after his bday...
The 66th prime number is 317.

It's also interesting that a long time ago I associated the numbers 317 and 115 with Scottish Rite Freemasonry because of the Simpsons. 
Scottish Rite Freemasonry= 115 and 317
Think about Washington...33 pillars..33 feet tall...
Scottish Rite=159
A lot like the scores of each team. 

I can't help but think about John WALL being synced up to Trump and the WALL...The Washington Wizards...Washington Nationals...White House...Trump...

Steph Cury breaks hand against Phoenix Suns

Notice he breaks his hand when the Warriors had 54 points..
Steph Curry=54 and 54(rev red)The Warriors finished with 110 they scored 56 more points after the injury. 
Phoenix Suns=56

The Suns won with 121 points. 

Suns=73...which is interesting considering all the connections with Pi and this number...Curry's bday is pi's interesting he was injured on 10/30 too in light of my last blog post....I mentioned how my computer crashed last year all synced to "Pi" and crashed while I was looking up Y2K and talking about the PI connections to the Warriors.

Synchronicity at Work and Band Practice Yesterday-The Dark Web-Sleep Paralysis

Yesterday was a crazy day with synchronicity. I'm not sure of the meaning of it, but once again I document it as it will make sense at a later time. 

One of my coworkers was talking about her grandson, and mentioned something about the Dark Web. I then told her about the Dark Web mystery box and Amberly Barnett....and also how I watched Unfriended: The Dark Web...I really liked that movie I was explaining it to her and told her about getting a text from Jasmine the next day after watching that film....the text came from her phone, but it wasn't her..reminding me of the film....
A few hours later I looked at my phone and someone left a comment on my blog post about that experience...I mean what are the odds? Notice it was at 2:15pm too. 

Remember how last year I started having a ton of synchronicity with the number 11 on 10/30...then the next day my computer crashed out of nowhere and my hard drive was was 50 days after watching Unfriended...
Dan Behrendt=50, 95
I recently was missing 49 pages out of my book with no explanation too....the plot of that film seems to be pretty realistic...hackers that can basically see your every move...
I'm just interested as a synchronicity with this film comes up again on the same time my computer was connected to it a year later...

The film came out on the anniversary of the Moon landing which seems important this year...the 51st anniversary...Batman and so on...

I wonder if it's something to do with the hacker being called "Charon" just reminds me instantly of Bishop Joseph Charron whom I've documented about before on the blog...
Charon also the ferryman of Hades...

So after work, I went pretty much straight to band practice. When I walked in I heard our drummer Ryan telling Pat about sleep paralysis. I guess the night before he had an episode of sleep paralysis and so on...It was interesting as I too had sleep paralysis the night before...Alistair wouldn't sleep unless I was holding him and I fell asleep on my back with him on the couch. Almost everytime I sleep on my back I get sleep paralysis. Basically it's waking up from sleep but not being able to move or open your eyes..almost as if someone is holding you down and choking you.....

I don't see any gematria significance at the time, but I guarantee at a future date this sync will be important...
Sleep paralysis=177, 201, 60, 84...also 227(FB)

My band members are super liberal guys which I'm cool with, but it seems I often have to listen to them talk about how bad Donald Trump is...or a number of other things that really do not matter. They believe Sandy Hook/Stoneman Douglas are real and conspiracy theorists' are stupid too...I heard them talking about Alex Jones and I brought up the fact that he is controlled opposition and told them aboutthe 218/conspiracy stuff..yet the don't understand that concept as they don't understand the world is being controlled...Anyway I have told them about gematria before as while looking for one of my songs, Ryan found a video about the "N" word and I think assumed I was a racist...he just saw the title of a video shared by someone else...and I explained to him it's the opposite..I was showing the code of how things are in regards to black people all throughout history.....the problem of them understanding this still remains as they think you can just make anything you want because there is more than 1 cipher....
For example I was telling them about 42 and the N word and said, "Abe Lincoln" equals 42 even. They of course said, well sure you had to change it to Abe and not Abraham...I then said...well "Abraham Lincoln"=60 and the "N" word also equals 60...this is why the multiple ciphers are important....last night was the same way....I told them about "Osama bin Laden"=47 and 100 and the WTC were 110 stories and building 7 was 47 stories....I told how Paul Gray of Slipknot died 46 days which is also 1 month 16 days after his bday..."Slipknot"=46, 116....many other examples...but of course somehow they still think it's a farce lol...I told them about the numerous things I have mentioned before they happen and synchronicity....I even told them how my name is 95 and our band is 95 and we recorded our first album on 9/5...still just a coincidence...
To further my point...
Ryan Delagarza=133, 61, 218, 74(Drummer)
Patrick Conrad=133, 61, 218, 83(Sing/Guitar)
They have the same gematria...I don't know Ryan's bday, but Pat's is 7/23...I think Ryan's is sometime around here too, but I might be thinking of someone would be interesting if they were both "Leo's"..(Lion)

I'm to the point where I just don't care anymore. I'll explain it to people, but it's just not going to make a difference to some as they just will never be able to see it...hopefully conversations like last night will eventually spark something when they are ready though...and honestly last night gave me motivation again...
I mean when you give countless examples to the point of exhaustion and it's not all about's just mind blowing that people can dismiss it and not even try and apply it....
Pat absolutely loves David Bowie too, and I told him that David Bowie practiced Kabbalah, still seemed to make no difference lol...oh well just felt like documenting and waiting to see what comes of the syncs. We do have a gig tomorrow night, but I'm guessing it won't come up....I'm just tired of having to pretend I'm retarded and listen to conversations about things that don't matter all day without telling people what's really up. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Iowa lady dies at Gender Reveal Party

Pamela Jean Kreimeyer=88, 97(k)
Gender Reveal Party=88
She died 97 days(end date) after her bday. 

Another Iowa story in the mainstream media...

Monday, October 28, 2019

Country singer Ned LeDoux's daughter dies of Choking-Ghost-Casper

I'm really interested in this death as I just recently heard of this guy. When I Djed back in August for a wedding in Stromsburg, Nebraska some guy insisted I download a Ned LeDoux song. He then told me all about seeing him at some fair in Western Nebraska and he was Chris LeDoux's son and so on...

I also almost always get a Chris LeDoux song requested and I always play Cadillac Ranch...but the last time I DJed I played the song "County Fair" instead as someone requested it. 
It's interesting because I've been mentioning the FAIR symbolism...Batman...Iowa State Fair...China...

This death comes 2 months 16 days or 77 days after Ned's bday...
Notice his bday is the 216th day of the year and he was born in 77'. 
Chris LeDoux=216(FB)

I also wonder if this is somehow in connection to the death of Granger Smith's kid dying too earlier this year....
Granger Smith=139
Ned LeDoux=139
I just saw my cousin Craig and his wife at our grandparents 65th wedding anniversary and I thought about Granger Smith when I saw them. (see my post on Granger to understand)

Another reason it stands out to me is that Ned's kid was named "Haven" which is a sheltered area of water where boats are docked.....Granger's son was named "River" and he died of both names are important to Water symbolism...

Chris LeDoux=57
Notice he died 5 months 7 days after his bday. 

I also find it interesting that Chris LeDoux died in Casper, Wyoming...before getting on the computer tonight I got a notification on my Ghost post about the Casper I'm seeing a connection to Casper with this...
The film Casper is about a boy who died young and his father trying to bring him back to life too...or well that's a big piece in the plot anyway. 
Possibly not connected but I'm gonna write it in here just in case...
Bill Pullman=66(dad on Casper and president on Independence Day)...he will be 66 years old on 12/17/19..
Casper, Wyoming=66
Chris LeDoux=66(s)
River Smith=66 and died on 6/6...
Sixty Six=41, 49
Ned LeDoux=41
Haven LeDoux=49

Also the band "Ghost" is from Sweden and if you read my post about Stromsburg, Nebraska..I mention how it's the Swede capital of Nebraska. 

Stories of Ghosts in the mainstream media

I've seen a few stories in the headlines of CNN about Ghosts, so I'm just documenting them..

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Trump gets cheers, 'lock him up' chants at Game 5 of World Series-Steve Scalise-Tyler Skaggs-Fair/Expo Symbolism

Zach has been talking about the Steve Scalise shooting being important to the World Series again...Now Trump goes to Game 5 with Steve Scalise. 
That shooting was in 2017 when the Astros won the World Series...
Also all of the 713 stuff I have mentioned with Tyler Skaggs...Houston's area code 713....Barbara Bush dying 7 months 13 days before George HW Bush in Houston...

The same day that Tyler Skaggs died, the Angels were supposed to play the Texas Rangers...the team George W. Bush used to yet again the connection to Tyler Skaggs dying...

They tell us that Trump didn't cheer when Teddy Roosevelt won the presidential race at the game haha. Remember the Nationals used to be the EXPOS...and Teddy Roosevelt is connected to the the Fair/Expo symbolism in which McKinley was assassinated at. 
Teddy Roosevelt-Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos 2016 Post

Lock him up=45, 135
Notice this comes 135 days after the 45th president Donald Trump's bday. 

Fitting Teddy Roosevelt would win today as well considering it would have been his birthday. 
Notice he died a span of 72 days after his bday too...
Teddy Roosevelt=72
He replaced "William McKinley"=72 after he was assassinated. 

Synchronicity at work today with Apple Pay-Events yesterday for my Grandparents 65th Wedding anniversary

I don't know the full significance of this but I wanted to document a synchronicity at work today. Some guy I don't know asked me if we do Apple Pay. At first I didn't know what he meant, but when he pointed at his watch I realized what it was. I then told him yeah we do, but there's only 1 person that I know of that ever uses it. After he left the next person in line said, "Yeah, I'm not rich enough for that shit" and I laughed as the only person I know that uses it, is a rich farmer. Earlier in the day I was talking about wishing I was a farmer too, as it seems most of the day we have farmers sitting in the store talking. I mean I would love to be a millionaire and just be able to sit and talk at the gas station for hours everyday.....
Anyway...after the lady left I sat down for a minute as no one else was in the store. The girl I work with in the kitchen was sitting there too and heard the Apple Pay conversation...I then looked over and a customer came into the just so happened to be the only guy I know that uses Apple he was the next customer after a conversation about him....he doesn't come in on a consistent basis either...or at least not when I am working. 
I pointed to my coworker to look at who came in, and she was like hey that's the guy who uses the Apple Pay...and I said I know haha this stuff happens to me all the time...I didn't go on to tell her about Gematria and so on because I don't think she's ready to hear it, but it's these type of things that will eventually lead up to the conversation...

I don't want to write names on here...but his name equals 68(reduced) and the lady before him also has name gematria of 68(rev red). 

According to Facebook their bdays are 8 months 11 days apart....
Notice his bday is Valentines Day....a topic I have covered a lot over the years..
The guys name also equals 85(rev red)

I see his name is also 215 in the KFW Kabbalah Cipher, so I wonder if it's a sign telling me to pay attention to that Cipher of the Kabbalah Ciphers in the future? I don't often pay attention to them, but maybe this is telling me it will be significant? 

In the morning another coworker showed me a funny video about these magic apples at the bar too. I had never seen the video I just wonder if it's something to do with Apples? 
Also yesterday I took my kids and my nephew Collin to a Pumpkin patch...I didn't realize how expensive it was before we went, but I spent a bunch of money letting Collin shoot apples out of a giant gun. 
There's also some synchronicity with my cousin Wario involved with this place, but I don't feel like typing it all right now. If it comes back up, I will remember it from this post. 
There was a lot going on was my grandma and grandpa's 65th wedding anniversary...apparently they got married on Halloween too....I then went to the bar with a bunch of my relatives and they had a band and a Halloween party going on....I ran into another guy who has wanted to talk to me about Gematria type stuff for a while...I understand him...but we disagree on mostly the concept in regards to Jesus/God...he was telling me something about using a Ruler to measure the scriptures, but he was all over the place too so I didn't quite catch what he was saying...just makes me think of Freemasonry...I don't know the whole history of his story in awakening so I'm not sure what lead him to do such a thing...
I even went to Church with all my family members yesterday lol...same ol, same ol...ridiculousness that I remember too. I did randomly open the book in front of me and opened to the August 10th page(810) too. 

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Shaq's sister dies of cancer-Barkley tells Mike Pence to Shut the Hell Up-China-South Park

She dies 233 days after Shaq's bday. 
Shaquille Rashaun Oneal=233
This comes after Shaq speak out about China...
We also got a story today about Charles Barkley telling pence to "Shut the Hell Up"...Think about Shaq and Barkley's connection...
Barkley also played for the Houston Rockets along with Kenny Smith...
Shut the hell up=59, 175, 58
Houston Rockets=59, 175
Randy Marsh=59
Los Angeles Lakers=175, 58
This happened a span of 140 days after Pence's bday
Charles Barkley=59, 140
This also happened 8 months 5 days after Barkley's bday. 
Charles Barkley=85
It's funny how the drama is about the NBA silencing a pro democracy stance in order to do business with China....The South Park episode that came out 2 days before Morey's tweet was all about this same concept. How can people not see the story is on purpose with stuff like this? Especially considering the South Park episode even included NBA players going to's such a joke. 

Especially the players they chose to show on the plane...James Harden of the Rockets....LeBron James of the Lakers....Also Will Barton of the Denver Nuggets. I wonder if there may be something significant to pay attention this year with Will Barton...I mean Trey and Matt are from Colorado so the Nuggets make sense...but Will Barton? 

He is 28 years old and this story comes a span of 3 months 5 days before his bday..
China=28, 35
It's also just 3 months 4 days which was a big piece in regards to the Lakers/Anthony Davis/Dwight Howard and how I figured out the China connection way back...

Plus think about the date this episode relased..

Houston Rockets=175

Friday, October 25, 2019

Montreal Expos became Washington Nationals in 2005-Death of Tyler Skaggs-1994 MLB Strike-Angels in the Outfield

They just brought a stat up on the World Series about the Washington Nationals originally being the Montreal Expos. I can't believe I forgot about this....This is super important to the Tyler Skaggs Disney narrative....Remember how the Lion King and Angels in the Outfield came out just before the MLB Strike in 1994....
When the Strike happened the Montreal Expos has the best record in the MLB. It's fitting they are now in the World Series as they are connected to the narrative as well. 
The Montreal Expos became the Washington Nationals in 2005, which is the same year the Houston Astros lost in the World Series to the White was when they tied the Reds 114 days before the World Series too...
Remember how I've mentioned this coding going on with the Pirates and Reds in connection to the Cubs this year too? 
It's interesting as the Expos final game in 1994 was their 114th on 8/11 against the Pirates. 
A bunch of stuff also connected to the Mariners from the state of Washington...

Plus the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Finals reminds us of Canada...Montreal Expos...Canada...
Astros and Raptors coaches both from Iowa...

Plus an Expo....World Fair....think how I mentioned the importance of this earlier in the year....the current World Fair was going on in China...McKinley assassinated at the World Fair

Ted Danson arrested with Jane Fonda at Climate Crisis Protest-310-Cheers-The Big Bang Theory-Whoopi Goldberg

This story sticks out to me as Jane Fonda's brother Peter just died in August. He was in the remake of 3:10 to Yuma which was a major number I have been following all year. 
Think about Ted Danson being on the show "CHEERS" as well and all I have documented about Cheers and The Big Bang Theory....
Notice this story comes 7 months 3 days after I had the synchronicity with Chigozie Truth at Cheers Bar....then on 3/28 we got the story of The Big Bang Theory surpassing Cheers for the most episodes....
In the post on 3/28 I mentioned the number 73 like crazy as it's Sheldon's favorite number and so on...

The 211 days is interesting because..
Climate Crisis=211
Jane Fonda=47.....47th prime is 211

Peter Fonda=104, 166
The Big Bang Theory=166

It's also interesting seeing Ted Danson's real middle name is "BRIDGE". 

Wikipedia also has a whole section on his relationship with Whoopi Goldberg? I just documented about her a few days ago with Ghost...He cheated on his wife with Whoopi apparently..He also did a controversial Blackface for a Roast in honor of Whoopi? She wasn't mad though as she wrote most of his material and referred him to a makeup artist? 
Whoopi Goldberg=310(FB)

Just posting this here because I turned on the World Series and Joe Buck said, "Three are Tied with 10"....310..