Friday, April 16, 2021

Harry Potter actress Helen McCrory dead at 52-Teen Wolf-DMX-Royal Family

Interesting that an actress from Harry Potter would die today. I mentioned Harry Potter a bit back around the Matilda stuff...
This also comes just after Kim POTTER supposedly kills Daunte Wright. 
She dies age 52 and this makes me think about Teen Wolf..

Notice her films too...A lot of them involve the Royal Family/Queen...
The one that stands out the most is called, ""...Recall that DMX was in the news on 4/3/21 and it was synced to the song he did with LL Cool J called "4,3,2,1". 

Her final film was "Loving Vincent" too...who knows but it reminds me of the Saint Vincent volcano eruption. 

Notice she is also in "Skyfall"..the James Bond film important to the Batman shooting and Moon landing. 

Harry Potter=185(FB) and 164
Today is 16/4. 
Helen McCrory=185
Helen Elizabeth McCrory=106
Today is the 106th day. 

Remember the whole reason I thought Matilda and Harry Potter were important was because of my daughter...
Claire Cowgill=129
Allen Iverson's bday is 1 month 29 days apart from Patrick Ewing's. 

NASCAR founded on 2/21-A Volcano number


I've been connecting NASCAR with volcanoes lately and I just realized yet another connection.
The two big numbers I was following with Volcanoes were 129 and 221..
Notice that NASCAR was founded on the date 2/21.

Prince Philip died 221 days after the anniversary of Princess Diana was also 7 months 9 days. 
The Vesuvius numbers...
Their bdays were also 21 days's the year 21'. 
Diana died a span of 82 days after Philips bday..

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Teen Wolf released on Vulcanalia and Talladega Winner receives VULCAN Trophy-More on Prince Philip/Volcanoes


I've had a lot of great comments lately but these 2 stick out to me the most. I had no idea that Talladega gives out a Vulcan trophy to the winner....think how I've connected the death of Houston Tumlin from Talladega Nights to Volcano symbolism lol....Also, I forgot that 8/23 is Vulcanalia, which is important to Kobe Bryant/Teen Wolf/Daunte Wright...Dantes Peak(Volcano). 

Further, as I'm sitting here thinking Prince Philip dying age 99 on the 99th day of the year, when a Volcano happened is perfect...


I also mentioned how it was important to the United States in the last post....recall that United States got it's name on 9/9.....Queen Elizabeth II also became the longest reigning English/British Monarch on 9/9/2015. 

The United States of America=99

Recall that Prince Philip was important to Blade Runner 2049 with the number 6-10-21 on the foot of the horse...

Emphasis on the year 49'....

Philip died on 4/9...

Recall that I connected Queen Elizabeth's dog named Vulcan to Leonard Nimoy(Spock/part Vulcan)...He died on 2/27..

The 49th prime is 227.....Her dog Vulcan died 227 days after her bday. Philip was in the car wreck 227 days before Anthoine Hubert died in France in 2019..

Notice 6/10/21 is also 2 months 13 days before Vulcanalia...



I honestly wonder about William Shatner too...We have our first band gig with our new drummer on 5/22 at the Dubliner in Omaha...but Pat sent me a set list and it had the song "Common People" with William Shatner, which is a song I don't think I've played live before....I know years ago we worked on it at practice, but it hasn't been part of our set ever. 

Notice the original song came out on 5/22...the 142nd day...

Common People=142


I wonder if one of the members of Pulp will die this year? The lead singer has the 9/19 bday important to Queen Elizabeth II.....the Bass player shares a bday with me..

Steve Mackey=129 and 39.....I will be 39 this year. 

There's another member named Mark Webber, which I find interesting considering I know a guy with the same name that plays music originally from the town I live in. 

Ha, notice Vulcanalia is 79 days or 2 months 18 days before my bday....218.....Mt. Vesuvius and 79....thinking about it...the father on Teen Wolf(James Hampton) had a bday on 7/9 too. 

Interesting that today's big news is the footage of the Adam Toledo shooting being released. This is a story out of Chicago and comes just after the Daunte Wright story....Recall Daunte is synced to Teen Wolf and Zach LaVine....notice a story of Zach LaVine being out due to health protocol came today too. 
Chicago Bulls=49

Another thing I just thought of is that Joey Logano won the Bristol race after Houston Tumlin died....Recall Joey Logano's nickname is "Sliced Bread" and Will Ferrell drives the Wonder Bread car in Talladega Nights. 
Also Jeff Gordon recently had coronavirus and his bday is the same day Talladega Nights came out....also the bday of Meghan Markle and Elizabeth II's mother....her mother died 49 days afer her sister in 2002...they were both buried on 4/9. 

Ryan Blaney won the race after the Volcano but before Tumlin's death...I just looked him up and someone changed his birth year to 1776 a little bit says on 4/16 but it's still 4/15 in has to be somewhere 3 hours east of Central time...recall how 4/16 is a date I've been watching for's 5 months 6 days after my bday too....
Notice they changed it to 1776 and then to 1912....
1776..America..Prince Philip 1776 days older than Elizabeth...
1912....has to be a reference to the Titanic sinking 4/15/1912? 
ROSE in the film Titanic....recall the Rose theme important to Blade Runner 2049..or at least around the time I discovered it...
I'll have to think about this

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

T-Wolves game against the Brooklyn Nets postponed after Daunte Wright shooting-James Hampton, Dad on Teen Wolf dies on 4/7-Volcano/Earthquake-Japan-Los Angeles

So the recent major news is that Daunte Wright was killed by a police officer in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

The next day the Minnesota Timberwolves postponed their game against the BROOKLYN Nets... 

When I saw this story I instantly thought it was connected to Teen Wolf...the actor who plays Michael J Fox's father on the film just died on 4/7.
Plus the Twolves played the Chicago Bulls on the day Daunte Wright was killed....recall the Bulls have Zach LaVine who was the important Teen Wolf in 2015..he's now the star of the Bulls...notice he was the lead scorer for the Bulls in this game and Karl Anthony Towns led the Twolves...
Recall Towns was also a Teen Wolf until 11/15/2015..the anniversary of Space Jam.

Recall there was  Japan Earthquake synced to Los Angeles on the first day of Lupercalia this year too..Think how Kobe Bryant is important to Japan and Los Angeles...Also the Masters were won the same day Daunte Wright was killed by the Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama...

I'm making this connection because Teen Wolf came out on Kobes 7th bday.
Kobe was a Teen Laker and the Lakers originally from Minneapolis.
Also Tiger Woods got married on Kobes bday...Tiger the Asian/black golfer...Tiger..54..Kobe..54...remember Tiger made a tribute putt to Kobe in Los Angeles after he died..

Recall the NBA All Star game was synced to The Nets and Lakers...the Lakers just beat the Nets 126 to 101 reminding us of Kobe and Philadelphia..2021 was also the first time they let Zach LaVine be in the All Star Game..
Zach LaVine=47 and 101
Dad on Teen Wolf died on 4/7.
Daunte Wright shooting on the 101st day.
Wolf=20 and 56
Daunte Wright died age 20.
Matsuyama born on 56th day..

Also Dennis Schroder called Kyrie the N Word...Schroder is German...Germany....Japan...World War...
April 11th is 11/4.
World War=114
LeBron James=114
Minneapolis Minnesota=114

Also, think about the name makes me think of the volcano film..Dantes Peak that I've recently mentioned.
The Twolves played the 76ers on 1/29...
Philadelphia has been important to the Earthquake symbolism since 2015...Teen Wolf came out in 85', which is a main number I mentioned with Earthquakes in 2015.

Kim Jong Un=129 and 114

Daunte Wright also killed 1 month 29 days or 59 days before Michael J. Fox's bday. 
He is currently 59 years old. 
Notice it was also 1 months 29 days after Lupercalia began too. The same day as a Japan Earthquake. 

The cop who shot Daunte was Kim Potter..
Kim Potter=116 and 127
Teen Wolf=116
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota=127 and 116(s)
The Nets beat the Twolves today in the makeup game. 
Notice they scored 127 points too lol. 
The Lakers lost to Philadelphia on 1/27 synced to my Zach LaVine stuff too. 
I've been thinking the Nets would be in the Finals, but these connections have me wondering...Either team would make sense to the Kobe narrative too. I wouldn't be surprised if we had Nets/Lakers and then 76ers/Lakers or vice versa in the next 2 Finals. 

I'm wondering about this too....
Kim Potter was 48 and Daunte was 28 years older..
Volcano=28 and 107
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota=107

I know it's strange but I have a feeling there is something important to Joe Dirt with this too...the director is Dennie Gordon who is from Brooklyn Center and the film came out on 4/11....I only looked at this film because I was talking about it at work not too long ago. I was also talking about the film Black Sheep and the "White Mud" scene..
Dennie Gordon=56
David Spade is currently 56 years old..
Scott Howard=56
Kevin Garnett=56
The list goes on..


Saturday, April 10, 2021

Synchronicity at work with Children of the Corn the number 42-Nick Cannon as the Bulldog on The Masked Singer

 I'm at work this morning and the high school kid I work with named Zack worked too. He is the kid I blogged about a while back as he is a twin and his mom was in the film "Children of the Corn"..

I haven't worked with him for a long time either.

So anyway somehow Zack brought up the topic of Gematria as I've told him about it a bit before. He's a skeptic of it though and was jokingly making fun of me about it today...I then just kept giving him example after example and talked about all of the synchronicities I've had and how they got to the point where he would ask me about something in history and I would tell him the gematria...for example the stock market crash on the 29th day of the 10th month in the year 29', while the only president from Iowa was president...

Iowa the 29th state..

10th prime 29.

Him and the other girl in the kitchen were just like that is some crazy stuff. They don't fully understand it, but I think I finally got the point across that it's too many examples to be a coincidence. So anyway at 1:30 the other people leave, so I stayed in the kitchen and Zack went to run the register. I walked by him to go to the bathroom and he asked me "What is 47? I said...well...President, Government, White on...and then I realized he was watching one of Zachary K Hubbard's videos on YouTube lol. 

So a little while later I went up and was telling him how Zach started on YouTube around the time of the Michael Brown shooting...I told him how..



All of the stuff with black people and the number 42...

February=42(Black History Month)


So on..

How the media then released a picture of the police officer with the number 42 on his shirt....

So then Zack at work asks me to watch the register while he can run to his car. Apparently back in February there were people raffling off gift cards outside of a store for Black History Month. He paid 10 bucks and won a card with $45 dollars on it. He wanted to check the balance on the card considering what we were talking about and he about crapped his pants when he still had $42.42 left on the card. 

He also was amazed that he got the card on 2/19/21....2+19+21=42

Also 42/10=4.2

I then told him.."Ten"=42

A bit later he asked me what's important about the number 219 and then looked at his phone and it was 2:19pm...Once again, he was like WTF? I told see...this is the stuff I am talking about....I did tell him that it's interesting that my name sums to 50 and 2/19 is the 50th day and today is 50 days after the 50th day. 

He then told me his full name and I looked at the gematria and it summed to 194....I told him that it was funny because I blogged about him being a twin and his mom being in "Children of the Corn" back around October and 194 was a big number with that. Now I see his name sums to 194. 

I then went to CNN and they had a story about Nick Cannon lol...apparently he was the Bulldog on the Masked Singer a few day ago....Recall that Nick Cannon was a big piece to the Children of the Corn narrative. 

I even blogged about my co-worker Zack on Nick Cannon's bday and talked about Nick Cannon...
Nick Cannon=194(FB)
Zack Michael Petersen=194
Forty Two=194(FB)...although it doesn't necessarily have to be capitalized. 

It's even funnier to me because I was talking to an old guy this morning who goes to the Casino a lot. He was telling me how last night he went to Sloan, which is the exit after where the Children of the Corn was filmed that I talked about previously. 

I have a feeling there is something important to Herbert Hoover with this too...Zack asked me about the Hoover Dam and I told him I don't know much about it...but I bet it syncs to Herbert Hoover...and the example that really got him was when I talked about the Stock Market I mentioned Herbert Hoover with the Charles Manson/Children of the Corn theme back in the fall..
Herbert Clark Hoover=282
Children of the Corn=282
Iowa State Fair=282
Charles Manson=282(FB)
I wish I had more time to think about this, but I have to go to band practice....Nick Cannon was the Bulldog....Gonzaga Bulldogs just lost....DMX...Dogs...
The mascot at the high school in my town is the Bulldog as well. 
Nicholas Scott Cannon=219
Nick Cannon sang "Candy Girl" by New Edition..Remember Bobby Brown Jr. was synced to this narrative as well and the number 224...
Nick Cannon=224(FB)
Think about Queen Elizabeth II's only living dog being named "Candy" too. 

Have to go...I'll be thinking about this on my drive though lol. 

I also forgot to blog that on Thursday a semi pulled out in front of me...thankfully I slowed down in time, but I noticed that someone spray painted the word "Tiger" in White Paint in big letters on the side of the semi....nothing else on it...just the word "Tiger"...the White Tiger....Masked Singer.....later that night I was playing a gambling game on my phone and I hit the jackpot on a White Tiger slot machine too. 

Volcano eruption same day Prince Philip dies


Look at this CNN page of Headlines...DMX dead..Prince Philip Dead...another Volcano Eruption....

Recall that Queen Elizabeth II's dog named Vulcan(Volcano God) died in we have a volcano erupt on the same day her husband died..Also the Beverly Cleary stuff was important to YouTube striking my Baron Munchausen/Ramona Quimby video in 2014..

In the film Baron dances with Venus who is the wife of Vulcan. I think Bobby pointed out that Venus is the planet with the most volcanoes too. 

Also think how DMX is associated with Dogs...where my Dogs at?..Arf Arf. 

America=50 and 99(FB) also 49 and 129(Jewish)....Ages of DMX, Prince Philip. ...4/9....129 important to Volcanoes. 

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II were married on Joe Biden's 5th bday....Elizabeth's bday to Joe Biden's bday is 152 days..

Joe Biden=152

Prince Philip was exactly 1,776 days older than Elizabeth II. 

Recall that we are currently in the 244th year of the US..

King Charles III=244...Diana's death anniversary was the 244th day in the 244th year of the US. 

Prince Harry...Meghan Markle moving to the US...Los Angeles....

Further, Prince Philip was hospitalized earlier this year for 28 days. 
Vulcan=73 and 99(FB)
They were married for 73 years....he dies in 21'....21st prime is 73. 
dorgi Vulcan=126, 63 and 152(FB) and 1114(Jewish)
Philip has died 126 days later. 
St. Vincent=126
Prince Philip=63
Prince Charles bday is 11/14. 

This volcano last erupted in 1979, the same year the country of St. Vincent gained independence from the UK too. 

La Soufriere=129 and 168 and 220(FB)

Queen Elizabeth II=168

Today is also a span of 220 days or 7 months 6 days before Prince Charles bday..

Prince Charles=76 and 220

Looking at my post about the Iceland volcano in March, notice that I wrote about the number 49 too lol...

My bday is 49 days before 1/29. 

Now on 4/9 we get another volcano eruption in a place that sums to 129. 

Also think how this volcano narrative was synced to Nascar/France and how Prince Philip was in a wreck 227 days before 8/31/2019..

The 49th prime is 227.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Prince Philip dead on 99th day at age 99

Prince Philip has died age 99 on the 99th day of the year...
It's interesting that today is also 4/9..

Recall that Queen Elizabeth's mother and sister died 49 days apart in 2002...and thus number has been important to other things as well.
Elizabeth II is also 94 years old. 
Of course, he also dies 62 days before his bday.
Queen=62 and 26
Elizabeth's coronation was celebrated on this day.
Today is also 62 days after 2/6 when Elizabeth became Queen.

Today is also 5 months 6 days before Prince Harry's bday.

I'll add more later if I get a chance...
What's even funnier to me is that yesterday at work a girl was telling me how she's been really into watching The Crown on Netflix..
I asked her when it began and she told me when Elizabeth became the I told her oh 1952 and how I know a ton about these royals Philip dies the next day.

I don't know her last name, but the name Marissa syncs to this as well..
217 and 159 and 26.

Hopefully he doesn't come back as a deadly virus...

This is why Beverly Cleary died too. 


Thursday, April 8, 2021

April the Giraffe dead-Bhad Bhabie gets OnlyFans- Isaiah Thomas signs with Pelicans in relation to 2017


The other day at work I notifications about April the Giraffe dying and also about Danielle Bregoli..the Cash Me Ousside girl starting an OnlyFans....
It's interesting because in 2017 I remember making a video about April the Giraffe and also a video about Danielle Bregoli...

I'm not sure what the purpose of this is, but there is an obvious connection...

Bhad Bhabie=82(FB) and 42
April the giraffe died on 4/2....Of course she would die in April, just like how she had her famous baby Tajiri in April of 2017..

OnlyFans=43 and 38
Giraffe=43 and 38

April the giraffe=264
A number that has been important recently. 
Another reason I think this is related is that Isaiah Thomas just got signed to a 10 day contract with the Pelicans on 4/3 too....Notice my videos above....Giraffe...Danielle Bregoli...Isaiah Thomas...Angel Gabriel....
Danielle Bregoli's bday is 3/26 which is the big number/date I talked about with the Angel Gabriel too...

I'm wondering if we are going to get a story important to China/Space soon....recall how Isaiah Thomas' sister Chyna dying was synced to China and also to my girlfriend as well...
Isaiah even signed with the Pelicans 7 months 20 days before Jasmine's bday...The Moon landing on 7/20..
Jasmine Cowgill=82
April the giraffe's baby "Tajiri" was even born on the same day Chyna Thomas died in 2017..

Also recall that 2017 was the year of the "TWINS" all stemmed from my girlfriend having a miscarriage of Twins...Gabriel was also important to this...
Thomas means Twins....


Actually thinking about it...we just had the story about the US thinking about boycotting the 2022 Olympics in China....
Recall that Chyna Thomas died in Washington State....and Isaiah Thomas last played for the Washington Wizards..

Also, recall that the major theme synced to Isaiah Thomas was the "KING" symbolism...which was important to DeMarcus Cousins who left the Kings and went to the Thomas signs a 10 day contract with the Pelicans...

I gotta think more on this and look at my old info again. 

Monday, April 5, 2021

DMX Overdose and the Stock Market Crash-Suez Canal-Panama Canal-Ruff Ryders Teddy Roosevelt

Eventually I will have more time to look at some of the stories I've wanted to look at, but I want to leave a few notes before I forget...
Recall that DMX was important to the Stock Market narrative with his album The Great Depression...we are currently in the 91st year...
The Great Depression=91

I also cannot shake the idea that the boat stuck in the Suez Canal is somehow related..Think about Ruff Ryders....and Teddy Roosevelt..Rough Riders....Roosevelt the Panama Canal...
Plus Roosevelt gave the speech on Falcons Heights Minnesota just before McKinley was assassinated...and Philando Castile died in Falcon Heights...we currently have the George Floyd case big in the news again...and recall the Stock Market Symbolism from 2018 that was synced to the Super Bowl in Minnesota.
Another thing I find interesting is that I just blogged about Mark Bissen dying and how I had a post on 6/23/2020 about him....this post was also the last time I blogged about DMX.

Earl Simmons=316(FB) and 211(FB)
He overdosed a span of 211 days before the 92nd anniversary of the stock market crash.. and overdosed on the 92nd day of 2021.
It was also a span of 3 months 16 days after his bday.

The news came on 4/3/21 and DMX has an early single with LL Cool J called 4,3,2,1..
Makes me think of a countdown..
LL Cool J=79
4/3 is 79 days after LL Cool J's bday.

There's a lot more I could include such as 4/2...and Black people...I need to look at that Evergreen canal story..
Ever Given=159(FB) and 136
Earl Simmons=159
Herbert Hoover=159
Mark Bissen=159
Stock Market=136
I noticed this connection in 2017 when DMX was arrested for tax evasion 159 days before his bday.

I also connected it to the Catholic Church in my old posts...
The Catholic narrative is even more interesting when I look at the Panama Canal that was completed on 8/15...the same day in history the Jesuts were formed in 1534..
Notice how the earliest record of someone wanting to build a Panama canal was in 1534 by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V....the guy connected to the sack of Rome and King Henry VIII. 


Thursday, April 1, 2021

Synchronicity with 129 at work-Chase Elliot tribute to Alan Kulwicki at Darlington on 129th day of 2021


I keep randomly seeing the number 129 today at work..
I checked the pizza oven to see how much longer the pizza would be and it was 1:29, and there has been about 5 times now where I did the same with the fryer only to see I just checked my phone and it's 1:29pm
I have had zero time recently because I had to learn like 15 new songs for our gig tomorrow night, but I saw this story at work a few days ago...Chase Elliott is driving a tribute car to Alan Kulwicki at Darlington this year... this race is a throwback paint scheme, but it's odd to me that ESPN had a headline article of just Chase Elliott's car and not all the reminds me of Dale Jr. doing the tribute to his father on 8/31/2019 in Darlington that I've mentioned again recently.... recall the number 129 was important to the Volcano/Talladega Nights symbolism..along with Chase Elliott...
Notice Chase is doing this tribute car on 5/9 at Darlington...
5/9 is the 129th day of the year.
They race again at Darlington on 9/5  too...59..95..
The only reason I even thought this may be connected is because earlier someone was fixing these posters...and I remembered the article about Chase Elliott...then started seeing 129 like crazy.

I need to look more at this when I get time. 

Kevin Harvick=191, 264(FB)

Darlington=114 and 51

Today is 114 days after Harvicks bday and 5 months 1 day before the race at Darlington

Ha, oddly enough I just looked up Alan Kulwicki and today is his death day..28 years ago..
So Alan Kulwicki won  the 1992 Winston Cup in the Hooter car after the Hooters 500..although Bill Elliott won the race, Alan won in points to win the Cup...Davey Allison lead most of the year, but Kulwicki ended up winning..
Then in 1993 both Kulwicki and Allison died in separate plane/helicopter crashes?
Reminds me of Dale Earnhardt Jr's plane crash in 2019..then the death of Mike Stefanik in a plane crash a month later..

Interesting that this story about Kobe Bryant just popped up on my phone now too.. 
Kobe Bryant=41
Today is 4/1.
He died in a helicopter crash..

$2.6 million
Today is 2 months 6 days after the 26th day, which Kobe died on in 2020.

Kobe always reminds me of Jeff Gordon..both #24 Gordon retired in November 2015..when Kobe announced his retirement.
Gordon's first race was the 1992 Hooters 500 where Kulwicki won the Cup..
Gordon also born on 8/4, the same day Talladega Nights came out.
Gordon Is also 49 years old right now...49th prime is 227.. the big number I talked about in 2019...Earnhardt Jr's plane crash was on the 227th day even..

It seems there is some narrative here with aviation crashes..Nascar..France..the Royal Family...
5/9 is even a span of 2 months 27 days before Gordon's bday.
Jeff Gordon=152(FB)

I'll think about this more when I'm off work...Jasmine just text me and said my car that her mom drives broke down now too that's car number 4 in a little over a month..