Friday, January 29, 2021

Cicely Tyson and Wikipedia saying she was married to Billy Dee Williams-YoungBloodZ and the song 85/Billy Dee Interlude


Cicely Tyson died today...It stands out to me when looking at her info and I see she used to be married to Billy Dee(Lando)...A few nights ago when Zach did the Livestream with Jonathan I was going to comment about the song 85/Billy Dee Interlude being one of the best rap/hip hop songs ever. I didn't comment, but I did listen to the song on I wish I would've commented it. 
Billy Dee Interlude=260(FB)
Billy Dee Williams=260(FB)
William December Williams Jr=260(His real name)


You know what's even funnier about this post....I'm not so sure she was actually married to Billy Dee Williams....I don't see it on his page, and it doesn't mention it in her Personal wtf? If someone put this in here as a vandalism, I guarantee it was for me to's just such a random person to troll in there for no reason..
This is the cited source on doesn't look very legit so who knows...

Cecily Tyson=57

She also died  a span of 41 days after her bday and her final husband was Miles Davis..
Miles Davis=41
If peeing your pants is cool..considering me Miles Davis. 
Oddly enough, Billy Madison came out on the 41st day of the year. 
Mike Tyson=41 and 260(FB)

I'll have to think more on this when I get a chance. 

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