Sunday, January 24, 2021

Post from Kevin QUINN is the first thing on my Facebook today

I just woke up and sitting here with my son watching some Hamster Maze thing on YouTube. As I'm sitting here I got on Facebook on my phone and the first thing that comes up is from Kevin QUINN..its a picture of our class when I went to school in Arizona..
It's just so funny because I have not talked to Kevin in years and I recently mentioned him with the Quinn he shares this old pic and its the first thing on my feed today lol? 
You have got to be kidding me...
Kevin Quinn=186(FB)
How did I not see that before?
Dan Quinn=186(FB)
Mike Nolan=186(FB)
On top of the other 186s I mentioned with Rich Quinn...yeah just law of probability..
Law of Probability=186

It says on Facebook that he works at ATT again too haha...It's also interesting that he moved to Nashville for his internship with our school...I've been saying how the Quinn theme is synced to the Nashville RV bomb by the ATT building...Notice his bday is 260 days before Rich Quinn's bday too..

Nashville Tennessee=260(FB)

The bombing was 260 days before 9/11..

He currently lives in Lewisville..

Lewisville Texas=260(FB)

ATT Synced to 911

Rich will see this post and say yeah just coincidence...smh

It's because everything is connected just as this knowledge says.

By the way, I do miss Kevin, he was a cool ass dude, I hope all is well with him, I should reach out and say what's up. I'm also wondering about this because I recently got  friend request on my other Facebook from Adam who went to this school with us too.


  1. 9:11am Eastern tomorrow begins the 260th lunar sidereal month since 9/11

  2. Martian year 218 ends on Aaron's 87th bday (February 5th) and Martian year 219 begins on Babe's 126th bday (February 6th) Bonds broke Aaron's record on the 219th day of the year