Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Allen Ezail Iverson has 260 Gematria-The Answer-AI


I figured I would look up Allen Iverson again, because I have a feeling that random comment was important...

Allen Ezail Iverson=260
Nashville, Tennessee=260
So on...
His nickname is "The Answer"....Once again I am confused as to what the question is, but it's for sure showing me to keep paying attention to the number 260. 

It's also interesting he has the 6/7 bday....another major number I've had syncs with lately...

Haha oh man...

The Answer=1229(Jewish) and 224(FB)
Notice I got this comment on 12/29...

I keep falling asleep, but I know there is something to this..

Anthony QUINN Warner's bday on 1/17 reminding of "Bridge" Symbolism-Netflix Series called "Bridgerton" based on Julia QUINN's Novel-Duke Blue Devils


I was talking to Bobby on Facebook yesterday and there are syncs and connections to Chattanooga...I'm too lazy right now to type it all up...but Chattanooga was important to Ralphie May dying in Las Vegas...also my Grandma...
Chattanooga Tennessee=911(Satanic)
A whole lot more...but this narrative was also synced to a "Bridge" theme...and Jeff Bridges/The Big Lebowski..
The film Oblivion also has the destroyed bridge on the cover and so on....
I'm also curious about this because I see that Anthony Quinn Warner's bday is 1/17...
Ralphie May died during the season of Super Bowl 52 which was important to a bridge theme as well...

Now I see a mainstream story about some Netflix series called, "Bridgerton"..

What are the odds this show premiered on Christmas and is based on the novels by Julia QUINN? 
Anthony QUINN Warner...
Harley QUINN....
There is something super important to this..

Julia Quinn=282(FB), 194(FB), 61...1189(Jewish)
Charles Manson numbers...Revelation...."Christmas"=61

The Duke and I....this stands out to me because the Lakers have a player named Quinn Cook who played for my cousin Jacob with the middle name Quinn is a huge Duke Blue Devils fan....
Duke Blue Devils=152
Recall that 152 was important to my post about Richard Quinn and Zach too. 

The Women's Duke basketball team also canceled their season on Christmas too. 

In light of the bridge symbolism, it makes me think of the 2015 story of Andreas Lubitz crashing into the Alps...they showed a picture of him at the Golden Gate Bridge and it was synced to Duke winning that year. 
Andreas Lubitz=152

Another reason I wonder about the Bridge stuff is I got this comment last night on my Allen Iverson/Philadelphia video..Recall the Bridge theme is very important to Philadelphia/Earthquake and so on...
Will Cain=164(FB) and 264(FB)
I wish I still had that video, but I don' was on my old computer and YouTube took the pt 1 down by the numbers..
They restricted on the 65th day of 2019..The same day the 76ers played and lost their 65th game of the season. They lost because "Zach Lavine"=65 hit a buzzer beater..."Philadelphia"=65.....YouTube then completely removed the video on 6/5/2019....I then realized I put the video out 6 months 5 days after Allen Iverson's bday lol. I had no idea until they took down my video. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Reese Witherspoon was 'flummoxed' by Ryan Phillippe's money joke at the 2002 Oscars-Nashville-Little Nicky-9/11


I find it strange that a pointless story about Reese Witherspoon is in the media. The story came out yesterday...
The reason she stands out is because I've recently talked about the film "Little Nicky" and Reese is his Angel Mom..She also knows Chubbs and so on...
Notice Reese was born in Louisiana, but grew up in Nashville, Tennessee too....This comes just after the Nashville bombing..

flummoxed=260(FB) also 40 and 41
All of these numbers were important to Nashville..
Isn't "flummoxed" a strange word to use as well? 
Even stranger this would be a headline story considering it happened 18 years ago at the 2002 Oscars. 

The 2002 Oscars were the first held after 9/11/2001 too...Notice they were 194 days later...
September Eleventh=194

This also means that Reese and Ryan's bday's are a span of 194 days apart. 

Ryan's bday is also the same day that Richard Leon was appointed as a judge by George Bush...Richard Leon is also the judge who approved the Time Warner merger with AT&T. 

Reese's bday of 3/22 also sticks out in regards to George Bush and Skull and Bones...322...This story came a span of 2 months 23 days before 3/22. 

I can't help but think there is something important to Buffy the Vampire Slayer here either....Sarah Michelle Gellar is in "Cruel Intentions" with Reese and Ryan...
I'm not sure but just thinking here...Patricia Arquette portrays Little Nicky's girlfriend Valerie....David Arquette in Buffy...I see Patricia Arquette stars in "The Act" too....Just last night a girl at work told me to watch that show, and I've never heard of it until then either. 

Anthony QUINN Warner in relation to my blog post about Richard Quinn-Batman/Harley QUINN-Dallas Cowboys play at AT&T Stadium-Dr. QUINN Medicine Woman is the Bond Girl in Live and Let Die


I have been stuck on this idea for a few days and I just realized why it's important. A few days before the Nashville bombing I blogged about Richard Quinn on Zach's show...then when they said the bombers name was Anthony Quinn Warner the name has just stood out to me....It seems like such an odd middle name for a man as I only think about Dr. Quinn medicine woman....but my cousin Jacob actually has the middle name "Quinn" as well....His initials are JQB which sound like his name..something we have always thought was funny....He is from Kansas City and a Chiefs Fan.......

Jacob Quinn Behrendt=260(FB)

Kansas City Chiefs=260

Super Bowl=260(FB)

Nashville, Tennessee=260(FB)

The Christmas bombing was 260 days before 9/11. 

Anyway as I'm looking back at my old Batman Building Post, I noticed that I mentioned the new Harley Quinn film coming out right after Super Bowl 54....

Harley QUINN.....Birds of Prey? Margot Robbie is also Sharon Tate...Jack Nicholson/Joker...

Charles Manson=261(FB)


Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is portrayed by Jane Seymour..

Jane Seymour just so happens to play the Bond Girl in the film "Live and Let Die" that is connected Trump at the Mask Factory/Sean Connery/Rose Theme...

Looking through my old posts about Harley Quinn I mentioned a ton about the Ravens winning the Blackout Bowl in New Orleans....I also mentioned Paris and Blackouts...The City of Lights....Aurora, Illinois also the City of Light....

Another thing that stands out to me is that I talked a good deal about the Dallas Cowboys in connections to Charles one of my Harley Quinn posts I mentioned a college friend Kevin Quinn who lived in the Dallas area and how the Cowboys play at "AT&T" Stadium. 

Dallas Cowboys also play the New York Giants this coming week which stands out in regards to 9/11. 

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Petula Clark song "Downtown" playing before Nashville bombing

The song "Downtown" was apparently playing before the bomb went off in Nashville now...
Tony Hatch=39
Petula Clark=39
Listen to that song lol, it sounds exactly like something the Joker would blow something up to as well in my opinion. 

Of course, this happens 40 days or 1 month 10 days after Petula's bday too. 
evacuate now=40
See the previous posts for all of the WTC connections and more. 
Downtown=88 and 114(FB)
Petula Clark just turned 88 years old. 
Tony Hatch=114

Notice this song came out on Petula Clark's first album licensed to Warner Brothers Records too....Time WARNER and AT&T...just crazy. 

Wonder Woman 1984 released same day as Nashville bombing-Batman narrative and France-The Sum of All Fears-Oblivion-Death of Sean Connery


In relation to Batman and the Christmas explosion it also stands out that the new Wonder Woman film came out on Christmas. Recall that Wonder Woman's first live action portrayal was from the film "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" that came out just after SB 50. 
Also recall that Donald Trump said he was Batman on Ben Affleck's bday which is the day Napoleon was born in history. 
The actor who plays Superman is Henry Cavill and he was born on 5/5, which is the same day that Napoleon died and the French Revolution began. 
Wonder Woman is also Diana Prince and Princess Diana died in France....Diana is the Goddess of the Moon...the Batman shooting on the anniversary of the Moon landing. 

Napoleon's bday of 8/15 is also the day the Jesuits were formed in Paris, France. 
Gal Gadot=201(FB) and 132(FB)
Catholic Church=132
We know the 201 stuff. 

Notice this bombing happened 132 days after Ben Affleck's bday and a span of 132 days before Henry Cavill's bday...
This also means their bday's are a span of 264 days apart and Napoleon died 264 days after his bday too. 
Super Bowl LV=132
Super Bowl=164(FB)
Princess Diana=132

Looking at my old information I also mentioned Morgan Freeman a ton in relation to this...He was in the film "The Sum of All Fear" with Ben Affleck..In that film he is at a Football game just before a terrorist attack happens in Baltimore....The Baltimore Ravens won after the Batman shooting.....The film is also from the Tom Clancy series involving the character "Jack Ryan"..such as the Sean Connery film "The Hunt For Red October"....So the 264 stands out even more so to me..
Jack Ryan=264(FB) and 164(FB)
Sean Connery=264(FB) and 164

Morgan Freeman is also in the film "Oblivion" with Tom Cruise and the drone 166. In the film Tom Cruise goes to the Stadium where the final Super Bowl was played. 
The film "Oblivion" came out in the year after the Batman shooting as well on 4/19/2013..
Tom Clancy died on 10/1/2013 too.."Batman"=101(FB)

Wonder Woman=55
The Christmas bombing was 5 months 5 days after the 51st anniversary of the Batman shooting. 
Henry Cavill born on 5/5. 
Super Bowl 55...
Sean Connery died 55 days before Christmas..

Morgan Freeman=221
So on..

Crazier yet is that Mary Tofflemire messaged me yesterday..recall how she is important to the number 166...which was important to the car crash at Zach's house on Christmas Eve..
Mary Tofflemire=264(FB) and 218(FB)
Joe Tofflemire=264(FB) and 191(FB)
Joe wore number 56 and died on the Jesuit anniversary age 46....all numbers important to the Catholic stuff..
Society of Jesus=191
Seattle Seahawks=221(FB)

The video she commented on I put on YouTube on 1/11..I also mention Oblivion/Tom Cruise in that video..All synced to the Miami Dolphins/my Uncle too....Dolphins have the Charles Manson numbers...Ravens are the Blackbird...The Tate Murders were just after the original Moon landing..Harley Quinn actress is also Sharon Tate...Jack Nicholson(Joker) and Roman Polanski's rape......These 2 themes are really important to each other...the Charles Manson narrative even began just days before my Uncle Barney died. 

A random note here..
Thomas Leo Clancy Jr=194
He died a span of 194 days before his bday. 
Charles Manson=194(FB)

Think about Morgan Freeman's portrayal of God in Bruce Almighty as well...Jim Carrey is the riddler who uses Gematria in his riddles...

The Batman=136(FB) and 166(FB)
The Dark Knight=136
The Nashville bombing was also important to 9/ it stands out to me that "The Batman" is set to be released 1 year 2 months 7 days after this bombing...
Buildings 1, 2, and 7...

I wonder how France connects to all of this's obviously important in some way, but I don't see the full picture..unless there is an event coming for France in the near future...
Paris France=218(FB)
8/6 is the 218th day and so on...

Kamala Harris=264(FB) and 164...Wonder Woman? 

Tom Hardy's birthday on 9/15-Pittsburgh Steelers/Batman-Seeing my friend Norm yesterday-CHRISTIAN Bale and the Antioch connection-Pocahontas

 Looking at Tom Hardy again I see that his bday is 9/15...this sticks out because I have previously stated how I think this day is important to the Pittsburgh Steelers/Dan Marino stuff....Amazon reaching out to Zach about his book in Pittsburg, California...

What's even funnier is that yesterday at work my friend Norm came in and talked to me. Once again, I barely ever see him because he lives so far away....I haven't seen him since November I find it funny now that I'm realizing a major connection to Batman again....Recall I went to the Midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises with him for his bday...I'm pretty sure he got married on 8/5 too, which is funny considering the Antioch shooting happened on 8/5. 

The Steelers and Ravens...

9/15 to Christmas is 101 days..


Also think about Antioch and how Batman is portrayed by CHRISTIAN Bale....Notice Christian Bale is also a voice in the film "Pocahontas" along with Mel Gibson who is John Smith....Mel Gibson is in the original Mad Max films as the same character that Tom Hardy plays. 

I also recently documented about the Terminator films and Christian Bale also plays John Connor in the Terminator Salvation...

Christian Bale=86


Hines Ward # 86

Aurora Colorado=86

James Eagan Holmes=86



Joel McCall=86

Chris Sturgill=86

I think a lot of this is coded to 8/6/2022 that I have mentioned in previous months. 

Super Bowl=260F(B)

Nashville, Tennessee=260(FB)

This attack happened 260 days before 9/11. 

Big Ben is 38 years old..

Hines Ward born on 3/8..


Ravens won SB 47 exactly 38 days before Pope Francis became the Pope. 

Nashville bombing suspect Anthony Quinn Warner from Antioch-2015 Antioch Theater Shooting and the Batman Ritual-Mad Max

 Anthony Quinn Warner=98

Nashville, Tennessee=98

Christmas day explosion=98

His last name being WARNER is also interesting...Remember in 2018 AT&T merged with Time Warner...then a few months later we got the mail package bombs along with a bomb sent to the Time Warner center....

Think about how this RV had a speaker counting down TIME and WARNING people it would explode too. 

He is 63 years old...

Time Warner=63

There's an even bigger riddle here with the Batman Building too...notice it says this guy lived in the neighborhood of "Antioch"....

The first Christians were from Antioch...or the term Christian came from Antioch..

Remember the "Trainwreck" shooting in 2015 was synced to the Batman Shooting in 2012...a few weeks after the "Trainwreck" shooting on 8/5/2015 we then got another movie theater attack in Antioch, Tennessee....Notice it was at the film "Mad Max" too...This is the same Antioch's not the other Antioch, Tennessee...this theater is literally minutes away from where Anthony Quinn Warner lives. 

Remember they originally said Vincente Montano was 51 years old and then changed it to 29 lol...he does not look 29 at all either...


Have you seen the "Mad Max" is set in the year 2021 memes too? I cannot find that this is true anywhere, but it's still interesting that this meme would be popular.  

Also recall that August 2015 was all about Batman...James Holmes was sentenced...the guy who dressed up like Batman and went to hospitals died...Morgan Freeman's granddaughter...Trump said he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair....Batgirl(Yvonne Craig) died...

Better yet is that the Mad Max film that was attacked in Antioch stars actor Tom Hardy as Max....Tom Hardy is who plays the character "Bane" in the Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises" that got shot up in 2012. Bane is the bad guy who blows up the football stadium and bridges and so on..of course Bane also wears a mask...

Of course, earlier in the month of December we had the actor who played Immortan Joe from "Mad Max:Fury Road" die too...Notice how he wore a mask in the film too. 

Immortan Joe=164 and 264(FB)

Tom Hardy=164(FB)

Mad Max Fury Road=164

I realized that I didn't have a blog at the time of the Antioch Theater shooting, I only made videos back then, so I went to Zach's blog to see more details...Of course the first post that comes up starts off with the word "Macy's"....This is funny because last night I went to Sturgill's house and a girl named Maci wanted to talk to me about Chemtrails...I then went on to explain gematria and so on..of course everyone looks at me like I'm stupid haha after giving concrete examples only using 1 cipher but it is what it is.....anyway Maci wanted to know what her name meant in Gematria and I told her that it doesn't necessarily work that way....there has to be a narrative you are following to understand why a number is important to you...I then said that her name reminds me of the Macy's parade though and that us having this conversation would probably be important to a narrative I will follow in the future....So I find it funny that I just woke up and started writing this post and now I'm seeing "Macy's parade" in my search for "Antioch"...

Vincente Montano=221

Maci Segebart=221


Aurora Colorado=221

Further if you search my blog for the word "Antioch" I made a post talking about Logan Paul interviewing Kevin HINES who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.....All about Batman....This just sticks out to me considering 2/21 will be the day after Logan Paul fights Floyd Mayweather in 2021...


Remember how Jake Paul got in a fight at the hotel the day after the Tyson Fury fight in 2020 synced to the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. fight where he beat Nate Robinson..

I just wonder....that happened at the Westgate hotel....Westgate...Golden Gate...Kevin Gates...I only think Kevin Gates because I just Djed last night though...

Kevin Gates=224(FB)

Vincente David Montano=224

Montano's mother reported him missing a few days before he attacked the movie theater too...she hadn't seen him since 3/1/2013 and for some reason filed a missing person report on 8/3/2015....This means she last saw Montano 224 days after the Batman shooting in 2012. 

We didn't know reverse gematria back then either...This attack happened on 8/5..2015. 

Carmike Hickory=85(Theater)

Antioch Tennessee=85

James Holmes=58

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Nashville bomb happened 68 days before AT&T Corporation's anniversary and 9 months 11 days before the current AT&T company-New York Jets


To add to the 911 riddle with the Nashville bomb today..notice that today is a span of 9 months 11 days before the current AT&T company's anniversary....

The original AT&T company was founded on 3/3/1885..
Notice that today is 68 days before 3/3 too. 
AT&T made 9-1-1 the emergency dialing code in 1968, which was 33 years before 9/11/2001. 
Further, notice that 3/3 is 6 months 8 days before 9/11 too. 
George Bush's bday is 68 days before 9/11. 
He graduated at Yale in 68'. 
WTC Construction began on 8/6/68. 

Remember how Tom Brady became a superstar when Drew Bledsoe got injured against the New York Jets after 9/11 too. The Jets haven't won a Super Bowl since the 1968 season.....this just sticks out considering the Jets just won their first game of the season last week over the Rams. 

Funnier yet is that I just went to Zach's old blog to search for some of this info that I may have forgetten...His final blog post on Freetofindtruth was on 1/19/2020...and he talks all about the number 68 and 9/11....
MLK and RFK assassinated in 68'. 

1/19...9/11 or 11/9. 

Something I never realized before was the Drew Bledsoe wore the number 11 for the Patriots....think about the number 11's importance to 9/11. 

Tom Brady's bday is also 39 days before 9/11..
New York=39

Tom Brady=194(FB)
September Eleventh=194

Friday, December 25, 2020

Explosion in Nashville on Christmas-The AT&T Batman Building-911-Death of KC Jones

A few days ago Daryl Morey was in the news about his China Tweet and I thought there was something important to Batman again....recall he tweeted the same day that the "Joker" film came out and so on..

Now on Christmas we get an explosion in Nashville, Tennessee right next to an AT&T building which is around the corner from the BATMAN Building(AT&T). 



New York=39(See Below)

What else I find strange about today is that K.C. Jones died today. Bobby is the person who told me about the Batman building last year and he also went under the name "Casey Jones" at one point. I can't find it anymore, but a spammed Facebook profile named "Casey Jones" requested to be my friend a few weeks back too. 
KC Jones=40 and 41(sk) and 77
AT&T=40, 41 and 201(Jewish) and 77(FB)

At least 41 businesses were damaged? 

This being important to AT&T reminds that 911 was also important to AT&T...
Skull and Bones=41
Pentagon construction began on 9/11 in the year 41'. 
United States=77
World Trade Center=77
September Eleventh=77
The Pentagon/Bush  and 77 stuff..Flight 77..

The Twin Towers were 110 stories tall..
Osama bin Laden=110
Pentagon has Hwy 110 next to it. 
Nine One One=110
AT&T made the emergency dialing code 9-1-1 in 1968, the same year that WTC construction began. 

Further, today is 260 days before 9/11...
Nashville, Tennessee=260(FB) and 102
Al Qaeda=102(Jewish)
The WTC attack lasted 102 minutes. 
Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack=911(Jewish)
Tisha B'Av important to the 2 Temples and 9/11. 

Look at the actor from Ninja Turtles who plays the character Casey Jones too....he has a bday on 3/11...Recall the Tribute in light was on 3/11. 
2/26/1993 to 9/11/2000 is 3,119 days...311...911

Today is a span of 77 days before Elias Koteas bday too. 

KC Jones=151(FB)
Notice he died 151 days before his bday. 
Bobby Simpson=151

It's interesting that today is the celebrated birthday of Jesus Christ too, and many people believe that Jesus' true bday was actually 9/11....The Coptic Calendar and Ethiopian Calendar also begin on 9/11 of the Gregorian Calendar. 
Jesus Christ=151
Jesus=11...recall that 9/11 is all about 11 too. 

In my post from last year I mentioned how the Batman building was important to the Tennessee Titans, but also the Kansas City Chiefs....KC.....
Kansas City Chiefs=260
Boston Massachusetts=260

Joker=151(FB) and 102(FB)

The Ravens synced to Batman too. 
Notice the address of the RV was 166 2nd Avenue North..
Twin Towers=166
Empire State=166
Think about the film Oblivion and the drone number 166/Super bowl..
This is that big number synced to the Umbrella Man and a car crashing in Zach's garage on Christmas Eve too..Death of my Uncle...

I've recently mentioned the number 200 standing out, but not sure of the meaning..
Kansas City=200(FB)
Al Qaeda=200(FB)

Another interesting thing I found is that today is 2 months 18 days after the anniversary of Francis Nash dying. He is who Nashville is named after...
Osama bin Laden=218(FB)
Twin Towers=218(FB)
Conspiracy Theory=218(FB)

Joaquin Phoenix=200