Monday, January 11, 2021

Message from Rich saying the organic side is just "Law of Probability" and synchronicity with John Stamos/Friends


Rich messaged me earlier that someone showed him a screenshot of me talking about him in my video. He thinks that the organic side is just the "law of probability" and all a coincidence. Now I'm not talking crap on him in this post just as I wasn't in the video..I seriously feel that so many people in this gematria community are just not ready for the info I am's the same reason people like my parents can't understand the basic stuff...they are just not ready to receive the info...I too am not ready to receive info, but one day it will click and I will have a way better understanding than before. Awakening is a process and there's always more to learn...
However, the "organic side" is not just law of probability. Rich has never watched one of my videos because he doesn't need to know anything else outside of exposing the he will never know how many times my synchronicity has been synced to the media stories and so on....He didn't even want to read the above message because it was too long, so no idea if he even read this whole thing or not. 

Anyway, the whole point of this blog post is that I had synchroncity while writing it...I thought it was funny that he called it the "law of probability"=186(FB) which is a number I have talked a lot about with Zach. 

As I was writing about Zach I kept hearing the TV say "Zach" was a random episode of Friends playing on the TV in the background. I had the TV on for Zamien earlier when Spongebob was on and apparently Friends came on later on the same channel. 
The One with the Donor=260

Anyway, the character Zach in the show is played by John Stamos. 
John Stamos=186(FB)
Remember that Lori Loughlin was also connected to the number 186....John Stamos' wife on Full House...
Lori Anne Loughlin=264(FB)
Friends=264(Eng Extended)
Right around the Lori Loughlin scandal began is when I was awakened to the Francis Bacon ciphers being important..I was also mentioning how the English Extended Cipher was important at this same time lol. 


Golden Gate Bridge/San Francisco/Full House..

What is that picture on the wall behind John Stamos? For the life of me I can't remember what that represents. Is it Nike and the Bull? 

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