Sunday, January 3, 2021

Virginia stories in the media after I made a video about Allen Iverson and Virginia possibly being important


I'm uploading a video about Allen Iverson/MF Doom and so the video I talked about Virginia possibly being important....I then went to CNN and I see 2 stories about Virginia.....Senator Ben Chafin Jr. died of Covid and there was a Virginia Walmart shooting....both happened before today, but funny I am just now seeing them. 

Ben Chafin Jr.=177(FB)
My original Allen Iverson video was put on YouTube 177 days before his bday...or 178(span).."Allen Iverson"=178
Pandemic=177(FB) and 129(FB)

I also realized while making that video....
The Bulls got their 19th win when Zach Lavine made the game winner over the 76ers...
A=1, I=9
12/12 leaves 19 days in the year.
They removed my video in the year 19'. 
Iverson born on 6/7...the 19th prime is 67. 
Happy Gilmore learns how to Putt 1 hour 07 minutes into the film or 67 minutes...The 76ers scored 107 points in that loss. 

MF Doom's bday was 1/9. 
The NFL Playoffs begin on 1/9. 


  1. Doctor Victor Von Doom = 260 ordinal
    Kinda funny considering what you said about all the VV names with Adam Sandler. The latest live action Dr. Doom was portrayed by Tobias Alistair Patrick Kebbell. I remember him most from Rock'n'Rolla...they just came out with a story on CNN yesterday about Jimmy Carter being the "Rock'n'Roll" president. He's from Georgia of course.

  2. James Earl Carter Jr. = 177 ordinal 771 ext