Saturday, August 31, 2019

F-2 Driver Anthoine Hubert dies in Crash

Just as I suspected, we got a racing death today. I don't have much time to look at this story as my girlfriend is about to have the baby...but...
Notice this guy is from FRANCE and born in LYON(LION). 
Remember how Dale Earnhardt's plane crash was on Napoleon's bday....

Notice this guy born on 9/22 the anniversary of the French Republic...he died age 22 and 22 days before it. He also died on the 22nd anniversary of Princess Diana dying in France that I previously mentioned. Earnhardt's plane crash was in ELIZABETon. 

He crashed into Juan Manuel Correa whose birthday was 22 days before the incident too. 

He died in "Stavelot"=227(FB)
World Lion Day...LYON...227th anniversary of the French Monarchy falling...
French Revolution=227=French Monarchy
Napoleon's bday on the 227th day..

Anthoine Hubert=318(FB)
Today is 31/8...
Prince Charles bday on the 318th day.  

Remember how I said it was connected to 2015 and we didn't get actual Nascar deaths, but deaths of other forms of racing. 

I'll look at this more when I get a chance. 

Think about Nascar...Oil...
Princess Diana died with Dodi Fayed who was Jamal Khashoggi's cousin....Jamal died just before the Yellow Vests movement in France that began because of OIL. Then George HW Bush died...once again...Middle East...OIL...
Bush died the same day we got an Alaskan Earthquake...Oil Reserves...
Jamal Khashoggi was ordered to be killed by the Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman whose birthday is 8/31...same as the day Princess Diana died. 
Then the WWE held the CROWN Jewel in Saudi Arabia after Khashoggi had died...this was the same year of the first ever GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE. 

Harvest Moon-My voice sounds like Andrew Luck-Moses-Nebraska

We actually came back to the hosptial last night and aren't waiting for Sunday. I assume the baby is coming today now instead, but possibly it will be after midnight as we are still waiting. Anyway I started writing about the Moses/Nebraska/Rams/War of 1812 Symbolism with Super Bowl 53 while sitting here. 
It's funny that the baby's due date was actually 9/14 which is the anniversary of Francis Scott Key writing the national during the War of 1812...
Think about Nebraska being the Cornhuskers too..reminding us of Harvest and 9/14 being the Harvest Moon...
I went back to my listen to some of my old videos and as I was reading the comments....I forgot that a ton of people were leaving comments that I sound like Andrew Luck....I just find it funny that a big piece of the recent narrative involves Andrew Luck retiring....The Colts originally from Baltimore which is important to the main narrative with the War of 1812....also with the Civil war in connection to Nebraska/Abe Lincoln/Moses/Slaves/Sea of Red/Tribe of Levi....
Andrew Luck's birthday also on 9/12 which is when the Battle of Baltimore began..although the national anthem wasn't written until 9/14.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Facebook notification in regards to Wolf and Lincoln, Nebraska-Upcoming Baby

So I forgot we had to go to Jasmines Doctors appointment earlier and left pretty much after my blog post about Wolf and Nebraska. 
On the way there I got this notification on my phone...It's still the only notification I have got today on my phone too. 

It's from a guy about wanting to buy my bands album. I went to his page to see if I might recognize him, but I don't...but anyway notice where it says he works...
Gray Wolf Social Media? 
He's also from Lincoln, Nebraska where the Cornhuskers play? 
It's funny too as the last gig we played was with a band from Lincoln. 

So we get to the Doctors and they tell us that they are going to induce Jasmine on Sunday the baby will probably come on 9/1 or 9/2 I would assume. 
What's interesting is my guess has been 9/5 forever because it's the day that leaves 117 days in the year. Jasmine's name equals 117, our son born on 1/17, and daughter born 117 days before Jasmines bday....
Also my name and full name equals 95...
The reason I find it interesting in regards to this guy wanting to buy our album is that we recorded our only album last year on 9/5. 
The band is "Punch Clock Martyrs"=95
I had nothing to do with naming the band either, it just happens to fit perfectly with my name. 

If the baby does come on 9/1, it's also interesting as 91 was one of the most important numbers I was talking about with the Nebraska Cornhuskers connections in 2015. 
Nebraska's mascot is "Herbie"...and we got the death of the Herbie: The Love Bug actor on 9/1 in 2015...
Also it can be written as 1/9/19...
Dean Carroll Jones=67..the 19th prime...
Nolan David Morten=91

It will be 19 days(end date) before 9/19/19..

Also interesting if you write out 117 as words..
One Hundred Seventeen=91 and 217
We are naming the baby "Alistair" as well. 
Alistair Behrendt=217(FB)

We will see what happens, it might not be born until 9/2 or 9/3 but it doesn't seem likely...
9/3 would make a lot of sense with Aleister Crowley...

Plus how funny that she will be having a baby over "LABOR" Day weekend and possibly on Labor Day...

Synchronicity with Wolf as I just started writing about the Wolf/Lupercalia theme with Super Bowl 53

Why not start the day off with some synchronicity post? 

I'm really trying to buckle down and write this book. I figured today I would just start with happenings in 2019. I've already talked about the Wall symbolism in previous parts, so the next thing in 2019 was the Moses/Nebraska/Wolf stuff with Super Bowl 53. I couldn't remember how often a Wolf Moon or a Red Wolf Moon happens, so I searched for it on yahoo. As the page loads up I hear the TV say "Wolf" and look up to see a Wolf commercial for a product called "Blue Wilderness".

I've been wondering about the Cornhuskers this season and even more so with Hurricane Dorian on it's way to Florida which is important to the Orange Bowl and so on...Nebraska has a history with the Miami Hurricanes as well. 
Wolf=52, 56
Hurricane=52, 56
Civil War=56
Lincoln died age 56 in "April"=56

34 was the big number with Moses/Abe Lincoln...

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Construction worker killed at Disneyland-Thought about the film Bulletproof

Another Disney story huh? 
Disneyland=163...the 38th prime.
The 38 year old Construction worker...

This story comes 1 months 12 days after Disneyland was founded..
With the end date it's 44 days..

A weird comment, but I feel like leaving it considering it might come up later.....Disneyland always makes me think about the Adam Sandler movie called "Bulletproof". There is a scene where he pretends to be retarded and says "Disneyland"...Sandler's bday is also 9/9 which was a big day with Queen Elizabeth...Happy Gilmore...Earthquake...United States....and now Jeopardy...
Funny too is in the film Bulletproof Damon Wayan's character is named "Rock Keats". Sandler is "Archie"..which makes me think about Prince Harry's son..

Alex Trebek is done with Chemo and new season of Jeopardy starting on 9/9-Astros-Rich Dauer

They started filming season 36 on Alex Trebek's bday of 7/22? 
Notice the new season begins 1 month 18 day later..

This story comes 38 days after his bday..

The new season comes 187 days after they announced his cancer..

I still think Alex Trebek is a riddle with the Astros as well. Remember he had the same brain surgery as Rich Dauer and so on..

Rich even has an interesting connection considering his bday is 44 days before 9/9..
Notice it's 1 month 13 days too....He had emergency brain surgery after the Astro's won the 113th World Series..
He's also 67 years old in the year 19' which could be a bad sign for Rich Dauer..

9/9 is also 1 month 13 days before the World Series begins this year..
George Alexander Trebek=113

Trebek's bday to the World Series is 92 days..
This story today is 54 days before the World Series..
Alex Trebek=204(FB)
Houston Astros=204

I mentioned in a post about the connection to baseball with Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer....
Think how James Holzhauer's streak began on 4/4 when Ken Jennings was 44 years old too...
James Holzhauer=63
Holzhauer lost on 6/3. 
Trebek Announces his cancer on 3/6 or 6/3...
This will begin the 36th season of Jeopardy which is 6 months 3 days after 3/6 when Trebek announced his cancer. 

Plus the shocking "Tie" that happened on Jeopardy this year...reminding us of the Cubs that were connected to the Astros and Ties. 

Another Francis Bacon thing to note..
Rich Dauer=208(FB) and 310
He was born on the 208th day of the year..

Also remember Jeopardy was a huge piece to what I was talking about with 2016-2017 stuff going on..

Alex Trebek's cancer was also announced 7 months 13 days after his bday. 
Think how the Houston Area code is 713. 

Shaq was 34 years old when he won his last championship with the Heat-Superman 213

This is great...I didn't realize that Shaq won his last NBA championship when he was 34 years old with the Miami Heat....He won his other championships with the Lakers when he wore # 34...
Howard will be 34 years old this year..

Kobe was 34 years old when he tore his achilles..the same season the Dwight Howard was on the Lakers. 

Dig deep=41=Kobe Bryant and so on ..

I'm also thinking how Dwight and Shaq are both called Superman...
Kobe Bean Bryant=213(FB)
The NBA Finals=213
Los Angeles in the 213 area code..
Los Angeles=213(FB)
Kobe scored 60 points in his final game that was 213 days after Moses Malone died...
Kevin Durant tore his achilles 2 months 13 day before Kobe's bday.

Kobe Bryant brings up old "Beef" with Shaq-Dwight Howard-Yao Ming-China

I really find this interesting as I've been talking about the importance of Kobe Bryant....I even referred to the 2016-17 stuff with Zach and Derek as "Beef" in my video. 
Plus "Kobe" is japanese Beef. 
Notice how CNN makes sure we see the number "34" as well. The important number to how I even noticed this narrative...
Dwight Howard will be turning 34 years old this year...

This story comes 175 days after Shaq's bday..
Los Angeles Lakers=175

Thirty Four=61
I didn't feel like retyping it so leaving some keywords here..
Yao Ming
Shanghai Sharks

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Houston Rockets vs Shanghai Sharks to open NBA Preason

I just looked up the NBA preseason schedule for the 2019-2020 season. 
Would you believe that the Houston Rockets will be in the first preseason game against the Shanghai Sharks. The Rockets are playing a China team in Houston? 
They then play the Clippers in Hawaii....
Gonna have to pay attention to those games for sure. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

DeMarcus Cousins makes a death threat to ex-girlfriend on Kobe Bryant's birthday

This narrative just keeps getting better and better. On Kobe Bryant's bday we got Dwight Howard going back to the Lakers and Luke Walton's sexual assault case dropped. Dwight Howard picked up because of DeMarcus a story of DeMarcus Cousins making a death threat on his ex-girlfriend on Kobe's bday? 

Harvard Student denied entry to US-Leslie Jones leaving SNL

I just posted about Jeremy Lin and then went to CNN and saw a story about a  Harvard student being denied by immigration...
Jeremy Lin went to Harvard it's funny to me. 

Harvard Crimson=215 and 215(FB)
I'm only documenting this as it makes sense to the Duck Theme...a bunch of connections were to 2/15 this year were with the Duck theme...The Aurora shooting...Aurora Duck Boat crash...
Notice the story about Leslie Jones, the Saturday Night Live actor leaving right next to it..
Saturday Night Live=215

Ismail Ajjawi=117
Think about Jeremy Lin who played for the Raptors. 
Think about how Kobe is important to the Bridge Symbolism.

She's leaving after Season 44 of SNL? 
Leslie Jones=44
Notice too it mentions Studio 8H....88..
We know how 88 is important to Hitler/Neo Nazi's so on..

SNL=45....this just before the 45th season..
Ismail Ajjawi=45

Also interesting the Harvard student was from Lebanon..
Tyre, Lebanon=516(satanic)
This is the other number important to the SNL stuff...

Jeremy Lin to play in China next season

I've recently been documenting about the importance of China and the connections to Jeremy today we find out he signs with the China basketball team the Beijing Ducks..
I'm interested it's the DUCKS, but I'm not sure of how it fits the Duck theme...
Jeremy Lin=262(FB)
Beijing Ducks=262(FB)

Interesting too that "Jeremy Lin"=1189(Jewish)
Donald J. Trump=1189(Jewish)
Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope on Trump's bday in 2016..
1,189th chapters in the KJV and so on..
Kevin Durant=1189(Jewish)

This also comes 75 days after he won a NBA Finals with the Raptors. 
Beijing Ducks=75

It's also interesting he won the NBA finals 71 days or 2 months 10 days before his bday..
Toronto Raptors=71
Beijing Ducks=210