Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Morgan Earp dies 3/18

Bill Paxton portrays Morgan Earp in the movie Tombstone. 
Notice he died on 3/18. 
In regards to 11/14 and Fred Haise/Supermoon...11/14 is the 318th day of the year. 
Also Earp born on 114th day of the year. 

Possibly nothing but I have been saying for a long time how things seem to be a day off. Notice Wyatt Earp died on days connected just 1 day off?
Wyatt Earp=114(reverse)

Comment about Purdue and March Madness -Weird stuff yet again- PI, 318, March 14th

So I just see this comment and found some interesting things but haven't done a lot of research into it yet. Anyway I was also listening to Zach's recent videos. I actually started with his latest video about Trump and the White House correspondence video. After that video though Youtube automatically chose another video and gave me the one posted below.  

The reason I'm even making this post is because in researching the above comment I typed in "March Fourteenth"=175 in Gematrinator.com and literally right as I was typing the words I heard Zach say "March Fourteenth". 
Notice Youtube says he has 314 views on his video. 
22/7=3.14 and so on. 
Never even thought about it until now, but Zach's bday is 21/7/2017 this year. 
Philadelphia Warriors=318(reverse)

Look at that..today is 3 months 18 days after my 34th bday. I didn't even realize. 
Daniel Behrendt=67, 121

It's also 7 months 7 days after Zach's bday. 
Daniel Behrendt=77(reverse red)
March Fourteenth=77(reverse red)
Zachary K Hubbard=77
3/18 the 77th day of the year. 

Seventy Seven=175
March Fourteenth=175
Golden State=175 (reverse)

Deron Williams picked up by the Cleveland Cavaliers 318

The Cavs picked up Deron Williams on 2/27/17. 

The first thing that stood out to me is that he has always wore # 8 for Utah/Brooklyn/Dallas and now he is wearing # 31 for the Cavs. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=318(reverse)
Today is 22/7 or 7/22. 

Williams was waived by the Mavericks on 2/23 the number that is significant to the Cavaliers. 

We get this news the same day the Cavs win with a total score of 197 points. 
Deron Williams=197(reverse)
This was an important number last year. 
Two Hundred Seven=197

It's also 119 days before Williams 33rd bday. 

Interesting the Warriors won with a total score of 227 points on 2/27. They scored 119 points. 
Deron Michael Williams=119(reverse reduced)

Williams also averaging 13.1 points per game this season. 
Notice also his career average is 16.6 pts per game? 
This is an important number, but still haven't completely figured it out. Seems to be connected to Bad things though. 
We'll see what happens, it says he's hopeful to debut on 3/1 against Boston. 
So he would wear # 31 debuting on 3/1...Steph Curry went 0-11 on Three's tonight too. 
11th prime is 31. 

Death of Yoana Acosta in Denison, Iowa 1-19-2017

The day of my Uncle Barney's funeral this story came about. A car wrecked into the Boyer River around 3am, and everyone got out except a 15 year old girl. They searched the river for a week before finding her. 
I just saw on Facebook that the guy driving the car has pleaded not guilty and for some reason figured I'd look into the story. 

Look at that, she was born on the 166th day of the year. 
Then died on 19/1. 
Barney Murphy=166
Barney Alan Murphy=191 and he died 191 days before his bday. 
His funeral was on 19/1.  He was a 4th degree knight of Columbus which in turn makes me think of the Jesuits. 
Society of Jesus=191
My Uncle even saw Pope Benedict live in Washington DC before his wife won $250,000 on a lottery ticket. 
Pope Benedict=114(Uncle died on 1/14)
Joseph Ratzinger=191

Yoana Acosta=65(reverse reduced) also 34, 43, 115
191 is the 43rd prime number. 
Fifteen=65 (her age)
Denison, Iowa=65
Boyer River=65

I also find it interesting her bday of 15/6. 
156th prime is 911...she dies on 1/19. 
It also says she was born in "Marshalltown, Iowa". 
The guy driving the car was a 25 year old named Ramon Hernandez. 
Ramon Hernandez=75, 156

The end of Titanic you never got to see-Bill Paxton

I'm only posting this because it reminds me of what I've been seeing on Facebook the last couple of weeks.
This article is about the ending of Titanic that we never got to see. 

I've recently been seeing a bunch of Snapchat's and other videos in regards to making fun of the ending of Titanic when Rose and Jack are in the water. 
Just documenting in case it comes back up at a later date. 

I know somewhere along the lines I made  a video where I talked about Titanic and for some reason cannot find it anymore. 
The Titanic sank on 4/15...1912
This film came out in the US on 19/12...1997

It was also 85 years 8 months 5 days later. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Oscars mess up and say La La Land wins instead of Moonlight-Death of Bill Paxton Moon Theme

Bill Paxton's death was a Moon ritual at it's finest. 
La la Land=21, 57
Moon=21, 57
Two Hundred Twenty Six=93=Saturn
Best Picture=57
February 26th is the 57th day of the year. 
Eugene Cernan born on 3/14. 

It's just ridiculous too, Remember when Steve Harvey messed up at the Miss Universe Pageant and we got the story of a lady running over people on the sidewalk. That story was connected to Nice, France and more. Just yesterday we got the story of the Truck driving into a crowd at Mardi Gras. 

Steve Harvey messed up 1 year 2 months 6 days ago. 
The last biggest super moon before 2016 was on 1/26..48. 
Eugene Cernan died 1 month 26 days before his bday. 
Cnn said Apollo 17 launched on 12/6. 
Faye Dunaway=126  she was the person who actually said La La Land won. 
There were even 434 people injured in Nice, France. 
Steve Harvey was also the host of Showtime at the APOLLO for 7 years. Apollo are the missions that went to the Moon. 

CNN even gives us the article at 1:26am. 

I've even recently mentioned Warren Beatty and how he connected to my life, the death of Carrie Fisher and more. 

Moonlight released in the US on Carrie Fisher's bday 10/21. 
Faye Dunaway born on 1/14 which is interesting in regards to my Uncle dying that day. 
Garry Shandling-Warren Beatty-My Uncle-Miami Dolphins and more
Moonlight the film is even connected to Miami. 

Something else I used to talk about but haven't lately...Yesterday 2/26 was also the same as 2/13 on the Julian calendar. 
Making a big deal in regards to the Moon and Moonlight would be fitting it would be the first day of Lupercalia. Wolves have a connection to the Moon. Just like how Michigan Wolverines started playing bad just around the time of the closest super moon on 11/14. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Death of Bill Paxton-Apollo 13-Super Moon and more(short)

Today we are getting the story of Bill Paxton dying on 2/25/17. 
William Paxton=61 he dies age 61. 

He died from Surgery. 
Sixty One=41

How fitting too for the space theme I've been talking about. He portrays Fred Haise in the film Apollo 13. 

Fred Haise of course born on 11/14...so he turned 83 the same day as the closest super moon since 1948. A big thing I was mentioning for months leading up to it and after it. 
Indians hadn't won the WS since 48'
Donald Trump=48 it was the biggest election upset since 1948. 
Israel declared it's independence in 1948. (Which was connected to the Cubs winning)
Jews identify with the Moon. 
World Series=57
Prince died age 57 on the night of full moon on Queen Eliz II's bday .
Prince Charles born on 11/14/48..."Native Americans"=1114
Charles II=48
Charles I died age 48. 
Ironically "Fred Haise"=48, 57 and he never made it to the Moon. 

Paxton dies 2 months 23 days(end date) before his bday. 
223 is the 48th prime. 
There's something with 82 in these space/moon stories too. 
Paxton dies 82 days before his bday. 
Cernan and Armstrong die age 82. 
The first guy to die who was on Apollo 13 was Jack Swigert who died in 82'. 

I think this moon theme really goes hand in hand with the Flat Earth stuff that is really getting popular too. 

They also let us know that Paxton was in Dallas the day JFK was assassinated when he was 8 years old. 
Paxton born on 137th day of the year. 
33rd prime is 137. 
Talk about 
Apollo 13 launched on 4/11. 
JFK shot at 411 Elm Street. 

Haise's bday was 217 days after Apollo 13 launched, Neil Armstrong supposedly walked on the Moon on 21/7 and so on. 

There's a lot more on this story, but I don't have time to finish right now, so like usual I will add more tonight or tomorrow. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

166 a Number I'm supposed to see-My Uncles/Grandpa-Lane Graves-32

So ever since the death of my uncle Barney I have mentioned a lot of connections to my grandpa and other uncles. 
The number 1012 is really connected to it all.  My uncle a 4th degree knight of Columbus....Columbus discovers america on 10/12 and so on...Dolphins Jersey and the Dolphins score of 10-12 first game of the season...
My Grandpa Eugene Murphy was born on 10/12..His middle name is Bernard which is where Barney got his name. Barney was the 1st of 9 children. 
Look at the connection between my grandpa and my uncle Barney, they are complete opposites of each other. 

What's interesting more is that Barney died 3 months 2 days after 10/12. 
See below..

My Uncle Kelly was the first of my uncles on my Mom's side to die. 
Notice he also equals 166. 
Kelly's bday was also April 24th 1960.
Normally the 114th day of the year but 60' was  a leap year. 
Barney died on 1/14. 
My Uncle Barney had only 1 child and she died on 10/15/1981. 
My Uncle Kelly died on 10/15/2013....so the 32nd anniversary of Barney's daughter. I don't know much else about her other than that. I'll add to it if I find out. 
Christine Marie Murphy=252 (Just read on Obituary)
The Sum of divisors of 166 is 252. 
Barney died 1+14+17=32  Age 63...Sum of Divisors of 32 are 63. 
Thirty Two=158=Eugene Murphy=Barney Murphy

Mike was the 2nd Uncle to die and then Barney the 3rd. 
Interesting Mike Murphy=131(reverse) and "kelly Murphy"=131(simple)
The 32nd prime number is 131. 

Not gonna relist a bunch of other stuff, but basically blew my mind seeing my Uncle and Grandpa as complete opposites with Reverse and Ordinal. 
My Uncle Kelly was also the guy I was talking about around the time Lane Graves was ate by the Alligator on the 166th day of the year. (Trump's 70th bday)
Lane Graves=166(reverse)
Kelly was from Vail, Iowa which is right next to Yellowsmoke Park named after Chief Yellowsmoke who my town murdered in 1868. A lot more but wanted to throw that in there. 
One Hundred Sixty Six=95, 257
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
One Hundred Fourteen=95
Daniel Behrendt=257(reverse)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Assassination attempt on FDR- 32 and 23

Going through my old notes and found the assassination attempt on FDR. This was before I knew Gematria but there was a lot of 32 in this story. 
Guiseppe Zangara tried to assassinate FDR. Notice he was 32 years old and died on 3/20....32..
He emigrated to the US in 23'. 
He tried to assassinate the 32nd president FDR. 
FDR was also first elected in 1932.  His VP was John Nance Garner who was the 32nd VP. 
FDR was the first president to start a term on 1/20 because of the 20th amendment. 
The 20th amendment was proposed by congress on 3/2/32. 
The 20th amendment was made to lower the Lame Duck period. 

The guy who coined the term Lame Duck died on 3/2. 
Zangara tried to assassinate FDR 23 days after the 20th amendment was ratified on the 23rd day of the 1933. 
Zangara died 33 days after he tried to assassinate FDR. 

The gun he used was .32 Caliber revolver. 

He didn't kill FDR that day but he did shoot the Chicago mayor who died 19 days later. 
He died on 3/6 or 6/3....interesting as FDR died age 63 and if you sum the divisors of 32 you get 63. 

Cermak dies 2 months 3 days before his 60th bday. 
So he died age 59 and was born on 5/9. 

Muhammad's first Revelation-Archangel Gabriel

Since I keep getting trolled comments on my Gabe Rygaard video, it made me look more at the Archangel Gabriel. 
Muhammad the last prophet according to Islam began his teachings after being visited by Gabriel. 

So the Quran to Muslims is what was revealed by God to Muhammad through Gabriel. 
12+22+609=643 (Not sure if this method is used)
Interesting if the date numerology can be used that way.
I've mentioned this before but 643 is the phone number of the town I live in....712-643-xxxx. 
It's also the 117th prime number. 
Think about this in relation to Muhammad Ali who was born on 1/17...Died of "Parkinsons Disease"=117. 
It's funny as I mentioned the connection to Muhammad Ali in previous posts in regards to the number 63 and the my Uncle who died age 63. 
Ali dies on 6/3 the prophet Muhammad supposedly died age 63. 

Muhammad Ali=42, 96
Notice it says Gabriel's first revelation to Muhammad, he made him recite the first lines of chapter 96 in the Quran. 
Freemason=42, 96

The Quran has 114 chapters. How interesting once again. My uncle dies on 1/14....114 has been really important to what I'm saying. 

Sixty Three=54

Some people believe that Muhammad actually was deceived by Satan pretending to be Gabriel. They believe this because of the fear and physical nature Gabriel seemingly puts on Muhammad compared to the Bible in regards to Daniel and Zechariah. 

Another number that has been significant in regards to my uncle is 1012....Just thinking about it but Solomon is the reason why God divides the 12 Tribes of Israel. Solomon the builder of the first temple who the Freemasons love...
God removes 10 of the 12 tribes. 
Then of course the Tribe of Dan is left out in Revelation...

Got a lot more to look up as I really do not know much about Islam, but I just found this interesting. 

Magic Johnson named Lakers President of basketball Operations-Lou Williams traded

The Lakers name Magic Johnson as President of basketball operations today 2/21/17. 
Notice CNN's article came out at 3:18pm. 

Remember Magic Johnson came out of retirement after getting HIV on 1/30/1996....which was 318 days after Michael Jordan came back out of retirement. Jordan announced he was coming back on 3/18. 
Jordan wore # 45 for 22 games then switched back to # 23 on his 23rd game. Jordan was 32 years old. 
Magic wore # 32 and played 32 regular season games in his return. Magic's rookie year was the Lakers 32nd season. He also announced his HIV age 32. 

They also traded Lou Williams today for Corey Brewer and a first round draft pick today. 
Magic Johnson=56, 65, 128
Magic announced his HIV on 11+7+19+91=128
Lou Williams=56, 146
Corey Brewer=65, 137
Earvin Johnson=65

Lou Williams born on 10/27 which leaves 65 days in the year. 
Brewer born on 3/5 which during a leap year is the 65th day. 

Los Angeles Lakers=175(simple)
Houston Rockets=175 (reverse)
Magic Johnson finished his career against the Rockets. 

Magic returned to the Lakers on 2/2. 
2/2 is the 33rd day.
Thirty Three=66
Corey Brewer=137....the 33rd prime number. 
Jerry Buss owned 66 percent of the Lakers and divided it up between his 6 kids when he died. 
He owned the Lakers for 33 years. 
Jerry Buss=137
Buss bought the team in 1979-80 season which was also Magic's rookie season. 

Lakers also fired Mitch Kupchak 3 months 3 days before his bday. 
Mitch Kupchak=52, 124
February 21st is the 52nd day of the year. 
Mitch Kupchak=65(reverse reduced)
Magic's final game was on 5/2..1996 against the Rockets. 

In regards to 32...the Lakers coach Luke Walton was the 32nd pick in the draft and he also wore # 32 when he played for the Cavaliers. 
Notice his final game he only played 3:18. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Lane Graves 166- Daniel's Story Holocaust book

I was sitting here just typing in some old information to see how the reverse method syncs up. 
Remember the boy who was ate by the alligator was really connected to my own life and now I see even more why. 
Lane Graves=166(reverse)
Barney Murphy=166

I also just came home from my parents house and I noticed my mom is reading this book. She works at the school and they are reading this book, so she is too. Getting that holocaust programming in lol. Just funny in regards to how I've been mentioning the book of Daniel and what not, Now I see this? The Book of Daniel is Daniel's story. 

The Author born on 11/14. 

As I'm typing up this post, I was checking the gematria of Daniel's Story and exactly as I started typing "Story" the TV said, "Story". This episode of South Park was playing. 
I'm just interested it's talking about the Two Towers. 
Twin Towers=166