Tuesday, January 26, 2021

$6.66 Pork Steaks my girlfriend wanted for Supper Tonight


I thought this was funny earlier..My girlfriend wanted to have Pork chops for supper and when I looked at the package it had the price of $6.66.....the Old Testament says not to eat Pork...We didn't end up having these because her sister made Spaghetti(Thankfully)...I honestly don't really like pork that much(It's alright, but not beef), but I think my girlfriend would eat it every night.
Pork Steaks=666(English Extended)
Have to love how the date is the 6th day of 21' as well. 

Hilarious too, I just went to Zach's channel and see he posted a video about his supper...I had no idea before I started making this post lol. Looks better than the Pork Steaks to me too, but don't tell my girlfriend. 

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