Monday, January 11, 2021

Zach's Interview with RV Truth aka Russianvids


I usually listen to Zachs videos while I'm cleaning the oven and today I see he has a video with RV or Russianvids?

You know the guy who made the videos about Zachs car crash on Christmas Eve being fake and so RV, just weeks after the RV bomb...How do others not see the irony in this?

The video was on 1/9, which is a span of 194 days after Zachs bday..

Think about the RV attack being important to 9/11.

September Eleventh=194

Plus I documented about Dolph Lundgren last night too..the Russian in Rocky.

The RV bombing happened a span of 251 days after RV started this new channel...
RV Truth=251(FB)
Anthony Quinn Warner=251
I just documented about this number with the Capitol building too. 
Capitol Building=251
US Capitol=251(FB)
They Live is about Channel 54.
The 54th prime number is 251.

Twin Towers=110

4/19/2020 was the 110th day of the year. 

They Live=110


Roddy Piper=140

RV Truth=140(FB)

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  1. We're not supposed to stick around long enough to see the irony