Sunday, January 3, 2021

Death of James Bond Girl Tanya Roberts

A Bond girl dies today lol? You have to be kidding me...I just mentioned Jane Seymour who was Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and also the Bond girl in "Live and Let Die"....also the importance of Sean Connery dying in relation to Batman.....also Connery died the same day as MF Doom...

Notice she died age 65 and it was a span of 65 days after Sean Connery..Of course I've been on the number 65 with Allen Iverson...

Tanya Roberts=210(FB), 218(FB), 314(FB) and 166

All numbers I mentioned when Sean Connery died...

Pussy Galore=210(FB) and she died a span of 210 days before Sean Connery. 

Moon=210(English Extended)

I had the synch with my girlfriends brother telling me to pay attention to the English Extended was also important to my friend Cisco wanting me to make rap beats again....

Chris Schwery=210(FB) and 218(FB)

Barney Murphy=210(FB) and 218(FB)

James Jumper=218(FB)

Mary Tofflemire=218(FB)

Jeopardy was important to my Uncle Barney dying and when Sean Connery died I mentioned how it was synced to Alex Trebek who died a week later. 

8/6 is the 218th day...86 important to Batman/Tisha B'Av 2022..

Paris France=218(FB)...Napoleon/Batman/Superman

Martin Luther died on 2/18. 

Martin Luther published his Ninety-five Theses on Halloween of the Julian Calendar. 

Victoria Leigh Blum=264(FB) and 273

She dies 273 days after Honor Blackman(Pussy Galore)

Pussy Galore=50

Tanya Roberts=50

Tanya was in "A View to a Kill"=50 and 218(FB)

A View to a Kill was the final Bond film with Roger Moore...The first Bond film Roger Moore was in was "Live and Let Die"...He's also the only Bond to go to the Moon...
Roger George Moore=264(FB)
Victoria Leigh Blum=264(FB)
Sean Connery=264(FB)
Sean Connery's bday was the day Neil Armstrong died and the day of the Great Moon Hoax that involved Batman people. 
Batman shooting on Moon landing Anniversary...


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  1. I was looking at the same thing. I noticed the earnings for that film were 161.8 million just like phi and then Derek adds the fibonacci cipher on the first day of '21 the 8th fibonacci as Zenith has pointed out. I also just edited my old blogger account to say Casey Jones. gonna start posting there too