Saturday, March 31, 2018

Trump slams Governor "Moonbeam"-A Governor theme the last 2 days

I have a wedding to go to in few minutes but I just want to document before I forget. 
This was the headline story today on CNN...Trump slams Gov. Moonbeam.....
Today is the Full Moon and we get a story about Moonbeam? 

Also there is something special about "Governor"....Yesterday we had the story of the 13 year old kid who is running for Governor...Former California Governor Arnold Scharzenegger having heart surgery. 
Governor=612(rev sumerian) also 1012(Jewish)...
1012 is a number I haven't talked about lately but it was important when my uncle Barney died to Christopher Columbus/The Book of Daniel and more..

Friday, March 30, 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger has open heart surgery-Wrestlemania 31-San Francisco-Philadelphia

Open Heart Surgery=89
Today the 89th day of the year. 

This story comes 8 months 1 day after Arnold's bday. 
The governor of California...
Golden Gate Bridge=81

Arnold Schwarzenegger=923(satanic)
How interesting he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 which was the year of Wrestlemania 31. Inducted by Triple H who did the Terminator character in WM 31...with the footage of Genisys showing the Bus crash on the Golden Gate Bridge. 
2015 was the big year in regards to Pope Francis visit to the US and 923. 

This story comes 122 days(no end date) before Arnold's bday. 

Pontiff means "Bridge Builder"...Pope Francis says christians build Bridges not Walls. Francis named after St. Francis of Assisi just like San Francisco. 
Pope Francis=122
San Francisco=122 located on 122W. 

Interesting he said, "I'm Back" when he first woke up....
This reminds me of Michael Jordan saying "I'm Back" when he came out of retirement...Remember Jordan connected to Valentines/Philadelphia/Earthquakes.
Think about Arnold's surgery too....Open HEART...reminding us of Love..
I'm Back=123(reverse)....with the End Date it's 123 days before Arnold's bday. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger=106, 101(rev red), 223
Philadelphia=101, 223(reverse)
In 2015 I talked a lot about Michael Jordan retiring on 10/6. Which is also 9/23 on the Julian Calendar....The original capital of the country Jordan was Philadelphia until 106 AD and it was later destroyed by Earthquakes. 
Philadelphia mentioned in the Book of Revelation(Prophecy). 

This also comes 3 years 1 day after Wrestlemania 31. 

Quick thoughts on Joan Rivers-Youtube comments always giving me clues

I'm sitting here trying to catch up on everything from other people. I'm getting ready to leave this message on Zenith's video but before I sent it I was looking into Joan Rivers a bit more. I figure if Robin Williams is important then Joan Rivers death that happened just after him would be important. 
I also remembered that my friends dad who was probably the most popular guy in the town died the same day as Joan Rivers 9/4/2014. He was born on 6/14(Trump's bday/Flag Day)...I was thinking about Joan Rivers winning Celebrity Apprentice. Trying to figure out what I might have been supposed to see back then/or now. 
I remember in 2014 a big thing I pointed out was she died 88 days after her bday...."Trump"=88

I noticed Joan Rivers died age 81. 
Joan Rivers=50...a big number that most seems to go back to...
San Francisco=50  
Golden Gate Bridge=81
9/4...."David Bowie"=94=SpaceX and other 94s recently...

Remember she is also mentioned in the Kevin Spacey Family Guy episode about coming back from the Dead...and Christmas 2016 we got the story of her tweeting from the dead. Just thinking about that in regards to Easter in a few days...coming back from the dead....Christmas(birth), Easter(resurrect).

Anyway as I'm looking this up someone leaves a mean comment on an old video about Fat Comedians. Notice their profile picture though. A picture of a BRIDGE...I swear everytime I get a mean message on an old video when I look at the persons profile it is connected to what I'm talking about. 
I just showed an example the other night about the channel "Trap Town" showing the Bridge as well. 

Another example is just the other night I was documenting about Eagles stuff yet again. Then I get a notification from this person. I go to their page and the recently subbed to EAGLE Hollywood Movies. 

So it's funny to me...It's almost as if the mean comments are there for me to notice the symbolism. Is it just synchronicity? Or a way of secretly helping me?  Or are they trying to implant certain programming on me for a certain reason?  I have a lot of questions when it comes to this stuff, but no doubt I'm supposed to see certain things with these comments.

Interesting that Kevin Meaney/Fat Comedians video I put out was 524 days or 1 year 5 months 8 days ago. 
Freemasonry=158(reverse) also 524(satanic)

Also today to 9/4 is 158 days. 

One Hundred Twenty Four=94(rev red)

Also that Jim Ewing post from the other day was on one of my "Jeopardy"=94 videos. 

The 94th day is 4/4....

Family's SUV goes over a Cliff-Owen and Bret Hart WWE

My first thought when seeing this story was "O'Doyle Rules" from Billy Madison. After reading through the story however I'm once again reminded of the WWE. 

Look at the family's name....the HART family....they supposedly went "Over the Edge" of a Cliff. 
Think about it the connections I've mentioned to the death of Owen Hart at "Over the Edge" 99 days after the St. Valentines Day Massacre. All wearing the Blue shirts....Owen Hart's character when he died was known as the Blue Blazer...It would be hilarious if they were driving a Blue Blazer over this cliff. 

I wonder if something to do with Wrestlemania 34 is important to Bret Hart.....He had a feud with Stone Cold and was inducted in the Hall of Fame by Stone Cold...
Bret Sergeant Hart=98(rev red)
Bret The Hitman Hart=98(rev red)
The Hitman=98
He was also born on the 183rd day 7/2....Hitman....72 has been a number I've noticed in regards to a possible political assassination..

Roddy Piper even a cousin of the Hart Family. He was the only person to visit Bret in the hospital when he had a stroke....
Bret Hart was also the trainer of Mark Henry who knew a victim in the Austin bombings. 

Bret Hart in some interesting stuff as far as acting too. 
He played the Genie on a stage production of Aladdin...
Also in an episode of the Simpsons called "The Old Man and Lisa". 
Notice it's about Mr. Burns losing his money in the Stock Market....then Bret Hart buys his house. 

Anyway back to the main story....
One of the missing Hart family members is Devonte Hart. I guess he went viral for a picture of him hugging a cop in Portland, Oregon. It was at a protest against police brutality after the Michael Brown shooting. 

The cops name was Sgt. BRET Barnum.....think about that...
Bret Sergeant Hart...

I typed in "Devonte Hart" on and it brought up this article with a picture of his the family at the Goonies House in 2014. 

The Blue Blazer=214(reverse). He was supposed to wrestle The Godfather...All I remember from him was the "Hoe Train". 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Pilots say they spotted UFO's while flying over Arizona-some other gematria finds of 316

This happened 33 days ago on 2/24 and CNN is just now reporting it on 3/29. 
Albuquerque, New Mexico=329(FB)


Interesting "Learjet"=316(satanic) a number that is seemingly important lately...
Also interesting the other plane that witnessed the object was Airbus A321...another number important lately..

UFO=42, 39(reverse)
Arizona=39, 42(rev red)
New Mexico=42(rev red)

Also looking up Weather Balloon I see that just the word "Balloon"=316(satanic)
I'm thinking about the film "IT" and what I documented with Bozo and Clowns.....

Robin Williams died same day as a Super Moon-Moon theme-PINK Moon April 30th 2018

I've been looking through my old information and trying to figure out why Robin Williams is important. 
I remember the day he died my girlfiend and I were at the grocery store in town. When we were walking back to the car I noticed that a cloud in the sky looked like Robin Williams. My girlfriend actually agreed with me and still remembers it which is funny... I know you can see a lot of different things in clouds, but I really remember how we both saw Robin Williams. 
First off I see that he was born on 7/21 which is the day Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon. The Eagle landed on 7/20, but they didn't walk on the moon until 7/21. 

His birthday is significant because he also died the same day as Super Moon. 

Robin Williams is also the "King of the Moon" in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen that is all about "Time". That film is the 3rd part of Terry Gilliam's Trilogy of Imagination. The other films being "Time Bandits" and "Brazil". I made a video on this in 2014 and got my first copyright claim for showing the clip about Robin Williams and the Moon. The other parts of the video didn't get copyright claimed. I remade and reuploaded the video numerous times until they finally let one of them stay but it's missing pieces of the Robin Williams part. 

Nevermind I guess the video is blocked in every country except for Italy. I think I mentioned something about the book "A Wrinkle in Time" in this video or around the time of this video too. Now in 2018 it's a new movie that came out. 

I thought there was a scene in Aladdin where Robin Williams(Genie) turns into the moon. I can't find it but... While looking it up I found this quote from the "Aladdin and the King of Thieves". An elephant is causing the ground to shake and he says I thought the earth wasn't supposed to move until the Honeymoon.(referring to after a wedding)...but possibly it's a clue to an earthquake near a Honey colored Moon? I talked about this before in regards to the Flintstones/Ralph/Honeymooners stuff. 

Also looking into the Moon I see there is a "PINK" Moon on April 30th 2018. How interesting in regards to the Pink stuff I've been mentioning. 

The Pink Moon also comes 81 days or 2 months 20 days before the anniversary of the Eagle landing on the moon. 

Robin Williams also in a ton of interesting films. He's in "Shakes the Clown" that I just mentioned with Adam Sandler...

He was also Teddy Roosevelt(McKinley stuff) in Night at the Museum. Remember he died in 2014 and also Mickey Rooney died in 2014 and they were both in that movie. 
Rooney died on 4/6 and Williams died 4 months 6 days later(end date). "Joseph Yule"=46(Rooney's real name). It's interesting cause at the time I thought Dick Van Dyke may die because he was in the film too. His brother however just died on 1/5/18.....

He's also in a film called "Father's Day" and "Worlds Greatest Dad". Remember in that film his son dies from hanging himself while whacking off. Then Robin Williams dies from hanging as well. 

There's a ton of movies with him that are important...Jack/Mrs. Doubtfire.....Also one I've never seen before is "The Fisher King". I remember I planned on watching it after the death of Carrie FISHER....because we also got the death of R2D2 who was in the Terry Gilliam Film "Time Bandits". The Fisher King also stars Jeff BRIDGES....

I'll add more to this post, but need sleep. 

DMX gets 1 year jail sentence-Bridge-Stock Market

They must have upped his sentencing a day because originally it was supposed to be March 29th the 88th day of the year. Remember this arrest is connected to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash. He even has the Album "The Great Depression". 

This comes 3 months 28 days after he plead guilty. Today is 3/28. 
I'm trying to figure out why he's wearing the Def Leppard Shirt? 
Def Leppard=87 also 183(reverse)
This is on the 87th day of the year. 

Slippin=41, 40(rev red), 95, 94(reverse)
Tax Fraud=95
Tax Evasion=40
DMX=41, 40(reverse) also 14. 
Jed Rakoff=40
Fourteen=41, 40(rev red)...had 14 counts. 

Interesting the Judge born on 8/1.....the Bridge symbolism..and also born in Philadelphia. 
Possibly the collapse with the Bridge is for the Stock Market as they have been interrelated. 

The Def Leppard Album came out in 81' as well. Also on 11/7...
Def Leppard=48(rev red)
Earl Simmons=48
Jed Saul Rakoff=48
Donald Trump=48

Better yet Joe Elliott the lead singer of Def Leppard born on 8/1 too. 
I bet you anything that there is something significant to my friends mom Neva that is connected...She is the biggest Def Leppard fan I've ever met.
Also notice Joe Elliott in the David Bowie Tribute band called the Cybernauts....
Think about all the 40, 41 above..."Valentines"=40

It's also interesting that today is 239 days after 8/1 and 4 months 4 days before 8/1. 
Golden Gate=239(Jewish)
High N Dry makes me think of a Flood or Tsunami too. The 2004 Tsunami was 42 days before the Eagles lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl as well. 

Also DMX had a feud with Ja Rule...I wouldn't doubt if he dies or is in the news sometime this year as he just turned 42 years old on the 60th day of the year. 
Nigger=42, 60
Ja Rule=41(rev red)
Jeffrey Bruce Atkins=81
Jeffrey Atkins=59=Slave and so on..

The song "Slippin" also samples a song called "Moonstreams". 

Just before Slippin is the song "Damien II" featuring Marilyn Manson too. Slippin is track 10....who knows just makes me wonder...

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Conspiracy Theory-Richard Hofstadter-Jesus Christ translated to Yeshu in Hebrew on Google Translate

I have been getting so many messages like this lately I can't keep up. A bunch of them I cannot even see to respond to either. I get the email but I can't respond. 
Our language was built around this system so yes "They" created the term conspiracy. "They" also created all of the things I talked about to fit with the term such as Area 51.
Remember "They"=58
Secret Society=58
Rose Cross=58
The list goes on. 

This negative connotations to the term "Conspiracy Theory" supposedly trace back to this guy. 

He died 2 months 18 days after his bday. 
Notice he was born on 8/6 that is normally the 218th day of the year. He was born in a leap year though...
Conspiracy Theory=218(reverse)

August 6th also leaves 147 days in the year. 

Also the term was supposedly pushed by the CIA to become popular...
August 6th....6/8 or 8/6...

Hofstadter died on 10/24 that leaves 68 days in the year. 

There is also some person who keeps telling me that Jesus Christ doesn't equal 316 in Hebrew. I can't find the email with the comment in it now and it doesn't show up in order for me to comment back. 
I appreciate what he is showing me, but what I'm saying is still relevant. Google translates "Jesus Christ" to the Term "Yeshu" in Hebrew. 
Think about how much Google controls the world. If Google is showing it this way then there is relevance to it. I mean think about it. "Jesus" is also just a translation but that doesn't take away that..
and so on...
It's translating it that way for a reason. 

Yeshu is historically assumed to be a reference to Jesus when used in the Talmud. So Yeshu is a translation for Jesus. 
So "Technically" Jesus Christ is not 316 in Hebrew but the translation(Yeshu) that google uses as a reference to Jesus is 316. So the next time I say Jesus Christ is 316 in Hebrew this is what I mean. I will try and say according to the "google translation" from now on.