Friday, January 22, 2021

Kamala Harris wears Purple suit similar to Lisa Simpson at Inauguration-Weird Comment I got about 811 while writing this post

It is interesting that Kamala wore an outfit similar to Lisa Simpson in the Bart to the Future. 
Also, Kamala is of Indian descent.. think how this episode and theme is connected connected to the Native American/Indian theme...
Baton Rouge also important to the Native American theme...the red stick...McKinley being assassinated in Buffalo. 
It also makes me think about Zach going there last year just before the 201 and coronavirus/jesuits got really big in our community. 

This episode came out a span of 152 days after Kamala's 35th bday.
Kamala Devi Harris=152
Baton Rouge=152
Joe Biden=152
It's also just 151 days..
Lisa Simpson=47 and 151
Kamala would be the 47th president.
It's interesting too that 3/19 is a span of 141 days before 8/6...Recall that 8/6/2022 is important to Tisha B'Av, which is linked to 8/11 from 2019...Kamala is from the San Francisco Bay area...Biden announced her as VP running mate on 8/11/2020...
The 141st prime number is 811. 

As I was thinking about 811, I just got a notification on my phone about a comment on this blog....It's odd because I never get notifications on my phone for this blog...Notice the comment is about a blog post where I mention a "Notification" about 811.....Notice how the message just the says, "Start" and the account is "H"....a pretty fishy account and comment if you ask me. 
3/19 is typically the 78th day.
Notice 3/19 is 7 months 8 days after 8/11 too. 
Without the end date it's 219 days..
Baton Rouge, Louisiana=219
I've been wondering if 8/6 or 8/11 would be the day Joe Biden would die, so interesting they just write the word "Start". 
8/11 is 264 days after Joe Biden's bday too..
Kamala Harris=264(FB)
White House=264(FB)
8/11 is 70 days before Kamala's bday..
Lisa Simpson=70
Yeardley Smith=70(Voice of Lisa)
Yeardley was born a span of 110 days before Kamala in 1964. 

8/11 is the 191st day of the Tiger year. 

I started typing up this blog earlier on my phone and I'm finally able to get on the computer to finish it, which is faster, but I randomly checked the time, because I have to take my girlfriends brother to work....of course it was 8:11 when I looked..

It's strange that this comment went to my Primary email too...Normally all the message go to the Social Tab, so I'm confused why this one went to my primary one, which is probably why I got the notification on my phone? 

I didn't post this post earlier because I had to leave and take my girlfriends brother to work and I wanted to look a bit more before I posted it. On my way home I got a notification from Rich on my recent video...It's just funny to me because recall that he was important to the number 152 in my post on 12/20. How in the hell can he still deny what I showed in my last 2 videos? I'm assuming he didn't watch them, because Zach didn't make em lol. Honestly, I'm tired of being nice. I deal with retards everyday and I shouldn't have to come to the truth community and deal with retards here too. Of course, you aren't a truth seeker if you quit seeking truth and give a biased opinion of what is going on. The whole reason I even mentioned him in the first place is because I'm tired of hearing him say what I've been proving for years is not important. Especially when you go on Zach's channel with 70k subs that may get stuck because of this. Then all of these syncs happen and he still doesn't get it lol...shit ain't even worth my time and I'm not here for drama...just telling and learning the real truth.  
The Gematria Effect=152


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