Monday, August 31, 2020

Cliff Robinson's nickname "Uncle Cliffy" and the synchronicity I had last night with Briar CLIFF

A few extra things in regards to Cliff Robinson dying...
He was an all star only in the year 94', when the Rockets won the Finals. 
He also apparently had the nickname "Uncle Cliffy". 
Uncle Cliffy=53, 116
He died age 53 just before the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Portland Trailblazers. 
Los Angeles=53

The name Uncle Cliffy also reminds me of what I documented about last year with the Cliff theme. Remember I documented about a Cliff theme and then went to work and my co-worker gave me "Cliffy's" Salsa. 

Also, after I got home from the Zoo yesterday my cousin Timmy called me. I haven't been to their house for a good amount of time, but he told me to come over and drink some beers. Later last night their old babysitter stopped over as she is back from college. She was telling us how she goes to Briar CLIFF and it's a Catholic school but she isn't Catholic. They have to take some class about Francis of Assisi though as it's required....anyway remember how the Cliff theme involved Briar Cliff and a student dying from falling off a Cliff last year too? 

Abbie Miller=261(FB) and 183(Jewish)(The Babysitter)
Charles Manson=261(FB)

My cousin Timmy is also a big piece to the Houston Rockets narrative lol so it's ridiculous how these things happen. 

In regards to Stormin Norman from the last post friend Norm got his nickname "Norm" partially based on Cheers....Norm and Cliff...

Diana Taurasi scores 34 points on Kobe's bday-Random Facebook post that sycns to Charles Manson numbers

I just went to Facebook and saw a post about WNBA player Diana Taurasi wearing a Kobe jersey and scoring 34 points on Kobe's bday....
Remember Kobe's death is super important to the number 34.
Kayla DeRusse=183 and 261(FB)
Dianna Lorena Taurasi=183 and 261(FB)
Phoenix Mercury=194
Charles Manson=261(FB) and 194(FB)
Mike Zollman=183(FB)

The Lakers 34th game this season was against the Phoenix Suns too..
Taurasi plays for Phoenix...

Phoenix Mercury=194

Unbelievable haha. 

They were playing the Washington Mystics. 
Washington Mystics=95
Los Angeles Lakers=95
White Mamba=95
Kobe Bean Bryant=81

LeBron James=183

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Simple Truth TV interview I did on 3/1 in connection to the Celtics/Rockets/Kemba Walker/Charles Manson

I just watched a Simple Truth TV video and he is still on the Boston Celtics, with a lot of emphasis on Kemba Walker. I honestly can't disagree because the 2017 Rockets narrative I am talking about involved Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics. Recall the Celtics beat the Rockets in the 81' and 86' NBA Finals too. 
Simple Truth TV blog Post and the Video I did with him on 3/1
Recall that I was talking a lot about the number 195 back then and then when I did a Livestream with Simple Truth he was telling me about the Boston Celtics...
Boston Celtics=195
Kemba Walker=195
The night before the video the Rockets beat the Celtics 111-110 getting their 39th win of the season. 
Kemba Walker=39
We did a video on 3/1. 
The NBA Finals=111

Notice Kemba Walker's bday is 195 days before Charles Manson's death date too. 
Kemba Hudley Walker=282
Charles Manson=282(FB)
The NBA Bubble began 282 days after the season began...Also 2 years 8 months 2 days after Trump called out the Kneeling. 

Notice how the NBA bubble also began 282 days before Kemba Walker's bday, which is also Mike D'Antoni's bday. 
Mike D'Antoni was the coach of the Lakers when Kobe tore his achilles...then Lakers finished the season beating Houston and getting the 7th seed in the playoffs with the same record as Houston who was the 8th seed. Dwight Howard then left and went to Houston....then Mike D'Antoni started coaching the Rockets after Kobe retired....
The coach of the Rockets when Kobe tore his achilles was Kevin McHale, known for playing with the Boston Celtics. 
Kevin McHale=194
Charles Manson=194(FB)

So I'm writing this while in bed with my son. He is watching Peppa Pig and out of nowhere I hear the dad say "Helter Skelter"....apparently there is a theme park on Peppa Pig called "Helter Skelter Theme Park" lol. The guide said it was season 3 episode 11 (Polly's Boat Ride), but I just found it online it's not the same episode...or I somehow missed it as I skimmed through the episode..

Helter Skelter....Pigs...Charles Manson..

I saw this article today too...Elon Musk putting an implant in a PIG. 

I didn't feel like re-typing some of this. 

The NBA 'Wildcat' Strike in relation to Lute Olson and Chadwick Boseman dying

The NBA strike was actually called a "WILDCAT Strike". 
This makes a lot more sense as to why Lute Olson died. He is known for coaching the Arizona Wildcats...
Arizona Wildcats=282(FB) also 175, 95
Charles Manson=282(FB)
Houston Rockets=175
Los Angeles Lakers=175 and 95

Think about Wildcat in relation to the Tiger theme too...

Also think how Chadwick Boseman died on 8/28....the guy in the film "Black Panther"...another Wildcat.
Also think how the NBA strike happened in connection to Colin Kaepernick...who took a knee after the Black Panther lost in SB 50. 

I think it's funny that I went to the Zoo yesterday too in relation to this theme. We had this day planned for a long time too, so it just so happened to be perfect timing. 

Going out on a limb here, but the first thing I think of in regards to the Arizona Wildcats is the film "Speed". There is a scene where Keanu figures out the bomber can see Sandra Bullock because of her Arizona Wildcats shirt. 

Keanu Reeves=126
Big number with Kobe. 

Chadwick Boseman dies of colon cancer 93 days before his bday. He also died 194 days after the anniversary of Black Panther coming out. 
Colon Cancer=194 and 59
Chadwick Boseman=59
Slave=59=Negro= So on...
Martin Luther King Jr=93
Boseman died on the anniversary of MLK's I have a Dream Speech. 
Malcolm X=93
Colin Rand Kaepernick=93
The NBA Strike happened on the anniversary of Kaepernick kneeling which was 93 days after George Floyd died. 
Minneapolis Minnesota=93
Black History Month=93(Month that Black Panther came out)
Rosa Louise McCauley Parks=93 and 282(Charles Manson)
Not sure if it's connected still lol, but think about Speed being about a bomb on a BUS. 

Chadwick Boseman also dies on Jackie Robinson Day in the 2020 MLB season. He is also known for portraying Jackie Robinson in the film "42"....remember Rosa Parks died exactly 33 years after Jackie Robinson on 10/24. There is something to this date as well. It's important to the Umbrella symbolism/Darren Daulton stuff I have previously mentioned...
Jackie Robinson also died in Stamford, CT, which is important to the MARATHON Symbolism. 

Boseman also portrayed Thurgood Marshall in film...

Notice the film "42" came out the same day that Kobe Bryant tore his achilles too. Also the anniversary of the Civil War beginning. Also the day Luke Walton stepped down as coach and then became coach of the Sacramento KINGS. 
Jackie Robinson played in the Negro leagues for the Kansas City MONARCHS. 
Jackie Robinson's first MLB game was against the Boston Braves....think Jacob Blake...Milwaukee Braves/Atlanta Braves...who last won in 1995 just after the Rockets won the NBA Finals. 

Chadwick Boseman's birthday of 11/29 is also interesting considering that is the day Kobe Bryant announced his retirement. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=213(FB)
The NBA Finals=213
Black Panther=213
Black History Month=213
Kobe's final game was 213 days after Moses Malone died. 
Los Angeles has the 213 area code. 

Michael B. Jordan is the other star in Black Panther...
Kobe/Michael Jordan/LeBron...

Michael B Jordan is also in CREED which came out on Thanksgiving...remember the Rocky Films are important to Mike Tyson's fight is now moved to Thanksgiving weekend...only thinking about this considering Chadwick Boseman's bday a few days after Thanksgiving. 

Chadwick Boseman=183(FB)
LeBron James=183
Signed with the Lakers 183 days after his bday on the day leaving 183 days in the year. 
Mike Tyson=183(FB)
Stormin Norman=183(Boseman's name in 'Da 5 Bloods")
This interests me because my friend Norm, who I have called "Stormin Norman" forever was important to the Rockets/Batman symbolism. The Rockets narrative in 2015 was important to "KING" symbolism as well with Isaiah Thomas, who played for the Boston Celtics at the time. 
Corona is all about the Royal symbolism...Kobe important to Corona....the Jesuits important to King James..

Charles Manson/Prince Charles...Cavaliers important to King Charles..

Prince Charles=183(FB)
Prince Charles is currently 71 years old....Diana was born on 7/1...recall all of the 71 and 717 around the Diana/Elizabeth/Charles...
Plus "Catholic"=71
7/1 is the day LeBron signed with the Lakers. 
After King James died, his son Charles became the King. 

The writers of Black Panther were Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. 
Notice Stan Lee died on Charles Manson's bday in 2018.
Stan Lee=261(Jewish)
Charles Manson=261(FB)
LeBron James=261(FB)
So on.. 
Also notice Jack Kirby's nickname is "The KING". 
Notice Kirby died on the Queen Elizabeth II's anniversary of being the Queen. 
Further notice Chadwick Boseman died on Jack Kirby's bday. 
Kirby died 5 months 9 days after his bday. 

Notice how Boseman died 76 days before 11/12 too. 
Jack Kirby died age 76. 
Stan Lee=76
Houston Rockets=76
Notice the Twins and Astros games were both postponed the same day Chadwick dies too. Makes me think of the 2017 narrative. 

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Cliff Robinson dead-Cliff theme

CLIFF Robinson dies now?
Remember how I blogged about a cliff theme on Kobes bday/Jacob Blake's death?

Cliff Robinson=194(FB) and 261(FB)

Look at the gematria of his name...the exact numbers I've been saying are important lol.

Clifford Ralph Robinson=234
Orlando Florida=234
Russell Westbrook=234

He dies 257 days after his bday and 109 before.
Los Angeles Lakers=257
Los Angeles=109

I'm at the zoo right now, but I'm sure there's more importance to this story.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Marques Houston from 'Sister Sister' marries 19 year old girlfriend-Freddy Krueger Narrative-Twins-Houston

This story was on my CNN stories too. 
Marques Houston from "Sister Sister" married his 19 year old girlfriend. 
The show Sister Sister is about TWINS and think about Marques HOUSTON. 

I also remember him in the group "Immature" and the song "I will never Lie Again".....
His nickname is Marques "BATMAN" Houston...
Think how Batman was important to China/Rockets. 
Batman=261(Satanic) and 39
Marques is 39 years old. 

Miya Dickey=208(FB)
I have been seeing a ton of 208 lately, especially with Jacob Blake. 
It makes me think how Slipknot's All Hope is Gone came out on 20/8 too. 
Even the address of Rose Thompson from yesterday was 208 something...
Ellen DeGeneres=208(FB)(Rosie O'Donnell story)

Tia and Tamera Mowry=201
They are currently 42 years old...

I think in relation to my last post I am supposed to see something with Freddy Krueger. On Marques Houston's IMDB it says he is in Freddy Vs. Jason, but I am almost positive he is not in that film. I can't even find his name when I click on the Freddy Vs. Jason IMDB page, nor is it on Wikipedia or anything else. 

We are coming up on the 244th day, which is Princess Diana's anniversary of dying..
King Charles III=244
Kanye West=244(FB)
Charlie Manson...Prince Charles...

Alice Johnson was commuted on Robert Englund's bday in 2018. 
Alice Johnson is a survivor of Freddy Krueger in the films and she's in Freddy Vs Jason in archive footage....

Notice the article about Marques Houston is where I saw the story about the VMA's being held outside. 

Recall John Saxon died just after Taylor Swift released her new album too. 

Trump pardons Alice Johnson in connection to Transgender Activitst Marsha P. Johnson-Lyndon B. Johnson and MLK's I Have a Dream Speech-Freddy Krueger

So I see this story about a Transgender activist on CNN. As I looked up the name in Gematria I realized that it didn't have the usual connection to "Transgender" or "Transgendered", but the name did sum to 63.
Marsha P. Johnson=63

 I wondered if this was important still because I knew the number 63 was important to Transgender "Jazz Jennings". I searched Jazz Jennings on my blog and of course in the post I also mentioned how Alice Johnson was commuted. It's important because another major story today is that Alice Johnson has been pardoned by Trump now. 
Alice Johnson=53, 64
Transgender=53, 64

It's also interesting that in the old post I mentioned MTV...there is another story in the news about the VMA's being held outside today too...

Johnson is a Penis. 

Recall how the VMA's were important to Kanye/Taylor Swift and Wes Craven in 2015. I'm pointing this out because "Alice Johnson" is also a character in the Freddy Krueger films....The 2020 VMA's will be the 5th anniversary of Wes Craven dying. 
Elm Street is important to JFK...
510 is a number important to JFK/North Korea. 

Of course, 
Today is the annivesary of MLK Jr's. "I have a dream" speech in the year 63'. 

Remember W.E.B. Dubois died the day before the I have a dream speech on 8/27/63. ..this was also Lyndon B. JOHNSON's bday...LBJ would then pass then become president after JFK was assassinated and pass the Civil Rights Act 311 days after his bday. 
The 64th prime is 311. 
Lydon B. Johnson=64(died age 64 too)
Civil Rights=64
Dubois born on 2/23 which leaves 311 days in the year. 
So on...
I just want to point out the significance of JOHNSON. 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Lute Olson dies days after I looked him up and wrote about him and the Iowa Hawkeyes

I don't understand the significance of this yet, but the last time I wrote in the book, I wrote about Lute Olson and the Iowa Hawkeyes. It has been about a week, but it's still interesting....Remember Hayden Fry died around the time of CJ Beathard's brother in connection to the 49ers being in the Super Bowl...I even remember looking up Lute Olson on Wikipedia after this and saw his grandson coached the Houston Rockets D-League team. 

As I'm looking at him now, it's interesting he coached Long Beach State before Iowa....Russell Westbrook is from Long Beach. 


Lute's bday is the anniversary of the French Republic. 

Rose Theme-Rosie O'Donnell story about Ellen-194 Year old Lord and Taylor closing-Peach

So yesterday Zenith was telling me about a Rose theme in connection to Charles Manson. I didn't think about it, but I remembered that just after Charlie Manson died we got a story about Charlie Rose and so on, so I knew he was on to something. 
So just before my boss left today, she reminded me that I had to cook some potatoes for the football boys that some old lady left in our freezer on Monday. As I was getting ready to cook them, I realized the lady's name is ROSE Thompson. I honestly didn't know that was her name until today, although I've talked to and seen her countless times. 

Now I'm home and get on the computer and go to Yahoo. Of course they have a story about ROSIE O'Donnell. 

Rosie O'Donnell=194
What are the odds? lol
Roseann O'Donnell=177
Rose Thompson=177

I then went to CNN and they have a story about the 194 year old "Lord and Taylor" store closing. 

This is random, but the first thing I think of with Rosie O'Donnell is the film "A League of Their Own"....remember the last remaining Rockford Peach died earlier this year...
CNN also has a headline story about Peaches being recalled right now.....It stands out even more so, because the potatos I cooked earlier were sitting on the counter in the same spot a box of peaches had sat for a few weeks. 
Of course peaches also makes me think of the song by the "Presidents of the United States"...and today Donald Trump accepted the Nomination. Plus Donald Trump's skin color being orange and after he was impeached there were the memes about him being Peach and not Orange. 

Me thinking this gets even more interesting when I see that today is 5 months 6 days or 159 days after Rosie O'Donnell's bday. 
Remember the Rockford Peach lady died on 5/6 and it was 5 months 6 days before her bday. It was also 56 days before the anniversary of  "A League of Their Own". 
Plus Rosie O'Donnell is known for having a feud with Donald Trump way before he was president. 
Donald Trump=159

As far as the Rose symbolism goes...I wonder if there is a connection to "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead". There is a famous line in the movie that goes, "I'm right on top of it Rose", which I say at work all the time. 

The reason I think it's more important is because my phone showed me a story earlier about Al Bundy taking a picture with a fan....Christina Applegate is important to this....
Plus whenever I read a halfway popular decode of sports on Facebook, there's always at least one person who writes about Al Bundy's career. 

NBA boycott on Robert Trump's 72nd birthday

Interesting Wikipedia has Jacob Blake listed as "Jacob S. Blake". 
Jacob S. Blake=72
Kenosha Wisconsin=72
Kyle Rittenhouse=72
Rusten Sheskey=72

Remember 8/26 would have been Robert Trump's 72nd birthday too. 
Colin Kaepernick's bday is the same day as the 2020 Election. 

NBA Games boycotted due to Jacob Blake-Kenny Smith also boycotts-2017 Info-The Price is Right-194

I said in my video last night that I expected today to be very important in regards to the Charles Manson/Rockets narrative. 
The NBA decided to boycott the games today...well the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted and the other teams followed. 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin=261
Milwaukee Bucks=208(FB)
Jacob Blake=208

Notice the only announcer to boycott was Kenny Smith. Of course he is a famous Houston Rocket and was on the championship teams in 94 and 94' for the Rockets. 

Notice how today is 194 days before his bday? can't make this stuff up. 

Houston Texas=62
Jacob Blake=62

Hurricane Laura is also going to hit pretty close to Houston as well. 
Lake Charles? 
Charles Manson? 
Jacob B Lake? 
Just thinking about the possibility...

Remember Kenny Smith's mother died in 2017 too. I've been saying that 2017 is synced up to this year. 
Annie Mae Smith=59
Annie Smith=59
Houston Rockets=59

Kenny Smith's ex-wife was also a model on The Price is Right, but she quit just after the Las Vegas attack in 2017. What are the odds? 

She announced she was leaving the show 174 days after Kenny Smith's mother died. 
The Price is Right=174 and 87..
Notice her bday is 8/7. 

Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith=2020(Jewish) and 102
She's currently 42 years old....we know why that's important to black people. 
Nigger=42 and 102

It's interesting too that in my old post about Kenny's mother dying, I wrote that Ernie Johnson read the tribute Kenny wrote for his mother. In the article today about Kenny boycotting, it tells us that Ernie Johnson told him that he respected his decision. 
Notice Ernie Johnson has the same birthday as Kenny's ex-wife. 
Ernie Johnson is also from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

I also noted in that old post how it was important to Isaiah Thomas/Kings....Kenny Smith drafted by the KINGS....Thomas played for the Celtics at the time though....and Charles Barkely was under fire for comments about Isaiah Thomas crying before the game. 
Ernie Johnson=146
Kenneth Smith=146
The Jet=146(FB)
Colin Kaepernick=146

Kyle Rittenhouse=198
Keosha Wisconsin=198
Ernie Johnson=198(FB)
Kenneth Smith=198(FB)
Colin Kaepernick=198(FB)
Russell Westbrook=198

Ernie Johnson Jr=282(FB) and 174
The Price is Right=174
Charles Manson=282(FB)
Ernest Thorwald Johnson Jr=316
Charles Milles Maddox=316
Charles Manson was born on the 316th day and died 3 months 16 days after the Tate Murder anniversary. 

Ha, I'm so confused why Ernie Johnson is important in the narrative, but he connects like crazy with the numbers....

So I'm looking at Ernie Johnson and the first thing I see is that his father played for the Atlanta Braves. First off, the Atlanta Braves were originally from Milwaukee so it fits right in with the narrative. Second, for whatever the reason it made me think about a friend from High School who was an Atlanta Braves fan. It was really random that I would think of her for a second, but I think it was because earlier while looking at Hurricane Laura, I started thinking how my friend Norm's brother lives in Houston. My friend Norm used to date the Atlanta Braves fan I was thinking of named Lisa Brasel. As I'm reading more about Ernie Johnson, I see he lives in Braselton, Georgia. 
Lisa Brasel=194(FB)
Remember in 2017 I blogged about this girls brother Clark and the connection to the Jesuit anniversary too. 
I should point out that the Braves last won the World Series in 1995 just after the Rockets won the NBA Finals. 
I'm not gonna lie either, Lisa Brasel has always made me think about Lisa Simpson, because her brother Clark looks similar to Millhouse. 
Clark Brasel=195
Minnesota Twins=195
Houston Texas=195(FB)

In light of the racism narrative I should point out that Clark and his wife also have two adopted kids that are black. 
Clark's wife got her Masters degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee too. 
Lisa's birthday is 8/23...Kobe's bday. 

Of course, these games being boycotted is now giving Russell Westbrook more time to rest too. 

EdRod also pointed out that Jacob in the bible had a TWIN brother. 
If you look up the word Blake it says it means Black, or it can also mean the reverse of Pale, White....Think about that in regards to coming together over racism....Michael doesn't matter if you're black or white. 

Colin Kaepernick=516(FB)
Janet Jackson born on 5/16. 
This number was important last year with this narrative too. 

I'm not sure if this is true yet as I don't see it anywhere else online...but this website shows Jacob Blake's bday is 4/30....if so think how this is connected to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's Twins....Cannon Hinnant in connection to George Floyd and 525 Helter Skelter. 
This would also mean he was shot 250 days before his bday..
Kenosha Wisconsin=250(FB)

It's also a span of 251 days...
251 is the 54th prime number. 
He was shot on Kobe's bday. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=54
Rusten Sheskey=54(Cop)

Kenosha Wisconsin=234
Orlando Florida=234
Russell Westbrook=234, 198 and 250(FB)