Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Alex Trebek replaced Lynn Swann on "To Tell The Truth"-Lori Loughlin USC-Cheers-Cliff-White Men Can't Jump Jeopardy

I was reading more about Alex Trebek a minute ago as last night I made a video about Jeopardy... then posted it earlier after work. 
Would you look at that...Alex Trebek became the first person in broadcast history to host 3 American Game Shows at the same time....he did so after he took over for LYNN SWANN as host on "To Tell The Truth"...
It's hilarious as I knew there was a reason someone commented on my old video in regards to LYNN/LYLE Swann. 
Lynn Swann=37 and he was born on 3/7. 
He's currently 67 years old...and his bday was 67 days after Fred Ward's 76th bday.(Lyle Swann)

Lynn Swann is the current AD at USC as well and claims he didn't know about the Admissions Scandal that involved Lori Loughlin's daughter at USC. 

It's seems to me that someone or something has been giving me help in understanding these things for a long time. They are using old things I talk about and perfectly placing events such as strange comments that I will notice to guide me in how these things are related.. 

An interesting name for a game show as well in regards to what I am trying to do and understand with all of this knowledge as well...
To Tell The Truth...

It's also interesting thinking about my Synchroncity with Cheers/Woody Harrelson not too long ago. A major piece other than basketball within White Men Can't Jump is when Gloria goes on Jeopardy and they finally get ahead in life. 
Foods that start with the letter "Q"...

There is also an episode of Cheers where CLIFF goes on Jeopardy called "What is...CLIFF Clavin?"
How awesome is that..

Gonna think about this stuff.... I have to learn 3 new songs before I go to bed, but I want to look at the Charlotte shooting today as well..pry won't get a good look for a few days as I'll be gone all day tomorrow.  

Comment on old video about Mandela Effect-Fred Ward-Earthquake

I was typing up my post about Jeopardy and I got this message on an old video. 
This video I was talking about the Mandela Effect in regards to a Fred Ward film called "Time Rider: The Adventures of Lyle/Lynn Swann". 
At the time I went to wikipedia and it said Lynn then months later it was changed to Lyle...I found a bunch of stuff that had both the names listed on it, so I made a video in regards. 
Anyway what is interesting is that Fred Ward I also documented about being in the miniseries called "10.5" that was about The Big One Earthquake on the Westcoast. Remember Kaley Cuoco(Big Bang Theory/Equestrian) is also in that miniseries. Fred Ward also in Road Trip which I mentioned a while back being important with the Pink/Finger/Duck/FRED symbolism. 
Fred Ward is in some other interesting films as well such as "Tremors". 

Just wanted to document this as I'm sure it's important. 
I'm not a Bot Really I'm not...is also an interesting name for a commenter on the old video. 

Ken Jennings Streak of Jeopardy-James Holzhauer wins by $18 on his 18th day-Baseball connection

I figured with the Jeopardy craze I would look at Ken Jennings again considering I didn't know Reverse Gematria back in 2016. 
Ken Jennings=50, 122, 175(reverse)
Jeopardy=122(reverse), 40
Notice he lost on Jeopardy 175 days before his bday. 
He lost to "Nancy Zerg"=50 and 40(reverse)

It's also interesting that Jennings has held the record for most money won for 14 years. 
Many streaks in sports seem to end at 14...Now James Holzhauer can possibly surpass him. The Sports bettor who only won by 18 dollars today on his 18th episode. 
Adam Levin=162(reverse)
James Holzhauer=162
Notice Levin also involved in sports..sports information director..
It makes me think of baseball because of the 162...and 18..
Baseball=18, 162
MLB=18, 162
Major League Baseball=162
Play 162 regular season games. 

Possibly nothing but I want to note that Levin is from Massachusetts and today the Boston(Massachusetts) team won with a score of 9 to 4...
Ken Jennings won in 2004 and lost 34 days after the Red Sox won the world series and broke the curse of the Bambino. 
His first episode was 147 days before the Red Sox won the WS..."World Series"=147

Holzhauer today also said, "Vegas Strong" and wagered a bet in connection to the Vegas Shooting today. 
Vegas Strong=147, 150
World Series=147, 150

This year is also the 150th year of professional baseball. 

Also today being 155 days before the annivesary of the Vegas Shooting is interesting in regards to the Red Sox playing the Athletics today too. 
Oakland Athletics=155
Just thinking about the 8/11 Riddle with the Bay Area..1989 World Series...
Think about Sports Bettor/sports info director too in regards to Athletics in general. 
The Playoffs begin on the anniversary of the Vegas Shooting too. 

We'll see how it plays out...I'm interested to see what this Holzhauer guys bday is and when he loses...Also if Alex Trebek dies how it will all play together. 
Adam Levin=810(Jewish)

Monday, April 29, 2019

Dale Earnhardt Jr. to tribute his father at the Darlington Xfinity Race on 8/31/19-Chase Elliott wins Talladega

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is going to drive his fathers First Cup Scheme in the Darlington Xfinity Race. 
Notice this race is 4 months and 4 days from today. 
Dale Jr. is currently 44 years old. 
His mother just died of "Cancer"=44

Notice Dale Sr.'s debut race was also in Charlotte...a big piece to what I have been talking about. 
His debut will be 44 years ago on 5/25/19 too haha. 
This race will be 194 days after the anniversary of Dale Sr. dying. 
Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr=194
Just like how his mother died 194 days after his bday. 
Better yet is that Chase Elliott won at Talladega today. Chase sometimes drives the # 8 car(this same car) in the Xfinity for JR Motorsports. 

Chase Elliott's bday is 49 days after Dale Jr.'s bday. 
Dale Jr.'s mother died 4 month 9 days before the race on 8/31. 
Dale Sr. died on the 49th day of the year at the age of 49. 
The Cup Series began in the year 49'. 

8/31 is also the anniversary of the 1886 Charleston Earthquake...the biggest recorded East Coast Earthquake in the US. 
Darlington is also in South Carolina..."Earthquake"=44

Also it's the 22nd anniversary of Princess Diana dying in FRANCE...Nascar founded by Bill France...
49th prime is 227....which is important to France starting on August 10th 2019. 
Darlington=227(Franc Baconis)
Darlington Raceway=82
Nascar=82(Francis Bacon)
Chase Elliott's bday is 82 days before the anniversary of Dale Sr dying as well. 

Chase Elliott=48
The big number in connection to the WALL symbolism. 
Tyler Reddick won the Xfinity race at Talladega on Saturday too. Notice his bday of 1/11. 
Nascar=111(Franc Baconis)
Dale Earnhardt=111
Bill France=82 and died 111 days before his bday age 82. 
JD Gibbs died age 49 on 1/11. (Denny Hamlin 11 riddle/Daytona win).
Plus Kyle Busch drives for Joe Gibbs. 

Tyler Reddick=134
8/31 is 134 days(end date) before his next bday. 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Toronto Raptors- Summer Slam 2019 on 8/11 in Toronto

I was thinking about the connections to August 10/11th with Philadelphia. They are currently playing the Toronto Raptors in the playoffs. 
I just want to document that August 11th...Hulk Hogan's bday is when Summer Slam 2019 will be held in Toronto. 
Toronto Raptors=276(Francis Bacon)
We'll see what happens in this series that might provide more clues. 
Plus Drake is a Male Duck.

This series began on the 117th day of the year. 
Bridge=107, 117

Ferris Bueller's Day Off actor Larry "Flash" Jenkins dead age 63-The Exorcism TV Series

This has to be connected to the Lion theme. Remember Ferris Bueller(Matthew Broderick) was the voice of Simba(old) on the original Lion King. 
Remember how Ferris Bueller was connected to the Cubs Vs Indians in 2016 as well...just thinking about this in regards to 8/10 that is important to that baseball season and Rocky Colavito. Also the Duck Theme is important to John Hughes/Ferris Bueller...

Larry Jenkins=310(Franc Baconis)

His rep at SPECTRUM Global Agency confirmed his death. 
Larry Jenkins=57
Matthew Broderick just turned 57 years old. 

He's famous for the joyride scene in the film in which they take Cameron's dad car. 
Remember he was important as he was from Cleveland...
Alan Douglas Ruck=810
He wears the Gordie Howe jersey in the film of the Detroit Redwings(Detroit/Rocky Colavito)...plus Gordie Howe died age 88 in 2016. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88

Anyway I'm reminded of last year getting the story of the Ferris Bueller Ferrari going up for auction...so just thinking about how that's interesting with the death of Larry Jenkins. 
Plus Alan Ruck was in the TV Series "The Exorcist" that came out in 2016...the same year I was talking about the Marathon stuff and the connection to the Exorcism in Earling Iowa 88 years before. 

Chris Paul ejected in game 1 vs Warriors with 4.4 seconds left

I caught the last few minutes of the Rockets vs Warriors game today. Chris Paul got ejected with 4.4 seconds left thus pretty much sealing a victory for the Warriors. 
Oh the odds. 

Giants draft pick Corey Ballentine wounded in deadly shooting-Jamaica-Cliff

Some interesting things stick out to me right away when seeing this story. 
Corey Ballentine is from Jamaica...also he won the CLIFF Harris award. 
Possibly nothing but I do find it interesting the headline picture has him wearing a jersey that says "4 DB"...For DB(like my initials). 
Then he's from Jamaica(Rastafari) and wins the Cliff Award..
This comes on the day of the London Marathon as well. 
A Kenyan guy won it and...2nd place was an Ethiopian. Just like the Boston Marathon. 
Four DB=276(satanic)
This story being about the New York Giants makes me think of Jamaica/Queens New York that is located on Long Island in between the 516 area code and 914 area code. 

Jamaica Queens New York=310
Bobby pointed out it's been 408 years since Francis Bacon and the King James Bible...
Just thinking about Queens/Kings. 
Topeka, Kansas zipcodes begin with 666 as well. 

Corey Ballentine=70, 83
Notice Cliff Harris is currently 70 years old. 
Topeka, Kansas=70(where the shooting happened). 

He was the 180th pick of the draft but also Round 6 pick 7. 
Dwane Simmons=67

Corey Feldman wonders if Michael Jackson was Grooming Him

Have to love we get another story about Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson on 4/26. 
Notice the time CNN updated the story too...3:10...
Remember everything about that story was 310 in connection to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Luke Perry dying on 3/4....Corey Haim died on 3/10 and so on..
The stories in the media come 52 days apart. 
Michael Jackson=52
Grooming Him=52
Notice it's 1 month 21 days as well. 
Corey Feldman=121
I never really thought about his name until now either with all the Child Molestation....Corey FELD MAN...like he Felt a Man. 

Today is 81 days before Feldman's bday. 
Corey Scott Feldman=81

Friday, April 26, 2019

Omaha Beach and the upcoming Kentucky Derby-The Big Bang Theory-Royal Family

The trainer of Omaha Beach is Richard Mandella. 
Richard Eugene Mandella=180
The Kentucky Derby comes 180 days after his bday. 
Horse Racing=180

His birthday also 213 days before the anniversary of the D-Day(Omaha Beach/Normandy)
Omaha Beach=213
It's also interesting it's 7 months 1 day..
Nebraska=71, 145
It's the 145th Kentucky Derby. 
2019 will be the 75th anniversary. 

Notice the Jockey is Mike Smith who won the Triple Crown with Justify last year. 
Notice his bday of August 10th..810. 

His bday is 65 days after the anniversary of D-Day...He was born in 65'. 
Horse=65, 38

It's also interesting that this year is the 75th anniversary..
Michael Earl Smith=75, 156
World War III=75, 156
Possibly nothing but want to note it. 
Michael Earl Smith=276...a number I have been following since the Big Bang Theory stuff on 3/28....which also sticks out as Justify was foaled on 3/28. 
Remember Penny on the Big Bang Theory is married to an Equestrian and she was a big piece to the 2 stories on 3/28. Penny on the show is from a small town outside of Omaha, Nebraska. 

The Kentucky Derby also falls 212 days before Penny's bday on the show. Remember 12 and 21 and 212 were really important to the Pi/73 riddle. 

Better yet, I see that Omaha Beach was foaled exactly 3 years 10 days before the Kentucky Derby.
I have mentioned the crap out of 310. 
Chuck Norris born on 3/10(73/Pi/Sheldon)
Plus it's also 1105 days...reminding us of the trainers bday of 11/05. 

All of the stuff I've mentioned before with the Royal Family and the syncs with horse racing/Big Bang Theory make me think Prince Harry's baby may be born on 5/4. 
Meghan Markle=54
Who knows the London Marathon riddle is interesting with this as well, but I bet there is something connected to the Royal Baby and the Kentucy Derby...especially with all the Charlotte symbolism I've been mentioning. 
King Charles=212(Franc Baconis)
5/4 to Prince Harry's bday is 134 days.
King Charles III=134
Maybe it's just showing us the significance of the Nascar All Star Race too..

I bet the 276th episode on 5/2(Charlotte) will be important to pay attention to as well. 

A sequel to "A Clockwork Orange" discovered

I'm just documenting about this because  I don't want to forget. I don't know enough about Singin in the Rain or A Clockwork Orange, but I know there is something important to it. 
We got the death of Stanley Donen on 2/21/19 who was in Singin in the Rain, and they sing that song on A Clockwork Orange. Now we are getting a story about a Sequel to A Clockwork Orange. 

Donen died 64 days ago. 

I wonder if it's something to do with Halloween considering the main character in A Clockwork Orange is in the remakes of Halloween which always seems to be a time I learn a whole lot of new things. 

Trump approved $2 million payment to North Korea for for of Otto Warmbier

Two Million=52
Joseph Yun=52
Six=52(died 6 days later)

This story comes 55 days after the last time Otto was in the media again. 
Also 55 days before the annivesary of his death.
Notice the 1 month 25 days as well. 
North Korea=55, 125

Otto died on 6/19 which 619 is the 114th prime number. 
Kim Jong Un=114

This story comes the same day as the Kim-Putin Summit. 
Russia=48=Kim Jong Un=World War

Also Otto went to the University of Virginia..this story comes 17 days after Virginia wins the basketball tournament. Otto was in prison for 17 months and released in the year 17'. 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Boston Celtics legend John Havlicek dies-Nickname "Hondo" and the John Wayne Riddle

John Havlicek=118
Even his initials break down to 1-1-8.."John Joseph Havlicek". 
He dies age 79..
22nd prime is 79
Also born on the 98th day..
National Basketball Association=98

Notice too that he died 17 days after his bday. 
He was famous for wearing # 17. 
The Celtics currently have 17 championships. 

His nickname was Hondo in reference to the John Wayne film. 
John Wayne=115
Havlicek dies on the 115th day of the year. 
John Wayne also died in the year 79'  to put the top in perspective. 
Boston Celtics=611(satanic) also 48
John Wayne died on 6/11. 
4/25 to 6/11 is a span of 48 days. 
Havlicek born on 4/8. 
I see "Boston Celtics"=310(Franc Baconis)

Notice he also dies 65 years after the film came out. 

He also dies 65 days after we got the story of John Wayne being a Racist back in the media. 

Also one of the most memorable plays of John Havlicek was in the 1965 Eastern Conference Finals when he stole Hal Greer's pass and they wont he game over the 76ers. 

It's interesting Greer died exactly 1 year 11 days before him. 
The NBA Finals=111
Harold Greer=111

In light of the John Wayne connection to "65"..

I swear there has to be a riddle with Wayne being "Duke" and Duke losing to Michigan State... Could it mean the favorite will be upset? I need to think more about the John Wayne Riddle, but I'm too tired tonight to think. Would it be the Space Cowboy thing I've documented in connection to the Rockets for the last few years finally happening?