Saturday, January 9, 2021

Jake Angeli's Horned Buffalo Hat in relation to the Buffalo Bills


There has to be a riddle with the Buffalo Bills and this guy wearing a horned Buffalo hat...

Capitol Building=251

US Capitol=251(FB)



The 54th prime number is 251. 

Capitol Hill=54

The Bills will be playing the INDIANapolis Colts..

Land of the Indian...Buffalo...

Native Americans=251

Remember Mike Pence is from the Land of the Indian...William McKinley was assassinated in Buffalo..

Tomorrow is 1/9 too.....A.I....19....I think there is something important to tomorrow....

William McKinley's bday is also 1/29...another number in connection to AI. 

The Willie Groundskeeper image must be photoshopped because I just watched the episode from 1996 and didn't see it at all.....I did notice they have a small skit about Teddy Roosevelt though....he became president after McKinley was assassinated. 

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